Long-term serum creatinine after radical nephrectomy

Long-term serum creatinine after radical nephrectomy

THE EDITOR ~ r G ; T E R M SERUM C R E A T I N I N E A F T E R -~~: C A L N E P H R E C T O M Y . . . . . . . crest the article by K. ,~rm Serum Cre...

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~ r G ; T E R M SERUM C R E A T I N I N E A F T E R -~~: C A L N E P H R E C T O M Y . . . . . . .

crest the article by K. ,~rm Serum Creatinine :omy, published in the ¢s 114-116, 1990) of inine (Ser) values, the ?unction remains adep in patients w h o have r and have undergone nclusions do not agree studies ~,s that demont patients with unilatrenal function in kida significant increase on is demonstrable. 3-~ ~ss of half of the total on a long-term basis. used by Wishnow and r a w any reliable conntration, indeed, canglomerular filtration patients, 7 because Scr ~tion, which is related a renal elimination of ~dicted more reliably age, and weight using

Ccr = (140 - age) (wt) mL/min Scr x 72 led b y 0,85 in evident that Scr Ccr of 116 mL/ th a 70-kg body x 72) while the of 50 m L / m i n in -kg body weight ~). This example rscoring a severe i the basis of an ase reported by ies at follow-up ~dian, 72 years). hulas are invalid inical situations 9 genous Cer, prore) are currently function. Neverlsidered by the



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