Nickel activator

Nickel activator

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New Equipment. Proce••••• and Materials VI. . .TO.V SVSTUI

AimeD, Albert Lea, Minn.

Almco's versatile, high-production continuous vibratory system finishes small to large parts in 3 to 6 minutes and automatically repeats the process without any need for worker involvement. Consisting of a thru-feed vibratory machine, parts/media screener, return media conveyor, and sound hood package, the Model V-1472TF is ideal for automated machining and in-line manufacturing applications where compact equipment is required. All components are mounted on a single base with floor-space requirements of less than 62 ft2 and overall height of 5 ft. 8 in. Virtually any metal can be deburred, deflashed, burnished, polished, descaled, or brightened automatically when the proper media and chemical compound are matched to the vibratory finisher. Circle 401 on the reader service card


Datapaq Inc., Wilmington, Mass.

Datapaq's newest and most powerful data logger for the most accurate furnace surveying and kiln monitoring, The Datapaq11 logger boasts 110,000 data readings over 10 selectable channels, an accuracy of ± l·C and a O.l-second sampling rate. Choice of start button, time, or temperature trigger (both rising and falling) allows for data collection onset at the most critical stages of your process, making the logger ideal for monitoring fast cooling cycles. Hardwired real-time data analysis is available. The Datapaqll is equipped to monitor the longest processes with the best accuracy and detailed analysis available. Circle 402 on the reader .ervlce card

April 2000


Electrochemicals, Maple Plain, Minn.

Electro-Brite PC-68l is a specialty chemical additive for acid copper electrodeposition. The process is designed to produce superior leveling and eliminate plating nodules especially on high-density printed wiring circuitry. Circle 403 on the reader .ervlce card


Enthone-OMI Inc., New Haven, Conn.

ANKOR NFDS is an electrolytic

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GEl International Inc., Syracuse,


magnifying powers of 6, 9, 12, 15, and 22x feature high-quality achromatic color corrected lens systems, which provide distortionfree viewing and a sharpness of the viewed image over the entire field of view of the lens. The magnifiers incorporate an adjustable lens-focusing collar to adjust the focus for an individual's vision or to view an object that is not flat. The magnifiers may be used hands free and the swivel base enables objects to be viewed without being in contact with the magnifier base. The lens of the magnifier may be rotated through 360· around the magnifier base. Circle 405 on the reeder service card

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Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla.

The Surftest SJ-30l, a portable surface roughness tester, features a touch-panel LCD and a built-in printer. The tester conforms to JIS, ISO, DIN, and ANSI standards. Features include graphic display of measured profile, easyto-operate touch panel, built-in printer and battery operation, and 300-.... m wide measuring range detector.



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George FisCMr Inc., Tustin, Calif.

A range of compact swing-base magnifiers is available from GEl. Five individual magnifiers with

The +GF+ Signet Vortex Sensor is available as a stand-alone sensor providing frequency or cur-