Recent BSI publications

Recent BSI publications

Books & publications Recent BSl publications A number of recent publications from the BSI cover standards of great interest to readers of Materials a...

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Books & publications

Recent BSl publications A number of recent publications from the BSI cover standards of great interest to readers of Materials and Design. The following parts of BS EN 292 'Safety of Machinery - Basic Concepts, General Principles for Design' have been published. BS EN 292: Part 1 'Basic Terminology, Methodology', as well as defining basic terminology, specifies general design methods to help designers and manufacturers achieve safety in the design of machinery. BS EN 292: Part 2 'Technical Principles and Specifications' is intended to help designers and manufacturers achieve safety in the design of machinery. A glossary of terms relating to mechanical vibration and shock is covered by BS 3015: 1991. It defines terms in English and French, used in studying and testing the effect of mechanical vibration and shock on human beings and equipment. A method for corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres at very low concentrations of polluting gas(es) is covered by BS 7561: 1992. This specifies tests which are intended to

determine the influence of one or more flowing polluting gas(es) at concentrations less than or equal to 10-6 (by volume) on coated or uncoated metallic material test pieces and/or articles under determined conditions of temperature and relative humidity. A simple method for assessing the surface abrasion resistance of anodized articles, especially external architectural coatings, is covered in BS 6161 Part 18: 1991. Guidance on studies that should be carried out during the design phase of a project, relating to maintainability and maintenance support tasks are detailed in BS 6548 Part 2: 1992. This should assist design decision making, prediction of the quantitative maintainability characteristics of an item and evaluation of alternative design options. BS 7544:1991 'method for graphical presentation of the complex modulus of damping materials' establishes the graphical presentation of the complex modulus of viscoelastic vibration damping materials, which are macroscopically homogeneous, linear and thermorheologically simple. For further details contact BSI Sales, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6LE, UK. Fax: +44 (0)908 320856.

World Directory and Handbook of Hardmetals and Hard Materials Kenneth J A Brookes International Carbide Data (Fax: +44 81 368 4997) UK: £155.00 plus £Z50 p&p. Export: US$325.00 plus US$40.00 p&p A4 Hardback, 664 pages, ISBN 0 9508995 2 6 First developed only 65 years ago, hardmetals - made predominantly from sintered tungsten carbide - are an indispensable part of today's technology. Whether as mass-produced metalcutting inserts, wire-drawing dies, needles for computer printers, knives that slice paper or magnetic tape, tools that cut coal, drill for oil, plane wood or carve the Channel Tunnel, hardmetals find their way into every industry and almost every facet of human experience. Many varieties of this uniquely hard yet tough material are needed to satisfy these diverse applications. The 'World Directory and Handbook of Hardmetals and Hard Materials', has become a standard worldwide reference for manufacturers and suppliers within the industry itself. The 5th Edition of this World Directory, completely revised and vastly expanded from previous editions, combines an illustrated beginner's text and handbook (Part 1, 98pp) with a comprehensive directory covering manufacturers, material grades, 184

products, principal users and suppliers of raw materials (Part 2, 466pp). The latter part includes similar information for high-grade wear-resisting ceramics and for such superhard materials as polycrystalline diamond and CBN. A detailed Buyer's Guide permits the rapid worldwide selection of manufacturers and suppliers of hardmetals, wear-resistant ceramics and superhard materials, raw materials, products and services. Introduced for this edition is a Geographical Index to all companies mentioned, whether as manufacturers, agencies or suppliers. The World Directory records and tabulates a vast array of technical and commercial infomation, much of it unobtainable from any other source. Part 2 also includes cross-indexed details of companies, products and services, grade designations, trade marks, hardmetals for machining and wear resistance, coated carbides, other hard materials and much else, whilst Part I enables the reader to understand and interpret the Directory information.

Tribological modelling for mechanical designers Mechanical designers have equations (tables, graphs, guidelines, etc) for the analysis of stresses, for vibration modes and natural frequencies, for rates of heating and cooling, and for most other phenomena - but very little for the wear life of products. Edited by Ludema and Bayer, this book provides the information that will help designers better design mechanical components for wear life. There are 13 peer-reviewed papers (written primarily by research tribologists; also papers from materials engineers, mechanical engineers, a physicist, chemist, and a specialist in solid mechanics) covering: • what mechanical designers need in tribological modelling; • what is available in tribological models; • data base and simulation issues for tribological modelling; • principles of model making and use. It is intended for mechanical designers and research personnel in friction, lubrication and wear; professors in mechanics, materials departments of universities; government labs; research institutes; development and research labs of components that produce machines of any type; and mechanical and materials engineers. 'Tribological Modelling for Mechanical Designers' is available from ASTM (Fax: +1 215 977 9679) for £58. ISBN 08031 1412 5, 200 pp.

Pre-finished steel sample book British Steel Strip Products has recently updated its range of Stelvetite polymerfilm laminated steel. Almost twice as many finishes are now available, including eight 'spray effect' designs which are completely new. Typical applications for this material range from wrap around casings for consumer electrical goods such as hifi, VCRs and satellite "IV antennae to light fittings, interior surfaces, furniture and shelving. A sample book has been produced for designers, divided into seven sections: plain colours; embosses; woodgrains; prints; teletronics; foodsafe; and Stelvetite T. Copies are available from: Market Communications Dept, British Steel Strip Products, PO Box 10, Newport, Gwent, NP9 0NX, UK. Tel: +44 (0)633 290022. MATERIALS & DESIGN VoI. 13 No. 3 1992