210 SPECIAL ARTICLES " XBD=2334 XBD=2398 XBD=1456 XBD=1514 XBD=1644 XBD=1770 XBD=1869 XBD=1954 XBD=2126 XBD=2173 XBD=2279 XHG=1294 YBD=468 XHG=1475 X...

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SPECIAL ARTICLES " XBD=2334 XBD=2398 XBD=1456 XBD=1514 XBD=1644 XBD=1770 XBD=1869 XBD=1954 XBD=2126 XBD=2173 XBD=2279 XHG=1294 YBD=468 XHG=1475 XHG=1535 XHG=1663 XHG=1787 XHG=1888 XHG=1974 XHG=2143 XHG=2192 XHG=2296 XHG=2352 YBD=478 YBD=470 YBD=476 YBD=477 YBD=469 YHG=436>possible YHG=436>bring YHG=437>order YHG=438>into YHG=437>the YHG=439>matter, YHG=437>if YHG=437>only YHG=439>to YHG=437>fix MAJOR AND MINOR. SMALL-POX " XBD=2397 XBD=1361 XHG=2090 XBD=1629 XBD=1739 XBD=1884 XBD=1957 XBD=2056 XBD=2334 XHG=2363 YBD=516 XHG=1295 XHG=1394 XHG=1664 XHG=1773 XHG=1918 XHG=1990 YBD=514 YHG=484>in YBD=523 YBD=515 YBD=524 YHG=483>significance YHG=483>and YHG=484>value YHG=483>of YHG=483>the YHG=483>terminology " XBD=1446 |>" XBD=1560 XHG=1296 XHG=1464 YBD=561 YBD=560 YHG=531>current YHG=529>use ?

"" "" "" ""

XBD=2398 XBD=1381 XBD=1453 XBD=1565 XBD=1787 XBD=1897 XBD=1964 XBD=2241 XHG=1347 XHG=1397 XHG=1470 XHG=1581 XHG=1803 XHG=1915 XHG=1981 XHG=2258 YBD=607 YBD=606 YBD=615 YBD=613 YHG=574>If YHG=583>we YHG=583>were YHG=575>concerned YHG=575>with YHG=584>an YHG=575>unimportant YHG=574>disease, XBD=207 XBD=335 XBD=409 XBD=584 XBD=866 XBD=930 XBD=1156 XBD=1256 XHG=173 XHG=230 XHG=360 XHG=432 XHG=609 XHG=892 XHG=955 XHG=1181 YBD=627 YBD=626 YBD=636 YBD=629 YBD=640 YBD=632 YHG=595>A YHG=602>NOTE YHG=605>on YHG=594>various YHG=594>designations YHG=597>of YHG=599>small-pox YHG=600>and XBD=1363 XBD=1468 XBD=1609 XBD=1696 XBD=1760 XBD=1900 XBD=1959 XBD=2091 XBD=2349 XBD=2399 XHG=1297 XHG=1382 XHG=1485 XHG=1628 XHG=1714 XHG=1779 XHG=1919 XHG=1981 XHG=2111 XHG=2367 YBD=651 YBD=661 YBD=652 YHG=620>the YHG=619>task YHG=619>would YHG=621>not YHG=620>be YHG=621>worth YHG=630>so YHG=620>much YHG=619>expenditure YHG=621>of XBD=225 XBD=578 XBD=683 XBD=977 XBD=1255 XHG=124 XHG=254 XHG=608 XHG=714 XHG=1008 YBD=682 YBD=673 YBD=684 YBD=687 YHG=641>their YHG=640>epidemiological YHG=640>and YHG=643>prophylactic YHG=645>significance, XBD=1446 XBD=1556 XBD=1795 XBD=1865 XBD=1926 XBD=2174 XBD=2401 XHG=1297 XHG=1486 XHG=1595 XHG=1832 XHG=1905 XHG=1967 XHG=2212 YBD=707 YBD=698 YBD=708 YBD=706 YHG=675>energy, YHG=665>but YHG=666>small-pox YHG=667>is YHG=676>a YHG=666>dangerous YHG=666>pestilence XBD=309 XBD=380 XBD=463 XBD=648 XBD=795 XBD=891 XBD=1111 XBD=1170 XBD=1256 XHG=126 XHG=328 XHG=398 XHG=488 XHG=671 XHG=815 XHG=909 XHG=1129 XHG=1189 YBD=728 YBD=718 YBD=719 YBD=730 YBD=722 YBD=732 YBD=724 YBD=723 YHG=688>prepared YHG=686>by YHG=685>Dr. YHG=686>Ricardo YHG=686>Jorge, YHG=699>was YHG=692>presented YHG=693>to YHG=691>the XBD=1372 XBD=1427 XBD=1662 XBD=1783 XBD=1855 XBD=1953 XBD=2093 XBD=2165 XBD=2401 XHG=1298 XHG=1405 XHG=1459 XHG=1694 XHG=1815 XHG=1888 XHG=1985 XHG=2126 XHG=2196 YBD=752 YBD=744 YBD=743 YBD=751 YHG=713>and YHG=722>a YHG=711>pestilence YHG=712>dear YHG=714>to YHG=712>the YHG=712>heart YHG=712>of YHG=713>preventive XBD=352 XHG=831 XBD=617 XBD=691 XBD=793 XBD=944 XBD=1257 XHG=126 XHG=389 XHG=653 XHG=727 XHG=980YBD=769 YBD=765 YBD=767 YBD=769YHG=735>Office YHG=733>Permanent YHG=732>Committee YHG=734>of YHG=735>the YHG=737>International

"" ""

XBD=1255 XBD=341 XBD=549 XBD=612 XBD=682 XBD=845 XBD=906 XBD=1028 XBD=1156 XHG=128 XHG=362 XHG=571 XHG=632 XHG=704 XHG=868 XHG=927 XHG=1055 XHG=1180 YBD=820 YBD=812 YBD=814 YBD=824 YBD=821 YBD=815 YHG=777>d’Hygiene YHG=778>Publique YHG=781>at YHG=780>its YHG=781>session YHG=783>of YHG=781>May, YHG=783>1930, YHG=783>and XBD=1417 XBD=1462 XBD=1670 XBD=1725 XBD=1862 XBD=2062 XBD=2162 XBD=2247 XBD=2403 XHG=1296 XHG=1431 XHG=1477 XHG=1684 XHG=1740 XHG=1877 XHG=2076 XHG=2177 XHG=2260 YBD=836 YBD=844 YBD=834 YBD=835 YBD=843 YHG=803>which YHG=803>is YHG=803>unwilling YHG=804>to YHG=803>admit YHG=803>anything YHG=803>that YHG=812>can YHG=802>hamper XBD=269 XBD=395 XBD=618 XBD=701 XBD=808 XBD=1067 XBD=1254 XHG=126 XHG=298 XHG=425 XHG=648 XHG=731 XHG=840 XHG=1097 YBD=866 YBD=858 YBD=867 YBD=868 YBD=860 YBD=860 YBD=869 YHG=825>having YHG=824>been YHG=827>approved YHG=825>by YHG=828>this YHG=828>Committee XBD=1339 XHG=2326 XBD=1519 XBD=1610 XBD=1827 XBD=1892 XBD=1966 XBD=2237 XBD=2302 XBD=2403 XHG=1297 YBD=881 XHG=1364 XHG=1545 XHG=1637 XHG=1853 XHG=1916 XHG=1993 XHG=2263 YBD=889 YHG=837>appears YBD=890 YBD=880 YHG=859>or YHG=849>obscure YHG=849>the YHG=848>efficiency YHG=849>of YHG=849>its YHG=849>prophylaxis YHG=858>or YHG=849>that

" XBD=2402 XBD=1480 XHG=2336 XBD=1622 XBD=1710 XBD=1848 XBD=1936 XBD=2042 XBD=2102 XBD=2267 XBD=2315 XHG=1298 YBD=790 XHG=1500 XHG=1642 XHG=1729 XHG=1870 XHG=1957 XHG=2062 XHG=2124 XHG=2285 YBD=789 YHG=758>and YBD=788 YHG=758>medicine YHG=757>which YHG=757>has YHG=758>found YHG=759>out YHG=757>how YHG=760>to YHG=756>subdue YHG=757>it

"" "" "" "" "" " "" " "" "" "" "

1 of XBD=1255 XBD=169 XBD=237 XBD=438 XBD=496 XBD=581 XBD=746 XBD=914 XBD=1047 XHG=129 XHG=189 XHG=248 XHG=455 XHG=515 XHG=596 XHG=762 XHG=982 XHG=1062 YBD=903 YBD=913 YBD=904 YBD=905 YBD=906 YBD=915 YBD=907 YBD=906 YHG=881>as YHG=881>an YHG=872>appendix YHG=874>to YHG=873>the YHG=873>further YHG=874>report YHG=875>the YHG=874>Rolleston XBD=1366 XBD=1468 XBD=1555 XBD=1790 XBD=1851 XBD=1922 XBD=2233 XBD=2404 XHG=1296 XHG=1389 XHG=1490 XHG=1578 XHG=1813 XHG=1872 XHG=1945 XHG=2281 YBD=928 YBD=937 YBD=926 YBD=927 YBD=936 YHG=905>can YHG=896>dim YHG=895>the YHG=894>brightness YHG=895>of YHG=895>its YHG=894>achievements. YHG=893>Strong XBD=355 XBD=435 XBD=724 XBD=832 XBD=1029 XBD=1254 XHG=129 XHG=386 XHG=465 XHG=787 XHG=862 XHG=1059 YBD=951 YBD=953 YBD=953 YBD=958 YHG=918>Committee YHG=928>on YHG=918>Vaccination. YHG=920>In YHG=920>classical YHG=920>medicine, XBD=1500 XBD=1715 XBD=1809 XBD=2069 XBD=2177 XBD=2406 XHG=1296 XHG=1529 XHG=1743 XHG=1838 XHG=2112 XHG=2204 YBD=974 YBD=977 YBD=973 YBD=982 YHG=941>sentiment YHG=941>animates YHG=940>discussion YHG=941>the YHG=939>possibility ; XBD=193 XBD=329 XBD=489 XBD=532 XBD=739 XBD=932 XBD=995 XBD=1159 XBD=1255 XHG=127 XHG=217 XHG=348 XHG=510 XHG=552 XHG=753 XHG=956 XHG=1015 XHG=1178 YBD=1006 YBD=997 YBD=1007 YBD=999 YBD=998 YHG=963>Dr. YHG=975>a YHG=967>of YHG=964>Jorge YHG=966>writes, YHG=966>precise YHG=967>system YHG=966>variola YHG=966>had &dquo; &dquo; XBD=1336 XBD=1571 XBD=1844 XBD=1997 XBD=2200 XBD=2323 XBD=2368 XBD=2405 XHG=1297 XHG=1353 XHG=1588 XHG=1887 XHG=2016 XHG=2220 XHG=2339 XHG=2386 YBD=1020 YBD=1029 YBD=1025 YBD=1018 YBD=1019 YHG=989>of YHG=987>weakening YHG=987>prophylaxis. YHG=986>Here, YHG=987>however, YHG=986>there YHG=987>is YHG=997>a XBD=223 XBD=464 XBD=526 XBD=616 XBD=725 XBD=871 XBD=969 XBD=1033 XBD=1157 XBD=1255 XHG=128 XHG=246 XHG=486 XHG=549 XHG=638 XHG=748 XHG=993 XHG=1057 XHG=1180 YBD=1044 YBD=1054 YBD=1046 YBD=1044 YBD=1045 YBD=1044 YHG=1011>been YHG=1012>elaborated YHG=1013>in YHG=1012>the YHG=1014>past YHG=1013>which YHG=1022>so YHG=1013>clear YHG=1013>and XBD=1405XHG=894 XBD=1467 XBD=1535 XBD=1666 XBD=1810 XBD=1887 XBD=2027 XBD=2135 XBD=2222 XBD=2405 XHG=1296YBD=1045 XHG=1426 XHG=1489 XHG=1558 XHG=1688 XHG=1846 XHG=1909 XHG=2049 XHG=2157 XHG=2245 YBD=1074YHG=1022>was YBD=1066 YBD=1071 YBD=1065 YBD=1064 YBD=1073 YHG=1034>point ; YHG=1033>be YHG=1034>made YHG=1033>clear YHG=1035>to YHG=1034>assert YHG=1033>that YHG=1033>the YHG=1033>question XBD=347 XBD=416 XBD=485 XBD=619 XBD=747 XBD=814 XBD=890 XBD=1074 XBD=1256 XHG=126 XHG=375 XHG=444 XHG=511 XHG=645 XHG=774 XHG=843 XHG=918 XHG=1133 YBD=1100 YBD=1091 YBD=1091 YBD=1090 YHG=1058>impressive YHG=1068>as YHG=1062>to YHG=1059>leave YHG=1059>little YHG=1060>to YHG=1058>be YHG=1058>desired. YHG=1057>Based XBD=1336 XBD=1622 XBD=1824 XBD=2015 XBD=2122 XBD=2336 XBD=2407 XHG=1298 XHG=1376 XHG=1663 XHG=1868 XHG=2057 XHG=2166 XHG=2374 YBD=1120 YBD=1110 YBD=1111 YBD=1119 YBD=1112 YHG=1080>of YHG=1079>prophylaxis YHG=1080>remains YHG=1079>outside YHG=1079>the YHG=1079>question YHG=1081>of XBD=178 XHG=754 XBD=357 XBD=454 XBD=734 XBD=924 XBD=1255 XHG=129 XHG=199 XHG=379 XHG=475 XHG=943YBD=1137 YBD=1138 YBD=1143YHG=1105>external YHG=1114>on YHG=1104>obvious YHG=1105>and YHG=1105>well-marked YHG=1104>characteristics, XBD=1488 XBD=1595 XBD=1859 XBD=2033 XBD=2167 XBD=2235 XBD=2408 XHG=1298 XHG=1509 XHG=1617 XHG=1881 XHG=2054 XHG=2186 XHG=2256 YBD=1168 YBD=1158 YBD=1157 YBD=1166 YHG=1127>ontology, YHG=1126>that YHG=1126>anti-variola YHG=1125>defence YHG=1124>keeps YHG=1125>its YHG=1125>position XBD=208 XBD=371 XBD=545 XBD=631 XBD=801 XBD=982 XBD=1095 XBD=1254 XHG=130 XHG=227 XHG=390 XHG=564 XHG=650 XHG=1000 XHG=1138 YBD=1193 YBD=1184 YBD=1183 YBD=1182 YHG=1152>this YHG=1153>system YHG=1151>became YHG=1152>the YHG=1153>current YHG=1150>coin. YHG=1149>MoreXBD=1376XHG=822 XBD=1468 XBD=1625 XBD=1720 XBD=1831 XBD=1923 XBD=2172 XBD=2226 XBD=2408 XHG=1298YBD=1183 XHG=1393 XHG=1493 XHG=1645 XHG=1745 XHG=1857 XHG=1949 XHG=2188 XHG=2251 YBD=1209YHG=1151>medical YBD=1213 YBD=1203 YBD=1204 YHG=1172>safe YHG=1172>sound, YHG=1172>and YHG=1172>that YHG=1172>the YHG=1171>conception YHG=1172>of YHG=1172>alastrim XBD=234 XBD=406 XBD=546 XBD=595 XBD=716 XBD=917 XBD=1163 XBD=1256 XHG=132 XHG=262 XHG=433 XHG=573 XHG=623 XHG=743 XHG=944 XHG=1190 YBD=1238 YBD=1231 YBD=1240 YBD=1229 YBD=1239 YBD=1230 YBD=1237 YBD=1228 YHG=1207>over, YHG=1199>variola YHG=1197>being YHG=1208>a YHG=1206>very YHG=1206>common YHG=1196>complaint, XBD=1387 XHG=2366 XBD=1477 XBD=1591 XBD=1722 XBD=1841 XBD=1928 XBD=2130 XBD=2346 XBD=2408 XHG=1299 YBD=1251 XHG=1410 XHG=1500 XHG=1614 XHG=1741 XHG=1863 XHG=1951 XHG=2153 YBD=1250 YHG=1197>the YBD=1259 YHG=1219>does YHG=1220>not YHG=1217>take YHG=1228>away YHG=1219>from YHG=1218>the YHG=1218>accepted YHG=1218>authority YHG=1228>on XBD=281 XBD=432 XBD=558 XBD=734 XBD=850 XBD=1015 XBD=1256 XHG=131 XHG=304 XHG=454 XHG=582 XHG=757 XHG=873 XHG=1039 YBD=1286 YBD=1277 YBD=1285 YBD=1275 YBD=1284 YHG=1245>general YHG=1245>public YHG=1244>itself YHG=1244>created YHG=1253>very YHG=1243>similar YHG=1243>categories, XBD=1420 XBD=1514 XBD=1652 XBD=1913 XBD=1981 XBD=2197 XBD=2410 XHG=1298 XHG=1448 XHG=1543 XHG=1682 XHG=1943 XHG=2011 XHG=2227 YBD=1297 YBD=1305 YBD=1296 YBD=1306 YHG=1265>which YHG=1265>the YHG=1265>strict YHG=1264>application YHG=1265>of YHG=1274>measures YHG=1273>necessary XBD=209 XBD=266 XBD=458 XBD=666 XBD=859 XBD=983 XBD=1093 XBD=1256 XHG=133 XHG=226 XHG=284 XHG=476 XHG=684 XHG=877 XHG=999 XHG=1111 YBD=1324 YBD=1323 YBD=1330 YBD=1321 YBD=1321 YBD=1329 YHG=1291>and YHG=1291>in YHG=1291>different YHG=1290>countries YHG=1289>baptised YHG=1289>them YHG=1289>with YHG=1298>expresXBD=1340 XBD=1517 XBD=1601 XBD=1775 XBD=1833 XBD=1996 XBD=2045 XBD=2189 XHG=1300 XHG=1359 XHG=1536 XHG=1619 XHG=1795 XHG=1852 XHG=2013 XHG=2064 YBD=1352 YBD=1342 YBD=1343 YHG=1313>to YHG=1313>prevent YHG=1311>the YHG=1320>ravages YHG=1311>of YHG=1311>variola YHG=1310>is YHG=1310>based. XBD=215 XHG=805 XBD=316 XBD=581 XBD=780 XBD=945 XHG=136 YBD=1367 XHG=240 XHG=341 XHG=605 YBD=1369 YHG=1344>names. YBD=1370 YBD=1378 YBD=1368 YHG=1337>sive YHG=1338>and YHG=1338>picturesque YHG=1345>common

