Oral histology, inheritance and development

Oral histology, inheritance and development

tarian or panacea1 method; it is not yet time to relegltte Tweed, Johnson, Strang, Margolis, Angle, and others to an unserviceable past. Today’s bette...

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tarian or panacea1 method; it is not yet time to relegltte Tweed, Johnson, Strang, Margolis, Angle, and others to an unserviceable past. Today’s better practitioners are broadly schooled so that they may selectively apply therapies customized to each patient’s requirements. The welcome, and valuable addition to Regg technique, in all of its aspects, is a refreshing, orthodontics; it, too, is here to stay. While addressed to orthodontists, the book otfcrs much inform&ion of potential value to lt belongs in every orthodontist’s persons in the practice of other Inanches of dentistry. library.

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I). \‘incent I’rorenza. Yl~iladclphia, and Development. 548 pages, 627 illustrations, including 83 in Color.

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In the preface, the author gives four reasons for the writing of this test: (1) the need (2) the need to broaden the scope of the test material to of subject-matter reorganization; embrace more comprehensively the areas of inheritance and developmental anatomy ; (3) the need to give depth and substance to the subject matter so that it might be more attuned to recent dcvelopmcnts derived from the more sophisticated rosearch techniques, such as electron microscopy, diffraction, histochemistry, isotope tracers, rr~icroradiograpl~y, etc.; and (4) to indicate the areas of discord which need rlarifieation. Tile l)ook is divided into four parts. the second with the teeth and their aduesa; The first deals with genetics and embryology; the third with paraoral and paranasal organs ; and the fourth with histochemistry. Among the many ehaptcrs of interest to the clinician is one cwnc~erned with tissue changes following surgery. valuxblc refncuw volume to the stutlrnt of histology and the This book shoultl prow clinician alike. I). E. King. iL





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R. Rataille and (‘II. Price, 42 F.




This is a text for French students of odontostomatology as well as for the general prac titioner who desires to use anesthesia. It deals xvith local or regional anesthesia and includes a tliseusnion of accidents of a local and general nature. The discussion of general anesthesia ineludes all types of inhalation anesthesia, ether, c~hloroform, ethyl chloride, nitrous oxide ant1 oxygen, and rycloprolxtne, with their signs and symptoms. I’reancst~lietic physical examinations ant1 premeditation are recommended. Intravenous anesthesia is especially recwnm~endetl for operations of long duration. The pharmacology and the techniques of administration for both short and prolonged operations arc described. E~ndotrac~heal intubation is recomrr~ended to prevent the effects of laryngospasm. The methods of oral and nasal intubation arc well described and illustrated. A\ chapter on inciclcnts and accidents during general anesthesia follows, with still another chapter devoted to the prevention and treatment of these complications. ‘lb last part of the book gives, in a schematic manner, iudications and counterindications as well as choice of technique for various contemplated procedures-extraction of teeth, avulsion of teeth in eases eomplieated by trismus, incision of suppurative conditions, cellulitis ant1 l~hlcgmons, osteitis, osteomyelitis, benign and malignant tumors, and fractures. E’inally, anesthesia is discussed from the point of view of general diseases tllat the patient may present, such as various cardiac conditions, dial)etes, alcoholism, and hemorrhagic disease. Anesthesia after irratliation for malignant disease is included. There is also a discussion of tile use of anestllesia at various age lwriods, such as illfanc~y, adultl~ond (including l~r~~g:‘ll:rrlcy au11 laelatiou), iln11 geriatric states. I<. R. 7’. en odonto-stomatologie. R. Ackermann and 1,. I’olnl’ialls-;Lliniac. &YCie. 420 pages, 100 illustrations. Price, 58 F.