Rising water table in central liverpool

Rising water table in central liverpool

177A 875030 Rising water table in central Lberpool Brassington. F C: Rushton. K R Q J Engng Geol 120..V2. f987. P151-158 The water table in the city c...

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177A 875030 Rising water table in central Lberpool Brassington. F C: Rushton. K R Q J Engng Geol 120..V2. f987. P151-158 The water table in the city centre and dockside areas of Liverpool has shov, n a slow rise in recent years as water abstraction patterns have changed. The history and causes of this are reviewed, and a prediction of future trends is presented. 87503 i Analysis of land subsidence due to ~ithdrawal of ground~ater in the Nobi plain Sato, T; Diato, K: Ueshita. K Proc 3rd International Symposium on Land Subsidence, Venice, 19-25 March 1984 P89-99. Puhl Wallingford." IAHS Withdrawal of groundwater on the Nobi plain. Japan, has resulted in land subsidence due to the time dependent consolidation of aquitards due to the lowering of the piezometric head in the confined aquifers. Permittable yields to prevent subsidence have been analysed using one- and three-dimensional finite element analyses. Slight differences between predicted and observed results were explained by taking into account movement of underlying Tertiary strata with the change in groundwater head. 875032 Hydrogeodeformation field in studying processes of land subsidence Vartanyan. G S: Kulikov, G V Proc 3rd International Symposium on Land Subsidence, Venice, 19-25 March 1984 P101-105. Publ Wallmgford: IA t l S The removal of groundwater or hydrocarbon reserves leads to a fall in the strata pressure, rock consolidation and subsidence. A study is outlined which has been set up to determine the nature and mechanisms of this subsidence, to observe the way in which deformation proceeds, and to predict the probability of disastrous land subsidence. 875033 Assessment of transient nature of subsidence Barends. F B J: Teunissen, J A M: Verruijt, A Proc 3rd International Syrnposium on Land Subsidence, Venice, 19-25 March 1984 P 107-116. Puhl Wallingford: 1.4 HS Land subsidence can result from piezometric drawdown or extraction of oil or gas. Simulation of these complex problems is difficult as there is insufficient good data to tune the more sophisticated models, yet simple models have not. to date. predicted behaviour well. A ne~ approach is suggested, the method of the transient leakage factor. This yields simple `'et accurate models. The approach is demonstrated, with emphasis on the time dependent and three dimensional effects. 875034 Mechanics and one-dimensional simulation of land subsidence during the period of head recovery in aquifers Yoshida, S; Aoki, A Proc 3rd International Symposium on Land Subsidence, Venice, 19-25 March 1984 P147-155. Puhl Wallingford" L4 t t S Subsidence and delayed uplift of the multi-layered aquiferaquitard system in the Niigata Plain, Japan. have been observed since control measures were made against groundwater withdrawal, and head recovery began. The mechanisms

of such phenomena are discussed and one d:mensional expansion and compaction at tv,o different s~tes are simulated, using obser',ed data of transient aquifer heads. Different storage coefficients for compaction and expans{on, and h~draulic conducti',ities of aquitards are determined. Simulation rest, Its are in reasonable agreement with obser`'ed data for a period of o,,er a decade.

875035 Mathematical model for the head variation of the aquifer and the prediction of land subsidence Shueng Shu-guang: Chang Jin-hui: Xie Kai-.~ao Proc 3rd International Syraposium on Land Subsidence, Venice, 19-25 March 1984 PI57-166. P:d~l lt'allm.gl'ord IA ItS Data on aquifer head, groundwater ren:o~al, and strata deformation have been collected for a la,~ered aquifer ,.~stem in the Shanghai area over a long period. From these data. the Average Mathematical Model, ARMA. for head ~ariation was derived, and a similar model was deduced fron" steady state groundwater flow theory. Relationships bet~`'ecn aquifer head and deformations in the aquifer and aquitard are derived. This information is used to predict potential subsidence due to groundwater abstraction and allow acceptable development of groundwater resources.

875036 Groundwater study and drilling project for the Sh d'ya phosphate mine, Jordan Charalambous. A N; Hindle, D J Proc Drillex 87, Stoneleigh, 7-10 April 1987 t)21-.¢2. Puhl Lomton. IMM, 1987 A project in the El Jafr Basin invol,.ed drilling_, geophysical logging, pump testing, analysis of results, and modelling of the aquifer system. Results sho`'ved the ,_'round~ater resources ,,,,ere sufficient to meet the demands of the proposed phosphate mine. and highlighted the complex geology of the region and its consequent drilling problems.

Chemical and physical changes due to water 875037 Natural and artificial cavities as ground engineering hazards Culshaw, M G: Waltham, A C Q J Engng Geol I'20..\'2. 1987, P139-/5¢J Occurrences of natural and artificial cavities are reviewed and their causes assessed. Natural cavities are found principally in carbonate rocks. The processes of sinkhole formation are -described. Solution cavities in non-carbonate rocks and ca,,ities in insoluble rocks are also considered. Extraction methods for coal, metalliferous minerals and salts arc described in relation to the creation of underground ca~ ities. An outline procedure for locating cavities emphasises the impor'ance of the desk stud',, in this type of investigatic, n and the ditticult.,, of proving the absence of cavities beneath a site. Auth.

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