296 BOOK REVIEWS perhaps excessive detail not always relevant to the fossil record, the book will be widely appreciated by all those involved in the...

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perhaps excessive detail not always relevant to the fossil record, the book will be widely appreciated by all those involved in the investigation of fossils. H. BARNES (Oban, Great Britain)

Oceanography. Freeman, San Francisco, 1971, 417 pp. $5.75. The reader is presented with a collection of 41 selected papers that formerly appeared as articles in Scientific American, and as such, are superbly illustrated. The papers are grouped under five headings dealing with historical aspects of oceanography, physical and chemical oceanography, geological oceanography, biological oceanography and fisheries, and marine resources. Each of the five sections contains a brief introduction by Professor J. R. Moore discussing general aspects of the papers in terms of man's use of the sea, and the book concludes with a reference section for further reading and an index. The section on physical and chemical oceanography consists of 11 articles plus the introduction for a total of 95 pages. Most of these articles were written in the 1950's. The sections on geological oceanography (8 articles plus introduction, 81 pages) and biological oceanography and fisheries (13 articles plus introduction, 113 pages) are equally spaced in date of publication: 1950's, early 1960's, late 1960's. The last section, on marine resources (7 articles plus introduction, 81 pages) consists mostly of articles written within the past few years. The caliber of the articles by some of the most distinguished workers in the various fields is high and the introductory material by Professor Moore is interesting and wellwritten. As he states in the preface, the criteria for including articles in the book were "the relevance of the article to man's use of the sea and the instructive value of their scientific content". Accordingly, a reader seeking information on other aspects of the oceans, such as geophysical studies or plate tectonics, will be disappointed by the lack of coverage. The caliber of the papers, the excellent illustrations, and the low price, make the book a very "good buy", particularly for students. The only major weakness in the book is one common to all compilation approaches to multi-discipline fields: there is insufficient uniformity among the papers to tie them together into a progression building upon previously presented information. It is an excellent source, however, for supplementary readings and illustrations. DEAN A. McMANUS(Seattle) ERRATUM Siddique, H. N. and Mallik, T. K., 1972. An analysis of mineral distribution patterns in the recent shelf sediments off Mangalore, India. Mar. Geol., 12: 359-391. Gurpur bar in Fig.1 and subsequent text should read Gurpur barrier.