Method for forming fiberglass-resin laminate with permanent indicia pattern

Method for forming fiberglass-resin laminate with permanent indicia pattern

cured thermoplastics resin and a phenolic resin. This coating is flame sprayed onto the wires so giving a coating of improved hardness and adherence. ...

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cured thermoplastics resin and a phenolic resin. This coating is flame sprayed onto the wires so giving a coating of improved hardness and adherence.

Bonded composite structures McGuire, T.M. and Peacock, K. (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) US Pat 4 060 664 (29 N o v e m b e r 1977) The bonded, composite structure comprises a polymeric substrate, with solid material adhered to it by m e a n s o f a bonding material which is a thin polymer zone (2/500,~) consisting of organic polycarbodiimide polymer.

High temperature and shock resistant insulated pipe Jones, H.B. and Bunn, D.P. (Texaco Inc) US Pat 4 061 162 (6 December 1977) The pipe is used for transporting high velocity gas or fluidized solids and comprises a batt of fibre felt secured to the inner surface of the pipe, and attched to which is a high temperature resistant metal shield, and an erosion resistant, metal-reinforced refractory to give mechanical strength,

Method of making composite high strength to weight structure

Novel compositions Poole, R.E.J. (The Upjohn Company) US Pat 4 061 815 (6 December 1977) A laminated sheet of high impact resistance comprises a layer of an elastomeric non-cellular polyurethane 25-100 m m thick, sandwiched between an outer layer of metal sheet and fibre reinforced grp and an outer laver on " the other side of a retaining skin 3-8 mm in thickness. The total thickness of the composite is between 50 and 125 mm and its weight not ~,reater than 212 kg/m 2. ~

Semipermeable composite membranes Hayano, F., Hashino, Y. and Ichikawa, K. (Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha US Pat 4 061 821 (6 December 1977) The m e m b r a n e consists of fibrous reinforcing material e m b e d d e d in the wall of a porous substance,

Fibres Gould, J. (ICI Ltd) US Pat 4 061 827 (6 December 1977) An electrically conducting fibre is made from a thermoplastics organic polymer into the outer region of which are e m b e d d e d electrically conducting carbon particles,

Cecka, A.M. and Dano, P. (Fansteel lnc) US Pat 4 061 520 (6 December 1977) A tennis racquet frame is made from foamable resin having an expansion ratio of 1.5 to 5.0 and consisting of an uncured resin, a curing agent and a blowing agent, and around this core is wrapped layers of unidirectionally oriented resin-coated graphite fibres. The core starts at the grip end of the racquet and extends around the

Plastic-metal composite and method of making the same

head of the racquet and then terminates at the grp so giving two parallel m e m b e r s in the handle portion.

Method for forming fiberglass-resin laminate with permanent indicia pattern

Honeycomb-laminate composite structure Gilwee, W,J. and Parker, ,I.A. (The United States of America Administrator of the National Acronautics and Space Administration) US Pat 4 061 812 (6 December 1977) The composite comprises a cellular core of a polyquinoxaline foam in a honeycomb structure and a layer of a non-combustible fibrous material impregnated with a polyimide resin laminated onto it.




Hutkin, I.J. US Pat 4 061 837 (6 December 1977) An improved plastics metal unitary circuit composite is described which has reduced staining and line lifting characteristics. It comprises a copper foil layer having one rough surface to which is bonded a 0.05-2 mm thick metal layer (Ca or Ca alloy)" both layers are bonded to a plastics substrate.

Davis, R.E. (Glendale, Calif, USA) US Pat 4 062 711 (13 December 1977) This is a continuous process of obtaining a permanent pattern bclow the surface of the laminate.

Method of making a packing laminate Stark, O . S . S . ( A B Z i r i s t o r , Swcdcn) US Pat 4 062 712 (13 December 1977) The laminate comprises a central laver of an extensible, high density, thermoplastics, second layers of foamed plastics and third outer

layers of high impact thermoplastics.

Method and apparatus for winding a fibre reinforced bell of the end of a pipe McClean, W.G. (McClean Anderson Inc, USA) US Pat 4 062 717 (13 December 1977)

Coating compositions for glass fibres Litherland, K.L., Maguire, P. and Cheetham, C.J. (Pilkington Brothers, England) US Pat 4 062 790 (13 December 1977) Glass fibres for use as reinforcement in inorganic cementitious products can be coated with a composition containing monocyclic or polycyclic compounds.

andTherm°plastiCsubstrates reinforcingcoated therewithadhesives Mitchell, M.L. and Sharkey, H.J. (Emery Industries lnc, USA) US Pat 4 062 820 (13 December 1977) An improved copolyamide resin composition is described which is useful as a hot melt reinforcing adhesive for flexible materials. The resin comprises a polymeric fatty acid and a mixture of a saturated aliphatic diamine and a polyoxyalkylene diamine.

Method of reinforcing concrete with fibres Miller, A.I. and Bj6rklund, F.R. (AB Institutet for Innovationsteknik, Sweden) US Pat 4 062 913 (13 December 1977) Steel fibres are randomly introduced into unsct concrete and then oriented by being subjected to a magnetic field.

Method of molding resinimpregnated fabric layer using release sheet and absorbent sheet inside evacuated bag Hill, T.B. and Tomasino, C. (Burlington Industries Inc, USA) US Pat 4 062 917 (13 l)ecember 1977) A fibre-reinforced plastics structure is produced which has curved surface sections.

Oiefin resin-metal bonded structure Hotta, H. and Mori, F. (Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd, Japan) US Pat 4 062 997 (13 December 1977) The structure has high corrosion resistance and peel strength and comprises a metal substrate and an olefin resin layer bonded together through a primer layer.

Article and method for making high fluid-holding fiber mass Smith, F.R. (Avtex Fibers Inc,