Oral presentations

Oral presentations

ORAL PRESENTATIONS Wednesday 24 August OPENING LECTURE (Chair: V. P. Perelygia) W. Enge On the question of nuclear track formation in plastic materia...

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ORAL PRESENTATIONS Wednesday 24 August OPENING LECTURE (Chair: V. P. Perelygia) W. Enge

On the question of nuclear track formation in plastic material

TRACK FORMATION (Plenary, Chair: M. Sohrabi) E. G. Gamaly and L. T. Chadderton

Fullerene genesis by ion beams

K.-O. Groeneveld

Particle emission from penetration of ions through solids as signal of near surface latent track formation processes

M. Danziger, A. Schulz, V. V. Trofimov and K. Prokert

Description of interactions of swift heavy ions with solids by a new model

TRACK FORMATION (Parallel, Chair: M. A. El Fiki) G. Szenes

Thermal spike analysis of latent track formation in magnetic insulators

F. Petersen and W. Enge

Energy loss dependent transversal etching rates of heavy ion tracks in plastics

C. T. Reimann, J. Kopniczky, N. Keskitalo, A. Hall6n and B. U. R. Sundqvist

Ion-induced defects in organic crystals

D. Fink, X. Hu, R. Klett, M. M/iller, J. Zhu, U T. Chadderton, C. Li and L. Wang

Conductivity of single ion tracks and multiple overlapping tracks in ion irradiated polyimide

S. P. Kostenko

Tracks of g-particles: a birthplace for predetermined structures

M. Danziger, A. Schulz, V. V. Trofimov and K. Prokert

Description of the structure of latent tracks in polymers resulting from measurements with a new experimental set-up

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, RADIOGRAPHY (Parallel, Chair: M. Zamani) G. Espinosa

The applications of nuclear track detectors in transuranic contamination problems

R. Shweikani, T. G. Giaddui and S. A. Durrani

The effect of soil parameters on the radon concentration values in the environment

A. Danis, M. Cucu, G. Dumitrescu, M. Ciubotariu, D. Dorcioman and E. Iancu

Uranium internal contamination studies. retention and elimination

V. P. Perelygin and Yu. T. Chuburkov

On the determination of subpicogram concentrations of Pu in environment and living species


Thursday 25 August METHODOLOGY (Plenary, Chair: G. Espinosa) K. Ogura

Sensitization of CR-39 track detector

M. Sohradi

The state-of-the-art in electrochemical etching of charged particle track detectors

I. V. Vorobyova

Processes on the surface and in the near surface layer of a solid in formation of heavy multicbarged ion tracks xxvii

xxviii METHODOLOGY (Parallel, Chair: P. Van den hante) F. Villa, M. Grivet, M. Rebetez, ~-D-'ff-bois and A. Chambaudet

Modeling the fission track etching process in apatite: the influence of segmentation

M. Fujii, R. Yokota, T. Kobayashi an---dH. Hasegawa

Sensitization of polymeric track detectors with carbon dioxide

N. A. Karamdoust, H. Afarideh and A. Gheybi

An investigation on isothermal annealing behavior of apatite and obsidian

B, Baiocchi, H. Dekhissi, V. Garutti, G. Giaeomelli, G. G. Giani, G. Iori, E. Katsavounidis, L. Patrizii, V. Popa and P. Serra

New calibrations of the Intercast CR-39 with slow and relativistic ions

W. Birkhoiz, M. Danziger and F. H/iuBler

Investigation of latent or short etched heavy ion tracks in solids

RADON (Parallel, Chair: U. Haack) D. Klein, g. Barilion, E. Tomasella an-nd--~--. Chambaudet

Investigative techniques for radon level characterization

A. H. Ranjbar and S. A. Durrani

Scintillator-filled etch-pit method of counting radon decay alpha tracks and calibration in a diffusion chamber

A. B. G. H.

Review of the long term radon studies at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory

Bassignani, G. Giacomeili, B. Bam, R. Fresca Fantoni, Colombo, C. Sartorio and Dekhissi

I. Csige, J. Haki, A. Vfis/trhelyi and I. Hunyadi

Radon transport in a drilled well studied by etched track type radon monitors

S. A. Durrani and I. Badr

Geostatisticaily controlled field study of radon levels and the analysis of their spatial variation

L. Sajo Bohus, E. Greaves, J. Molina and J. P/dfalvi

Radon concentration in Venezuelan gas for domestic supply

Friday 26 August NUCLEAR PHYSICS & COSMIC RAYS (Plenary, Chair: G. Szenes) I. Otterlund

Tracking high energy heavy-ion interactions with nuclear emulsion

D. O'Sullivan

Some results from the investigation of cosmic rays using SSNTD at Dublin DOSIMETRY & LIFE SCIENCE (Parallel, Chair: Yu. A. Batusov)

J. Jakes, J. Voigt and H. Schraube

Evaluation of the CR-39 response on the basis of track-size distributions

M. Luszik-Bhadra, W. G. Alberts, E. Dietz, E. Piesch and B. R. L. Siebert

CR-39 track neutron dosemeter/spectrometer: further investigations in the thermal, epithermai and intermediate energy region

I. Hunyadi, F. Hakl, K. Varga, I . Uzonyi and F. Bacs6

Gross alpha radioactivity and chemical trace element content of thermal waters measured by SSNTD and XRF methods, (Determination of radon and radium in water samples.)

