Preventive medicine and hygiene

Preventive medicine and hygiene

Peterson, in The Patient rr~d thr Weather,:+l has given a new. interesting, but rather bewildering description on how the paticlnt is affec...

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has given

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rather bewildering description on how the paticlnt is affected by the weather. Tlll~ author rlaims that today we focus too mnch c,n thcl clncl progress oi’ the ~liscas~~. that our pathology is that of the dead house, that w tear11 rtl~~(licinr~ as :I hl:icn(,r ot death ; in other words, that we should prcferalrl!study thy patient mom,! US :IU individual with particular regard to his constitution. the

‘I The thesis concerns immediate environment,

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of the environmc,ut cm 1:tuJ paticlnt. the weather al111 thr season. ’ ’



of medicine, Osler’s P~&cipl~s curd Practim of Xedicirtc ,?z in 1893, has been one of the best known anI1 nlt)st wiltt,lJ the continuation of this p~~pularit~ is due tu the t”rsist-

ent effort of reflecting in every new edition all the prug~t*ss in information acc~~aeil in the meantime. Since Osler’s death many of the editions have IKY~ sup(~rvisI~cI most competently by his former collaborator, Thomas XcC’r:u~. ITP trust that tiis recent, untimely death will not cause a noteworthy loss to future cJ(litions of ttlia valuable textbook. It therefore proves part,icularly sat,isfactorp that this last r>tlition has not only been rewritten in several parts, has rceeived rna~~y atlditions dealing with newer tliscovrries, but also has been completely reset SC, that u~uch new nlatcarinl is offerrd within the space of a volumr not noti~~~~at~ly inczrrased in sizcl.

Rosenau ‘s Preventive Hedicine and JZyg/,qie7len3 has long Lern a generally recognizetl standard text in it.s fieId. With recent stressinK of t.lit* rcwn~~ruie social anrl the psychulogic factors as important forces, preventive rnrdic~iut~ ilnd hygiene has become a problem less closely bound up than formerly with the qmkstions of (sontagious diseases, sewage disposal, water supply, etc. This new volume clearly mirrors these profound changes in the problems of modern preventive nlrtlic~inr. It impresses one with the fact that recent progress in the field of medicine is chiefly along lines of wider appreciation of heretofore neglected or hardly appreciatetl etiologie factors in tht: origin of disease. Thus it seems only natural that con1 raception anal maternal mortality al)pear as newly added subjects. Thct sect.ions on y~~nere:tl tlisctases, ~15s -By William F. Peterson, XT). Vol. I. Part 1. =The Patient and the Weather. The Footprints of Aselepius. 127 pages. Edwards Brothers, Inc.. Ann Arbor. Michimn. 1935. dents

3*Principles and of Medicine.

revised delphia. 1935.










Originally written by the late Sir William Thomas MeCrae, Professor of Medicine. Jefferson Pages 1,196 with 22 illustrations. D. Appleton-Century Medicine




c?sler. Twelfth edition. Eiiedical College, PhilaCo. Inc.. Nvw E’vr.k,

By Milton J. Rosenau. Professor Medical School, etc. Sixth etlition. New York, 193X


Medicine and Hygiene, Harvard D. Appleton-Century Company,

01’ Practitionera

of Preventive Pages 1,179.







hygiene, heredity and eugenics, and infant mortality have brief outline of the scope of this new edition of Rosenau’s that it will prove also of considerable value and interest


been rewritten. Even this work can leave no doubt to the obstetrician. --Hugo


It is the purpose of the Public Health Service in issuing this publication, Peneveal Disease Infomnation,s4 to provide in condensed form a monthly summary of the scientific developments in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of syphilis and gonorrhea. More than three hundred American and foreign journals are reviewed for this work. Abstracts are made of articles describing laboratory, pathologic, and clinical work in the field of venereal diseases. The most important form of brief abstracts the December issue. The journal state and local

literature on every phase of the subject is presented in the that are easily read. An index for the year is published with

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the Public Health Service directed against the venereal

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