New models in hygienic range

New models in hygienic range

news product and services Diaphragm pump for chemical injection New models in hygienic range Iwaki America has launched its LKN series of motor driv...

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news product and services Diaphragm pump for chemical injection

New models in hygienic range

Iwaki America has launched its LKN series of motor driven, mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps in the North and South American markets. This new series of pumps features a maximum capacity of 114 GPH and a maximum pressure of 225 PSI. It is available in a wide range of materials and is suitable for almost any chemical injection or metering application, the company says. The advanced engineering design features both stroke and speed adjustment and can be mounted to a variety of NEMA motors depending on the application.

Liquids handling specialists Pump Engineering is to supply new models in its range of CSF-CS, CSA and CSM pumps for transferring liquids in dairy, food, pharmaceutical and other similar process applications. The range of pumps can handle capacities from 1 to 550 m3/hour with heads up to 155 m. The CSF pumps are manufactured in investment cast AISI 316L stainless steel for all wetted parts and feature a 6 vane open impeller which facilitates the handling of liquids containing particles or small solids. The pumps are designed for CIP (Clean in Place) to ensure the elimination of dead areas and feature electropolished finishing of all surfaces. Fitted with standard motors or ATEX motors, they are back pull-out design and fitted with a quick-release clamp which allows for fast and simple dismantling.

The range of liquid handling pumps.

The CSA version has an electropolished finish to 0.5µm Ra and is approved to US FDA 3A standard or European EHEDG standards, with an aseptic version available for pharmaceutical applications. Depending on the application, CSF-CS and CSA pumps can be supplied with an internal or external single mechanical seal or flushed double mechanical seal for handling high

temperature liquids or those with a tendency to crystallise. Elastomers are available in a choice of Viton, EPDM, silicon or PTFE. Typical applications for CSF-CS pumps include handling sugar solutions, alcohols, beer, CIP solutions, milk, oils, vinegar, fruit juices, high purity water, suspensions, yeast and melted butter.

The LKN series, now available in the US.

The LKN series is dry run capable and self priming, and like other chemical metering pumps it is designed to move a variety of aggressive fluids such as alcohols, caustic, bleach, peroxide and sulphuric acid, as well as tough slurries. The LKN features a small footprint that will allow installation into the tightest of areas. It comes equipped with a dual cam design for increased reliability and a heavy duty spring back mechanism that promotes long life.

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