Musculoskeletal ultrasound, 2nd edition

Musculoskeletal ultrasound, 2nd edition

Journal of Clinical Imaging 25 (2001) 301 Book review Musculoskeletal ultrasound, 2nd edition Marnix T. Van Holsbeeck And Joseph H. Intracaso. Philad...

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Journal of Clinical Imaging 25 (2001) 301

Book review Musculoskeletal ultrasound, 2nd edition Marnix T. Van Holsbeeck And Joseph H. Intracaso. Philadelphia, PA: Mosby 2001, 648 pages, 1125 Illustrations, 169.00 This excellent book, in its 2nd edition, is a comprehensive treatise of the import of ultrasonography in the evaluation of pathologies involving the musculoskeletal system. The book consists of 19 chapters, one appendix with a table of normal values and an index. Six well-known international authors have also contributed to the book. Chapter 1 deals with physical principles of sonography and in Chapter 2 are discussed the specific and not specific artifacts of musculoskeletal sonography. Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 review respectively the sonographic studies of the muscles, of the tendons, of the bursae and of the ligaments, comparing the findings obtained with other imaging procedures, so as to better understand the sonographic images and in the end, also, the role played by US in the management of the patient. In Chapter 7 are reviewed the pathophysiology and patterns of disease and Chapter 8 deals with the sonography of the large synovial joints. Chapter 9, contributed by M.A. DiPietro and T. Harcke, provides elements of fundamental interest regarding the sonography of the musculoskeletal system in pediatric patients, and especially dealt with are the developmental dysplasia of the hip, the sonographic imaging of the spinal canal and, in particular, comparisons are made with the images obtained by magnetic resonance imaging. Chapter 10 is dedicated to the dermis, hypodermis, periosteum and bone and the 11th, contributed by R.K. Chhem and M.T. v H., deals with sonography of rheumatoid disease. While Chapter 12 illustrates the important role of sonography in the demonstration of foreign bodies, in the 13th are discussed the syndromes following therapeutic and diagnostic arthroscopy. Chapter 14 is of especial interest because it discusses all the possibilities offered by interventional musculoskeletal sonography, and demonstrates that this procedure can reliably and efficiently replace certain surgical interventions, whether by an aspiration of soft tissue or a guided core biopsy.

Chapters 15, contributed by R. Ptasznik; 16, 17, contributed by D.P. Fessel and M.T. v H.; 18, contributed by R.Y. Ceulemans and M.T. v H.; and 19, contributed by D.P. Fessel and M.T. v H., deal respectively with sonography of the shoulder, of the elbow, wrist and hand, of the hip, of the knee and of the ankle and foot. In the analysis of each topic the sonographic imaging of the most frequently observed pathological processes is discussed, including a postoperative evaluation, when indicated. The numerous tables, algorithms and specific ‘‘Boxes’’ are excellent and particularly useful for retaining the memory of certain technical data or of singular results. The figures showing color flow Doppler images are of good quality, and presented are a large number of cases, whose images are compared with those obtained by other imaging procedures. At the end of each chapter are numerous and up-to-date references. It is, however, regrettable that the harmonic imaging and the potential use of contrast media are not sufficiently dealt with in the various chapters, but, considering the high value of the information given in this book, this is a minor criticism. Another question that would have merited a greater emphasis is the newly recognized use of sonography correlated to the clinical findings. In his Foreword, J. Dequecker underlines the increasing strategic role of sonography in the diagnostic process, but the book does not offer a specific chapter dealing with the course of conduct which could recommend sonography as the alternate or primary diagnostic tool in a good number of clinical conditions. All these points will be most likely dealt with in a third edition of this excellent book which is of great usefulness not only to those interested in imaging procedures, sonographers, musculoskeletal and pediatric radiologists, but it is also indispensable to the orthopedists, rheumatologists, sports medicine and emergency room physicians because they are shown the results which can be obtained by the proper use of sonography in the study of the different pathological processes involving the musculoskletal system.

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