Novozymes Jan-Sep 2013: Household Care enzyme sales

Novozymes Jan-Sep 2013: Household Care enzyme sales

F O C U S has been relaunched with an improved formulation and the Comfort aromatherapy range is doing well in South East Asia. Household care continu...

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F O C U S has been relaunched with an improved formulation and the Comfort aromatherapy range is doing well in South East Asia. Household care continued to grow and the hand dishwash business reported doubledigit growth in emerging markets despite increasing competitive intensity. Unilever recorded €5.0 bn in turnover in Asia/AMET/RUB regions in 3Q 2013 and €15.4 bn in the first nine months of 2013. The company’s underlying sales growth slowed in 3Q 2013, as market growth reduced. Australia continued to grow despite strong competitive activity and Japan picked up, helped by a strong innovation programme. Indian subsidiary Hindustan Unilever (HUL) reported a net profit of Rup 9138 M, up 13.2%, on 9.6% higher net sales at Rup 67.47 bn for the quarter ended 30 Sep 2013. Both its soaps & detergents and personal care products businesses achieved healthy year-on-year growth in the quarter. In the Americas the company recorded €3.9 bn in turnover in 3Q 2013 and €12.3 bn in the first nine months of 2013. North America declined, though personal care growth remained competitive, while growth in Latin America remained strong. Unilever recorded €3.6 bn in turnover in Europe in 3Q 2013 and €10.3 bn in the first nine months of 2013. Against the backdrop of markets that remain fundamentally weak, Europe delivered good volume growth offset by lower pricing, resulting in marginally positive underlying sales growth in 3Q 2013. However, this masks a strong performance by the countries in northern Europe, offset by declines in southern Europe. Original Source: Nachrichten fuer Aussenhandel, 24 Oct 2013, (Website: (in German) © MBM Martin Brueckner Medien GmbH 2013. Original Source: Unilever, 2013. Found on Marketwired, 24 Oct 2013, (Website: Original Source: Business Standard, 27 Oct 2013, 5 (26), I,5 (Website: © Business Standard Ltd 2013

Novozymes Jan-Sep 2013: Household Care enzyme sales Novozymes’ sales to the Household Care industry increased by 5% in DKR and by 8% in local currency (LCY) compared with the first 9 JANUARY 2014



months of 2012, to DKR 3156 M (c €423 M). Sales growth was driven by continued high demand from customers to improve wash performance, enable low-temperature washing and replace chemicals. Sales to the emerging markets continued to be a significant growth contributor. Original Source: Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark, tel: +45 4446 0000, fax: +45 4446 9999, e-mail: [email protected], website: (25 Oct & 1 Nov 2013) © Novozymes 2013

COMPANY NEWS Clariant divests detergents & intermediates business Clariant International is divesting its Detergents & Intermediates business to Luxembourg-based International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), subject to regulatory approvals. The total consideration of the sale amounts to SFR 58 M (c €47 M), out of which SFR 20 M will be in cash at closing. In 2012, the Detergents & Intermediates business generated around SFR 280 M in reported sales. It employs around 660 employees in Europe, mainly in Germany and France. The deal will include the sale of Clariant’s Lamotte plant at Trosly Breuil, France. Clariant is refocusing its portfolio. The latest transaction was announced two weeks after the successful closure of the sale of its textile and paper chemicals and emulsions to SK Capital for about SFR 425 M. These businesses now operate as Archroma [Focus on Surfactants, Jul 2013]. With the planned divestment of the Leather Services business to Stahl, the repositioning of Clariant’s portfolio will be completed in the coming quarters. According to the company, the streamlining of the portfolio, once completed, will allow it to focus on ‘exploiting its strong market positions’ and intensify growth by focusing on customers and innovation. Commenting for ICIG, managing director Achim Riemann says the acquisition complements its fine chemicals and custom manufacturing operations, and also provides ‘the

basis for a new detergents platform together with our US hydrotropes & batch sulfonation business of Nease Corp’. ICIG expects to grow combined sales to more than €1.2 bn. Elsewhere, Clariant has officially opened its new €100 M global R&D hub in Frankfurt, Germany. The Clariant Innovation Center (CIC), based at the Industriepark Hoechst, will be the home base of Clariant’s competence centres in chemical research and process technology as well as state-of-the art analytical laboratories and application laboratories of several Business Units. The CIC will also house the departments for Intellectual Property Management and New Business Development, and ensure the coordination of Clariant’s global R&D network. The company has also recently opened a new global HQ for its Oil and Mining Services business unit in The Woodlands, TX, USA. Original Source: Clariant International Ltd, Rothaustrasse 61, CH-4132 Muttenz 1, Switzerland, website: (15 & 31 Oct 2013) © Clariant 2013. Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 21 Oct 2013, (651), (Website: (in French) © ETAI Information 2013

Products based on olive oil and renewable raw materials The business behind Green Oleo Srl was established in 1925. After a succession of owners, the last being Croda, the company recently became privately owned. Its Cremona plant in Northern Italy produces stearic acids, oleic acids, glycerins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, distilled fatty acids, partially hydrogenated fatty acids, and granulated sodium soaps, based on olive oil and renewable feedstocks. Original Source: Pitture e Vernici – European Coatings, Sep-Oct 2013, 89 (5), 86 (Website:

Affymetrix sells Anatrace division Private equity company StoneCalibre has bought Anatrace from Affymetrix. Anatrace is the Affymetrix division that produces high-purity detergents and synthetic lipids for membrane protein studies. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Original Source: Chemical and Engineering News, 21 Oct 2013, 91 (42), 17 (Website: © American Chemical Society 2013