Psychiatric & mental health nursing

Psychiatric & mental health nursing

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Ross 8c Wilson Anatomy & Physiology Kathleen Wilson Churchill Livingstone 1990 412pp illus ISBN: o-443-04243-8

7th Ed

The book is well illustrated, including some drawing from the perspective of a patient. The reference list and further reading at the end of each chapter is very detailed and comprehensive. In summary this is an excellent text which is recommended to all nurses involved in caring for patients with neurological disorders. C0l.t.~ ITE GIFFORR


‘The stated purpose of the book is ‘to provide nurses and other health workers with knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body and the changes that take place when diseases disrupt the normal processes’. Neither treatment nor nursing care are included in the text. The attractive layout and helpful contents guide at the beginning of each chapter make it a very ‘user friendly’ textbook. The colour-coded separation of diseases from normal physiology means the disease section can be used without reading any normal physiology at all. which is useful to those who already possess a good understanding of the basic physiological principles. However, for those approaching the subject for the first time who need to understand diseases in the context of disorder from the norm. they may find this layout breaks the continuity of the text in so far as it is necessary to continually refer back to earlier sections. The book is aimed at health professionals at all levels. As a revision text and for quick reference to common disorders and diseases 1 think it is an asset :IS additional foundation literature. However, for a greater understanding of physiology there are other text books which give much fuller accounts. .4(;NES HI~BERI

Lrctuwr RCA' Communicating with neurological patients Margot Lindsay Scutari 1990 182pp illus ISBN: I-871364-37 X 211.95 The title of this text leads one to believe that it focuses purely on communication with neurological patients. In fact this book far exceeds that and provides a comprehensive guide for any nurse caring for patients with neurological disorders. The text is neatly laid out taking the reader through a wide range of essential information. This starts with observation and problem assessment, followed bv the ‘core’ information required by nurses working in this field. This latter section is verv comorehensive and gives a clear outline of some of tt;e caus’es and effects of a variety of neurological disorders. This is followed b) an exploration of the psvchotogical aspects of neurological disorders. The iook c&clud& with a cleat chapter examining some of the issues related to living with a neurological disorder and uses case studies to illustrate the complexity of this.



Experience in mental health Kathleen Jones Sage I988 165pp illus ISBN: O-8039-8066-3


This book should be compulsory reading for politicians. administrators of the health service and all professionals involved in mental health work. In the first half of the book Professor Jones presents a broad comparison of detailed research into the policies and experience of community mental health programmes in four countries. In the second half she examines the developments that have occurred in rhe care of the mentally ill and the implications of providing a mental health service in Britain. The ideas are challenging, thought provoking and inspiring. Karely does one read work which combines such breadth of knowledge, academic authority and practical understanding of the issues involved. An excellent book that should not only be read but discussed and acted upon. JOHN Fw ILK B2-l RC;NRMN


Psychiatric & mental health nursing William Reynolds and Desmond Cormack Chapman & Hall 1990






An edited text book which draws upon a number- of noted psychiatric nursing authors. The major part of the book is concerned with many of the theoretical models and their application specifically to psychiatric nursing. This is a useful text for students and qualified nurses and will assist them in incorporating nursing theories into their practice. JOHN FOWILR BA


Cancer chemotherapy Susan Ho1mes Austen Cornish 1990 32Opp illus




‘Cancer Chemotherapy’ fulfills two important needs in an area of cancer treatment which is constantly expanding - it is up to date and thoroughly comprehensive. It will meet the requirements of those