Recombinant yeast for malolactic wine fermentation

Recombinant yeast for malolactic wine fermentation

heatin~ in an envimmne~ Eelcl at a eempera~ below a specifl~ value and unfavoural~ to moisture ~r~Sfrom ee surface of the product. Dmin~ c~niel,o., Tr...

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heatin~ in an envimmne~ Eelcl at a eempera~ below a specifl~ value and unfavoural~ to moisture ~r~Sfrom ee surface of the product. Dmin~ c~niel,o., Trai~, H. andRaez,E.(Sod,~des microwave healing,,the food is h_~in h-o~/Is Nesli~SA,CH.I~00Vevey,Sw~Umbr~ a sealed, d~mally-imula~ smu~ure EuropeanFalentApplicalionI]) 0 567 662 A1 dmt is Iranspamnt ~o microwaves; this lin French! may be the pack, or the c a v ~ of the To impart a 'crumb' flavour to milk microwave oven or thawing tunnel. chocolate without the need to prepare crumb, the fatty acids rmpomible for morse this flavour note are either added dur- ~ ing processinS, or senerated in situ by omm~ner lipolysis of an ingredient. Obon, RJ., LisWm,M.D. and Hanison, 1".1. (Pm~ Sv~ms Inc., Wd~nv~le, O~ U~) U~ed S~5 Palet~US5 332$47



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conum~ rofom~ Guein micelles andTonner,G.F.(Nes~ecSA,Vevey,Switzeda~ Uni~dSta~sPa~entUS5 318793 Reformed casein micelles for use as a complete or partial replacement for in various foods, particularly coffee whiteners. The functional and sensory properties of coffee whileners containing these reformed micelles are equivalent to Ihose of convemional products. Micelles am produced from an aqueous solution or dispersion of processed casein by the slow sequential addition of Caz" and a soluble ph~.ohate salt. followed by concemration udn~ ultrafiltration or diafiltration.

A device for maintaining a controlled atmosphere within a sealed container for fonds. The device rues permeable membrane ~-chnolo~ U) conuol the O~ and CO~levels within the container. An oil-free compressor is used in conjunction with the device to avoid damaging I~e mend)ran~. The compressor is i~eferably mounted within the sealed container to protect it ~r~rn the e~ecls ~ temperature variation and conosive environmenls. An air sampling system is also provided, which is used to measure the Oz and COz levels periodically in the container. Conlrol logic is included within the system, which can adjust the Oz and COz levels in accordance with readings oMained by the samplin~ symm.

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Sc~m~, s. (Soberer.SS3S6~ GermanFedml l U ~ c P ~ t ~ 43 26 6~7 C~pnGemuml All non-sImilefonds may conlain/./~er~ ~ . Useof lyric ~ o c o n ~ L. m o n o c , / m ~ w~s k)nnedy not possible, as these enzymes a~sodesuoy starer bactmb, e¢. A new proems is bas~l on the use of pha~olysin fi~n bac~-iaphages accurdn~ in L/s~-,~a spp. (including lis~-,riopha~ A511). The of L ~ I spp., and is inac~ve ~ a i r ~ eukaryo~s and other ~ ; # ~ , f o r e presents no hea~ hazmd. P h ~ i n s m~y be p m ~ from vb'dl



or byrec~mbina~~ e c ~ .

Low-fat foods

Y,es~, |J., Ehum,JJ.,Wdu'nei~,T.J.amdYot~w i.D.(Pmm~& Gmr~ Co.,Cmdm~i,OH,US~ Lmi~l Sta~sPalentUS5 314707 A reduced.calorie fat sulmitme for me in foods. The composition contains

-5o-Ioo~ of pol~l fattyacid poh,-

es~s (cons~ns of a combination of Iklu~ a~l s)lid ~ fimy ~ i d l~l~ es~s) and 0-50% tr~8lycerols. The liquid polyol fauy acid polyes~ con. rains >SO%satura~ fa~ acid radicab m Food b ~ e d m l o ~ with <14C atoms, and provides morn eCciem moislum Iranspon lean o~er R e ~ l ~ t for m , ~ polyo: fatty acid potyes~ fat compouispm~ m nitration pack wlne ~ m e ~ sitions. As a result, foods cooked in Fond, O. and ~ P. (Sod~ des Pm~s Canm~, J.L., Dillon, A.I.P., Se~mi, LA. and these fats have good u~um, crispness, Nes~ ~ CH.i~O0 VeveV, Swi~zeland) Pazqual,M. (Can~, 950m Caxm do Sul, RS, moud'~, colouf and flavour i x o F e ~ . ~ n P'~e~tApplicalionEP0521 I ~ A I |in ~'azil)~ St~esPalleMUSS330774 Frenchl Yeas~ for L-malic acid ~ in Novelfoods A flexible pack for coffee for use in acid wines. A - - yeast is desc' n ~ , espressomachines, and such equipment, which is obtained by the f u s ~ of r m m t o ~ b d i c acld ~ main that is ~ , and adaplable 1~ a sphemplasts of two parent yeast strains range of espresso machines without 0., (~h/zmacchammyces ~ and Sac- S r ~ D., Oonnet,A., Link, X., ~ Neeser,J.R.,Rod~t,F.,SchifMn,F..andScn6n,A. modification to the equipment. The charomyces cemv~'ae). The ~ultant (Soci~ de; Pmdu~Ne~ SA,CH-IO00vevey, pack compdses a capsule in the form of yeast has the L-malic acid de~rading European Pa~'~ ~ EP a tmncaled cone, sealed with a mem~o~ of s. potageand ~ mow~ brane. The side waib of the pack are r~e of S. cerev~e. Further yeastsob- 0577g04^1 F m F ~ impermeable to liquids under pressure; t~ncd ~om pm~obst ~ i ~ between A lactic acid bacteria strain that can fiquid flow is therefore fon:ed to pass the first fusion product and the two par- adhere to intestinal cells and comthrough the bed of coffee. ental scaim, and betweenthe Fm~tfusion pefitiveh/exclude bacterial pathogens, ixoduct and two mme S. cerev/s/ae insulate the immune s,pmn and reduce faecal enzymic activity. strains are also described.

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