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New publications

ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH ELSEVIER Atmospheric Research 35 (1994) 77-78 New publications Computer Techniques in Environmental Studies IV (P. Zannetti, E...

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Atmospheric Research 35 (1994) 77-78

New publications

Computer Techniques in Environmental Studies IV (P. Zannetti, Editor, 1992. Computational Mechanics Publications, Southampton, 896 pp. Price: £200.00, ISBN 1-85312-177-0). This book contains the edited version of some of the papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on the Development and Application of Computer Techniques to EnvironmentalStudies, held at Portsmouth, UIL during 7-9 September, 1992. The topics covered in the book have been divided into the following sections: Numerical Simulation; Finite Elements; Statistical Methods; Environmental Engineering; EnvironmentalManagement; EnvironmentalMonitoring; Expert Systems; Geographic Information Systems and Data Bases, and Visualization. Precipitation Scavenging and Atmosphere-surface Exchange (S.E. Schwartz and W.G.N. Slinn, Editors, 1992. Taylor and Francis Ltd., London, 2200 pp. Price: £214.00, ISBN 1-5603-263-2). This is the publication in three volumes of the fifth International Conference on precipitation scavenging and atmosphere-surface exchange processes, Richland, Washington, 15-19 July 1991. The first volume (the Georgii Volume) is devoted to the precipitation scavenging processes, while the second volume (the Semonin Volume) is concerned by the atmosphere-surface exchange processes and the third one (the Summers Volume) by the applications and appraisals. In total, about 150 papers which have been peer-reviewed by 300 scientists.

Global Changes in the Perspectiveof the Past (J.A. Eddy and H. Oeschger, Editors, 1993. Wiley, 383 pp. Price: £80.00, Hardcover. ISBN 0471936030). This volume contains the background papers and summary group reports of a Dahlem Workshop which was intended to discuss the use of paleoclimatic data for analysing climatic processes and for modeling the future evolution of climate. The book should be of interest to climatologists, atmospheric scientists, biogeochemists, oceanographers, ecologists, glaciologists and numerical modelers. El Niho. Historical and PaleoclimaticAspects of the Southern Oscillation (H.F. Diaz and V. Markgraf, Editors, 1992. Cambridge University Press, 476 pp. ISBN 0-521-43042-9 hardback). This book is an outgrowth of a workshop that was held in Boulder, Colorado, in May 1990 to examine some of the proxy evidence of ENSO-related climatic variability. The stated goals of the workshop were to facilitate the exchange of information among different workers in the different paleoclimate fields and to promote greater interaction among those researchers working with the field observations (palynologists, dendroclimatologists, geomorphologists, etc.) and atmospheric scientists and oceanographers doing ENSO research. The techniques discussed in the separate chapters range from the use of written historical records which document the climatic effects known to be modulated by the different phases of the ENSO phenomenon, to analysis of treering records, ice cores, tropical coral records, sedimentary and pollen records from lacustrine and near-coastal marine environments (22 chapters from 33 contributingauthors). 016%8095/94/$07.00 © 1994 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved

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