" XBD=2158 XBD=1653 XHG=2012 XBD=1987 XHG=1552 YBD=1419 YHG=1387>Texts. XHG=1680 YHG=1387>Two YHG=1387>International

" XBD=828 XBD=1091XHG=755 XBD=344 XBD=592 XBD=732 XHG=306 XHG=370 XHG=616 XHG=855YBD=1443 YBD=1444 YBD=1443YHG=1410>the YHG=1413>A YHG=1412>Secession YHG=1411>from YHG=1410>Orthodox. " XBD=2412 XBD=1469 XHG=2200 XBD=1546 XBD=1635 XBD=1785 XBD=2069 XBD=2184 XBD=2239 XHG=2254 YBD=1476 XHG=1350 XHG=1485 XHG=1561 XHG=1651 XHG=1797 XHG=2083 YBD=1475 YHG=1443>consider YHG=1443>There YHG=1452>are YHG=1444>two YHG=1442>official YHG=1443>international YHG=1444>texts YHG=1445>to "" XBD=1257 XBD=264 XBD=436 XBD=668 XBD=849 XBD=913 XBD=1065 XHG=186 XHG=288 XHG=460 XHG=691 XHG=938 XHG=1079 YBD=1499 YBD=1498 YBD=1507 YBD=1497 YBD=1498 YBD=1507 YHG=1467>The YHG=1466>clinical YHG=1466>variations YHG=1466>implied YHG=1466>in YHG=1465>this YHG=1466>system &dquo; XBD=1424XHG=873 XBD=1507 XBD=1734 XBD=1848 XBD=2128 XBD=2413 XHG=1302 XHG=1445 XHG=1527 XHG=1754 XHG=1870 XHG=2151 YBD=1522 YBD=1521 YHG=1490>which YHG=1499>are YHG=1489>concerned YHG=1490>with YHG=1490>variola-the YHG=1488>International

"" "" " " "" "" " """

XBD=1262 XBD=178 XBD=344 XBD=554 XBD=765 XBD=864 XBD=1078 XHG=139 XHG=201 XHG=366 XHG=577 XHG=788 XHG=886 XHG=1099 YBD=1554 YBD=1553 YBD=1545 YBD=1554 YBD=1544 YHG=1513>of YHG=1513>variola YHG=1513>governed YHG=1512>diagnosis YHG=1512>and YHG=1512>prognosis YHG=1512>without XBD=1481 XBD=1734 XBD=1792 XBD=1917 XBD=2014 XBD=2099 XBD=2351 XBD=2411 XHG=1306 XHG=1500 XHG=1754 XHG=1816 XHG=1939 XHG=2033 XHG=2121 XHG=2370 YBD=1577 YBD=1568 YBD=1575 YBD=1569 YBD=1570 YHG=1534>Sanitary YHG=1535>Convention YHG=1536>of YHG=1536>1926, YHG=1536>and YHG=1536>the YHG=1536>Convention YHG=1546>on XBD=180 XBD=277 XBD=381 XBD=614 XBD=700 XBD=823 XBD=955 XBD=1015 XBD=1100 XBD=1262 XHG=139 XHG=201 XHG=296 XHG=401 XHG=634 XHG=720 XHG=843 XHG=976 XHG=1034 XHG=1121 YBD=1600 YBD=1591 YBD=1599 YBD=1590 YBD=1590 YBD=1591 YHG=1560>in YHG=1568>any YHG=1568>way YHG=1558>disturbing YHG=1558>the YHG=1557>basic YHG=1558>unity YHG=1559>of YHG=1558>the YHG=1558>disease XBD=1370 XBD=1469 XBD=1525 XBD=1677 XBD=1735 XBD=1890 XBD=2012 XHG=1304 XHG=1386 XHG=1487 XHG=1543 XHG=1696 XHG=1751 XHG=1912 YBD=1614 YBD=1622 YBD=1615 YHG=1582>the YHG=1582>List YHG=1582>Causes YHG=1583>of YHG=1582>Death, YHG=1583>1929. XBD=298 XHG=801 XBD=361 XBD=652 XBD=784 XBD=860 XBD=1001 XBD=1086 XBD=1203 XBD=1263 XHG=142 XHG=320 XHG=380 XHG=671 XHG=879YBD=1637 XHG=1021 XHG=1104 XHG=1224 YBD=1644 YBD=1646 YBD=1637 YBD=1638YHG=1605>for YBD=1637 YHG=1605>variola, YHG=1615>or YHG=1604>small-pox-a YHG=1605>unity YHG=1604>which YHG=1605>the YHG=1604>facts YHG=1605>of XBD=1417 XBD=1516 XBD=1618 XBD=1718 XBD=1991 XBD=2176 XBD=2411 XHG=1347 XHG=1444 XHG=1542 XHG=1648 XHG=1746 XHG=2018 XHG=2203 YBD=1675 YBD=1668 YBD=1674 YBD=1676 YHG=1640>The YHG=1640>first YHG=1640>text YHG=1640>(the YHG=1640>International YHG=1640>Sanitary YHG=1640>Convention) XBD=461 XBD=620 XBD=800 XBD=835 XBD=1033 XBD=1261 XHG=140 XHG=473 XHG=632 XHG=814 XHG=849 XHG=1047 YBD=1693 YBD=1684 YBD=1683 YBD=1682 YBD=1683 YBD=1692 YHG=1651>epidemiological YHG=1651>control YHG=1650>afforded YHG=1660>a YHG=1650>sufficient XBD=1395 XHG=2274 XBD=1488 XBD=1635 XBD=1716 XBD=1805 XBD=1877 XBD=1987 XBD=2183 XBD=2265 XBD=2413 XHG=1305 YBD=1705 XHG=1405 XHG=1499 XHG=1682 XHG=1727 XHG=1815 XHG=1888 XHG=1998 XHG=2196 YBD=1704 YHG=1653>guarantee. YHG=1676>deals or YHG=1676>with YHG=1676>variola. YHG=1677>It YHG=1677>does YHG=1678>not YHG=1677>know YHG=1677>&dquo; YHG=1678>mention alastrim XBD=249 XHG=810 XBD=361 XBD=568 XBD=787 XBD=993 XBD=1045 XBD=1142 XBD=1262 XHG=142 XHG=270 XHG=383 XHG=590 XHG=1013YBD=1738 XHG=1067 XHG=1165 YBD=1729 YBD=1731 YBD=1736 YBD=1730YHG=1697>provided YBD=1729 YHG=1696>With YHG=1698>each YHG=1697>epidemic YHG=1696>outbreak, YHG=1697>it YHG=1706>was YHG=1696>suffiXBD=1341 XBD=1457 XBD=1601 XBD=1709 XBD=1895 XBD=2088 XBD=2276 XBD=2414 XHG=1303 XHG=1387 XHG=1479 XHG=1622 XHG=1731 XHG=1918 XHG=2109 XHG=2298 YBD=1740 YBD=1741 YBD=1746 YBD=1748 YBD=1742 YHG=1712>it. YHG=1713>The YHG=1713>second YHG=1713>text, YHG=1713>however, YHG=1714>expressly YHG=1714>separates YHG=1714>variola XBD=1413 XBD=1613 XBD=1705 XBD=1855 XBD=1994 XBD=2107 XBD=2223 XBD=2310 XBD=2413 XHG=1304 XHG=1437 XHG=1637 XHG=1728 XHG=1877 XHG=2041 XHG=2128 XHG=2244 XHG=2332 YBD=1777 YBD=1784 YBD=1778 YBD=1779 YHG=1749>minor YHG=1749>(alastrim) YHG=1750>and YHG=1750>variola YHG=1750>major. YHG=1751>Are YHG=1751>these YHG=1751>two YHG=1751>texts XBD=284 XHG=891 XBD=503 XBD=604 XBD=768 XBD=866 XBD=968 XBD=1173 XBD=1264 XHG=143 XHG=309 XHG=528 XHG=629 XHG=796 XHG=992YBD=1776 XHG=1198 YBD=1786 YBD=1777 YBD=1782 YBD=1777 YBD=1776YHG=1753>saw YHG=1743>ciently YHG=1744>extensive YHG=1744>and YHG=1753>severe, YHG=1753>one YHG=1744>unfolded YHG=1744>the XBD=1543 XBD=1758 XBD=1859 XBD=1922 XBD=2081 XBD=2158 XBD=2261 XBD=2414 XHG=1304 XHG=1563 XHG=1804 XHG=1878 XHG=1942 XHG=2114 XHG=2179 XHG=2282 YBD=1821 YBD=1820 YBD=1814 YBD=1815 YBD=1816 YHG=1786>incompatible YHG=1786>therefore YHG=1786>By YHG=1795>means YHG=1795>no YHG=1787>such YHG=1786>discord; ? XBD=355 XBD=409 XBD=489 XBD=683 XBD=739 XBD=909 XBD=947 XBD=1093 XBD=1266 XHG=141 XHG=370 XHG=424 XHG=505 XHG=699 XHG=753 XHG=926 XHG=963 XHG=1108 YBD=1823 YBD=1829 YBD=1822 YBD=1832 YBD=1832 YHG=1790>whole YHG=1791>of YHG=1790>the YHG=1790>varieties YHG=1790>of YHG=1790>variola, YHG=1800>a YHG=1792>gamut YHG=1791>ranging film XBD=1387 XHG=2337 XBD=1466 XBD=1523 XBD=1643 XBD=1750 XBD=2000 XBD=2078 XBD=2265 XBD=2318 XBD=2415 XHG=1305 YBD=1852 XHG=1409 XHG=1487 XHG=1545 XHG=1663 XHG=1927 XHG=2020 XHG=2098 XHG=2284 YBD=1850 YHG=1824>their YBD=1851 YHG=1831>ance YHG=1822>did YHG=1832>or YHG=1823>could YHG=1824>have YHG=1823>into YHG=1824>the YHG=1823>intention YHG=1823>of

" XBD=1264 XBD=244 XHG=727 XBD=323 XBD=437 XBD=657 XBD=711 XBD=898 XBD=1028 XBD=1083 XHG=144 XHG=257 XHG=339 XHG=450 XHG=673 XHG=911YBD=1869 XHG=1044 XHG=1100 YBD=1868 YBD=1869 YBD=1869 YHG=1837>from YHG=1837>the YHG=1838>most YHG=1837>innocuous YHG=1837>of YHG=1836>abortive YHG=1837>forms YHG=1839>to YHG=1839>severest " XBD=2416 XBD=1453 XHG=2344 XBD=1531 XBD=1606 XBD=1868 XBD=1957 XBD=2012 XBD=2178 XBD=2285 XBD=2328 XHG=1306 YBD=1894 XHG=1490 XHG=1547 XHG=1624 XHG=1886 XHG=1974 XHG=2028 XHG=2193 XHG=2301 YBD=1886 YHG=1861>only YBD=1888 YBD=1887 YHG=1859>authors. YHG=1860>In YHG=1859>the YHG=1859>International YHG=1859>List YHG=1868>as YHG=1860>adopted YHG=1860>there YHG=1860>is "|>" XBD=334 XBD=448 XBD=915 XBD=1028 XBD=1130 XBD=1265 XBD=756XHG=794 XHG=144 XHG=373 XHG=966 XHG=1065 XHG=1167 XHG=486YBD=1924 YBD=1915 YBD=1914 YBD=1924YHG=1885>types. YBD=1914 YBD=1915 YHG=1882>confluent YHG=1883>and YHG=1882>All YHG=1883>hsemorrhagic YHG=1883>the YHG=1882>links " XBD=2416 XBD=1369 XBD=1484 XBD=1650 XBD=1709 XBD=2028 XBD=2208 XBD=2335 XHG=1307 XHG=1391 XHG=1505 XHG=1672 XHG=1731 XHG=2074 XHG=2229 XHG=2355 YBD=1922 YBD=1929 YBD=1924 YHG=1904>one YHG=1895>main YHG=1895>heading YHG=1905>or YHG=1895>rubric-Variola. YHG=1895>Variola YHG=1896>minor YHG=1897>and

