New publications received

New publications received

812 Current Literature La Clinique Infantile. [Publia Health 2nd A~N~E, No. 9 (PARIS), 1904. L'atrophie Infantile et le lair Sterilis~. Par M. t...

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Current Literature La Clinique




2nd A~N~E, No. 9 (PARIS), 1904.

L'atrophie Infantile et le lair Sterilis~. Par M. te Dr. Logrier (Directeur de la Goutte de lair d'Elbeuf). Sur lee Stagnations depoids dane l'~levage des enfants atrophiques. Par M. G. Variot. (No. 10.) Chronique des Gourdes de Lai~ en France e t a l'~tranger. Par M. le Dr. G. Variot. (No. 14.) Sterilisation Absolue du Lair par Surchauffage. Par le Dr. Lecornu. Un cas d'atrophm infantile gu~ri par l'emploi m~hodique du lair sterilis~. Par le Dr. Loisel de Rouen. NEW



Obiter Scripta: The Excursions of an Improvident Philosopher. (Surface Impressions for Casual Readers.) ¥. H. C. P. Wanhope, M.A. Price 1/-. Agas H. Goose, Rampant ttorse Street, Norwich. Municipal Shortcomings. By T. Myddelton Shallcross. Price 1/-. Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. Atmospheric Carbonic Acid : Its Estimation and Variation. Lecture by John Robertson, M.D., B.Sc., delivered in the Public Health Laboratory, University of Manchester. Price 1/6. Shaft&it and Hughes, 65, Long Acre, London, W.C. Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Factories and W'orkshops, for the year 1908. Part I--.Reports. Price 2/10. Eyre and Spottiswoode. Report on Air Tests in Humid Cotton Weaving Sheds. By Frank Seudder, F.I.C. Price 3d. Eyre and Spottiswoode.

POLLUTION OF OYSTER BEDS.--Two cases are likely to come before the ~ourts shortly, in which damages are claimed from local authorities for financial oss through pollution of oyster and other shell-fish beds, which is alleged to have been caused in each ~nstance by the local authority. DANGER OF COMMON WOOL FL0cK.--Attention was called to this at the Sanitary Institute Congress in Glasgow. Examination physical, bacteriological, and chemical, demonstrated that much of the wool flock used for mattresses and chairs, cushions, etc., was filthy to an extreme degree, being manufactured from the cast-of clothing of all classes. CYCLONES AND RAINFALL--Anomalies have often been observed in the way rain is distributed over an area affected by a cyclonic disturbance. On this subject Dr. H. R. Mill gave an address at the meeting of the British Association, and illustrated graphically this asymmetrical distribution. He showed that out of ten cyclonic movements the rainfall in nine instances' had been greatest to the left of the,,path of the cyclonic centre. The rule which Dr. Mill deduced was that the belt of cyclonic rains is-much wider on the left of the path than on the right, and that the heaviest rainfalls occur in advance of the centre." A remarkable fact was also elicited, that in presence of a cyclone the superficial features of the country have no influence. As much rain is precipitated over the plains as over the hills. The greater yearly amounts in mountainous districts are due to more frequent showers caused by condensation.