New ASTM standard helps test metallic coatings

New ASTM standard helps test metallic coatings

Metal Powder Report  Volume 71, Number 1  January/February 2016 NEWS New ASTM standard helps test metallic coatings A new ASTM test method has bee...

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Metal Powder Report  Volume 71, Number 1  January/February 2016


New ASTM standard helps test metallic coatings A new ASTM test method has been launched to provide a simpler and more effective way to determine the tensile (pulling) and compressive (pushing) stress on metallic coatings used on a wide range of consumer products such as pens, doorknobs, lamps, cars, jewelry and more.

The standard can also be used in the automotive, aerospace and military industries, particularly by companies that create metallic layers for parts and components. The standard will be published as B975, Test Method for Measurement of Internal

Stress of Metallic Coatings by Split Strip Evaluation (Deposit Stress Analyzer Method). The subcommittee that developed B975 is seeking laboratories to participate in an interlaboratory study for the standard. ASTM;

director of the Forging Industry Association Department of Defense Manufacturing Consortium and program manager of the Defense Logistics Agency’s PRO-FAST Program. Additional new appointees to the board include: Dr. William E Frazier, vice president-elect. Dr Frazier served as a trustee from 2003 through 2007 and held positions on numerous ASM committees and currently is an associate editor for the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. Craig D Clauser, treasurer-elect. Clauser has served as Chairman of the ASM Chapter Operations Committee and the Handbook Committee and is founder, president and owner of Craig Clauser Engineering Consulting Inc, a company providing national metallurgical engineering services.

Dr Ellen K Cerreta, trustee-elect. Dr Cerreta is the Group Leader for MST-8, the Materials in Radiation and Dynamic Extremes Group, at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In addition to serving on the ASM Board of Trustees, Dr. Cerreta is an adjunct faculty member attThe Institute of Shock Physics at Washington State University. Dr Ryan M Deacon, trustee-elect. Dr Deacon is a materials scientist in the materials engineering and research group of the DuPont Corporation and also serves as the corporate failure analyst for the company. Prof Sudipta Seal, trustee-elect. Prof Seal is the director of the Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center and NanoScience Technology Center at the University of Central Florida. ASM International; www.asminternational. org

ASM International (ASM), the world’s largest association of metals-focused materials professionals, has announced the election of Jon D Tirpak, as ASM’s 2015–2016 board of trustees president. Tirpak, who joined ASM in 1980, is ending a one-year term as vice president of the board. ‘Through the years, I’ve experienced first-hand the power of ASM International to connect materials science professionals and positively shape the industry,’ said Tirpak. ‘To now serve as president of the board is an honor and a privilege and one I’m looking forward to in the coming year.’ Tirpak, who currently serves on the ASM finance and investment committees, has also chaired ASM’s new products and services committee and the federal affairs committee. He is a senior program manager for the SCRA Applied R&D Advanced Materials Division and is also the executive

Head of ARC MIM U.S. elected president of MIM association Tom Houck, vice president of U.S. ARC MIM, has been elected president of the Metal Injection Molding Association (MIMA). Houck has been involved in the metal powder industry for over 24 years and currently

serves on the MPIF board of governors, has co-chaired the MIM2015 conference, and will co-chair the MIM2016 conference. ‘We are excited for Mr. Houck’s appointment as president of MIMA,’ said Jason

Young, chairman and CEO. ‘We believe this appointment reflects the strength of ARC’s industry leadership in MIM.’ ARC Group Worldwide;

Nadcap approval for metal heat treatment Metal improvement specialist Wallwork Group says that its National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) approval has now been extended to cover both its aluminum and magnesium heat treatment processes. The company is reportedly one of a small number of UK heat treatment companies

able to process aluminum to aerospace industry standards and heat treat magnesium. The company processes a variety of components from satellite and aircraft parts through to motorsport and sports cycle equipment. Parts processed vary from fabrications and castings to small pressed-met-

al parts. Wallwork can heat treat loads of up to 2 m3 in each process cycle. ‘Since diversifying into this field two years ago we have steadily grown market share, increased capacity and expanded our knowledge and experience,’ said Ian Lacey, business development manager for aluminum and magnesium heat treatment.



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