" XBD=2323 XBD=2416 XBD=1434 XBD=1571 XBD=1655 XBD=1751 XBD=2018 XBD=2085 XHG=1307 XHG=1461 XHG=1599 XHG=1683 XHG=1780 XHG=2048 XHG=2113 XHG=2380 YBD=1966 YBD=1959 YBD=1960 YHG=1931>variola YHG=1932>major YHG=1941>are YHG=1933>two YHG=1932>sub-headings YHG=1940>or YHG=1932>sub-rubrics. YHG=1934>In XBD=185 XHG=686 XBD=272 XBD=404 XBD=520 XBD=667 XBD=893 XBD=984 XBD=1047 XBD=1135 XBD=1266 XHG=914 XHG=146 XHG=205 XHG=292 XHG=424 XHG=541 XHG=1006YBD=1961 XHG=1069 XHG=1157 YBD=1960 YBD=1970 YBD=1962 YBD=1961YHG=1938>one YHG=1928>of YHG=1928>the YHG=1929>chain YHG=1938>were YHG=1929>firmly YHG=1930>connected YHG=1931>to YHG=1929>the YHG=1930>other

" "" ""

XBD=2417 XBD=1468 XBD=1577 XBD=1620 XBD=1703 XBD=1879 XBD=1931 XBD=2085 XBD=2152 XBD=2224 XHG=1306 XHG=1482 XHG=1591 XHG=1635 XHG=1719 XHG=1893 XHG=1947 XHG=2096 XHG=2166 XHG=2240 YBD=2001 YBD=1995 YBD=2003 YBD=1996 YBD=1997 YBD=2004 YHG=1968>inserting YHG=1968>them YHG=1968>it YHG=1976>was YHG=1968>intended YHG=1969>to YHG=1967>provide YHG=1968>for YHG=1969>the YHG=1968>possibility XBD=187 XBD=323 XBD=514 XBD=781 XBD=1149 XBD=1267 XHG=146 XHG=229 XHG=363 XHG=555 XHG=821 XHG=1192 YBD=2006 YBD=2016 YBD=2008 YBD=2017 YBD=2008 YHG=1984>as YHG=1975>they YHG=1975>showed YHG=1975>themselves YHG=1975>interchangeable YHG=1975>and XBD=1342 XBD=1540 XBD=1739 XBD=1840 XBD=1905 XBD=1983 XBD=2184 XBD=2271 XBD=2416 XHG=1307 XHG=1363 XHG=1560 XHG=1759 XHG=1862 XHG=1924 XHG=1999 XHG=2203 XHG=2289 YBD=2032 YBD=2038 YBD=2033 YBD=2040 YHG=2004>of YHG=2003>preparing YHG=2004>statistical YHG=2005>data YHG=2013>on YHG=2005>the YHG=2004>frequency YHG=2006>and YHG=2014>appearXBD=503 XBD=663 XBD=849 XBD=1002 XBD=1061 XBD=1145 XBD=1267 XHG=143 XHG=522 XHG=681 XHG=867 XHG=1022 XHG=1079 XHG=1164 YBD=2063 YBD=2054 YBD=2054 YBD=2054 YHG=2020>reversible-being YHG=2022>merely YHG=2021>variable YHG=2022>results YHG=2022>of YHG=2022>the XBD=1389 XHG=2238 XBD=1442 XBD=1554 XBD=1639 XBD=1821 XBD=1950 XBD=2133 XBD=2178 XBD=2221 XBD=2417 XHG=1308 YBD=2078 XHG=1407 XHG=1459 XHG=1570 XHG=1656 XHG=1839 XHG=1967 XHG=2150 XHG=2194 YBD=2068 YHG=2031>same YBD=2075 YBD=2069 YBD=2070 YHG=2050>ance YHG=2041>of YHG=2041>these YHG=2042>two YHG=2041>varieties, YHG=2041>whose YHG=2041>existence YHG=2041>it YHG=2042>is YHG=2041>impossible

XBD=359 YBD=2109 YHG=2068>contagion. " XBD=1344 XBD=1544XHG=147 XHG=1306 XHG=1367 YBD=2106 YBD=2111 YHG=2079>to YHG=2077>disregard. " XBD=1421 XBD=1698 XBD=1887 XBD=2138 XBD=2214 XBD=2301 XHG=2332 XHG=1351 XHG=1453 XHG=1729 XHG=1918 XHG=2170 XHG=2244 YBD=2148 YBD=2147 YBD=2142 YHG=2114>The YHG=2114>International YHG=2113>Sanitary YHG=2113>Convention, YHG=2123>on YHG=2115>the YHG=2114>other " XBD=2418 XBD=283 XHG=700 XBD=386 XBD=496 XBD=676 XBD=882 XBD=1000 XBD=1166 XBD=1268 XHG=197 XHG=309 XHG=411 XHG=519 XHG=906YBD=2156 XHG=1025 XHG=1193 YBD=2146 YBD=2147 YBD=2147 YBD=2156YHG=2114>kingdom YBD=2148 YHG=2112>Into YHG=2114>this YHG=2114>well YHG=2115>ordered YHG=2115>with YHG=2115>precise YHG=2115>and " XBD=2418 XBD=1411 XBD=1491 XBD=1589 XBD=1687 XBD=1741 XBD=1817 XBD=1893 XBD=1947 XBD=2024 XBD=2172 XHG=1308 XHG=1429 XHG=1509 XHG=1605 XHG=1704 XHG=1759 XHG=1835 XHG=1911 XHG=1965 XHG=2042 XHG=2188 XHG=2291 YBD=2184 YBD=2186 YBD=2179 YBD=2185 YBD=2178 YBD=2183 YHG=2151>hand, YHG=2150>has YHG=2151>only YHG=2151>kept YHG=2151>to YHG=2159>use YHG=2150>of YHG=2151>the YHG=2150>generic YHG=2151>term YHG=2151>variola, "" XBD=2274 XBD=284 XBD=464 XBD=728 XBD=860 XBD=1073 XBD=1168 XBD=1269 XHG=754 XHG=144 XHG=309 XHG=886 XHG=1098 XHG=1193 YBD=2202 YBD=2193 YBD=2200 YBD=2194 YBD=2203 YBD=2194 YBD=2202 YHG=2160>clearly YHG=2160>marked YHG=2160>boundaries, YHG=2162>there YHG=2162>appeared YHG=2171>one YHG=2162>day XBD=1336XHG=489 XBD=1460 XBD=1689 XBD=1802 XBD=2014 XBD=2075 XBD=2268 XBD=2373 XBD=2419 XHG=1308 XHG=1362 XHG=1485 XHG=1714 XHG=1827 XHG=2038 XHG=2100 XHG=2287 XHG=2394 YBD=2220 YBD=2215 YBD=2214 YHG=2187>being YHG=2187>understood YHG=2187>that, YHG=2186>whichever YHG=2196>or YHG=2188>whatever YHG=2187>form YHG=2187>it "" XBD=1270 XBD=247 XBD=397 XBD=484 XBD=686 XBD=842 XBD=926 XBD=1096 XHG=149 XHG=263 XHG=417 XHG=505 XHG=707 XHG=861 XHG=945 XHG=1118 YBD=2247 YBD=2239 YBD=2249 YBD=2250 YBD=2240 YBD=2249 YBD=2249 YHG=2207>(well YHG=2207>within YHG=2217>our YHG=2216>memory, YHG=2208>during YHG=2208>the YHG=2210>present XBD=1389 XHG=2221 XBD=1501 XBD=1551 XBD=1599 XBD=1642 XBD=1789 XBD=1909 XBD=1967 XBD=2201 XBD=2419 XHG=1308 YBD=2252 XHG=1409 XHG=1522 XHG=1572 XHG=1622 XHG=1664 XHG=1810 XHG=1930 XHG=1991 YBD=2257 YHG=2210>quarter YBD=2256 YBD=2250 YBD=2251 YBD=2258 YHG=2232>may YHG=2224>take, YHG=2223>it YHG=2224>is YHG=2232>a YHG=2223>disease YHG=2223>liable YHG=2224>to YHG=2224>compulsory YHG=2223>notification XBD=1377XHG=807 XBD=1540 XBD=1610 XBD=1689 XBD=1837 XBD=2099 XBD=2189 XBD=2307 XBD=2376 XBD=2420 XHG=1310 XHG=1400 XHG=1564 XHG=1630 XHG=1711 XHG=1859 XHG=2121 XHG=2211 XHG=2325 XHG=2395 YBD=2292 YBD=2294 YBD=2288 YBD=2287 YHG=2261>and YHG=2260>covered YHG=2260>by YHG=2260>the YHG=2261>several YHG=2260>requirements YHG=2259>laid YHG=2261>down YHG=2260>for YHG=2259>it " XBD=1269 XBD=187 XBD=278 XBD=453 XBD=653 XBD=779 XBD=845 XBD=1055 XBD=1179 XHG=148 XHG=212 XHG=303 XHG=480 XHG=679 XHG=872 XHG=1078 XHG=1203 YBD=2285 YBD=2295 YBD=2296 YBD=2286 YBD=2287 YBD=2286 YHG=2253>of YHG=2253>the YHG=2256>present YHG=2255>century) YHG=2254>signs YHG=2255>of YHG=2255>secession YHG=2254>from YHG=2255>the " XBD=1345 XBD=1419 XBD=1654 XBD=1795 XBD=1838 XBD=1899 XBD=2013 XBD=2218 XHG=1309 XHG=1360 XHG=1437 XHG=1690 XHG=1811 XHG=1855 XHG=1917 XHG=2029 XHG=2234 YBD=2323 YBD=2324 YBD=2332 YHG=2296>in YHG=2296>the YHG=2296>Convention. YHG=2296>There YHG=2296>is YHG=2305>no YHG=2296>other YHG=2296>admissible YHG=2296>interpreta"" XBD=2419 XBD=346 XBD=435 XBD=537 XBD=659 XBD=835 XBD=947 XBD=996 XBD=1204 XBD=1269 XHG=149 XHG=399 XHG=461 XHG=563 XHG=684 XHG=861 XHG=974 XHG=1022 XHG=1230 YBD=2334 YBD=2333 YBD=2332 YBD=2342 YBD=2333 YHG=2299>orthodox. YHG=2300>It YHG=2300>had YHG=2300>been YHG=2301>noticed YHG=2301>that YHG=2311>a YHG=2310>sequence YHG=2301>of XBD=1392 XBD=1473 XBD=1558 XBD=1667 XBD=1868 XBD=1970 XBD=2041 XBD=2238 XBD=2319 XBD=2421 XHG=1309 XHG=1439 XHG=1498 XHG=1584 XHG=1691 XHG=1891 XHG=1995 XHG=2066 XHG=2262 XHG=2342 YBD=2366 YBD=2367 YBD=2361 YBD=2360 YHG=2332>tion. YHG=2333>It YHG=2333>has YHG=2332>been YHG=2333>suspected YHG=2332>that YHG=2333>by YHG=2332>attaching YHG=2333>the YHG=2332>label "" XBD=1269 XBD=361 XBD=604 XBD=735 XBD=800 XBD=985 XBD=1084 XBD=1206 XHG=147 XHG=387 XHG=629 XHG=759 XHG=825 XHG=1009 XHG=1109 XHG=1229 YBD=2388 YBD=2389 YBD=2379 YBD=2380 YBD=2380 YHG=2346>epidemics, YHG=2348>sometimes YHG=2349>great YHG=2348>in YHG=2346>number YHG=2349>and YHG=2348>wide XBD=1428 XHG=2397 XBD=1632 XBD=1729 XBD=1772 XBD=1939 XBD=1972 XBD=2034 XBD=2103 XBD=2298 XBD=2376 XBD=2421 XHG=1312 YBD=2396 XHG=1450 XHG=1646 XHG=1755 XHG=1788 XHG=1952 XHG=1997 XHG=2058 XHG=2127 XHG=2320 YBD=2397 YHG=2348>in YBD=2380 YBD=2381 YBD=2404 YHG=2368>&dquo; or YHG=2369>small-pox YHG=2369>alastrim YHG=2369>&dquo; YHG=2369>to YHG=2377>an YHG=2368>epidemic, YHG=2377>use YHG=2369>is mild "" XBD=1270 XBD=247 XBD=520 XBD=632 XBD=715 XBD=966 XBD=1132 XBD=1188 XHG=147 XHG=263 XHG=536 XHG=648 XHG=980 XHG=1147 XHG=1205 YBD=2433 YBD=2426 YBD=2436 YBD=2436 YBD=2427 YBD=2426 YHG=2393>their YHG=2392>distribution, YHG=2403>were YHG=2395>not YHG=2393>conforming YHG=2394>exactly YHG=2396>to YHG=2394>the XBD=1410XHG=731 XBD=1522 XBD=1572 XBD=1608 XBD=1817 XBD=1870 XBD=2091 XBD=2152 XBD=2272 XBD=2321 XBD=2422 XHG=1311 XHG=1423 XHG=1537 XHG=1588 XHG=1622 XHG=1833 XHG=1884 XHG=2106 XHG=2165 XHG=2285 XHG=2336 YBD=2440 YBD=2439 YBD=2432 YBD=2433 YHG=2405>being YHG=2406>made YHG=2405>of YHG=2413>a YHG=2405>subterfuge YHG=2414>or YHG=2405>euphemism YHG=2405>by YHG=2405>which YHG=2406>to YHG=2405>cloak XBD=1385XHG=857 XBD=1594 XBD=1706 XBD=1818 XBD=2043 XBD=2149 XBD=2228 XBD=2330 XBD=2422 XHG=1310 XHG=1406 XHG=1637 XHG=1726 XHG=1839 XHG=2064 XHG=2168 XHG=2248 XHG=2348 YBD=2477 YBD=2470 YBD=2475 YBD=2469 YBD=2468 YHG=2443>true YHG=2443>small-pox. YHG=2442>The YHG=2443>word YHG=2441>camouflage YHG=2450>even YHG=2441>has YHG=2441>been YHG=2441>used " XBD=1271 XBD=376 XBD=576 XBD=637 XBD=813 XBD=966 XBD=1080 XBD=1207 XHG=148 XHG=395 XHG=598 XHG=658 XHG=987 XHG=1098 XHG=1230 YBD=2473 YBD=2472 YBD=2482 YBD=2480 YBD=2472 YHG=2439>established YHG=2440>formulas YHG=2440>of YHG=2440>variola. YHG=2439>Were YHG=2441>they YHG=2441>local, YHG=2450>or " XBD=1347 XBD=1435 XBD=1653 XBD=1791 XBD=1848 XBD=1967 XBD=2067 XBD=2231 XBD=2320 XHG=1311 XHG=1367 XHG=1459 XHG=1699 XHG=1812 XHG=1869 XHG=1990 XHG=2090 XHG=2253 XHG=2339 YBD=2506 YBD=2512 YBD=2510 YBD=2505 YHG=2478>this YHG=2477>connexion. YHG=2478>Thus YHG=2478>in YHG=2477>times YHG=2478>past YHG=2477>cholera, YHG=2477>still YHG=2486>more "|>"XBD=2421 XBD=372 XBD=446 XBD=642 XBD=1065 XBD=1172 XBD=1270 XBD=909XHG=478 XHG=151 XHG=406 XHG=959 XHG=1095 XHG=1203 XHG=674YBD=2528 YBD=2526 YBD=2518 YBD=2529 YBD=2520YHG=2487>episodic YBD=2519 YHG=2486>accidental, YHG=2496>or YHG=2486>They YHG=2487>anomalies ? YHG=2487>had YHG=2489>not

