Skeletal muscle in health and disease; a textbook of muscle physiology

Skeletal muscle in health and disease; a textbook of muscle physiology

Camp. Biochem. Physiol. Vol. IOOA, No. 4, pp. 10531056, Pergamon Press pk. Printed in Great Britain 1991 BOOK REVIEWS Bheostasis; The Physiology of...

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Camp. Biochem. Physiol. Vol. IOOA, No. 4, pp. 10531056, Pergamon Press pk. Printed in Great Britain



Bheostasis; The Physiology of Change-By NICHOLAS Biology of the Chemotnctic Response-Edited by J. P. MRO~OVSKY. 183~~. 1990. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ARMITAGEand J. M. LACKIE. 404~~. 1990. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. SllO. Society for General $49.95. Microbiology Symposium No. 46. The body does not always seek constancy in its internal environment. Often there may be a change in the “set Bacterial mobility can be analysed in terms of a general increase in movement, or movement towards or away from point”. Rheostasis is the change in the regulated levels. a specific source. The chapters in this volume discuss the The topics discussed in this book are: homeostasis reexamined; resolving conflicts; terminology and definition; proconcepts of chemotaxis; flagella structure and assembly; grammed rheostasis [anorexia whilst a bird incubates eggs, transmembrane receptor protein transducers; control of body weight cycles in hibernators, premigratory fattening, directed motility; amoeboid chemotaxis; chemotaxis in winter weight loss, body weight during estrous cycle, temDictyostelium, the signal transduction pathway to actin perature rise during menstrual cycle, elevated temperature and myosin; leucocyte chemotaxis; signal transduction in during lactation, egg cooling during incubation, osmostat leukocytes, the linkage between receptor and motor; tissue resetting during pregnancy, respiratory thresholds to CO1 derived leucocyte attractant factors in inflammation. during pregnancy, calcium storage and reproduction, cyclical osteoporosis and antler growth, acid base status Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease; a Textbook of change-resetting the alphastat, circadian changes]; reactive Muscle Physiology-D. A. JONESand J. M. ROUND.221~~. rheostasis [fever, cryexia, infection induced anorexia, change 1990. Manchester University Press, Manchester. Hardback in thermal set point, reproductive shut down during weight $49.95, Paper $17.95. loss, food deprivation and temperature drop, anorexia nervosa, persistent obesity, vasomotor tone, heat stress, The main chapters are on: skeletal muscle structure; physical training, hypovolemia, scrotal warming]; second mechanism of force generation; innervation and electrical order rheostasis; problems and cautions; molecular and activity; histochemistry, contractile properties and motor integrative biology. Many interesting physiological examples control; growth, development and ageing of muscle; trainare given showing the adaptability of the different systems ing for power; adaptations for endurance exercise; fatigue; of the body to new set points and ranges. A thought muscle damage; muscle pain; muscle diseases. A good provoking book. concise survey that will be of interest to physiologists, atheletes and clinicians. Physiological Strategies for Gas Exchange and Metabolism-

Edited by A. J. WOAKFIS,M. K. GRIESHABERand C. R. BRIDGES.266~~. 1991. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. $75. Society for Experimental Biology Seminar Vol. 41. “Does comparative respiratory physiology have a role in evolutionary biology?’ This is the question posed by the first chapter. Other topics deal with energy metabolism in helminths; the role of carbonic anhydrase; multiple strategies of oxygen and carbon dioxide transport by haemoglobin; respiratory gas exchange and acid base balance in decapod crustacea; respiration and thermoregulation of amphibia and reptiles; ventilation, gas exchange and oxygen delivery in birds; animal energetics at very low oxygen; pH changes in fish during anoxia-the advantages of the ethanol pathway; adaptations of annelids to low oxygen tensions; respiratory adaptations of decapod crustacea and fish to a burrowing mode of life; respiratory adaptations to limited oxygen supply during diving in birds and mammals. Physiology

and Form of Fish Circulatiou-By G. H. SATCHELL.235~~. 1991. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. S59.50.

After an initial section on hemodynamics, the book deals with the fish heart; peripheral circulation; blood; haemopoiesis and phagocytosis-mononuclear phagocyte system; special circulations (gills, renal portal, red and white muscle); retial counter current system, flow diffusion concentration; venous return and venous pumps; autonomic nervous system; response to exercise; response to hypoxia; Myxine a speculative conclusion. The book provides an interesting and expert account of the circulatory pattern and specializations in a wide range of fish. 1053

Endocrinology of Birds, Molecular to Behavioural-Edited by M. WADA,S. ISHI]and C. G. SCANES.320~~. 1990. Japan Scientific Societies/Springer, Berlin. DM 158.

The wide interests in bird physiology both from the basic scientific point of view and the applied interests of the poultry industry have led to considerable advances in our understanding of avian endocrinology. These are summarised in the present book and deal with avian gonadotropins; avian glycoprotein hormones; GRH; GRH-receptor interactions and intracellular transduction; steroid hormones and catecholamines in ovulation; protein kinase C regulation of steroidogenesis and PAF; ontogeny of insulin gene expression; growth hormone; thyroidal inhibition of GH secretion; somatomedin; adrenal steroidogenic function; calcium regulation; regulation of water and sodium intake; inter-relationships of androgens, aggression and mating systems; ecophysiology of reproduction in the tropics; seasonal reproduction and territorial behavior; effect of age on testosterone levels; seasonal breeding in high Arctic ptarmigans; avian behavioral endocrinology; male parental care and female intersexual competition in sex role reversed birds; prolactin secretion; aromatization of testosterone in the preoptic area and control of male quail sexual behavior. The Diencephalon and SleepEdited by M. MANCIAand G. MARINI.402~~. 1990. Raven Press, New York. $60. This book is based on a symposium held at the 12th European Neurosciences Association meeting. The papers are grouped into sections on ascending brainstem projections; hypothalamic regulation of sleep and wakefulness;