Riverdale Global introduces liquid blowing agents for improved foaming control

Riverdale Global introduces liquid blowing agents for improved foaming control

MATERIALS of applications including flame retardants, biocides and property modifiers for the plastics industry, plus industrial applications related...

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of applications including flame retardants, biocides and property modifiers for the plastics industry, plus industrial applications related to rheology modification, among others. The group works deposits in Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Argentina and the USA, with additional manufacturing plants in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, together employing around 850. Contact: Tolsa SA, Parque Empresarial de las Mercedes, Campezo 1, Building 4, 2nd Floor, 28022, Madrid, Spain. Tel: +34 91 322 0100, Web: www.tolsa.com/en/

Cristal launches new TiO2 grade to serve South American masterbatch market


ajor titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment manufacturer Cristal has extended its range of sulphate-process rutile grades with the introduction of TiONA® 242. According to the company, the new TiO2 pigment, which is produced at Cristal’s Bahia manufacturing plant in Brazil, is designed for optimal dispersion in plastics. The design and development of TiONA 242 utilized the company’s ‘best-in-class global R&D facilities’ and involved more than two years of collaborations with customers, Cristal reveals. The resulting product features a high-performance organic treatment to provide optimal dispersibility in thermoplastic polymers, the company reports. Possessing a blue undertone and high tint strength, the new pigment is recommended for use in white and custom colour masterbatches and other applications where durability is not critical, Cristal says. Further advantages claimed for TiONA 242 include easy processing and quality consistency, which will provide plastics processors with benefits such as ease of handling and increased productivity, according to the company. The new pigment is suitable for use in polyolefins, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polystyrene, flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PVC pipes and plastisols, Cristal reports. TiONA 242 is available now and will be ‘a welcome addition’ to the South and Latin American masterbatch manufacturing industry, the company believes. Cristal is one of the largest producers of TiO2 globally, employing both the sulphate and chloride [see e.g. ADPO,


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May 2015] processing routes. It claims to be the world’s leading supplier of ultrafine TiO2 products and titanium chemicals, and is also a fast-growing producer of mineral sands and titanium metal powder. The company operates eight manufacturing plants in seven countries on five continents and employs nearly 4500 people worldwide. Contact: Cristal, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tel: +966 2 651 9883, Web: www.cristal.com

Riverdale Global introduces liquid blowing agents for improved foaming control


ew Jersey-based Riverdale Global is introducing a new range of liquid blowing agents for use with a wide range of resins. Products in the new +Foam™ series are said to provide improved dispersion and more controlled foaming action than pellet masterbatches while being used at lower addition levels. The company will launch the additives at K 2016. The chemical blowing agent (CBA) formulations available in the +Foam series of liquid additives include the standard exothermic azodicarbonamide CBA, an endothermic CBA and combinations of the two, Riverdale reports. All are used at let-down ratios of 0.5–1.5%, which are lower than the levels typically required for pellet masterbatches, the company claims. Among the resins with which the CBAs can be used are polyolefins, polystyrene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyphenylene ether (PPO), it reports. By reducing the density of a moulded or extruded product, blowing agents make possible savings on raw materials, contribute to light-weighting in transportation applications and help processors to meet sustainability goals. Added at lower levels, blowing agents can also be used to prevent sink marks and warpage. Because +Foam liquid blowing agents avoid the heat history required for manufacturing pellet masterbatches and are more gently mixed into the base resin, pre-decomposition of the CBA is less of a concern, comments Charles B. Irish, Riverdale’s VP of product development. Moreover, for users of +Foam products based on an endothermic CBA, there is the added benefit of shorter cycle times, since the CBA adds less heat to the process, he explains. Liquid additives can be

September 2016


metered into the process ‘with precision’ and disperse more uniformly in the melt than masterbatch, so processors are ‘better able to achieve the target level of density reduction’, Irish claims. Use of Riverdale’s gravimetric metering system provides ‘an additional level of precision’, allowing for controlled conditions over the entire production run, he notes. Contact: Riverdale Color, Perth Amboy, NJ, USA. Tel: +1 732 376 9300, Web: www.riverdalecolor.com

Lifocolor Farben unveils deep black masterbatch


erman masterbatch manufacturer Lifocolor Farben GmbH of Lichtenfels has extended its colorants portfolio with the introduction of Pure Black 4091 PE. The new deep black product is suited for colouring unfilled polyolefins and was designed specifically for the cosmetics and packaging industry, the company reveals. Pure Black 4091 PE meets the demand for ‘exceptional colour depth’, with an undertone nuancing from neutral to blue, according to Lifocolor Farben. The colour depth indicates the intensity of the black colouring; intensity increases with decreased light reflection or increased light absorption, the company explains. The new black is claimed to provide a ‘unique’ combination of brilliance, high degree of gloss and surface quality, which enables an ‘optimal appearance’ in matt and glossy surfaces. Further advantages are its high temperature stability and light fastness, Lifocolor Farben reports. In addition, Pure Black 4091 PE is suitable for use in injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding and injection blow moulding processes, it says. According to Lifocolor Farben, its new black masterbatch complies with all food contact laws and regulations, including approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also suited for laser marking. The Lifocolor Group has been developing and producing concentrated colour and additive masterbatches and technical compounds for the plastics processing industry since 1988. It has a production capacity of more than 5000 tonnes per year of masterbatch for thermoplastic polymers. The company employs around 200 employees across five production sites in Germany (Lichtenfels and Straufhain), France (Bellignat), the Czech Republic (Brno; see ADPO, January 2015) and Poland (Bydgoszcz).

September 2016

Contact: Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co KG, Lichtenfels, Germany. Tel: +49 9571 789 0, Web: www.lifocolor.com

COMPANY STRATEGIES ...Continued from front page Addcomp’s business ‘in a larger and more globally orientated structure to tap its full potential on the market for plastic additives’. Addcomp reported ‘double-digit million euro’ sales in its 2015 fiscal year. It employs 45 staff and operates production facilities and sales offices in Nijverdal and in Rochester Hills, MI, USA, which will now be integrated into BYK’s network. The Altana division already has additives production sites in Deventer and Denekamp in the Netherlands, and US plants in Wallingford, CT; Chester, NY; Gonzales, TX; and Louisville, KY. It also operates additives manufacturing facilities in Wesel, Kempen, Moosburg and Schkopau in Germany, Widnes, UK, and Tongling, China, while its instrument section BYK-Gardner is based in Geretsried, Germany. BYK Additives & Instruments employs some 1900 people out of the Altana group’s worldwide total of about 6000. Contact: Addcomp Holland BV, Nijverdal, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 548 620 403, Web: www.addcomp.nl Or contact: BYK-Chemie GmbH, Wesel, Germany. Tel: +49 281 670 0, Web: www.byk.com/additives

Huntsman to close South African TiO2 plant; reports pigments separation progress


he Pigments and Additives division of global chemicals major Huntsman Corp plans to close its 25 000 tonnes/year titanium dioxide (TiO2) manufacturing facility located in Umbogintwini, South Africa, during the fourth quarter of 2016. The company says that the closure will increase the competitiveness of the pigments and additives business and is an important step in the

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