Novozymes 1Q 2012: Household Care Enzyme sales

Novozymes 1Q 2012: Household Care Enzyme sales

FOCUS Commission shall, wherever possible, use European standards. The power to adopt delegated acts is conferred on the Commission subject to the con...

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FOCUS Commission shall, wherever possible, use European standards. The power to adopt delegated acts is conferred on the Commission subject to the conditions laid down in this Article. Member States shall not prohibit, restrict or impede the making available on the market of detergents, and/or of surfactants for detergents, which comply with the requirements of this Regulation, on grounds that are dealt with in this Regulation. The Commission shall make publicly available the list of national measures referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4. Article 16 is replaced. Member States shall lay down the rules on penalties applicable to infringements of this Regulation and shall take all measures necessary to ensure that they are implemented. This Regulation is now in force and is binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. Original Source: Official Journal of the European Union L Legislation, 30 Mar 2012, 55 (L94), 16-21 (Website: © European Union 2012

COMPANY RESULTS Huntsman reports record earnings in 1Q 2012 Huntsman reported 1Q ended Mar 2012 results with revenues of $2913 M, 9% higher than in 1Q 2011. Net income attributable to Huntsman Corp increased to $163 M for 1Q 2012 compared to $62 M in 1Q 2011. Adjusted EBITDA improved 31% to $397 M during 1Q 2012. The company’s Performance Products division posted revenues of $807 M in 1Q 2012 ($804 M in 1Q 2011) with the small increase primarily due to higher sales volumes partially offset by lower average selling prices. Sales volumes increased primarily due to the consolidation of the maleic anhydride joint venture with Sasol in Germany, partially offset by lower demand for amines and surfactants, Huntsman reports. Average selling prices decreased primarily due to the sales mix, competitive market pressure for certain amines and in response to lower raw material costs for certain products. Adjusted JULY 2012



EBITDA for the division fell 22% to $90 M, primarily due to lower contribution margins and higher manufacturing and SG&A costs. Original Source: Huntsman Corp, 10003 Woodloch Forest Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA, tel: +1 281 719 6000, website: (1 May 2012) © Huntsman International LLC 2012

Novozymes 1Q 2012: Household Care Enzyme sales In 1Q 2012 Novozymes reported a turnover of DKR 2.73 bn (€368 M). This was an increase of 2% over 1Q 2012 but was down by 1% when currency effects were excluded. EBIT of DKR 680 M was higher than the forecast of DKR 670 M. Household Care Enzymes 1Q sales increased by 10% in DKR to DKR 913 M from DKR 830 M in 1Q 2011. The solid sales growth was driven by a continued increase in enzyme penetration across detergent tiers to enhance wash performance, enable low temperature washing and replace traditional chemicals in detergent formulations. Sales of Household Care enzymes to the emerging markets continued to be a significant driver of growth. Original Source: Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark, tel: +45 4446 0000, fax: +45 4446 9999, e-mail: [email protected], website: (25 Apr 2012) © Novozymes 2012

Unilever 1Q 2012 results boosted by emerging markets For its 1Q ended Mar 2012, Unilever PLC’s turnover increased by 11.9% to €12.1 bn. Underlying sales growth was 8.4% (compared with the 6.4% predicted by analysts), with emerging markets up 11.9% and developed markets up 4.2%; all categories contributed to growth in 1Q 2012. Underlying volume growth was 3.5%, while pricing was up 4.7% for 1Q 2012. For 1Q 2012 turnover from personal care was €4260 M and from home care €2198 M. Geographical turnover for 1Q 2012 was: €4823 M from Asia/AMET/RUB; €4091 M from The Americas; and €3230 M from Europe. Business conditions remain difficult; high raw material costs are a particular burden. The company is looking for a slight rise in profits in 1H 2012.

In a similar vein, the company’s India subsidiary Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has surpassed market expectations by posting 24% higher net profit at Rup 6.87 bn (c €96 M) on a 22% increase in net sales at Rup 56.6 bn for its fiscal 4Q ended Mar 2012 (net profit of Rup 5.52 bn on net sales of Rup 46.56 bn in 4Q ended Mar 2011). The increase in profit is attributed to the strong volume growth of 10% besides exceptional gains of Rup 290 M. During 4Q 2011-2012, sales of HUL’s soaps and detergents business, which accounts for 48% of its revenue, increased by 28% while sales of personal care products, which accounts for 30% of turnover, increased by 17%. The company’s skin care and hair care products recorded double-digit growths in 4Q 2011-2012. Original Source: Business Standard, 2 May 2012, 14 (259), I.2 (Website: © Business Standard Ltd 2012. Marketwire, 25 Apr 2012, (Website:

Colgate-Palmolive makes more 1Q profit Toothpaste and household cleaners company Colgate-Palmolive had net profits of $593 M in 1Q 2012, compared with $576 M a year earlier. Sales were up 5% at $4.2 bn; organic sales growth was 6.5% led by doubledigit growth in emerging markets. The company was able to increase sales volumes (+3.5%) and pass on higher raw material costs via pricing increases (+3.5%). The Sanex acquisition [Focus on Surfactants, May 2011] contributed 1.5% to sales and volume growth. Latin America accounted for the largest share of company sales in the quarter at 28% of the total, followed by Greater Asia/Africa at 21%, Europe/South Pacific 20% and North America 18%. Original Source: Handelsblatt Wirtschafts- und Finanzzeitung, 27 Apr 2012, (83), 33 (Website: (in German) © Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH & Co KG 2012. Original Source: Colgate-Palmolive Co, 300, Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA, tel: +1 212 310 2000, website: (26 Apr 2012) © Colgate-Palmolive Company 2012

Procter & Gamble earns less Procter & Gamble is being hit by high raw material prices and the company has reduced its forecast for the 5