Novozymes results 3Q 2006

Novozymes results 3Q 2006

FOCUS industry. The BioFuel Technologies Group is the flagship project of the Incubator Technology program at Grace that develops technology and produ...

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FOCUS industry. The BioFuel Technologies Group is the flagship project of the Incubator Technology program at Grace that develops technology and products through a combination of R&D and business development. The first areas the BioFuel Technologies Group will focus on include catalysts and adsorbents for enhanced biodiesel and bioethanol production, as well as chromatography-based analytical and quality control tools. Press release from: WR Grace, Columbia, MD, USA. Tel: +1 410 531 419. Website: (2 Oct 2006) & Chemical and Engineering News, 9 Oct 2006, 84 (41), 21-22 (Website: & Chemical Week, 18 Oct 2006, (Website:

Mitsui plans to launch sales of photocatalyst Mitsui Chemicals plans to have its high performance photocatalyst available in the market beginning 1 Apr 2007. The company used its proprietary inorganic nanocontrol process method to develop the material, which is mainly aimed at indoor application. Mitsui is shipping samples to product manufacturers, and will undertake an intense product evaluation. Photocatalyst works by using titanium dioxide’s organic substance decomposition function and its high level of hydrophilicity. One of the traditional applications of photocatalyst is air purifiers, but another emerging application is for the exterior cladding of buildings. Japan Chemical Week, 28 Sep 2006, 47 (2385), 12

Novozymes had good 1H Novozymes had a good 1H 2006 which lived up to expectations. Sales grew by 8% relative to 1% 2005, and productivity and profitability improved. More resources were invested in business development, and various research projects, such as biomassto-ethanol, were prioritised. During 1H 2006, Novozymes acquired the Chinese biopolymer company Huayuan and the UK company Delta Biotechnology, which specialises in recombinant proteins production for biopharmaceuticals. Novozymes has also entered into an agreement with Celliance regarding the possibility of marketing recombinant proteins for cell culture ingredients in the biopharmaceutical industry. In




Australia, Novozymes is planning to acquire GroPep Ltd, which specialises in proteins for cell culture ingredients. The Zymes (Novozymes’ Shareholder Magazine), Sep 2006, 2-3 (The Zymes, Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark. Tel: +45 8824 9999. Fax: +45 8824 9998. E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Even more products from Novozymes in 2006 During 1H 2006 Novozymes has launched three new enzyme products and one new micro-organism product. For the whole of 2006, the company now expects to introduce 6-8 new products. In 2005, new products, including products less than five years old, accounted for 30% of total sales. In Jun 2006 Novozymes launched a new enzyme for liquid detergents, Liquanase, which is particularly effective on protein-based stains and which works at just 30°C. A new enzyme for ethanol production was also introduced in Jun 2006, aimed at producers of starch-based ethanol using the cold process, where the producer can skip a step in ethanol production, namely heating the starch to high temperatures. It is therefore a more efficient enzyme. Since Apr 2006 Cerezyme Sorghum has been making it easier for African brewers to make beer. Novozymes has also introduced a new and advanced technology using microbes which has proved effective at removing organic stains and odours from carpet fibres. The Zymes (Novozymes’ Shareholder Magazine), Sep 2006, 12 (The Zymes, Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark. Tel: +45 8824 9999. Fax: +45 8824 9998. E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Novozymes results 3Q 2006 Novozymes reported a turnover of DKR 1756 M for 3Q 2006, which was 8% up on 3Q 2005 and 2% above market expectations. The division for washing product enzymes performed surprisingly positively with a 4% increase in sales, mainly through greater sales to third world countries. Operating earnings of DKR 349 M were recorded, compared with a market estimate of DKR 333 M, which meant a generous profit margin of 19.9%. Net Posten, 26 Oct 2006 (Website: (in Danish)

Novozymes benefits from growing market for biofuels In 1-3Q 2006 Novozymes experienced a 20% growth in sales in the area of other technical enzymes, which includes enzymes for fuel ethanol production. This is a positive development for the Danish firm, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of enzymes for fuel ethanol manufacture, and reflects the growing demand in this area, not least in the US which is keen to find environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuel and which accounts for 80-90% of the turnover in the growing market for fuel ethanol. N America was one of the markets in which Novozymes made greatest progress, with an 18% growth in sales in DKR. Dagbladet Borsen, 25 Oct 2006 (Website: (in Danish)

Novozymes and Broin collaborate in bioethanol production Novozymes, Denmark, and Broin, US, are expanding their collaboration in the development of a secondgeneration process for the production of ethanol from biomass. The two companies have already successfully collaborated in developing and commercializing new technologies. This includes the enzyme BPX-1 for the starch-based production of bioethanol using the so-called cold process. The partnership involves a combination of Novozymes’ expertise in biotechnology and Broin’s know how in biofuels. Dagbladet Borsen, 26 Oct 2006 (Website: (in Danish)

Novozymes forms alliance with Biocatalytics Danish company Novozymes recently formed an alliance with US company Biocatalytics to put their chiral synthesis by biocatalysis resources in common. Biocatalytics will be responsible for marketing the enzymes and will have contracts covering research and process development. Novozymes will be in charge of commercial scale synthesis. There have been several biocatalysis alliances in recent months. In Feb 2006 PCAS and Proteus created a joint venture called PCAS Biosolution