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New publications

Atmospherw Research, 30 (1993) 71-72 71 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V, Amsterdam New publications Greenhouse Earth (Anmka Nilsson, 1992, 219 pp.,...

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Atmospherw Research, 30 (1993) 71-72


Elsevier Science Publishers B.V, Amsterdam

New publications Greenhouse Earth (Anmka Nilsson, 1992, 219 pp., L9 95, paperbound, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-93628-6). Written by a Swedish science journalist, this book is a synthesis of several scientific reports, most particularly the work done by the Intergovernmental Panel on Chmate Change as presented in three IPCC reports from 1990. The titles of the main chapters are the greenhouse gases, model results-the future climate, sea level, agnculture, forestry Chmate Vanabdtty, Chmate Change and Ftshertes (Michael H. Glantz, Editor, 1992, 450 pp., $69 95, hardbound, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-41440-7 ). This volume addresses the potential implications of global warming for fisheries and the societies which depend on them. The book takes the form of a series of integrated case studies from around the globe, which a re presented by an interdisciplinary group of leading researchers Climate Change 1992 The Supplementary Report to the IPCC Scwnttfic Assessment (John T Houghton, Bruce A Callander and Shelagh K. Vaney, Editors, 1992, 200 pp., $19.95, paperbound, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-43829-2). This report is a Supplement to the 1990 Report on the Soentific Assessment Working Group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Chmate Change (IPCC). The IPCC was set up jointly by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme in 1988 to provide an authoritative international consensus of scientific opinion on global warming. This Supplement reviews the key conclusions of the 1990 Report in the light of new evidence, focussing on five main areas sources and sinks of greenhouse gases and the precursors of tropospheric ozone, radiative forcing of the atmosphere, updated scenarios for emission of greenhouse gases up to the end of the 21 st century, new developments in chmate modelling and model validation, recent observational data on climate variability and change. Methods of mterprettng numertcal weather predtctlon output for aeronautical meteorology (World Meteorological Orgamzation, Technical Note N ° 195, 1992, 89 pp., SFR 26, ISBN 92-63-10770X) Review of advanced techniques and methodologies relevant to aeronautical meteorology Numerical weather prediction (global, regional and mesoscale models), automated post-processing of N.W.P. (statistical techniques, artificial intelligence techniques).

Exploring the Earth: Progress in Geophystcs smce the 17th Cenlury (W. Schroder, M. Colacino and G. Gregori, Editors, 1992, 283 pp., Interdivisional commission on history of IAGA, ISSN: 0179-5658)_ Selected papers from the symposia of the Interdlvisional commission on history of IAGA during the I U G G / I A G A Assembly, held in Vienna, 1991.

Radar Meteorology (Henn Sauvageot, 1992, 366 pp hardbound, Artech House Publishers, ISBN 0-89006-318-4). This book has been wntten to present a compact and accessible introduction to meteorological measurement and observation of atmospheric processes by radar. It is based on a first edition, which appeared in French in 1982 pubhshed by Eyrolles (Pans). The contents of this first edition have been completely revised and substantially expanded

Global Chmatw Changes m Water and Heat Transfer - Accumulation Processes (S.G. Dobrovolskl, 1992, 265 pp., DFL190, hardbound, Elsevier, ISBN 0-444-88914-0) In this book global

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heat circulation is studied in c o n n e c t i o n with changes in large scale water transfer and accum u l a t i o n processes. Special a t t e n t i o n is g~ven to stochastic regularities of the analyzed processes Some deterministic approaches are also considered, whereby dynamic-stochastic models are used

Weather Cycles Real oflrnagmary ( W i l h a m s James Burroughs, 1992, 201 p p , 1_24 95, Cambridge U m v e r s i t y Press, ISBN 0-521-38178-9 h a r d b a c k ) The unresolved debate on the existence of weather cycles is explored in detail in this book, The evidence for and against the existence of cycles m the weather is e x a m i n e d a n d the difficulties in e s t a b h s h m g the credentials of cycles discussed. The competing arguments Involve the natural varlablhty of the climate, the influence of sunspots a n d the variations in the Earth's orbit