Method of making fiber reinforced articles

Method of making fiber reinforced articles

Manufacture of parabolic antennas Oono, S, and Kawata, M. (Toyo Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka, Japan) US Pat 4 647 329 (3 March 1987) In this pr...

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Manufacture of parabolic antennas Oono, S, and Kawata, M. (Toyo Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka, Japan) US Pat 4 647 329 (3 March 1987) In this process, the following layers are laid in orderon a shaped male mould: agel coat; a layer of buffer material impregnated with liquid thermosetting resin; a reflective lamination layer comprising a reflective net and conductive, metal-coated, chopped glass fibres impregnated with liquid thermosetting resin; a second layerof buffer material; and a thermosetting sheet moulding material. The mould is covered with a female mould with a gel coat, and the moulds heated under pressure to cure the laminate. Process for the manufacture of products from reinforced polyester (McDougal, J.R., Morrow, OH, USA) US Pat 4 647 418 (3 March 1987) Initiator-induced cross-linking of the polyester resin in the manufacture of a reinforced polyester product is effected during the second, exothermic portion of the moulding cycle by holding the initiator in microcapsules which isolate the initiator from the resin until a temperature of 108°C is reached in the cycle. Method of making fiber reinforced articles Nutter Jr, H.A- (United Technologies Corporation, Hartford, CT, USA) US Pat 4 648 921 (10 March 1987) Curable bonding adhesive is coated on the external surface of a spar and on the internal surface of a first mould, the spar placed in side the mould, lightweight filler material introduced into the mould void and the assembly precured to form an airfoil subassembly with an external adhe-

sive coating. The latter is then covered with resinimpregnated fibrous reinforcing material in a second mould, and the resin cured.

core placed in the mould and covered with a strip to provide an inner core for the member and form top and bottom backs for the body; (4) a precured rear composite element of C-shape is inserted into the mould to contact the core and straps; (5) pressure is applied to the nose, straps, inner and outer covering; (6) the side edges of the outer straps are folded and overlapped with each other and the rear element; and (7) the mould is closed.

Process for the preparation of phenolic foam Marks, G.C. and Quist, P.I. (BP Chemicals Limited, London, UK) US Pat 4 698 922 (10 March 1987) The laminate is produced by dispensing a phenolic foam-forming mixture between moving face sheets of lacquered alu minium orglass fibre mat. Pressure is applied through the upper face sheet to reduce the formation of voids and the upper mat is also heated to 90-130°C to increase the adhesive strength between the parts.

Filament winding of articles of complex shape Owen, M.J., Middleton, V. and Edwards, K.L. (Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI, USA) US Pat 4 650 620 (17 March 1987) An article which includes fittings with which it can be attached to other components is formed by filament winding on a mandrel in which the fittings on their mounting plates are embedded, the mandrel remaining as part of the article after winding is completed.

Method of producing a preform wire, sheet or tape fiber reinforced metal composite Ishikawa, T. et al (Agency of Industrial Science & Technology, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 4 649 060 (10 March 1987) A silicon carbide fibre bundle is unfastened and drawn so that the element fibres are arranged parallel along their length. The fibres are impregnatd with molten metal, for not longer than 50 seconds, while ultrasonically vibrating the fibre bundle.

Method for preparing configured silicon carbide whisker-reinforced alumina ceramic articles Tiegs, T.N. (United States Department of Energy, Washington, DC, USA) US Pat 4 652 413 (24 March 1987) A homogeneous mixture of 5-10 volume % SiC whiskers, 0.5 to 5 weight % yttria and the balance alumina particles is shaped at a pressed density of about 50% of the theoretical and then heated at atmospheric pressure in an inert atmosphere at a temperature which effects liquid-phase sintering to produce a selfsupporting composite with density about 94% of the theoretical. The article is then hot-isostatically pressed to increase the density to about 98% of theoretical.

Helicopter blade longitudinal member and relative manufacturing method Mussi, F. and Pariani, E. (Costruzioni Aernautiche Giovanni Agusta, SpA, Varese, Italy) US Pat 4 650 534 (17March 1987) The method comprises the following steps: (1) a mould is lined with uncured cloth strips of composite material to form an outer covering; ( 2 ) a nose of uncured composite is placed in the mould; (3) axial straps are laid on the outer covering and on opposite sides of a removable

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