" XBD=2343 XBD=1468 XHG=2151 XBD=1555 XBD=1698 XBD=1821 XBD=1897 XBD=2043 XBD=2096 XBD=2135 XHG=1312 YBD=2542 XHG=1487 XHG=1574 XHG=1715 XHG=1838 XHG=1915 XHG=2062 XHG=2117 YBD=2547 YHG=2513>cholerine.&dquo; YBD=2543 YBD=2541 YBD=2525 YHG=2515>dreaded, YHG=2523>was YHG=2514>hidden YHG=2515>under YHG=2514>the YHG=2515>mantle YHG=2513>of YHG=2513>&dquo;

" XBD=2356 XBD=226 XBD=485 XBD=749 XBD=1012 XBD=1068 XBD=1270 XHG=150 XHG=244 XHG=765YBD=2567 XHG=1027 XHG=1084 YBD=2565 YBD=2575 YBD=2575 YBD=2566YHG=2533>Discovered YBD=2573 YHG=2533>this YHG=2542>appearance. YHG=2533>successively YHG=2534>in YHG=2532>America, " XBD=2422XHG=521 XBD=1424 XBD=1487 XBD=1557 XBD=1632 XBD=1754 XBD=1845 XBD=2017 XBD=2067 XBD=2150 XHG=1354 XHG=1438 XHG=1502 XHG=1571 XHG=1646 XHG=1767 XHG=1860 XHG=2032 XHG=2082 XHG=2165 XHG=2368 YBD=2579 YBD=2577 YBD=2578 YBD=2576 YHG=2551>But YHG=2559>we YHG=2560>are YHG=2552>not YHG=2559>aware YHG=2551>that YHG=2550>evidence YHG=2549>of YHG=2549>this YHG=2550>contention YHG=2549>has " XBD=1397 XBD=1631 XBD=1699 XBD=1807 XBD=1883 XBD=2029 XBD=2226 XBD=2316 XHG=2348 XHG=1312 XHG=1429 XHG=1662 XHG=1729 XHG=1838 XHG=1915 XHG=2061 XHG=2258 YBD=2615 YBD=2614 YBD=2613 YHG=2587>been YHG=2587>established YHG=2595>or YHG=2587>that YHG=2586>its YHG=2586>actual YHG=2586>existence YHG=2587>has YHG=2586>been " XBD=2423 XBD=290 XHG=831 XBD=379 XBD=600 XBD=688 XBD=813 XBD=995 XBD=1054 XBD=1114 XBD=1270 XHG=151 XHG=303 XHG=397 XHG=612 XHG=706 XHG=1015YBD=2621 XHG=1074 XHG=1134 YBD=2617 YBD=2619 YBD=2612 YBD=2612YHG=2580>thought YBD=2618 YHG=2578>Africa, YHG=2579>Australia, YHG=2580>and YHG=2580>there YHG=2581>of YHG=2589>as YHG=2580>exotic, " "" "" " " " " " "" "

XBD=2423 XBD=1497 XBD=1600 XBD=1702 XBD=1844 XBD=1967 XBD=2061 XBD=2137 XBD=2253 XBD=2324 XHG=1312 XHG=1528 XHG=1614 XHG=1717 XHG=1857 XHG=1982 XHG=2075 XHG=2151 XHG=2267 XHG=2339 YBD=2658 YBD=2651 YBD=2650 YBD=2657 YHG=2624>suspected. YHG=2624>The YHG=2624>term YHG=2622>variola YHG=2622>minor YHG=2622>does YHG=2624>not YHG=2630>usurp YHG=2622>the YHG=2622>place XBD=244 XBD=455 XBD=581 XBD=678 XBD=740 XBD=849 XBD=921 XBD=981 XBD=1150 XBD=1272 XHG=152 XHG=263 XHG=474 XHG=600 XHG=699 XHG=760 XHG=869 XHG=940 XHG=1002 XHG=1169 YBD=2666 YBD=2667 YBD=2668 YBD=2658 YBD=2667 YBD=2658 YHG=2626>they YHG=2626>presently YHG=2635>came YHG=2626>also YHG=2628>to YHG=2636>crop YHG=2635>up YHG=2626>in YHG=2626>Europe YHG=2625>itself XBD=1347 XBD=1502 XBD=1645 XBD=1752 XBD=1836 XBD=2031 XBD=2116 XBD=2263 XBD=2313 XBD=2424 XHG=1313 XHG=1375 XHG=1526 XHG=1701 XHG=1777 XHG=1863 XHG=2056 XHG=2137 XHG=2287 XHG=2338 YBD=2694 YBD=2687 YBD=2693 YBD=2685 YBD=2686 YHG=2659>of YHG=2659>variola YHG=2659>major. YHG=2659>On YHG=2660>contrary, YHG=2659>the YHG=2658>former YHG=2658>is YHG=2658>often XBD=191 XBD=236 XBD=344 XBD=487 XBD=721 XBD=880 XBD=980 XBD=1069 XBD=1175 XBD=1272 XHG=150 XHG=214 XHG=258 XHG=364 XHG=511 XHG=744 XHG=926 XHG=1004 XHG=1091 XHG=1197 YBD=2713 YBD=2705 YBD=2704 YBD=2703 YBD=2704 YHG=2672>in YHG=2681>a YHG=2681>way YHG=2672>which YHG=2672>demanded YHG=2672>notice. YHG=2671>To YHG=2673>the YHG=2681>new XBD=1519 XHG=2285 XBD=1592 XBD=1671 XBD=1793 XBD=1955 XBD=2034 XBD=2265 XBD=2424 XHG=1313 YBD=2722 XHG=1537 XHG=1612 XHG=1691 XHG=1814 XHG=1975 XHG=2056 YBD=2723 YHG=2672>and YBD=2729 YHG=2695>substituted YHG=2695>for YHG=2695>the YHG=2696>latter YHG=2695>because YHG=2696>the YHG=2694>designation YHG=2694>alastrim XBD=403 XBD=576 XBD=638 XBD=805 XBD=917 XBD=1146 XBD=1208 XBD=1272 XHG=150 XHG=426 XHG=600 XHG=662 XHG=942 XHG=1167 XHG=1232 YBD=2758 YBD=2750 YBD=2760 YBD=2750 YHG=2717>troublesome YHG=2718>variety YHG=2718>of YHG=2718>variola YHG=2718>thus YHG=2718>appearing YHG=2718>in YHG=2727>so XBD=1340XHG=828 XBD=1411 XBD=1467 XBD=1632 XBD=1801 XBD=1898 XBD=1943 XBD=2057 XBD=2241 XBD=2425 XHG=1313 XHG=1351 XHG=1422 XHG=1477 XHG=1642 XHG=1811 XHG=1907 XHG=1952 XHG=2067 XHG=2262 YBD=2766 YBD=2765 YBD=2759 YBD=2762 YHG=2731>is YHG=2733>not YHG=2741>an YHG=2732>officially YHG=2732>accepted YHG=2732>term YHG=2731>in YHG=2740>many YHG=2731>countries. YHG=2731>Varicella, XBD=1423XHG=883 XBD=1603 XBD=1854 XBD=1957 XBD=2111 XBD=2217 XBD=2294 XBD=2425 XHG=1314 XHG=1439 XHG=1620 XHG=1867 XHG=1973 XHG=2127 XHG=2234 XHG=2309 YBD=2796 YBD=2802 YBD=2801 YBD=2795 YHG=2767>which YHG=2776>everyone YHG=2767>distinguishes YHG=2768>from YHG=2767>variola, YHG=2767>itself YHG=2769>not YHG=2767>seldom XBD=267 XBD=460 XBD=534 XBD=651 XBD=712 XBD=862 XBD=979 XBD=1136 XBD=1273 XHG=151 XHG=288 XHG=483 XHG=552 XHG=673 XHG=733 XHG=1000 XHG=1171 YBD=2804 YBD=2795 YBD=2796 YBD=2806 YBD=2797 YHG=2773>many YHG=2766>quarters YHG=2764>all YHG=2766>sorts YHG=2764>of YHG=2773>names YHG=2773>were YHG=2765>given; YHG=2773>some XBD=1424XHG=768 XBD=1484 XBD=1651 XBD=1733 XBD=1869 XBD=1953 XBD=2224 XBD=2276 XBD=2325 XBD=2424 XHG=1314 XHG=1446 XHG=1509 XHG=1673 XHG=1756 XHG=1892 XHG=1977 XHG=2248 XHG=2297 XHG=2347 YBD=2837 YBD=2838 YBD=2832 YBD=2831 YBD=2835 YHG=2813>serves YHG=2805>to YHG=2804>disguise YHG=2804>the YHG=2804>latter, YHG=2805>not YHG=2803>intentionally, YHG=2804>it YHG=2803>is YHG=2804>true, XBD=191 XBD=333 XBD=547 XBD=632 XBD=733 XBD=878 XBD=1004 XBD=1079 XBD=1274 XHG=152 XHG=226 XHG=365 XHG=584 XHG=667 XHG=909 XHG=1040 XHG=1116 YBD=2843 YBD=2842 YBD=2842 YBD=2842 YHG=2811>of YHG=2810>them YHG=2810>invented YHG=2819>on YHG=2810>the YHG=2810>usual YHG=2810>lines YHG=2811>of YHG=2810>medical XBD=1378 XBD=1543 XBD=1603 XBD=1734 XBD=1795 XBD=1987 XBD=2110 XBD=2182 XBD=2425 XHG=1315 XHG=1402 XHG=1569 XHG=1630 XHG=1760 XHG=1821 XHG=2011 XHG=2136 XHG=2206 YBD=2867 YBD=2874 YBD=2868 YBD=2873 YBD=2876 YHG=2841>but : YHG=2840>because YHG=2849>errors YHG=2840>of YHG=2839>diagnosis YHG=2840>made YHG=2840>by YHG=2840>practitioners XBD=392 XBD=541 XBD=600 XBD=778 XBD=941 XBD=1120 XBD=1273 XHG=150 XHG=414 XHG=562 XHG=619 XHG=798 XHG=977 XHG=1140 YBD=2888 YBD=2896 YBD=2897 YBD=2888 YBD=2895 YHG=2856>vocabulary, YHG=2856>others YHG=2857>of YHG=2856>popular YHG=2856>origin YHG=2856>variola XBD=1351 XHG=2394 XBD=1482 XBD=1629 XBD=1673 XBD=1737 XBD=1870 XBD=2041 XBD=2180 XBD=2234 XBD=2376 XBD=2426 XHG=1313 YBD=2903 XHG=1370 XHG=1501 XHG=1647 XHG=1693 XHG=1756 XHG=1885 XHG=2082 XHG=2200 XHG=2256 YBD=2904 YHG=2856>minor, YBD=2910 YHG=2877>to YHG=2877>whom YHG=2875>variola YHG=2875>is YHG=2885>no YHG=2876>longer YHG=2875>familiar. YHG=2876>Cases YHG=2875>of YHG=2876>variola YHG=2883>or XBD=496 XBD=781 XBD=895 XBD=1125 XBD=1273 XHG=146 XHG=516 XHG=913 XHG=1144 YBD=2940 YBD=2942 YBD=2933 YBD=2943 YBD=2934 YHG=2902>variola-varicella, YHG=2901>para-variola, YHG=2902>mild YHG=2902>small-pox, YHG=2902>whiteXBD=1399XHG=802 XBD=1461 XBD=1651 XBD=1813 XBD=2040 XBD=2173 XBD=2256 XBD=2426 XHG=1315 XHG=1426 XHG=1489 XHG=1677 XHG=1837 XHG=2067 XHG=2197 XHG=2280 YBD=2939 YBD=2944 YBD=2946 YBD=2940 YHG=2920>even YHG=2912>of YHG=2911>alastrim, YHG=2912>passing YHG=2912>undetected YHG=2912>under YHG=2912>the YHG=2910>innocent

" XBD=1413 XBD=1480 XBD=1677 XBD=1795 XBD=1911 XBD=2000 XBD=2145 XBD=2211 XHG=1314 XHG=1445 XHG=1511 XHG=1709 XHG=1827 XHG=1941 XHG=2030 XHG=2177 XHG=2238 YBD=2980 YBD=2975 YBD=2976 YHG=2957>name YHG=2947>varicella, YHG=2948>have YHG=2948>been YHG=2949>the YHG=2956>source YHG=2948>of YHG=2948>formidable " XBD=2426 XBD=238 XHG=846 XBD=457 XBD=620 XBD=824 XBD=909 XHG=150 XHG=260 XHG=478 XHG=641 YBD=2989 YBD=2988 YBD=2986 YBD=2980 YHG=2957>pox, YHG=2947>milk-pox, YHG=2957>amaas, YHG=2947>alastrim, YHG=2948>&c.

