Preparation of ethanol, acetic acid and acetaldehyde

Preparation of ethanol, acetic acid and acetaldehyde

297 The Chinese Journal of Catalysis (Li Shaoyu et al.) and NiO-WO /Al 0 catalysts for pyridine hydro 8 ena 2.2 I n (Li Dadong et al). Tp third vo...

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The Chinese


of Catalysis

(Li Shaoyu et al.) and NiO-WO /Al 0 catalysts for pyridine hydro 8 ena 2.2 I n (Li Dadong et al). Tp third volume includes papers on C tracer studies of y-Al203 impregnated with chloroiridic acid (Ni Yueqin et al.), a review of isunobilised transition metal complex catalysts for use in N2 fixation (Sun Chunting and Liu Xueming), the oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde (Zhu Jingmin et al.), SMSI on Pt/Ti02 catalysts (Zie Maosong et al.), SO2 oxidation in flue gas using nitrogeneous active carbon (Chen Xianming and Hu Baomei) and a similar paper on the use of iodine-containing active carbon catalysts for SO2 removal (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics). The contents of Volume 4 and later volumes will be sunnnarised in later issues of Applied Catalysis. Further information on this journal can be obtained from the Editorial Board at P.O. Box 100, Dalian, China or from the publishers, Guoji Shudian, at P.O. Box 2820, Beijing, China.

The first issue of this journal,titled in Chinese "Cuihua Xuebao", was published in March 1980 and a publication rate of four issues per year has since been maintained. The average issue contains approximately 80 pages, these compromising some eight to ten research papers plus "Research Notes" and occasional reviews. Although the journal is in Chinese, the research papers all include a well-written abstract in English and each issue includes a detailed English contents page. The papers published so-far maintain a balance between those which are purely theoretical and those which are industrially oriented. Without giving a complete list of the contents, it would be impossible to give a complete picture of the coverage but I have listed below the more applied papers from the firstthree volumes; I apologise to those authors whose papers have not been mentioned. The first volume contains papers on the use ofafibrous materials as catalyst Julian Ross carriers(Chen Song-ying and Peng Shao-yi), coordination catalysts based on rare Preparation of Ethanol, Acetic Acid and earths for stereospecific polymerisaAcetaldehyde tion (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry), XPS studies of Ir-Al203 N. Isogaki et al (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Japan) have claimed in catalysts (Zang Jing-Ling and Xiong Jpn.Kokai Tokkyo Koho, JP 82-80334, that Guo-Xina). the role of the carrier in ethanol can be prepared by the homoloalkali-promoted NH3 catalysts (Xin gation of methanol'with C6 and H2 for 3h Xinguar et al.), surface-acidic properin the oresence of CoS. Cu and/or Al and ties and the catalytic activity of N and/or P compounds;'with a mixture of zeolites (Meng Zhongyue et al.), TPD of 2g of CoS, lg of Cu, 2g of Bu P and but-l-ene adsorbed on Mo-Bi 0 -P 05/Si02 5o of N-methvlnvrolidone in 1d a catalysts (Xu Huizen et al. j!,3th6 isomerisation of alkanes over Pt catao? methanol heated to 250°C with a mixlysts (Guo Xiexian et al.), infra-red ture of CO and H in the ratio 1:l at studies of CO on Pt (Xib Qin et al.), high pressure, t ere was s 23% conversion XPS of Cu/Si02 hydrogenation catalysts to ethanol with s 95% se1ectivit.y. (Chen Hua et al.), a review on the M. Hashimoto et al.(Mitsui Toatsu theory of TPD (Wang Jixiang and Xie Chemicals, Inc., Janan) have claimed in Xiaofan) and Mossbauer studies of Jpn. Kokai Tokkyo Kbho; JP82-81421, to PtSn catalysts (Zhang Su et al.). The have prepared acetic acid, acetaldehyde second volume contains papers on the and ethanol from methanol, CO and H7 in use of LaNi as a hydrogenation catathe presence of Re compounds and haiolvst (Wana jinchun et al., who have compounds. The CO + H2 mixture (1:2) was a-further-paper on a related topic in heated for 10h at 19OoC and high pressure Vol. 4), propylene oxidation over Feover a mixture of 0.479 of ReC13, 0.599 Sb-WO/SiO catalysts (Wang Jixiang of methyliodide and 0.989 of Ph3As in 309 andXie Xi.$ofan), infrared studies of of methanol when the products were 1.129 ZSM-5 catalysts (Guo Wengui et al.), of acetic acid, 2.039 of acetaldehyde and 0.259 of ethanol. When 0.59 Re2(CO)IO was CO disproportion on Pt/Al 0 (Xin Qin et al.), 02 adsorptio6 an used instead of ReC13 and no Ph As was used the oroduct after heatina for 5FI at 21OoC Ag/a-Al20 catalysts (Xu Huizen was almost exclusively ethanol and only et al.), she effect of Ti on sites on Pt-Ti-Al 0 catalysts (Yang Xiyao traces of methylacetate and acetaldehyde were found. et al), XPS203 Cr-P-Si02 catalysts



Volume 8 No. 2 - November 1983