R. J. Tanner and D. T. Bartlett

A new criterion for comparing track etch dosimetry systems

xxix NUCLEAR PHYSICS (Parallel, Chair: R. Brandt)

D. Sampsonidis, M. Debeauvais, J, C. Adloff, B. A. Kulakov, M. I. Krivopustov, V. S. Butsev and M. Zamani

Projective fragmentation of '40, 24Mg and 32S beams from Dubna LHE Synchrophasotron

Huanhua Cui, Baozhong Dong, Xiaowei Tang, Risheng Wu, Puying Zheng and S. Wang

The search for magnetic monopoles in magnetite from north China

T. M. Hegazy, M. A. Kenawy, P. Vater and R. Brandt

Wide angle fragmentation of relativistic F-ion at a copper target

S. A, Karamian

Crystal-blocking perspectives for nuclear and solid state studies on heavy-ion beam

I. E. Qureshi, S. Manzoor, M. I. Shahzad, Comprehensive analysis of binary events in heavy ion reactions M. A. Farooq and H. A. Khan observed with dielectric track detectors LECTURES AT LABORATORY OF HIGH ENERGIES (Plenary, Chair: A. D. Kovalenko)

A. D. Kovalenko

First beams and experiments at the Nuclotron

A. D. Kovalenko and M. I. Tretyakova

Investigation of nucleus interaction by means of photoemulsion exposed at Nuciotron in the pulse magnetic field 30-50 T

R. Brandt for the Dubna, Marburg, Beijing, Berkeley, Strasbourg, Moscow, Shillong, Thessaloniki Collaboration

Neutron production in extended Cu-targets irradiated with relativistic '2C ions at Dubna, as studied with SSNTD and nuclear chemistry

High energy heavy ion interactions studied with SSNTDs W. Heinrich, E. Becker, J. Dreute, S. E. Hirzebruch, G. Hiintrup, M. Kurth, G. Rusch, B. Wiegel and E. Winkel

Saturday 27 August ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, LIFE SCIENCE & DOSIMETRY (Plenary, Chair: G. B. Zhdanov)

V. A. Nikolaev

Application of SSNTDs to investigations of radiation accident after-effects

R. Beaujean, J. Kopp and M. Leicher

HZE-dosimetry in space: measurements and calculations

F. Spurn~

Dosimetry of neutrons and high energy charged particles with nuclear track detectors FILTERS AND OTHER APPLICATIONS (Parallel, Chair: A. DaaiS) r

Shi-Lun Guo

Nuclear track studies and applications relying on nuclear reactor neutrons

N. C. Tam, K. Baricza, 1. Pavlicsek and L. Lakosi

Investigation of fast neutron emission of spent fuel assemblies with CR-39 track etch detector

V. A. Oleinikov and A. A. Makarov

Application of secondary structures prepared on the base of track membrane technique for scanning tunneling microscopy

V. V. lkrezkin, A. N. Nechaev and B. V. Mchedlishvili

Track membranes as a model porous system in the polycomponent electrolyte solutions investigations


A. V. Prokofiev, A. N. Smirnov and V. P. Eismont

Thin film breakdown counters and their applications

V. I. Kuznetsov

Track membranes with optimized structure (TMOS)

SPACE RESEARCH (Parallel, Chair: W. Birkholz) D. G. Baranov, V. A. Dergachev, Ya. V. Dvoryanchikov, Yu. F. Gagari n, A. P. Lobakov, V. A. Ltikin, V. I. Lyagushin, A. V, Solovev and E. A. Yakubovskii

Low energy heavy nuclei in Lavsan chamber on the Salyut-7 Space Station during 1984-1985

J. K0P p, R. Beaujean, N. L. Grigorov, M. A. Kondratyeva, D. A. Zhuravlev, M. I. Panasyuk, Ch. A. Tretyakova and S. P. Tretyakova

Measurements of solar heavy ions inside the Earth's magnetosphere

L. L. Kashkarov

Cosmic-ray VH-nuclei tracks in chondrites as indicators for radiation-thermal history of the meteorite matter at the early stage of solar system primary body formation

A. M. Marcnny

Applications of plastic track detectors in cosmic ray studies on orbital stations

B. Bhattacharjee, H. L. Das and T. D. Goswami

DC conductivity and dielectric constant of cellulose nitrate track detector

F. M. Russell and D. R. Collins

Non-linear phenomena in tracks


(Plenary, Chair: Yu. E. Penionzhkevich) J. Vetter

Microscopic observations of latent heavy ion tracks and some investigations of irradiated materials at GSI

H. Rigol

New nuclides near the deformed shells N = 162 and Z = 108

Sunday 28 August GEOSCIENCE & RADON (Plenary, Chair: A. M. Marenny) A. Chambaudet, R. Barillon, M. Grivet, M. Fromm, M. Rebetez, J. C. Miellou, H. Igli, D. Klein and A. Khalil

Applications of nuclear tracks in geoscience

G. J6nsson

Radon gas--where and if?