" " " "" " " "

XBD=2427XHG=669 XBD=1502 XBD=1616 XBD=1703 XBD=1888 XBD=1952 XBD=2042 XBD=2183 XBD=2372 XHG=1316 XHG=1564 XHG=1644 XHG=1733 XHG=1917 XHG=1983 XHG=2070 XHG=2213 XHG=2396 YBD=3019 YBD=3011 YBD=3012 YBD=3010 YHG=2984>epidemics. YHG=2984>On YHG=2983>occasion YHG=2984>of YHG=2984>the YHG=2985>recent YHG=2984>outbreak YHG=2984>in XBD=262 XBD=405 XBD=628 XBD=949 XBD=1027 XBD=1160 XBD=1275 XHG=199 XHG=299 XHG=445 XHG=987 XHG=1066 XHG=1200 YBD=3027 YBD=3032 YBD=3026 YBD=3025 YBD=3025 YBD=3026 YHG=2994>All YHG=2995>these YHG=2994>variants, YHG=2993>differentiated YHG=2993>in YHG=2993>time YHG=2993>and XBD=1476 XHG=2394 XBD=1629 XBD=1842 XBD=1912 XBD=1990 XBD=2163 XBD=2375 XBD=2427 XHG=1316 YBD=3047 XHG=1498 XHG=1651 XHG=1865 XHG=1931 XHG=2011 XHG=2184 YBD=3053 YHG=3019>at YBD=3054 YBD=3048 YBD=3055 YBD=3049 YHG=3021>Holland, YHG=3020>though YHG=3019>considered YHG=3020>by YHG=3021>the YHG=3020>sanitary YHG=3020>authorities XBD=462 XBD=596 XBD=839 XBD=905 XBD=1073 XBD=1276 XHG=149 XHG=490 XHG=621 XHG=866 XHG=933 XHG=1096 YBD=3083 YBD=3073 YBD=3081 YBD=3071 YBD=3080 YBD=3073 YHG=3040>geographically, YHG=3049>came YHG=3039>ultimately YHG=3042>to YHG=3049>appear XBD=1374 XHG=2248 XBD=1577 XBD=1633 XBD=1700 XBD=1837 XBD=1896 XBD=1961 XBD=2145 XBD=2226 XBD=2428 XHG=1315 YBD=3090 XHG=1396 XHG=1598 XHG=1655 XHG=1724 XHG=1859 XHG=1920 XHG=1984 XHG=2167 YBD=3084 YHG=3040>identical YBD=3091 YBD=3085 YHG=3056>beginning YHG=3056>of YHG=3056>its YHG=3065>course YHG=3057>to YHG=3057>be YHG=3056>alastrim, YHG=3057>the YHG=3058>customary XBD=1529XHG=941 XBD=1767 XBD=1862 XBD=2120 XBD=2211 XBD=2310 XBD=2427 XBD=231 XBD=531 XBD=640 XBD=712 XBD=908 XBD=963 XBD=1128 XBD=1272 XHG=155 XHG=263 XHG=564 XHG=672 XHG=744 XHG=1317 XHG=1557 XHG=1795 XHG=1890 XHG=2148 XHG=2238 XHG=2333 XHG=995 XHG=1157 YBD=3120 YBD=3129 YBD=3118 YBD=3127 YBD=3117 YBD=3118 YBD=3128 YBD=3120 YBD=3127 YBD=3129 YBD=3121 YBD=3124 YBD=3118 YHG=3088>and YHG=3096>synonymous, YHG=3086>and YHG=3088>to YHG=3086>produce YHG=3095>a YHG=3086>united YHG=3094>compulsory YHG=3092>notification YHG=3101>was YHG=3092>immediately YHG=3094>put YHG=3094>into YHG=3094>force, YHG=3087>front. XBD=1384 XBD=1659 XBD=1943 XBD=2060 XBD=2140 XBD=2232 XBD=2429 XHG=1317 XHG=1419 XHG=1695 XHG=1977 XHG=2095 XHG=2174 XHG=2267 YBD=3156 YBD=3164 YBD=3157 YBD=3162 YHG=3130>and YHG=3129>international YHG=3129>appraisement YHG=3129>with YHG=3130>all YHG=3130>the YHG=3136>necessary XBD=283 XHG=838 XBD=382 XBD=533 XBD=727 XBD=815 XBD=912 XBD=1120 XBD=1166 XBD=1278 XHG=154 XHG=305 XHG=405 XHG=556 XHG=749 XHG=937YBD=3164 XHG=1144 XHG=1191 YBD=3165 YBD=3166 YBD=3174 YBD=3163 YBD=3170 YBD=3163YHG=3134>two YBD=3164 YHG=3132>Battle YHG=3143>was YHG=3133>joined YHG=3132>between YHG=3132>the YHG=3132>domains, YHG=3141>a YHG=3132>duel

" XBD=1889 XBD=1436 XHG=1766 XBD=1608 XBD=1663 XBD=1746 XHG=1318 YBD=3192 XHG=1451 XHG=1627 XHG=1681 YBD=3193 YHG=3173>course. YBD=3191 YHG=3164>details YHG=3164>followed YHG=3164>in YHG=3165>due

"" XBD=1085 XBD=1277 XBD=256 XBD=492 XBD=608 XBD=661 XBD=831 XBD=939 XBD=999 XHG=154 XHG=276 XHG=513 XHG=628 XHG=682 XHG=851 XHG=1020 XHG=1107 YBD=3220 YBD=3210 YBD=3218 YBD=3209 YBD=3209 YBD=3218 YHG=3188>more YHG=3179>passionate YHG=3179>than YHG=3178>is YHG=3178>usually YHG=3187>seen YHG=3177>in YHG=3177>the YHG=3178>peaceful XBD=1402XHG=958 XBD=1487 XBD=1604 XBD=1665 XBD=1834 XBD=1886 XBD=2064 XBD=2166 XBD=2217 XBD=2291 XBD=2429 XHG=1361 XHG=1419 XHG=1504 XHG=1620 XHG=1680 XHG=1851 XHG=1903 XHG=2082 XHG=2183 XHG=2234 XHG=2306 YBD=3227 YBD=3234 YBD=3228 YBD=3230 YBD=3229 YHG=3201>In YHG=3209>any YHG=3202>event YHG=3209>an YHG=3200>invasion YHG=3200>of YHG=3200>alastrim, YHG=3209>even YHG=3201>of YHG=3202>the YHG=3200>mildest "" XBD=1276 XBD=261 XBD=318 XBD=493 XBD=704 XBD=781 XBD=906 XBD=996 XBD=1156 XHG=925 XHG=154 XHG=280 XHG=337 XHG=512 XHG=745 XHG=1013 XHG=1176 YBD=3257 YBD=3256 YBD=3255 YBD=3255 YBD=3265 YHG=3224>fields YHG=3225>of YHG=3225>modern YHG=3224>medicine. YHG=3223>Is YHG=3224>there YHG=3232>one YHG=3223>variola YHG=3224>only, XBD=1461XHG=800 XBD=1512 XBD=1583 XBD=1649 XBD=1788 XBD=1848 XBD=1914 XBD=2078 XBD=2170 XBD=2218 XBD=2270 XBD=2429 XHG=1318 XHG=1484 XHG=1536 XHG=1605 XHG=1672 XHG=1811 XHG=1873 XHG=1939 XHG=2103 XHG=2191 XHG=2242 XHG=2293 YBD=3263 YBD=3270 YBD=3269 YBD=3264 YBD=3265 YHG=3236>variety, YHG=3236>is YHG=3237>by YHG=3245>no YHG=3245>means YHG=3238>to YHG=3237>be YHG=3237>desired, YHG=3238>and YHG=3237>if YHG=3238>it YHG=3244>assumes |>" XBD=199 XBD=284 XBD=413 XBD=510 XBD=865 XBD=963 XBD=1052 XBD=1179 XBD=1278 XBD=728 XHG=158 XHG=222 XHG=306 XHG=435 XHG=775 XHG=887 XHG=986 XHG=1074 XHG=1203 XHG=534 YBD=3301 YBD=3302 YBD=3301 YHG=3280>or YHG=3279>are YHG=3270>there YHG=3273>two YHG=3269>This YHG=3278>was YHG=3270>the YHG=3270>variolas ? YHG=3279>crux, YHG=3271>and " XBD=1408 XBD=1652 XBD=1710 XBD=1792 XBD=1990 XBD=2048 XBD=2294 XBD=2350 XBD=2431 XHG=1318 XHG=1429 XHG=1673 XHG=1731 XHG=1813 XHG=2010 XHG=2070 XHG=2315 XHG=2370 YBD=3306 YBD=3300 YBD=3308 YBD=3301 YBD=3309 YBD=3302 YHG=3273>large YHG=3272>proportions, YHG=3281>as YHG=3273>has YHG=3274>happened YHG=3274>at YHG=3274>Guadeloupe, YHG=3275>at YHG=3274>San " XBD=1452 XBD=1538 XBD=1739 XBD=1815 XBD=1942 XBD=2131 XBD=2261 XHG=1319 XHG=1470 XHG=1556 XHG=1756 XHG=1831 XHG=1959 XHG=2148 XHG=2279 YBD=3342 YBD=3341 YBD=3336 YBD=3344 YBD=3338 YHG=3308>Miguel, YHG=3309>and YHG=3309>elsewhere, YHG=3309>the YHG=3309>illness YHG=3310>produced YHG=3318>causes YHG=3310>consider" XBD=2430 XBD=197 XHG=927 XBD=274 XBD=415 XBD=466 XBD=544 XBD=704 XBD=808 XBD=861 XBD=914 XBD=967 XBD=1086 XBD=1277 XHG=156 XHG=208 XHG=286 XHG=428 XHG=478 XHG=556 XHG=717 XHG=817 XHG=875 XHG=981YBD=3347 XHG=1097 YBD=3346 YBD=3348 YBD=3354 YBD=3347 YBD=3357YHG=3324>so YHG=3315>in YHG=3315>the YHG=3324>course YHG=3316>of YHG=3316>the YHG=3318>contest YHG=3324>over YHG=3316>it, YHG=3325>as YHG=3315>often YHG=3316>happens, " "" " " " "" " " " "

XBD=2430 XHG=2267 XBD=1395 XBD=1570 XBD=1672 XBD=1876 XBD=1984 XBD=2237 XHG=1320 YBD=3377 XHG=1430 XHG=1604 XHG=1707 XHG=1909 XHG=2054 YBD=3378 YHG=3346>fatalities, YBD=3372 YBD=3379 YHG=3345>able YHG=3345>damage YHG=3345>and YHG=3344>economic YHG=3346>loss. YHG=3346>Moreover, XBD=365 XBD=537 XBD=612 XBD=854 XBD=960 XBD=1164 XBD=1282 XHG=158 XHG=400 XHG=571 XHG=648 XHG=994YBD=3392 XHG=1197 YBD=3393 YBD=3394 YBD=3402 YBD=3394YHG=3360>A YHG=3360>discussion YHG=3361>turned YHG=3363>to YHG=3361>confusion. YHG=3360>problem YHG=3362>well XBD=1474XHG=926 XBD=1566 XBD=1709 XBD=1769 XBD=1948 XBD=2003 XBD=2056 XBD=2120 XBD=2290 XBD=2369 XBD=2432 XHG=1321 XHG=1488 XHG=1585 XHG=1728 XHG=1787 XHG=1966 XHG=2022 XHG=2076 XHG=2139 XHG=2326 XHG=2382 YBD=3409 YBD=3414 YBD=3408 YBD=3410 YHG=3382>however YHG=3380>few, YHG=3381>cannot YHG=3381>be YHG=3381>regarded YHG=3389>as YHG=3380>of YHG=3390>no YHG=3383>account. YHG=3383>As YHG=3383>far XBD=384 XBD=431 XBD=603 XBD=699 XBD=857 XBD=946 XBD=1003 XBD=1096 XBD=1198 XBD=1281 XHG=159 XHG=398 XHG=448 XHG=619 XHG=716 XHG=962 XHG=1020 XHG=1114 XHG=1214 YBD=3447 YBD=3448 YBD=3439 YBD=3446 YBD=3440 YBD=3439 YBD=3440 YBD=3439 YHG=3406>expounded YHG=3407>is YHG=3407>already YHG=3407>half YHG=3408>solved, YHG=3406>but YHG=3407>in YHG=3408>this YHG=3417>case YHG=3408>the XBD=1358XHG=876 XBD=1473 XBD=1698 XBD=1894 XBD=1981 XBD=2205 XBD=2380 XBD=2431 XHG=1322 XHG=1388 XHG=1503 XHG=1727 XHG=1925 XHG=2012 XHG=2236 XHG=2408 YBD=3452 YBD=3450 YBD=3445 YBD=3444 YHG=3425>as YHG=3417>local YHG=3417>preventive YHG=3425>measures YHG=3425>are YHG=3419>concerned, YHG=3418>alastrim YHG=3418>is XBD=1383XHG=840 XBD=1539 XBD=1644 XBD=1852 XBD=2080 XBD=2146 XBD=2303 XBD=2431 XHG=1322 XHG=1403 XHG=1554 XHG=1664 XHG=1870 XHG=2100 XHG=2163 XHG=2320 YBD=3480 YBD=3487 YBD=3481 YBD=3488 YHG=3454>not YHG=3454>exempt YHG=3453>from YHG=3452>obligatory YHG=3452>notification YHG=3453>by YHG=3454>medical YHG=3454>practiXBD=334 XBD=410 XBD=565 XBD=614 XBD=696 XBD=822 XBD=956 XBD=1111 XBD=1282 XHG=160 XHG=350 XHG=428 XHG=582 XHG=632 XHG=716 XHG=973 XHG=1148 YBD=3493 YBD=3485 YBD=3484 YBD=3486 YBD=3494 YBD=3486 YBD=3486 YHG=3453>question YHG=3453>for YHG=3452>debate YHG=3454>is YHG=3455>too YHG=3455>often YHG=3453>badly YHG=3454>stated. YHG=3453>Words XBD=1448 XBD=1536 XBD=1596 XBD=1781 XBD=1893 XBD=1978 XBD=2170 XBD=2375 XBD=2431 XHG=1323 XHG=1474 XHG=1561 XHG=1622 XHG=1803 XHG=1919 XHG=2003 XHG=2197 XHG=2399 YBD=3523 YBD=3515 YBD=3516 YBD=3518 YBD=3517 YHG=3489>tioners YHG=3497>nor YHG=3489>in YHG=3488>principle YHG=3488>from YHG=3488>the YHG=3497>measures YHG=3490>calculated YHG=3491>to XBD=221 XBD=339 XBD=405 XBD=553 XBD=755 XBD=975 XBD=1065 XBD=1282 XHG=159 XHG=246 XHG=365 XHG=432 XHG=580 XHG=782 XHG=1002 XHG=1091 YBD=3530 YBD=3531 YBD=3532 YBD=3540 YBD=3531 YBD=3539 YHG=3508>are YHG=3499>used YHG=3500>to YHG=3499>which YHG=3499>different YHG=3500>meanings YHG=3509>are XBD=1430 XHG=2372 XBD=1496 XBD=1662 XBD=1916 XBD=1976 XBD=2088 XBD=2139 XBD=2189 XBD=2349 XBD=2432 XHG=1326 YBD=3552 XHG=1452 XHG=1520 XHG=1699 XHG=1939 XHG=1999 XHG=2111 XHG=2162 XHG=2214 YBD=3558 YHG=3500>attached, YBD=3559 YBD=3551 YBD=3553 YHG=3525>check ; YHG=3524>its YHG=3526>spread YHG=3523>particularly YHG=3532>so YHG=3524>since YHG=3525>it YHG=3525>is YHG=3525>difficult YHG=3525>and XBD=234 XBD=661 XBD=851 XBD=1104 XBD=1217 XBD=1285 XHG=158 XHG=272 XHG=887 XHG=1181 XHG=1253 YBD=3577 YBD=3587 YBD=3578 YBD=3578 YBD=3578 YHG=3545>and YHG=3545>misunderstandings YHG=3545>become YHG=3545>inevitable. YHG=3545>Is YHG=3547>it XBD=1519XHG=698 XBD=1574 XBD=1634 XBD=1831 XBD=1947 XBD=2163 XBD=2261 XBD=2334 XBD=2434 XHG=1325 XHG=1536 XHG=1592 XHG=1652 XHG=1849 XHG=1965 XHG=2180 XHG=2277 XHG=2351 YBD=3595 YBD=3587 YBD=3594 YBD=3586 YBD=3588 YBD=3593 YHG=3560>imprudent YHG=3561>to YHG=3561>be YHG=3560>dogmatic, YHG=3560>when YHG=3559>confronted YHG=3560>with YHG=3561>the YHG=3563>early XBD=1430 XHG=2316 XBD=1481 XBD=1531 XBD=1637 XBD=1732 XBD=1781 XBD=1922 XBD=1998 XBD=2039 XBD=2185 XBD=2287 XBD=2434 XHG=1328 YBD=3624 XHG=1444 XHG=1494 XHG=1545 XHG=1651 XHG=1746 XHG=1795 XHG=1936 XHG=2012 XHG=2055 XHG=2197 YBD=3629 YHG=3596>Recent YBD=3623 YBD=3622 YBD=3630 YBD=3625 YHG=3605>cases, YHG=3604>as YHG=3596>to YHG=3597>what YHG=3596>kind YHG=3596>of YHG=3595>variola YHG=3604>one YHG=3595>is YHG=3596>dealing YHG=3597>with. THE LANCET,YHG=3631>without See YBD=3660 Jan. 10th, p. 85. XBD=1515 XHG=2302 XBD=1573 XBD=1742 XBD=1948 XBD=2030 XBD=2194 XBD=2279 XBD=2434 XHG=1328 XHG=1536 XHG=1595 XHG=1765 XHG=1972 XHG=2054 XHG=2219 YBD=3666 YBD=3664 YBD=3658 YBD=3665 YBD=3659 YHG=3631>legislation YHG=3631>in YHG=3632>Holland YHG=3631>recognises YHG=3631>the YHG=3631>duality, YHG=3632>but 1



