Port cleanup contract awarded

Port cleanup contract awarded

July 1998 Filtration Industry Analyst EASTMAN OPENS PLASTICS PLANT IN MALAYSIA CIBA TO BUILD NEW PIGMENTS FACILITY Eastman Chemical Company has op...

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July 1998

Filtration Industry Analyst



Eastman Chemical Company has opened its new copolyester plastics manufacturing facility near K u a n t a n , Malaysia. The 300 000 tonne-peryear plant is Eastman's first green-field plant in Asia and features the latest in environmental technology. Approximately US$4 million has been invested in the project to protect the e n v i r o n m e n t and reduce total emissions.

Ciba Speciality Chemicals is planning a US$50 m i l l i o n quinacridone pigments facility at its Newport, Delaware, USA site. The facility will produce a high performance family of red shade pigments that will be used in automotive paints, plastics and inks. The construction is part of an ongoing company project that included the 1997 construction of another pigments plant.



The e x t e n s i o n of the US excise tax deduction for oil m a r k e t e r s that distribute ethanol is seen by many as an encouragement to construct new ethanol plants in the USA. The tax incentive program had been scheduled to expire after 2000, but now has been extended through to 2007. Some ethanol plant expansion was immediately affected by the decision to renew and extend the program, ethanol supporters said.

P r a x a i r I n c is to b u i l d a US$30 million air separation plant at its industrial gas complex in Ecorse, Michigan, USA. The new plant will begin operation in the fourth quarter of 1999 and will produce up to 1750 tons-per-day of oxygen, 4400 tons-per-day of nitrogen and 82 tons-per-day of argon.

NEW BDO PLANT FOR BP BP Chemicals has awarded the engineering design contracts for its new w o r l d scale, 1,4 butanediol (BDO) plant to be b u i l t in Lima, Ohio, USA. Black and Veatch Pritchard of Kansas will jointly carry out the design phase with an engineering company of the Lurgi AG Group. The plant represents an investment of more than US$100 million. Construction is planned to begin in the fourth quarter of 1998, with start-up targeted for mid-2000.

THAI POLYMER PLANT IN PIPELINE Amcol International's Chemical subsidiary is planning to build a 20 000 metric tonper-year absorbent polymers m a n u f a c t u r i n g facility in Thailand. The approximate cost of the project is expected to be US$15-18 million. Pending completion of projects and arrangements, construction will begin in the second half of 1998, with completion scheduled for mid-1999. The plant will be built with the infrastructure in place to allow for expansion for a production rate of 40 000 metric tons annually.

JOINT VENTURE TO BUILD DEAD SEA BROMINE PLANT A joint venture made up of A l b e r m a r l e Corp, Arab Potash Co, and Jordan Dead Sea I n d u s t r i a l Co, have signed a M e m o r a n d u m of Understanding to construct a bromine products plant at Sail, Jordan. The world-scale complex, which the j o i n t venture companies hope to have operational within three years, will manufacture bromine, calcium bromide and tetrabromobisphenol.

PLANS FOR FOURTH ACRYLIC MACHINE Aristech Acrylics LLC plans to construct a fourth acrylic sheet casting machine at the company's Florence, Kentucky, USA, manufacturing facility. The new machine, along with other improvements at the plant, will increase annual capacity to approximately 110 million pounds. The new casting machine, estimated for start-up in October 1999, will be the final piece of a five year US$75 million capital expansion program.

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GRAIN FACILITY CONSTRUCTION BEGINS G e n e r a l Mills Inc, and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool AgPo Grain, a wholly-owned affiliate of S a s k a t c h e w a n Wheat Pool, have begun cons t r u c t i o n on a new g r a i n handling facility at Northgate, North Dakota. The Northgate Partners LLC Terminal will be a steel facility with a total storage capacity of 13 400 tonnes.

US$14 MILLION WATER PROJECT IN EGYPT Air & Water Technologies Corp has announced that its w h o l l y - o w n e d subsidiary, Metcalf & Eddy, has been a w a r d e d a US$14 m i l l i o n sanitary drainage project in Alexandria, Egypt. Metcalf & Eddy will coordinate the expansion of the wastewater treatment facilities serving Alexandria. The project includes the expansion of two wastewater treatment plants, increasing the capacity of six major pump stations, enlarging the sludge dewatering and disposal facilities, and constructing additional support facilities.



PORT CLEANUP CONTRACT AWARDED The environmental engineering firm McLaren Hart has been awarded a US$6.6 million contract to oversee the cleanup of the Liquid Bulk T e r m i n a l at the Port of Redwood City, California, USA. The project will involve the full scale treatment of approximately nine million gallons of hazardous wastewater, oil and sludge stored in aboveground tanks at the terminal. The project is expected to be finished within 12 to 18 months.

UNITED WATER TO BUILD ULTRAFILTRATION PLANT United Water Services has signed an agreement to design and build an ultrafiltration water treatment plant in San Antonio, Texas, USA.