MSSP Papers on Image Processing

MSSP Papers on Image Processing

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Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing ] (]]]]) ]]]–]]]

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Optical devices and cameras find a growing application in instrumentation and robotics. Camera sensors in particular, experience a fast evolution together with the industrial development of semi-conductors, resulting in cheaper devices with increased resolution. Some basic level of conditioning and processing of the images from the cameras can be also integrated in the product hardware. Nevertheless, the use of images in engineering applications requires further dedicated conditioning before the relevant information can be extracted for practical purposes. Nearly each camera based engineering application requires its own specific type of image conditioning and processing. This widens the range of conditioning and signal processing algorithms needed to be used in association with image data. As a result of the dependency on accessory processing in the usage of image, issues of accuracy, robustness and computational efficiency of the computer algorithms are key to the success of such a technology. Increased sensor resolution helps in the direction of increasing the accuracy of image based applications, but such an issue can also benefit from efficient numerical processing of redundant information from simultaneous sensing devices. Robustness in the results of image based applications are directly related to the robustness of the signal processing algorithms that are used. In this sense this is still a wide open field for the development of new and innovative dedicated signal processing solutions. Computational efficiency is achieved by new programming techniques and hardware developments. The use of parallel processing of large amounts of data in graphic units (GPUs) is already a trend in many image processing applications. The present edition brings a contribution in the presentation of specific engineering solutions involving image processing. The first two papers of this issue present the use of cameras as geometry measuring devices to detect and analyze the movement of vibrating structures. A scaled model riser and a moving cable whose image is captured from shaky images are the structures monitored by camera. The following three papers use images to detect engineering faults. Cameras are used to detected faults from structural vibration analysis, damages from shearography analysis and damage from the analysis of wear debris image. The sixth paper shows the use of a camera as a reliable monitor to the process of high power welding. The editors hope that those few selected examples contribute to those seeking specific applied literature on the subject and inspire others to engage in this promising universe of engineering image processing. 0888-3270 & 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd.