Malattie Cutanee e Veneree ed Alterazione Oculari

Malattie Cutanee e Veneree ed Alterazione Oculari

868 BOOK REVIEWS Ophthalmology and Defects of Refraction of the Eye. 274 pages, with 311 figures, and 7 plates, of which 6 are in color. Mexico, D. ...

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Ophthalmology and Defects of Refraction of the Eye. 274 pages, with 311 figures, and 7 plates, of which 6 are in color. Mexico, D. F., 1949. Imprenta "Grafos." Spain's political upheavals have scattered some of its prominent citizens to other parts of the world. Manuel Marquez is one of these distinguished former citizens, now active in the city of Mexico. The publication of the present volume is credited by the author in part to the desire of his Mexican students for reproduction of his ophthalmological lectures and partly to the fact that the first two editions of his original manual, published in Europe, have been exhausted.

eases of the skin surrounding the eye, which can be found in any textbook, but made a complete clinical and pathologic study of generalized diseases of the skin affecting the inner eye. The volume of 410 pages is divided into 16 chapters, which include: Epithelial dystrophies, allergic dermatosis, dermatosis from parasites, from infection, from avitaminosis, precancerous lesions, hemorrhagic syndrome, venereal diseases, and so forth. A large bibliography completes this interesting and well-written book, for which the authors deserve enormous credit. Vito La Rocca.

Dr. Mârquez's fame as a teacher of ophthalmology is universal throughout the Spanish-speaking world. This new volume is well printed on excellent paper.· It contains a good many new illustrations, a number of them by Dr. Mârquez's companion in exile, Dr. Rivas Chérif of Mexico City. The volume deals with ocular anatomy, physiology, and pathology; defects of refraction and accommodation, and their diagnosis by subjective and objective methods; diagnosis of fundus diseases and diseases of the anterior segment; and therapy of the eye and of the general system in relation to the eye. Characteristic of the author's high professional standards is the devotion of a special chapter to "Ophthalmologic Deontology," the science of professional duties and etiquette. W. H. Crisp.

REFRACTION OF THE EYE. By Alfred Cowan, M.D. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1948. Edition 3, thoroughly revised. 287 pages, 187 illustrations, 3 colored plates, bibliography, index. Price, $5.50. The appearance of the third edition of this justly popular book is a testament of its value to teacher, student, and practitioner. The author, who is professor of ophthalmology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, has devoted his professional career chiefly to the study and the teaching of refraction. The integrity-of his work illuminates every page. His common sense in the handling of this assignment is in refreshing contrast to many other books on the same subject.


ZIONE OCULARI. By G. Sala and P. Noto. With a foreword by Prof. A. Crosti and Prof. B. Alajmo. Palermo, Italy, S. F. Flaccovio, 1948. 410 pages, bibliography. Price, $3.00. A very important Italian publication is this volume by an ophthalmologist and a dermatologist, showing the close relation of these two branches of medicine. The authors did not limit their observations to the dis-

Those who possess the earlier editions will want this one to bring them up to date. Those who have not seen or owned an edition have an ophthalmic treat ahead of them. It is highly recommended. Derrick Vail. TRANSACTIONS OF THE OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF N E W ZEALAND, Supplement to the New Zealand Medical Journal, 1948. The transactions begin with the presidential address of Rowland P. Wilson which is a scholarly treatment of various facts of