Philips scientific & analytical equipment

Philips scientific & analytical equipment

TREE vol. 2, no. 9, September 1987 PHI LIPS SCIENTIFIC & ANALYTICAL EQUIPMENT INFRAREDSPECTROPHOTOMETERS Deliberate sprllages of oil from tankers po...

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TREE vol. 2, no. 9, September


PHI LIPS SCIENTIFIC & ANALYTICAL EQUIPMENT INFRAREDSPECTROPHOTOMETERS Deliberate sprllages of oil from tankers pose a threat to manne life, and can destroy the spawning grounds of many fish. Tracking down those responsible is not an easy task, but with the aId of infrared spectroscopy the culprits can often be brought to book. Since crude 011sfrom around the world vary in their chemical cornposItIon, they can be distinguished by their spectra. In the case of a mystery oil spillage, allegations can be made when the spectra of samples from the slick and suspected source match. Cambridge-based Philips AnalytIcal has recently introduced two ranges of Infrared spectrophotometers with a number of advantages for the environmental detective.

With the Philips PU9550 Series, spectra can be stored on floppy disk. This enables on-screen compansons to be made between the fingerprints of known and unknown substances. Both Philips PU9550 and PU9700 Series can offer the capabllity of spectral subtraction, which is particularly useful when samples for analysis have to be collected on materials which themselves have an infrared fingerprint. Subtraction of the spectrum of the collector (usually an air filter) from the composrte leaves a spectrum particular to the substance In question. Using infrared spectroscopy, scientists can study pollution of land and air as well as sea. Applications range from the determination of herbicides and pesticides in foodstuffs to the monitoring of noxious gases In exhaust fumes. Miners and steelworkers are only too aware of the dangers of asbestos and silica dust. Infrared analysis IS equally applicable to heavy industry, where It IS used to test for hazardous airborne particles.

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