|>" " XBD=1366 XBD=1724 XBD=1891 XBD=2091 XBD=2200 XBD=2280 XBD=2373 XBD=2431 XBD=1638 XHG=1308 XHG=1662 XHG=1747 XHG=1915 XHG=2109 XHG=2221 XHG=2303 XHG=2397 XHG=1389 YBD=316 YBD=309 YBD=310 YBD=316 YHG=283>but YHG=281>without YHG=282>departing YHG=282>from YHG=283>the YHG=283>rule YHG=283>of YHG=282>hsemorrhagic, XBD=327 XBD=398 XBD=617 XBD=671 XBD=818 XBD=944 XBD=997 XBD=1112 XBD=1264 XHG=165 XHG=342 XHG=417 XHG=634 XHG=690 XHG=835 XHG=962 XHG=1015 XHG=1129 YBD=315 YBD=316 YBD=309 YBD=308 YBD=317 YHG=281>excluding YHG=281>the YHG=281>application YHG=282>to YHG=281>variola YHG=282>minor YHG=281>of YHG=281>strict YHG=289>precau" XBD=2428 XBD=244 XHG=776 XBD=492 XBD=564 XBD=708 XBD=758 XBD=902 XBD=1034 XHG=165 XHG=259 XHG=506 XHG=580 XHG=724 XHG=916YBD=346 YBD=348 YBD=351 YBD=350 YHG=319>tions YHG=319>necessary YHG=319>the YHG=319>control YHG=318>of YHG=318>variola YHG=318>major. for XBD=1490 XBD=1613 XBD=1737 XBD=1817 XBD=2084 XBD=2141 XBD=2291 XHG=1308 XHG=1534 XHG=1630 XHG=1758 XHG=1839 XHG=2106 XHG=2163 XHG=2310 YBD=353 YBD=347 YBD=345 YBD=346 YHG=319>benignity. YHG=319>This YHG=319>forms YHG=318>the YHG=317>characteristic YHG=318>of YHG=318>variola YHG=319>minor. " XBD=2431 XBD=1350 XHG=2225 XBD=1492 XBD=1616 XBD=1689 XBD=1877 XBD=1961 XBD=2035 XBD=2137 XBD=2208 XHG=1309 YBD=381 XHG=1365 XHG=1506 XHG=1630 XHG=1705 XHG=1893 XHG=1976 XHG=2050 XHG=2152 YBD=389 YHG=354>determined YBD=383 YBD=390 YHG=354>In YHG=355>variola YHG=355>major YHG=355>the YHG=354>prognosis YHG=355>and YHG=354>the YHG=354>issue YHG=362>are " XBD=1267 XBD=254 XBD=315 XBD=387 XBD=590 XBD=769 XBD=861 XBD=1067 XHG=208 XHG=278 XHG=339 XHG=411 XHG=616 XHG=886 XHG=1094 YBD=414 YBD=421 YBD=419 YBD=413 YBD=422 YBD=420 YHG=381>As YHG=381>in YHG=380>all YHG=380>epidemic YHG=380>disease, YHG=380>the YHG=379>practical YHG=379>question XBD=1355XHG=796 XBD=1429 XBD=1609 XBD=1661 XBD=1737 XBD=1842 XBD=1928 XBD=2004 XBD=2168 XBD=2219 XBD=2295 XBD=2387 XBD=2432 XHG=1309 XHG=1371 XHG=1446 XHG=1625 XHG=1679 XHG=1754 XHG=1860 XHG=1945 XHG=2021 XHG=2184 XHG=2237 XHG=2313 XHG=2404 YBD=425 YBD=419 YBD=424 YBD=418 YBD=423 YBD=417 YBD=416 YHG=391>by YHG=391>the YHG=392>intensity YHG=392>of YHG=392>the YHG=391>rash, YHG=390>and YHG=390>the YHG=389>severity YHG=389>of YHG=389>the YHG=398>case YHG=389>is

" " "

XBD=2432 XBD=1433 XBD=1620 XBD=1669 XBD=1725 XBD=1986 XBD=2095 XBD=2260 XHG=1309 XHG=1444 XHG=1632 XHG=1681 XHG=1738 XHG=1998 XHG=2109 XHG=2274 YBD=460 YBD=462 YBD=456 YBD=458 YBD=453 YHG=427>graded YHG=428>according YHG=429>to YHG=428>its YHG=427>exanthematic YHG=426>scale, YHG=425>discrete, YHG=426>coherent XBD=224 XHG=905 XBD=289 XBD=381 XBD=541 XBD=648 XBD=873 XBD=943 XBD=1041 XBD=1268 XHG=164 XHG=251 XHG=318 XHG=412 XHG=573 XHG=679 XHG=975YBD=458 XHG=1071 YBD=461 YBD=460 YBD=459 YBD=468 YBD=467 YBD=458 YBD=466YHG=427>of YHG=429>lies YHG=428>in YHG=428>the YHG=427>degree YHG=426>and YHG=427>dexterity YHG=426>the YHG=435>necessary XBD=1376 XBD=1588 XBD=1818 XBD=1948 XBD=2130 XBD=2184 XBD=2432 XHG=1309 XHG=1412 XHG=1658 XHG=1852 XHG=1983 XHG=2163 XHG=2217 YBD=492 YBD=491 YBD=498 YBD=489 YBD=495 YHG=463>and YHG=464>confluent. YHG=464>Alastrim YHG=464>often YHG=463>displays YHG=470>a YHG=462>magnificent XBD=320 XHG=921 XBD=491 XBD=609 XBD=899 XBD=959 XBD=1151 XBD=1268 XHG=166 XHG=339 XHG=532 XHG=630 XHG=980YBD=504 XHG=1168 YBD=515 YBD=506 YBD=505 YBD=504 YBD=503YHG=473>of YHG=475>sanitary YHG=473>control. YHG=473>The YHG=472>dissemblance YHG=472>alastrim YHG=472>from

"" " " "" ""

XBD=1266 XBD=338 XBD=579 XBD=686 XBD=760 XBD=861 XBD=1032 XBD=1201 XHG=168 XHG=370 XHG=614 XHG=721 XHG=895 XHG=1065 XHG=1234 YBD=554 YBD=560 YBD=550 YBD=551 YBD=560 YBD=549 YHG=521>orthodox YHG=519>small-pox, YHG=519>due YHG=521>to YHG=519>the YHG=518>benign YHG=519>nature YHG=518>it XBD=1379XHG=795 XBD=1434 XBD=1541 XBD=1596 XBD=1686 XBD=1765 XBD=1917 XBD=2017 XBD=2099 XBD=2278 XBD=2335 XBD=2433 XHG=1309 XHG=1399 XHG=1453 XHG=1562 XHG=1618 XHG=1707 XHG=1786 XHG=1939 XHG=2037 XHG=2119 XHG=2299 XHG=2356 YBD=570 YBD=571 YBD=564 YBD=563 YBD=562 YBD=561 YBD=568 YHG=535>But YHG=534>in YHG=535>spite YHG=535>of YHG=536>this YHG=537>the YHG=536>patient YHG=537>does YHG=536>not YHG=534>succumb YHG=535>to YHG=542>supXBD=1464 XBD=1590 XBD=1723 XBD=1773 XBD=1887 XBD=2005 XBD=2083 XBD=2185 XBD=2434 XHG=1309 XHG=1484 XHG=1614 XHG=1746 XHG=1796 XHG=1910 XHG=2042 XHG=2103 XHG=2211 YBD=603 YBD=606 YBD=600 YBD=599 YHG=570>purative YHG=570>fever, YHG=572>which YHG=572>is YHG=574>most YHG=581>rare YHG=572>he YHG=571>feels YHG=570>comfortable XBD=366 XHG=833 XBD=554 XBD=676 XBD=780 XBD=817 XBD=948 XBD=1012 XBD=1092 XBD=1268 XHG=167 XHG=380 XHG=571 XHG=690 XHG=796 XHG=964YBD=597 XHG=1027 XHG=1107 YBD=601 YBD=603 YBD=606 YBD=596 YBD=596 YBD=596YHG=564>check YHG=567>sometimes YHG=575>assumes, YHG=565>often YHG=567>puts YHG=575>a YHG=574>on YHG=564>the ; YHG=564>exercise XBD=1377 XBD=1471 XBD=1525 XBD=1702 XBD=1770 XBD=1877 XBD=2080 XBD=2139 XBD=2183 XBD=2247 XBD=2352 XBD=2435 XHG=1310 XHG=1397 XHG=1490 XHG=1546 XHG=1735 XHG=1791 XHG=1899 XHG=2102 XHG=2157 XHG=2206 XHG=2268 XHG=2372 YBD=633 YBD=640 YBD=641 YBD=636 YBD=634 YBD=635 YHG=607>and YHG=607>well YHG=606>in YHG=607>himself YHG=608>in YHG=610>good YHG=608>condition, YHG=617>as YHG=608>if YHG=607>he YHG=615>were YHG=607>but ; XBD=202 XBD=279 XBD=412 XBD=547 XBD=606 XBD=882 XBD=960 XBD=1181 XBD=1268 XHG=168 XHG=220 XHG=297 XHG=430 XHG=569 XHG=626 XHG=926 XHG=980 XHG=1201 YBD=646 YBD=644 YBD=642 YBD=652 YBD=643 YBD=650 YBD=641 YHG=614>of YHG=613>the YHG=612>whole YHG=611>forces YHG=611>of YHG=611>prophylaxis. YHG=610>If YHG=610>small-pox YHG=609>has XBD=1445 XBD=1668 XBD=1720 XBD=1795 XBD=1845 XBD=1897 XBD=1965 XBD=2098 XBD=2290 XBD=2340 XBD=2436 XHG=1310 XHG=1466 XHG=1684 XHG=1735 XHG=1810 XHG=1859 XHG=1911 XHG=1996 XHG=2117 XHG=2305 XHG=2350 YBD=670 YBD=672 YBD=674 YBD=673 YBD=677 YBD=671 YBD=676 YHG=642>slightly YHG=642>indisposed, YHG=652>or YHG=645>not YHG=645>ill YHG=645>at YHG=646>all. YHG=645>Toxic YHG=644>infection, YHG=644>in YHG=642>fact, XBD=284 XBD=360 XBD=489 XBD=635 XBD=703 XBD=978 XBD=1087 XBD=1269 XHG=169 XHG=312 XHG=386 XHG=516 XHG=666 XHG=733 XHG=1005 XHG=1117 YBD=693 YBD=690 YBD=689 YBD=698 YBD=688 YHG=661>drawn YHG=658>all YHG=657>these YHG=658>forces YHG=658>of YHG=657>prophylaxis YHG=657>into YHG=654>combat XBD=1337 XHG=1616 XBD=1500 XBD=1557 XBD=1597 XBD=1803 XHG=1310 YBD=707 XHG=1357 XHG=1519 XHG=1577 YBD=706 YHG=679>minimum. YHG=679>is YHG=679>reduced YHG=679>to YHG=687>a

