Oral histology: Inheritance and development

Oral histology: Inheritance and development

New book annotations Oral histology: inheritance and development. D. V. Provenza and W. Seibel (editors). Philadelphia, 1986, Lea & Febiger. Second ed...

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New book annotations Oral histology: inheritance and development. D. V. Provenza and W. Seibel (editors). Philadelphia, 1986, Lea & Febiger. Second edition. 486 pages; 465 illustrations. Price, $42.50. In keeping with recent educational trends to establish a meaningful relationship among the various segments of the dental school curriculum, this edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the most current information available in the field. This clinically oriented edition provides a complete presentation of the microscopic and developmental aspects of the paradental and paraoral anatomy. New sections that cover cell ultrastructure and the histology of basic tissues have been added, as well as clear illustrations pertinent to these data. A substantial reference list is provided, as well as sections covering clinical considerations. Orban’s oral histology and embryology. S.N. Bhaskar (editor). St. Louis, 1986, The C. V. Mosby Company. Tenth edition. 489 pages: 650 illustrations with 4 color plates. Price, $41.95. Dr. Bhaskar, with the assistance of 13 contributors, has updated this classic, popular text. In the preface, the editor states that no aspect of a dental school curriculum can give greater meaning to a clinical procedure or put it on a more rational foundation than a thorough understanding of basic sciences.This edition is presented with the hope that it will better prepare the student to practice the profession wisely and with confidence. In a clear and concise manner, it presents the microscopic development and structure of the oral cavity and surrounding areas, while also providing relevant clinical considerations at the end of each chapter. It includes new and updated material on the theories of pain transmission through dentin, synthetic bone, epithelium and the hard palate, mechanisms of tooth movement, bone remodeling, root formation, vascular pressures, periodontal ligament traction, and

immunohistochemistry. This book will continue to play an important role in dental education for many years. TYJ internal derangement and arthrosis: Surgical atlas. M.F. Dolwick and B. Sanders (editors). St.

Louis, 1985. The C.V. Mosby Company. 321 pages; 346 illustrations, including 63 in color. Price, $125.00. During the past decade, rapid changes have occurred in the field of temporomandibular joint surgery. These changes have been stimulated by a renewed interest in internal joint derangements. In many instances, the focus has changed from the osseous tissues to the soft tissue structures of the joint. The primary purpose of this book, as stated by the authors, is to present, through photographs and illustrations, the information currently available in the diagnosis and surgical management of internal derangements and arthrosis. Anatomic, clinical, and surgical photographs are used to demonstrate the important features. These illustrations are used to clarify, emphasize, and highlight important points and are effective in conveying the information the authors wish to impart. The book is divided into eight sections, which include Anatomy; Pathology; Diagnostic Arthrography; Surgery; Postoperative Management and Results; Temporomandibular Joint Surgery; Complications and Failures; and Case Reports. A unique feature of the book is the extensive use of color illustrations. They show the surgical procedures in excellent detail, and the line drawings that accompany the color illustrations make the surgical procedures very clear. This is a book that should be in the libraries of all oral and maxillofacial training programs and in the offices of the specialists who practice in this area.