N. Segovia, M. Mena, J. L. Seidel, M. Monnin, E. Tamez and P. Pefia

Short and long term radon in soil monitoring for geophysical purposes

RADIOGRAPHY (Parallel, Chair: M. Fujii) L. Enkhjin and V. P. Perelygin

Determining microquantities of Be in samples using alpha-sensitive track etch detectors

A. B. Kras, E. Paficzyk, L. Walis and B. Sartowska

Application of track autoradiography in diagnosis of special closed radiation sources

E. S. Flitsiyan

Development of a complex of nuclear physical local analysis methods for studying the volume distributions of radioactive and stable elements

O. A. Bondarenko, D. L. Henshaw, A. N. Ross and P. L. Salmon

An approach to radioactive particles parameters definition using multiple track analysis in solid state nuclear track detectors

xxxi P. Vater, C. Laue, I. G. Bersina, H.-H. Cui, S. Vonderau, R. Brandt and J. Roesch

Rapid determination of transuranium nuclides in the primary coolant of a nuclear power plant by using nuclear track filters and investigation of s-emitting particles on the loaded filters by radiography

NUCLEAR PHYSICS & TRACK MEASUREMENT (Parallel, Chair: J. P~ilfalvi) L. Just for the EMU01-Collaboration

Fragmentation of relativistic nuclei in emulsion

F. Normuratov and G. B. Zhdanov

Self-consistent method of X-ray emulsion calibration

J. B. Vukovic and R, Antanasijevic

Scanning probe microscopy (SPM: STM-AFM, CSOM and SAM) in particle track detectors

J. C. Hadler N., P. J. lunes, S. R. Paulo and C. A. Tello S.

A discussion on the reliability of alpha-spectroscopy using CR-39 and an image processor

V. E. Kopchenov and O. S. Rubanov

Twenty-fifth anniversary of the spark counting discovery (methodical aspects)

Yu. A. Batusov, L. M. Soroko and V. V. Tereshchenko

Experiments on meso-optical Fourier transform microscope with double focusing


Heavy,particle tracks in polymers and polymeric track membranes

C. A. Pasternak

Nuclear track-etched filters as model pores for biological membranes

A. Yu. Didyk, V. A. Skuratov, V. S. Varichenko, A. M. Zaitsev, K. de Weldige, Th. Fries and K. Wandelt

Scanning tunneling microscopy of diamond irradiated by high energy ions

DOSIMETRY & RADON (Parallel, Chair: P. Vater) P. Meyer, M. Fromm, A. Chambaudet, J. Laugier and L. Makovicka

A computer simulation of n,p conversion and resulting proton track etching in CR39 SSNTD

J. Pfilfalvi, I. Feher and M. L6rinc

Studies on retrospective assessment of radon exposure

W. Lu

Radon migration and environgeology in Gejiu area, China. Apply SSNTD to study of environgeology and health

V. V. Uvarov and V. M. Kulakov

Use of radiometer with cellulose nitrate detector for radon measurements in Omsk, 1993

R. Ili6, E. Kristof, R. Dijanosic, J. Skvar6 and R. Dobnikar

Thermal neutron dosimetry using electrochemically etched CR-39

G. Meesen, J. Uyttenhove, A. Poffijn and J. Buysse

A passive detector for retrospective radon measurements

T. Pavlenko and I. P. Los

Ukrainian population irradiation doses from 22-'Rn GEOSCIENCE (Parallel, Chair: Shi-Lun Guo)

A. G. Mironov, S. M. Zhmodic and Y. C. Ochqrov

Determination of gold and uranium mineralization in black schists and sulfide ores using radiography complex

G. Amaral, H. Born, J. C, Hadler N., P. J. Iunes, K. Kawashita, D. L. Machado Jr., E. P. Oliveira, S. R. Paulo and C. A. Tello S.

Fission track analysis of some Brazilian apatites

xxxii I. V. Zhuk, E. M. Lomonosova, O. I. Yaroshevich, M. K. Kievetz, S. F. Boulyga, I. A. Tzekhanovich and Yu. A. Bondar

Investigation of vertical distribution of alpha-emitted nuclides for soils of different types with SSNTDs

I. E. Vlasova

Growth rates of the ferromanganese nodules from the subequatorial Pacific belt by the alpha-radiographical technique

S. F. Vinokurov, N. B. Khokhlov, V. V. Kushin and V. P. Perelygin

A search for heavy elements in minerals using accelerated ions

F. de Corte, P. Van den haute and F. Bellemans

The use of uranium doped glasses in fission-track dating