PolyOne builds rubber compounding plant in China

PolyOne builds rubber compounding plant in China

Additives for Polymers 2002, profit was $14.49 million on sales revenues of $135.2 million. Contact: Albemarle Corp, 451 Florida Street, Baton Rouge,...

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Additives for Polymers

2002, profit was $14.49 million on sales revenues of $135.2 million. Contact: Albemarle Corp, 451 Florida Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801-1765, USA; tel: +1225-388-7402; fax: +1-225-388-7848; URL: www.albemarle.com

PolyOne builds rubber compounding plant in China PolyOne Corp’s Elastomers & Performance Additives (EPA) Group is building a new rubber compounding facility near Shanghai, China. PolyOne Elastomers & Performance Additives Shanghai, a wholly owned subsidiary of PolyOne, will supply rubber compounds to current PolyOne customers based in China for use in printing and industrial rollers, as well as serve US-based companies that are establishing manufacturing operations for automotive parts and industrial products in China. It will also enable the EPA Group to begin serving new customers in the rapidly growing Asian market. The rubber compounding plant will process a variety of elastomers, including natural rubber, fluoroelastomers, NBR, EPDM and SBR. The new facility is being built to allow for expansion in subsequent years. Production is scheduled to begin at the end of the first quarter of 2004. The new manufacturing facility – PolyOne’s sixth plant in Asia and fourth in China – will complement the existing global capabilities of the EPA Group, which currently operates nine production facilities in the USA, Mexico and the UK. As announced in October, the EPA Group is one of three business units PolyOne is considering for divestment. These three ‘non-core’ units are now being reported as discontinued operations. Contact: PolyOne Corp, Suite 36-5000, 200 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114-2304, USA; tel: +1-216-589-4000; fax: +1-216-5894077; URL: www.polyone.com

Sumitomo and Carbon Nanotechnologies finalize alliance Sumitomo Corp and Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc (CNI) have finalized strategic alliance agreements to develop the carbon nanotechnology


March 2004

business in Asia. As part of the deal, Sumitomo has made an immediate financial investment in CNI and has signed an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement in Japan and South Korea for CNI’s buckytubes. CNI has built pilot plants in the USA that produce 9 kg of buckytubes daily. Later this year the company will complete a demonstration plant with a daily capacity of 45 kg. CNI says it expects to provide commercial production of approximately 450 kg/day “as early as 2005”. Potential applications for the buckytubes include conductive and reinforced composites, fuel cells and flat panel displays. Contact: CNI, 16200 Park Row, Houston, TX 77084-5195, USA; tel: +1-281-492-5707; URL: www.cnanotech.com

Altair Nanotechnologies licenses TiO2 pigment process Altair Nanotechnologies has signed an exclusive technology licensing agreement with Western Oil Sands, concerning the use of the Altair Hydrochloride Pigment Process (AHPP; Additives for Polymers, July 2002) to extract heavy minerals from oil sands in Alberta, Canada, and produce titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment. Under the terms of the agreement, Western Oil Sands will initially evaluate the AHPP to recover titanium and zirconium in heavy mineral by-products from oil sands tailings taken from various operations in the Athabasca region in Alberta. The Alberta tailings contain an estimated 10% heavy minerals, compared to 2–4% typical in heavy mineral sand deposits worldwide. The licence is based on Western meeting set development milestones and investment levels to enable further development and commercialization in a three-phased, five-year programme. On successful completion of the first phase, Western has the option to expand the geographic region and type of resources to which the licence applies, based on its level of investment in a demonstration plant and commercial facility utilizing AHPP technology. Contact: Altair Nanotechnologies, 204 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502, USA; tel: +1-775-8583738; fax: +1-775-856-1619; URL: www.altairnano.com.