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XBD=2437 XHG=2353 XBD=1353 XBD=1402 XBD=1470 XBD=1591 XBD=1752 XBD=1809 XBD=1850 XBD=2016 XBD=2138 XBD=2199 XBD=2249 XBD=2334 XHG=1316 YBD=960 XHG=1370 XHG=1422 XHG=1491 XHG=1610 XHG=1770 XHG=1828 XHG=1868 XHG=2034 XHG=2159 XHG=2216 XHG=2268 YBD=957 YHG=937>case YBD=958 YBD=967 YBD=959 YHG=926>It YHG=926>is YHG=935>no YHG=935>mere YHG=927>matter YHG=925>of YHG=935>a YHG=925>clinical YHG=927>type, YHG=936>as YHG=927>is YHG=927>the XBD=570 XHG=760 XBD=640 XBD=735 XBD=863 XBD=1059 XHG=370 XHG=598 XHG=663 XHG=889YBD=995 YBD=1005 YBD=996 YBD=997 YHG=964>of YHG=963>the YHG=964>New YHG=964>Meaning YHG=963>Terms. XBD=1408 XBD=1633 XBD=1733 XBD=1801 XBD=1851 XBD=2309 XBD=2440 XHG=1314 XHG=1436 XHG=1663 XHG=1763 XHG=1829 XHG=1880 XHG=2336 YBD=1005 YBD=1011 YBD=1004 YBD=1003 YBD=1014 YBD=1015 YHG=973>with YHG=972>varioloid, YHG=971>but YHG=972>of YHG=982>a YHG=973>noso-epidemiological YHG=975>type, XBD=276 XHG=743 XBD=377 XBD=477 XBD=582 XBD=639 XBD=724 XBD=920 XBD=1058 XBD=1210 XBD=1274 XHG=215 XHG=293 XHG=394 XHG=494 XHG=599 XHG=659 XHG=936YBD=1061 XHG=1076 XHG=1228 YBD=1053 YBD=1052 YBD=1052 YHG=1019>We YHG=1030>may YHG=1029>now YHG=1022>turn YHG=1021>to YHG=1020>the YHG=1019>which YHG=1019>should YHG=1018>be XBD=1416 XBD=1464 XBD=1550 XBD=1801 XBD=1925 XBD=2242 XBD=2440 XHG=1316 XHG=1432 XHG=1482 XHG=1570 XHG=1819 XHG=1943 XHG=2260 YBD=1053YHG=1019>meaning YBD=1051 YBD=1052 YBD=1062 YHG=1020>since YHG=1020>it YHG=1019>has YHG=1018>maintained YHG=1018>these YHG=1018>characteristics YHG=1020>throughXBD=336 XBD=387 XBD=465 XBD=559 XBD=686 XBD=822 XBD=931 XBD=1040 XBD=1275 XHG=174 XHG=348 XHG=401 XHG=477 XHG=570 XHG=699 XHG=944 XHG=1050 YBD=1100 YBD=1099 YBD=1098 YBD=1099 YHG=1067>attached YHG=1068>to YHG=1066>the YHG=1075>new YHG=1068>terms YHG=1066>which YHG=1064>been YHG=1066>introduced XBD=1384XHG=834 XBD=1487 XBD=1653 XBD=1730 XBD=1854 XBD=1966 XBD=2196 XBD=2437 XHG=1317YBD=1098 XHG=1422 XHG=1524 XHG=1692 XHG=1766 XHG=1891 XHG=2003 XHG=2233 YBD=1106YHG=1065>have YBD=1097 YBD=1098 YBD=1108 YHG=1068>out YHG=1066>the YHG=1075>course YHG=1065>of YHG=1065>long YHG=1065>and YHG=1066>extensive YHG=1067>epidemics XBD=242 XHG=876 XBD=328 XBD=592 XBD=849 XBD=951 XBD=1149 XBD=1276 XBD=1524 XBD=1572 XBD=1619 XBD=1844 XBD=1905 XBD=2025 XBD=2180 XBD=2437 XHG=170 XHG=268 XHG=355 XHG=618 XHG=978YBD=1145 XHG=1175 XHG=1318 XHG=1540 XHG=1587 XHG=1633 XHG=1865 XHG=1923 XHG=2043 XHG=2197 YBD=1146 YBD=1154 YBD=1145 YBD=1145YHG=1113>and YBD=1153 YBD=1144 YBD=1151 YBD=1154 YHG=1114>into YHG=1113>the YHG=1112>variological YHG=1111>vocabulary YHG=1113>consider YHG=1113>their YHG=1113>occurring, YHG=1113>it YHG=1113>is YHG=1113>important YHG=1113>to YHG=1113>note, YHG=1122>among YHG=1113>populations XBD=1438 XBD=1553 XBD=1639 XBD=1733 XBD=1817 XBD=1993 XBD=2051 XBD=2319 XBD=2439 XHG=1296 XHG=1455 XHG=1571 XHG=1657 XHG=1751 XHG=1835 XHG=2013 XHG=2069 XHG=2361 YBD=1191 YBD=1192 YHG=1153>which YHG=1159>have YHG=1162>not YHG=1159>had YHG=1159>the YHG=1157>benefits YHG=1159>of YHG=1160>vaccination. YHG=1159>One XBD=364 XHG=792 XBD=492 XBD=552 XBD=705 XBD=768 XBD=895 XBD=1183 XBD=1276 XHG=171 XHG=384 XHG=512 XHG=573 XHG=728 XHG=916YBD=1192 XHG=1230 YBD=1193 YBD=1191 YBD=1201 YBD=1201 YHG=1160>legitimate YHG=1159>effect YHG=1160>in YHG=1160>regard YHG=1161>to YHG=1159>older YHG=1160>designations. YHG=1158>In XBD=239 XHG=767 XBD=462 XBD=517 XBD=573 XBD=742 XBD=789 XBD=1004 XBD=1069 XBD=1164 XBD=1276 XHG=173 XHG=263 XHG=486 XHG=541 XHG=599 XHG=814YBD=1237 XHG=1030 XHG=1096 XHG=1189 YBD=1238 YBD=1247 YBD=1247 YBD=1247YHG=1215>a YHG=1206>this YHG=1206>connexion YHG=1206>it YHG=1206>is YHG=1206>merely YHG=1206>triviality YHG=1208>to YHG=1216>say YHG=1206>that XBD=1501 XBD=1574 XBD=1636 XBD=1737 XBD=1943 XBD=2136 XBD=2206 XBD=2303 XBD=2439 XHG=1318 XHG=1535 XHG=1604 XHG=1669 XHG=1768 XHG=1976 XHG=2165 XHG=2238 XHG=2337 YBD=1248 YBD=1240 YBD=1239 YBD=1238 YHG=1206>epidemic YHG=1207>of YHG=1207>it YHG=1206>has YHG=1205>followed YHG=1206>another YHG=1206>in YHG=1206>the YHG=1216>same XBD=304 XHG=939 XBD=353 XBD=584 XBD=653 XBD=904 XBD=980 XBD=1053 XBD=1276 XHG=174 XHG=322 XHG=379 XHG=611 XHG=678 XHG=1003YBD=1284 XHG=1073 YBD=1294 YBD=1290 YBD=1284YHG=1253>in YHG=1252>variola YHG=1253>is YHG=1251>&dquo; YHG=1262>or YHG=1252>&dquo;severe&dquo; YHG=1253>all benign &dquo;; YHG=1253>infections XBD=1472 XBD=1554 XBD=1601 XBD=1881 XBD=2020 XBD=2084 XBD=2229 XBD=2366 XBD=2440 XHG=1317 XHG=1494 XHG=1579 XHG=1626 XHG=1907 XHG=2046 XHG=2109 XHG=2255 XHG=2392 YBD=1287 YBD=1285 YBD=1295 YBD=1286 YHG=1253>locality YHG=1254>for YHG=1263>a YHG=1252>considerable YHG=1253>series YHG=1254>of YHG=1262>years, YHG=1253>going YHG=1262>on XBD=266 XHG=692 XBD=354 XBD=590 XBD=661 XBD=859 XBD=1025 XBD=1149 XBD=1277 XHG=172 XHG=296 XHG=385 XHG=620 XHG=889YBD=1340 XHG=1056 XHG=1180 YBD=1330 YBD=1331 YBD=1332 YBD=1340YHG=1299>severity YBD=1331 YHG=1299>there YHG=1308>are YHG=1299>variations YHG=1300>in YHG=1299>within YHG=1308>very YHG=1299>wide XBD=1458 XBD=1515 XBD=1601 XBD=1724 XBD=1838 XBD=1966 XBD=2093 XBD=2217 XBD=2441 XHG=1319 XHG=1476 XHG=1536 XHG=1621 XHG=1742 XHG=1879 XHG=1984 XHG=2112 XHG=2238 YBD=1342 YBD=1333 YBD=1332 YBD=1341 YHG=1300>always YHG=1301>in YHG=1301>the YHG=1310>same YHG=1310>way. YHG=1299>And YHG=1300>when YHG=1300>these YHG=1300>epidemics XBD=288 XHG=748 XBD=374 XBD=471 XBD=531 XBD=620 XBD=727 XBD=797 XBD=1001 XBD=1061 XBD=1226 XBD=1277 XHG=172 XHG=330 XHG=395 XHG=492 XHG=553 XHG=640 XHG=817YBD=1378 XHG=1023 XHG=1081 XHG=1244 YBD=1377 YBD=1387 YBD=1387 YBD=1378YHG=1355>an YBD=1377 YHG=1345>limits. YHG=1344>So YHG=1346>also YHG=1347>to YHG=1355>say YHG=1346>that YHG=1346>epidemic YHG=1346>of YHG=1346>variola YHG=1346>is XBD=1429 XBD=1560 XBD=1680 XBD=1769 XBD=1949 XBD=2047 XBD=2206 XBD=2440 XHG=1320 XHG=1453 XHG=1581 XHG=1704 XHG=1791 XHG=1972 XHG=2071 XHG=2229 YBD=1379 YBD=1380 YBD=1389 YBD=1381 YBD=1388 YBD=1386 YHG=1356>move YHG=1357>away YHG=1347>from YHG=1348>the YHG=1347>locality YHG=1348>and YHG=1347>spread YHG=1347>elsewhere, XBD=297 XHG=847 XBD=364 XBD=516 XBD=574 XBD=746 XBD=815 XBD=947 XBD=1026 XBD=1278 XHG=174 XHG=325 XHG=391 XHG=543 XHG=605 XHG=776 XHG=977YBD=1425 XHG=1053 YBD=1432 YBD=1423 YBD=1434 YBD=1424 YBD=1424 YBD=1433YHG=1394>state YHG=1391>benign YHG=1401>or YHG=1401>severe YHG=1392>is YHG=1393>merely YHG=1394>to YHG=1402>an YHG=1392>impression XBD=1411 XBD=1540 XBD=1640 XBD=1777 XBD=2015 XBD=2190 XBD=2441 XHG=1319 XHG=1444 XHG=1574 XHG=1674 XHG=1811 XHG=2085 XHG=2225 YBD=1436 YBD=1427 YBD=1428 YBD=1435 YBD=1426 YHG=1393>they YHG=1393>keep YHG=1395>the YHG=1404>same YHG=1394>character. YHG=1394>They YHG=1394>sometimes XBD=209 XBD=279 XBD=403 XBD=456 XBD=553 XBD=672 XBD=751 XBD=860 XBD=894 XBD=1060 XBD=1279 XHG=176 XHG=219 XHG=290 XHG=417 XHG=468 XHG=567 XHG=683 XHG=764 XHG=908 XHG=1073 YBD=1470 YBD=1471 YBD=1472 YHG=1438>of YHG=1438>the YHG=1438>whole YHG=1448>or YHG=1439>that YHG=1439>there YHG=1439>has YHG=1438>been YHG=1439>definite YHG=1439>statistical XBD=1478XHG=873 XBD=1592 XBD=1757 XBD=1939 XBD=2252 XHG=1320YBD=1471 XHG=1498 XHG=1613 XHG=1777 XHG=1959 YBD=1473YHG=1448>a YBD=1474 YBD=1483 YHG=1440>co-exist YHG=1442>with YHG=1441>variola YHG=1441>without YHG=1441>intermingling. XBD=406 XHG=869 XBD=607 XBD=717 XBD=847 XBD=937 XBD=1056 XBD=1128 XBD=1278 XHG=176 XHG=427 XHG=630 XHG=741 XHG=961YBD=1518 XHG=1080 XHG=1152 YBD=1526 YBD=1525 YBD=1519 YBD=1518 YBD=1518YHG=1486>has YBD=1519 YHG=1484>finding-for YHG=1486>instance, YHG=1486>that YHG=1486>there YHG=1485>been YHG=1495>an YHG=1495>excess XBD=1785 XBD=2033 XHG=1718YBD=1574 XHG=1811 YBD=1550YHG=1542>average. YBD=1558 YHG=1518>An YHG=1518>Example. XBD=211 XHG=773 XBD=314 XBD=431 XBD=540 XBD=625 XBD=753 XBD=942 XHG=178 XHG=229 XHG=332 XHG=452 XHG=560 XHG=644 YBD=1562 YBD=1564 YBD=1565 YHG=1531>of YHG=1532>mild YHG=1541>cases YHG=1541>over YHG=1532>the YHG=1533>usual XBD=1458 XBD=1507 XBD=1549 XBD=1646 XBD=1787 XBD=1926 XBD=1985 XBD=2053 XBD=2210 XBD=2281 XBD=2450 XHG=1369 XHG=1476 XHG=1528 XHG=1566 XHG=1665 XHG=1806 XHG=1946 XHG=2006 XHG=2072 XHG=2229 XHG=2300 YBD=1604 YBD=1606 YBD=1605 YBD=1614 YBD=1613 YHG=1573>This YHG=1573>is YHG=1582>a YHG=1573>fact YHG=1572>which YHG=1582>seems YHG=1575>to YHG=1572>be YHG=1572>settled YHG=1571>by YHG=1572>e-x-periXBD=307 XHG=840 XBD=380 XBD=528 XBD=645 XBD=712 XBD=819 XBD=961 XBD=1015 XBD=1092 XBD=1277 XHG=215 XHG=324 XHG=400 XHG=546 XHG=664 XHG=733 XHG=980YBD=1619 XHG=1035 XHG=1113 YBD=1620 YBD=1619 YBD=1619 YBD=1620 YHG=1592>From YHG=1591>the YHG=1590>earliest YHG=1590>times YHG=1600>we YHG=1592>have YHG=1596>known YHG=1591>of YHG=1592>the YHG=1591>existence XBD=1410XHG=852 XBD=1470 XBD=1555 XBD=1662 XBD=1759 XBD=1832 XBD=2003 XBD=2270 XBD=2362 XBD=2442 XHG=1321YBD=1662 XHG=1431 XHG=1490 XHG=1576 XHG=1684 XHG=1780 XHG=1853 XHG=2024 XHG=2316 XHG=2382 YBD=1652YHG=1637>very YBD=1653 YBD=1661 YBD=1662 YBD=1659 YBD=1651 YHG=1630>ence YHG=1620>of YHG=1620>the YHG=1622>past YHG=1621>and YHG=1619>by YHG=1622>present YHG=1619>happenings. YHG=1618>If, YHG=1619>for XBD=208 XBD=389 XBD=441 XBD=637 XBD=733 XBD=833 XBD=934 XBD=1062 XBD=1148 XBD=1277 XHG=178 XHG=225 XHG=407 XHG=460 XHG=655 XHG=749 XHG=950 XHG=1081 XHG=1166 YBD=1654 YBD=1655 YBD=1663 YBD=1656 YBD=1657 YBD=1655 YBD=1655 YBD=1656 YHG=1627>epidemics YHG=1627>of YHG=1628>small-pox YHG=1629>that YHG=1637>were YHG=1637>severe YHG=1629>and YHG=1629>others XBD=245 XBD=340 XBD=456 XBD=535 XBD=688 XBD=815 XBD=942 XBD=1152 XBD=1277 XHG=177 XHG=262 XHG=357 XHG=473 XHG=554 XHG=718 XHG=833 XHG=959 XHG=1171 YBD=1692 YBD=1699 YBD=1693 YBD=1699 YBD=1693 YHG=1664>that YHG=1673>were YHG=1665>much YHG=1665>less YHG=1673>severe YHG=1665>those YHG=1665>which YHG=1665>Sydenham YHG=1666>called ; XBD=1506 XBD=1603 XBD=1737 XBD=1840 XBD=1992 XBD=2149 XBD=2214 XBD=2442 XHG=1322 XHG=1534 XHG=1629 XHG=1765 XHG=1865 XHG=2019 XHG=2176 XHG=2241 YBD=1709 YBD=1701 YBD=1700 YBD=1699 YBD=1708 YHG=1667>example, YHG=1677>one YHG=1666>takes YHG=1676>any YHG=1669>recent YHG=1667>record YHG=1667>of YHG=1666>epidemioXBD=327 XBD=518 XBD=664 XBD=780 XBD=831 XBD=934 XBD=998 XBD=1135 XBD=1278 XHG=180 XHG=349 XHG=561 XHG=686 XHG=803 XHG=853 XHG=957 XHG=1021 XHG=1157 YBD=1728 YBD=1735 YBD=1729 YBD=1736 YBD=1730 YBD=1735 YBD=1730 YHG=1701>44 YHG=1701>mitiores.&dquo; YHG=1702>Why, YHG=1702>then, YHG=1702>it YHG=1710>may YHG=1702>be YHG=1702>asked, YHG=1702>should variolce XBD=1456 XBD=1720 XBD=1828 XBD=2051 XBD=2149 XBD=2371 XBD=2443 XHG=1320 XHG=1486 XHG=1753 XHG=1860 XHG=2083 XHG=2179 XHG=2405 YBD=1757 YBD=1746 YBD=1747 YBD=1745 YHG=1714>logical YHG=1716>movements YHG=1715>and YHG=1714>examines YHG=1714>the YHG=1713>incidence YHG=1713>of XBD=221 XHG=638 XBD=303 XBD=421 XBD=456 XBD=542 XBD=623 XBD=791 XBD=1086 XBD=1136 XBD=1279 XHG=178 XHG=234 XHG=317 XHG=436 XHG=470 XHG=556 XHG=806YBD=1773 XHG=1102 XHG=1153 YBD=1765 YBD=1766 YBD=1773 YBD=1765 YBD=1766 YHG=1745>we YHG=1746>now YHG=1739>create YHG=1746>a YHG=1746>new YHG=1739>and YHG=1740>separate YHG=1739>category-that YHG=1738>of YHG=1738>variola XBD=1522XHG=903 XBD=1780 XBD=1871 XBD=2027 XBD=2122 XBD=2225 XBD=2328 XBD=2444 XHG=1322YBD=1787 XHG=1547 XHG=1805 XHG=1896 XHG=2053 XHG=2147 XHG=2249 XHG=2353 YBD=1802YHG=1775>&dquo; YBD=1803 YBD=1800 YBD=1793 YHG=1761>small-pox YHG=1761>throughout YHG=1760>the YHG=1761>world, YHG=1771>one YHG=1760>will YHG=1760>find YHG=1760>such XBD=275 XBD=336 XBD=382 XBD=544 XBD=607 XBD=687 XBD=776 XBD=871 XBD=921 XBD=1087 XBD=1120 XBD=1231 XBD=1279 XHG=179 XHG=302 XHG=365 XHG=397 XHG=559 XHG=655 XHG=715 XHG=804 XHG=936 XHG=1101 XHG=1150 XHG=1258 YBD=1785 YBD=1801 YBD=1802 YBD=1802 YBD=1786 YBD=1808 YBD=1801 YHG=1773>minor YHG=1783>or YHG=1774>alastrim YHG=1774>&dquo; YHG=1774>Is YHG=1776>not YHG=1775>this YHG=1774>alastrim YHG=1775>&dquo; YHG=1775>only YHG=1783>a ? XBD=243 XBD=323 XBD=458 XBD=573 XBD=644 XBD=720 XBD=795 XBD=900 XBD=939 XBD=1150 XBD=1280 XHG=180 XHG=260 XHG=340 XHG=476 XHG=588 XHG=662 XHG=739 XHG=813 XHG=955 XHG=1171 YBD=1838 YBD=1839 YBD=1844 YBD=1838 YHG=1818>new YHG=1811>and YHG=1811>useless YHG=1819>name YHG=1811>for YHG=1811>the YHG=1811>old YHG=1811>term YHG=1811>varioloid,&dquo; YHG=1810>which XBD=1513XHG=921 XBD=1573 XBD=1659 XBD=1944 XHG=1322YBD=1823 XHG=1533 XHG=1592 XHG=1675 YBD=1841YHG=1811>&dquo; YBD=1840 YBD=1849 YHG=1808>examples :YHG=1818>as YHG=1808>the YHG=1807>following

