New orders for Larox

New orders for Larox

8 Industry news Filtration+Separation March/April 2009 MBR contracts for ADI Systems ADI Systems has been awarded two contracts to treat wastewater ...

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Industry news Filtration+Separation March/April 2009

MBR contracts for ADI Systems ADI Systems has been awarded two contracts to treat wastewater using its ADI-MBR (membrane bioreactor) system.

facility will allow Golden Flake to direct-discharge its treated effluent to a small stream located adjacent to the plant.

loadings to Chesapeake Bay. The ADI-MBR will replace an existing conventional activated sludge system at the site.

The first contract is from Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc for a complete design-build to treat wastewater from its Birmingham, USA, production facility. The Birmingham plant, a 350,000 ft2 facility, is the largest of three Golden Flake production plants in the southeastern US.

ADI has also received a contract from MillerCoors for its brewery near Elkton, USA. The new ADIMBR facility is designed to treat effluent from two existing anaerobic reactors to meet new nitrogen and phosphorus discharge limits.

The company’s ADI-MBR process can meet very stringent nitrogen and phosphorus discharge limits, with ease of operation and minimal membrane cleaning. Its MBR system is a five-stage biological nutrient removal process, with both biological and chemical phosphorus removal.

The new 400,000 gpd ADI-MBR

These new, stricter discharge limits are being imposed as part of the five-state effort to reduce nutrient

New orders for Larox Larox has received new orders to supply filters to mining, metallurgical and chemical industry applications in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South Africa. The total value of the deals is approximately €8 million and deliveries will take place in 2009.

The deliveries consist of Larox automatic pressure filters, Hoesch horizontal membrane filter presses, Pannevis horizontal vacuum belt filters, and Ceramec capillary action disc filters. The products will be used for nickel, copper and gold concentrate and ferrochrome filtration applications.

Validation for Aquionics system Aquionics’ UV disinfection systems have been validated for wastewater reuse applications in accordance with AwwaRF/NWRI guidelines – the first closed vessel, medium pressure systems in the world to receive the validation, the company says. Having undergone third party validation testing by Carollo Engineers, they have now been formally approved for post-filtration and reverse osmosis applications by the California Department of Public Health (Title-22 validation). The most common method of wastewater disinfection for reuse has long been chlorination. Despite chlorine’s impressive track record, concerns regarding

disinfection by-products (DBPs) and, more recently, disinfection performance with respect to pathogen inactivation, are driving the conversion from chlorine disinfection to other disinfection methods such as UV, which does not produce any significant DBPs. “We are extremely pleased that we have achieved this important validation,” commented Aquionics’ President Bill Decker. “Our stateof-the-art technology uses UV sensors to actually measure how the UV systems are performing. This permits much greater control while saving energy.”

Clarcor buys Keddeg Clarcor has acquired Keddeg Co, a privately-owned manufacturer of aviation filtration products based in Kansas, USA. Keddeg will operate as a member of Clarcor’s Purolator Advanced filtration group which is part of the company’s industrial/ environmental filtration segment.

Keddeg has operated for over 20 years as a supplier of cabin air filters, anti-microbial filters, electronic equipment cooling filters and coalescers to aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

MillerTime – ADI has received a contract from MillerCoors to suppley a wastewater MBR system.

Dow director for NAMS Bill Mickols, a senior research scientist at Dow Water Solutions, has been named to the board of directors of the North American Membrane Society (NAMS). NAMS is the only professional society in North America that promotes all aspects of membrane science and technology, ranging from fundamental studies of membrane material science to process application and development.

foster the development and dissemination of knowledge in membrane science and technology, as well as promote the collaborative efforts of researchers, technologists and end-users in the synthetic membrane community. “NAMS is fortunate to have someone as dedicated to its mission as Bill on our board,” said Ed Sanders, president, NAMS.

As a board member, Mickols will work with NAMS to NAMSHP.html

Stimulus plan could fast track wastewater The US$800 million stimulus package unveiled by President Barack Obama in the US could fast track 400 wastewater projects valued at US$6 billion which otherwise would have remained on hold due to lack of funding, says McIlvaine in its Municipal Wastewater Facilities and People report. The funds will probably be distributed to various community projects through the existing Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programmes

in the form of loans and grants and will target those “readyto-go” projects that can begin construction within 120 days of receipt of funds, McIlvaine says. There are currently 16,000 municipal wastewater plants in the US, of which 4000 purify more than one million gallons per day. At any one time, about 20% of these plants have minor modification plans and 10% have major expansion or modification plans including additional plants.