Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Fluid Sealing

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Fluid Sealing

BOOK REVIEWS P r a c t i c a l lubrication There i s little of direct application in the book which d o e s m u c h to illustrate the vast areas of i...

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BOOK REVIEWS P r a c t i c a l lubrication

There i s little of direct application in the book which d o e s m u c h to illustrate the vast areas of ignorance which exist° Despite this there are s o m e excellent and [~ormat~ve papers°

B. Pugh B u t t e r w o r t h s (1970) 204 pp, £ 1 8s The amount of information the author has packed into his book makes it well worth the rather high price. Particularly attractive are the neat diagrams illustrating the text, It is unfortunate that this method of illustration was not followed throughout the book, Photographs however well presented do not convey the same clarity of detail, and may possibly put up the price of the book. A more important terminology used. (Organisafion for recommendations

deficiency is the rather old fashioned Reference should be made to the OECD Economic Cooperation and Development) for tribological terms and definitions.

Students taking tribology as an elective subject in the new Higher National Course will find much of the design aspects of bearings to be of value. Industrially a person in the drawing office would benefit more than shop floor or management personnel by having the book for reference. J. Schofield

About 15% of the book is devoted to a word-by-word accou~%~ of the discussions on the various paptgrSo A different approach to the discussion by, for example~ ruthless editing would probably have eliminated about 7 5 % of the verbage without affecting important points which did emergeo The type and illustrations are of high quality although perhaps an index would have been more usefui to those un.o familiar with the proceedings than the marginal sub-headings provided. The book finishes with a 'General reference source on luhri ~ cation in human joints'. Nowhere was I able to find listed a general reference ~o the Proceedings of the Symposium ~on Lubrication and Wear in Living and Artificial Human Joints organised by the Institution of Mecharical Engineers i~ April 1967.

J., Hughes

Proceedings of The Fourth Lnternat~on~i C o h e r e n c e on F~:aid Sealing


and wear

in joints

Edited by Ao L. King. B. So Nau. and H. S° Stephe_~s

Edited by V. Wright Sector Publishing

The British Hydromechanics Research Associaticn (1970) 440 pp, £12 (UK)~ £15 (elsewhere)

Ltd (1970) 152pp: £2 13s

This book is the bound proceedings of a symposium organized by the Biological Engineering Society and held in Leeds in April 1969o The papers cover the various aspects of relevance in the lubrication of joints--modes of lubrication~ physi~ cal properties of surfaces and lubricants and the magnitudes of applied forces. The book may form a useful background for engineer or life scientist about to embark on related work and with no previous knowledge of the many controversies which exist .with regard to the mechanism of joint lubrication.

The papers~ discussion and written contributions of the FICFS, organized jointly by BHRA~ ASLE and A~ME in May 1969 at Philadelphia, a r e published in these proceedings~ Forty papers were presented in eight sessions; nameiy, re~ clprocating seals, elastomeric seals, thermal effects in face seals, face seal theory~ face seal operations~face seal appli .~ cations, viscoseals andnon-contactingdynamic seals. Although the proceedings are expensive they contain a massive of up o~ to-data research and application indormation°



The application of modern physical techniques to triboiogy

M r A. J. Walton. National Centre for Tribology, U ~ E A , Risley, Nr. Warrington, Lancashire

January 1971 (I evening/week Fee: £12 Dr T. F° J. Quinn, University Green, Birmingham 4 THE



for ~en weeks)

LANC HESTER of Aston in Birmingham,

D e s i g n of h y d r o s t a t i c b e a r i n g s 2-4 S e p t e m b e r t970 Level: D e s i g n e r s and r e s e a r c h e r s with at l e a s t HNC Fee: £7 2s 0d

MSc in tribology with University of W a l e s

Dr W. B. Rowe, Lanchester Polytecbmic, Priory Street~ Coventry C V I 5 F B

Fee: £ 75 of Reading, Reading, Berkshire





LEEDS Industrial applie~aZion of tribolog~ 3 N o v e m b e r 1970 Fee: £3 0s 0d

Lubrication systems 15 September 1970 (3 days) Level: Designers and maintenance staff F e e : £26 5s 0d

Professor D. Dowson, Dept of Mechanical University of Leeds, Leeds 2 NATIONAL




G. M. Hamilton, University

%1! (includes set of E S D U charts}



A. D, Sarkar~ Flintshire College of Technology~ Connah~s Quay Deeside~ Flintshire C H 5 4 B R Engineering~




Principles of tribology 8 October-10 D e c e m b e r 1970 (10 evening !ecVares)

Bearing design (Use of ESDU bearing design charts)

Developments in metal forming lubrication 10-12 N o v e m b e r 1970 (3 days)

22 O c t o b e r 1970 (1 day) Level: P r a c t i s i n g e n g i n e e r s

Professor Jo Halling~ University of Saiford. Salford lVI5 4 W T



August 1970