Poor quality standards cause concern in UK

Poor quality standards cause concern in UK

Mmch have As surface mounting becomes more popular as a placement technology for electronic components, the need for an advice centre and trials lab...

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As surface mounting becomes more popular as a placement technology for electronic components, the need for an advice centre and trials laboratory has become a p p a r e n t - - t o Siemens, at least.

'Future looks good for automotive electronics' Although increases in domestic passenger car production after 1984 will only be modest the future of automotive electronics is very rosy, predicts a recent report. Cars are being built with greater numbers of electronic components, and the sophistication of these devices is also increasing. On the basis of this growth, the nonentertainment automotive electronics market in the USA is projected to grow from $1050M in 1982 to $4600M in 1988 (expressed in constant 1983 dollars). Products included in the project include drivetrain controls, instrumentation and display, comfort and convenience, safety and security devices. Cars with telephones are also becoming more popular, indicating a market of $600M by 1988 for automotive cellular radio devices. The 262-page report The automotive electronics market in the US is priced at $1475 from Frost & Sullivan Inc., 106 Fulton Street, New York, NY "10038, USA.

Poor quality standards cause concern in UK Many UK firms lose an average of 20% of their gross turnover through poor quality assurance, according to the keynote speaker at the National Quality Campaign seminar held in Cambridge, UK. '1 don't believe the cost to us is higher than the average for most companies,' said the speaker, Norman Ellis of Pye Unicam, a scientific instrument company of


centre... The FRG firm claims to be one of the three major European manufacturers of surface-mounted devices (SMDs). At its Munich advice centre Siemens aims 'to concentrate in one place some of the leading experts in this increasingly important area of electronics production technology,' said Peter Bradford of the firm's UK branch. The advice centre will cover four areas that Siemens reckons to be central: advice as to the selection and use of SMDs; ab initio advice on the design of SMD circuits and PCBs; coordinating SMD activities with the company's own electronic components manufacturing group; and liaison within all Siemens companies world wide regarding PCB production and production methods.

Head of Siemens' C o m p o n e n t s Group, Hermann Franz

US wafer labs automete to compete with Japan More and more wafer fabrication plants in the USA are undergoing automation, in an effort to keep up with their heavily automated com.petitors in Japan. A report on the semiconductor market in the USA quotes spending figures of $83M in ]984, for hardware and software to control the accuracy of wafer production and its movement through the factory. Projected growth, at 30% per year gives an estimated spending of $1100M by 1993. the Philips group. 'It's just that most people don't realize how much they're losing on avoidable mistakes/ Firms had to aim for total quality everywhere to ensure that they gave the right service while keeping costs under control, he maintained. Quality had to be designed into products before ever they were built. The National Quality Campaign is run by the UK Department of Trade and Industry in an attempt to improve quality assurance in UK industry and to make UK firms more competitive internationally.

The total wafer ~abrication automation market is divided (in the report) into three segments: factory management computers and networks realtime process monitors and transportation devices. From present market slice> in the ratio 2:1.[ these categorie~ are expected to account for almo~ equal shares by 1993. Apart from advantages ~uct~ ~ reduced dust contamination, less breakage and bettel production m a n a g e m e n l ~[~. a wafer plant a u t o m a t i o n i~as t h e potential t{,~ halve the time s p e n t in makirw. wafers, a c c o r d i n g to the report 'WIP i n v e n t o r y value is very high at p e r h a p s $24M for a 500 wa(e~

per week line.' it notes. 'This car conservatively be c~t t<; $12M with automation. A d d i n g a n e s t i m a t e d 75%-100% i m p r o v e m e n t m die yield and I0%15% in wa~er (breakage) vield~ p a y b a c k can be very fast. The a u t o m a t e d


wafer fabrication market in the U.S price $1550, is by Frost & Sultival ~. Inc., "106 Fulton Street. New York. N Y 10038. U'iA.

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