Scicon wins CESG contract

Scicon wins CESG contract

Vol. 11, No.1, CA-TOP SECRET Page 2 VAX on MVS mainframes to secure remote VAWVMS systems. is given adequate protection within computer systems a...

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Vol. 11, No.1,


Page 2

VAX on MVS mainframes

to secure remote VAWVMS systems.

is given adequate protection within computer systems and networks. CESG is an element of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham.


of treating each remote system independently, the new facilities allow for a single definition of security information on the mainframe. The security administrator defines requirements to

In its computer security role, CESG is concerned with the development and evaluation of hardware and software to ensure that classified information in computer systems can only be accessed by people with the appropriate clearance and authorization.

CA-ACF2 or CA-TOP SECRET, which automatically synchronizes each targeted VAWVMS system throughout the network. According to Keith Breadmore, Divisional Sales Manager of CA’s Systems Product Division, “These products provide corporate

Scicon and its subcontractor Imperial Software Technology (IST) will be working on the research and development of various aspects of formal techniques. This is a relatively new branch of software technology, involving the application of mathematically rigorous methods to assist in system specification, development and assurance.

security standards to VAXNMS systems and offer important new benefits that until now have not been available to the VMS user. VMS files and volumes can now be protected by default,and the system can automatically upload security and audited data back to the mainframe. This allows clients to consolidate all their security information at the central location for administrative efficiency”.

The work will be carried out at Scicon Ltd’s head office at Wavendon Tower, Milton Keynes, and at the IST Cambridge office.

Computer Associates aims to have the products available during the fourth quarter 1988; pricing for CA-ACF2 VAX and CA-TOP SECRET VAX varies according to VAX system size and configuration.

The work forms part of a continuing research and development programme, set up by the CESG and aimed at improving the security of computer systems available to the Government. The CESG selected Scicon and IST because of their wide experience of the research and development of formal and pragmatic methods. The project has already started and it is anticipated that the work will last for three years.

For further information, contact: Keith Breadmore or Mike Maunder, C. A. Computer Associates Ltd, Computer Associates House, 183/187 Bath Road, Slough, Berks SL 14AA, UK; tel: +(44) 753-77733; fax: +(44) 753825464.


SCICON WINS CESG CONTRACT Scicon Ltd has been selected by the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) to provide consultancy on fundamental issues relating to mathematically formal methods, particularly as applied to secure computing applications.

A new scheme which aims to raise awareness in companies of security and contingency planning for disasters, has been launched by Sunninghill, UK-based security consultancy, Alkemi Ltd. Called ‘Business Watch’, it consists of a full security audit to identify weak security points and a series of regular ‘workshops’ for key company personnel to help them establish

The CESG is the designated national authority to advise UK government departments on hardware and software security measures to ensure that classified information

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