" XBD=2427 XBD=1476 XHG=2249 XBD=1691 XBD=1741 XBD=1920 XBD=2090 XBD=2140 XBD=2235 XHG=1309 YBD=526 XHG=1490 XHG=1704 XHG=1753 XHG=1934 XHG=2103 XHG=2152 YBD=533 YHG=498>confluent. YBD=532 YBD=528 YBD=527 YHG=498>eruption, YHG=499>generalised YHG=509>or YHG=500>localised, YHG=499>coherent YHG=507>or YHG=506>even

" " " " "

XBD=1269XHG=921 XBD=303 XBD=379 XBD=446 XBD=514 XBD=689 XBD=884 XBD=952 XBD=1021 XHG=170 XHG=337 XHG=416 XHG=482 XHG=553 XHG=727 XHG=989YBD=735 XHG=1058 YBD=747 YBD=743 YBD=744 YBD=736 YBD=734 YBD=743YHG=703>it YHG=706>against YHG=705>it, YHG=704>it YHG=704>is YHG=703>simply YHG=702>because YHG=703>is YHG=702>extremely XBD=1398 XBD=1458 XBD=1563 XBD=1802 XBD=2011 XBD=2190 XBD=2270 XBD=2340 XBD=2440 XHG=1362 XHG=1425 XHG=1487 XHG=1590 XHG=1830 XHG=2039 XHG=2218 XHG=2300 XHG=2371 YBD=771 YBD=772 YBD=781 YBD=784 YBD=783 YBD=774 YBD=773 YHG=739>It YHG=739>is YHG=739>this YHG=738>individual YHG=741>paradox, YHG=741>leading YHG=751>up YHG=743>to YHG=740>the XBD=369 XHG=851 XBD=490 XBD=770 XBD=830 XBD=901 XBD=1080 XBD=1269 XHG=169 XHG=413 XHG=511 XHG=792 XHG=923YBD=781 XHG=1097 YBD=793 YBD=790 YBD=790 YBD=780YHG=750>its YHG=752>dangerous. YHG=750>The YHG=749>salutary YHG=750>of YHG=758>ravages YHG=747>becomesfear XBD=1508 XBD=1705 XBD=1762 XBD=1948 XBD=2087 XBD=2133 XBD=2281 XBD=2437 XHG=1313 XHG=1524 XHG=1723 XHG=1778 XHG=1965 XHG=2101 XHG=2150 XHG=2299 YBD=817 YBD=827 YBD=820 YBD=829 YHG=786>collective YHG=786>paradox, YHG=786>of YHG=795>progress YHG=787>which YHG=788>is YHG=789>nearly YHG=788>always XBD=346 XHG=869 XBD=443 XBD=602 XBD=846 XBD=910 XBD=1001 XBD=1114 XBD=1179 XBD=1271 XHG=169 XHG=370 XHG=468 XHG=629 XHG=935YBD=827 XHG=1027 XHG=1140 XHG=1205 YBD=830 YBD=828 YBD=836 YBD=827 YBD=835YHG=795>in YBD=826 YHG=797>enfeebled YHG=796>and YHG=796>almost YHG=796>disappears YHG=796>the YHG=804>eyes YHG=795>of YHG=795>the XBD=1533 XBD=1620 XBD=1663 XBD=1927 XBD=1977 XBD=2054 XBD=2208 XBD=2258 XBD=2437 XHG=1312 XHG=1546 XHG=1631 XHG=1673 XHG=1937 XHG=1989 XHG=2067 XHG=2220 XHG=2268 YBD=863 YBD=872 YBD=864 YBD=865 YBD=866 YBD=875 YHG=831>favourable YHG=832>and YHG=832>is YHG=831>insignificant YHG=833>in YHG=833>the YHG=836>matter YHG=835>of YHG=835>fatality, XBD=285 XHG=960 XBD=407 XBD=466 XBD=551 XBD=653 XBD=712 XBD=937 XBD=998 XBD=1156 XBD=1269 XHG=171 XHG=304 XHG=427 XHG=486 XHG=570 XHG=674 XHG=735 XHG=1020YBD=872 XHG=1179 YBD=885 YBD=875 YBD=874 YBD=873 YBD=873YHG=841>of YHG=843>public YHG=843>when YHG=842>in YHG=842>the YHG=842>face YHG=840>outbreaks YHG=841>almost YHG=851>nonXBD=1401XHG=390 XBD=1528 XBD=1592 XBD=1788 XBD=1861 XBD=1987 XBD=2052 XBD=2099 XBD=2295 XBD=2435 XHG=1315YBD=930 XHG=1425 XHG=1552 XHG=1617 XHG=1810 XHG=1884 XHG=2012 XHG=2077 XHG=2124 XHG=2319 YBD=910YHG=889>small-pox. YBD=920 YBD=911 YBD=921 YBD=922 YHG=879>that YHG=879>gives YHG=880>to YHG=878>alastrim YHG=879>its YHG=878>right YHG=881>to YHG=889>a YHG=883>separate YHG=881>place. XBD=256 XBD=367 XBD=599 XHG=170 XHG=279 YBD=923 YBD=921 YHG=890>fatal YHG=889>mild

" XBD=1279 XBD=310 XHG=752 XBD=349 XBD=494 XBD=599 XBD=653 XBD=732 XBD=877 XBD=1005 XBD=1091 XHG=181 XHG=329 XHG=368 XHG=509 XHG=618 XHG=673 XHG=897YBD=1875 XHG=1025 XHG=1111 YBD=1874 YBD=1876 YBD=1875 YBD=1880 YHG=1847>denoted YHG=1855>a YHG=1847>clinical YHG=1846>form YHG=1847>of YHG=1847>the YHG=1847>disease YHG=1847>which YHG=1856>was YHG=1847>modified,

" XBD=1515 XBD=1598 XBD=1885 XBD=2025 XBD=2134 XBD=2244 XBD=2323 XBD=2445 XHG=1364 XHG=1532 XHG=1615 XHG=1902 XHG=2041 XHG=2154 XHG=2263 XHG=2343 YBD=1897 YBD=1902 YBD=1903 YBD=1901 YBD=1895 YBD=1899 YHG=1868>England YHG=1868>and YHG=1868>Wales.-Week YHG=1868>ending YHG=1868>April YHG=1866>12th, YHG=1866>423 YHG=1875>cases, " XBD=340 XBD=394 XBD=591 XBD=699 XBD=815 XBD=860 XBD=957 XBD=1004 XBD=1050 XBD=1115 XBD=1224 XBD=1279 XHG=180 XHG=359 XHG=413 XHG=631 XHG=720 XHG=832 XHG=879 XHG=976 XHG=1022 XHG=1070 XHG=1134 XHG=1242 YBD=1917 YBD=1912 YBD=1919 YBD=1911 YBD=1913 YBD=1912 YHG=1883>mitigated YHG=1892>or YHG=1883>abortive YHG=1884>The YHG=1885>reply YHG=1884>is YHG=1884>that YHG=1885>it YHG=1884>is YHG=1893>an YHG=1894>error YHG=1885>to ? ; " XBD=1389 XBD=1530 XBD=1791 XBD=1999 XBD=2057 XBD=2279 XBD=2365 XBD=2445 XHG=1322 XHG=1412 XHG=1552 XHG=1811 XHG=2021 XHG=2078 XHG=2310 XHG=2386 YBD=1934 YBD=1940 YBD=1933 YBD=1939 YBD=1931 YBD=1932 YHG=1906>two YHG=1905>deaths YHG=1905>provisionally YHG=1905>attributed YHG=1905>to YHG=1905>small-pox YHG=1903>for YHG=1904>the " XBD=274 XBD=323 XBD=488 XBD=596 XBD=678 XBD=848 XBD=932 XBD=984 XBD=1119 XBD=1228 XBD=1280 XHG=181 XHG=290 XHG=338 XHG=502 XHG=611 XHG=694 XHG=865 XHG=947 XHG=1000 XHG=1134 XHG=1243 YBD=1955 YBD=1956 YBD=1947 YBD=1948 YBD=1954 YBD=1949 YBD=1948 YHG=1921>adopt YHG=1928>or YHG=1928>compare YHG=1920>these YHG=1920>two YHG=1920>varieties YHG=1921>and YHG=1922>to YHG=1921>regard YHG=1921>them YHG=1929>as |>" " XBD=1402 XBD=1518 XBD=1656 XBD=1782 XBD=1844 XBD=1999 XBD=2157 XBD=2335 XBD=2442 XBD=2252 XHG=1322 XHG=1426 XHG=1543 XHG=1679 XHG=1803 XHG=1868 XHG=2017 XHG=2275 XHG=2357 XHG=2179 YBD=1976 YBD=1974 YBD=1975 YBD=1968 YBD=1968 YHG=1951>year YHG=1941>1929, YHG=1941>10,940 YHG=1950>cases, YHG=1940>29 YHG=1942>deaths, YHG=1941>fatality YHG=1949>per YHG=1942>cent. YHG=1940>0-26

" XBD=398 XBD=531 XBD=718 XBD=877 XBD=930 XBD=1281 XHG=181 XHG=463 XHG=563 XHG=747 XHG=909 XHG=960 YBD=1991 YBD=1984 YBD=1990 YHG=1964>synonymous. YHG=1957>The YHG=1956>question YHG=1956>implies YHG=1965>a YHG=1957>misinterpretation " XBD=1488 XBD=1743 XBD=1832 XBD=1944 XBD=2069 XBD=2216 XBD=2351 XHG=1371 XHG=1517 XHG=1773 XHG=1862 XHG=1976 XHG=2101 XHG=2250 XHG=2384 YBD=2006 YBD=2005 YBD=2012 YBD=2011 YBD=2010 YBD=2004 YHG=1978>United YHG=1978>States.-For YHG=1978>the YHG=1986>year YHG=1977>1927, YHG=1977>34,327 YHG=1985>cases, YHG=1977>163 " XBD=2444 XBD=278 XHG=909 XBD=411 XBD=503 XBD=566 XBD=780 XBD=888 XBD=968 XBD=1174 XBD=1280 XHG=181 XHG=297 XHG=433 XHG=525 XHG=589 XHG=797 XHG=991YBD=2021 XHG=1196 YBD=2020 YBD=2021 YBD=2020 YHG=1993>which YHG=1992>should YHG=1992>first YHG=1993>be YHG=1992>eliminated YHG=1994>from YHG=1993>the YHG=1993>discussion YHG=1993>alto|>" " XBD=1454 XBD=1608 XBD=1772 XBD=1872 XBD=1695 XHG=1324 XHG=1466 XHG=1713 XHG=1787 XHG=1623 YBD=2048 YBD=2049 YBD=2050 YBD=2043 YBD=2041 YHG=2015>deaths, YHG=2015>fatality YHG=2023>per YHG=2015>cent. YHG=2014>0-47 " XBD=292 XBD=508 XBD=712 XBD=793 XBD=1140 XBD=1198 XBD=1281 XHG=182 XHG=337 XHG=530 XHG=735 XHG=815 XHG=1163 XHG=1222 YBD=2064 YBD=2063 YBD=2057 YBD=2064 YBD=2057 YBD=2058 YHG=2030>gether. YHG=2029>Everyone YHG=2029>recognises YHG=2030>the YHG=2029>inappropriateness YHG=2030>of YHG=2030>the |>" " XBD=1624 XBD=1711 XBD=2056 XBD=2191 XBD=2285 XBD=1945 XHG=1368 XHG=1653 XHG=1977 XHG=2088 XHG=2220 XHG=2315 XHG=1740 YBD=2080 YBD=2079 YBD=2085 YBD=2078 YBD=2083 YBD=2085 YHG=2052>Canada.-For YHG=2051>the YHG=2050>1952 YHG=2059>cases, YHG=2050>five YHG=2050>deaths, YHG=2050>year’1929, " XBD=2445 XBD=258 XBD=600 XBD=852 XBD=972 XBD=1201 XBD=1282 XHG=181 XHG=291 XHG=632 XHG=885 XHG=1005 XHG=1236 YBD=2093 YBD=2094 YBD=2094 YBD=2100 YHG=2067>term YHG=2065>&dquo; YHG=2065>unfortunate YHG=2068>term YHG=2066>introduced YHG=2067>by varioloid &dquo;-an |>" " XBD=1459 XBD=1642 XBD=1557 XHG=1319 XHG=1583 XHG=1667 XHG=1484 YBD=2122 YBD=2124 YBD=2116 YBD=2116 YHG=2088>fatality YHG=2097>per YHG=2089>cent. YHG=2088>0-25 " XBD=1753 XBD=358 XBD=415 XBD=530 XBD=626 XBD=710 XBD=856 XBD=922 XBD=1192 XBD=1281 XHG=183 XHG=381 XHG=441 XHG=578 XHG=652 XHG=736 XHG=882 XHG=948 XHG=1219 YBD=2136 YBD=2129 YBD=2130 YBD=2136 YBD=2130 YHG=2103>Thompson YHG=2102>in YHG=2101>1820. YHG=2102>Its YHG=2110>use YHG=2103>should YHG=2102>be YHG=2102>discontinued, YHG=2103>but " XBD=1502 XBD=1747 XBD=1821 XBD=1916 XBD=2124 XBD=2243 XBD=2298 XBD=2447 XHG=1366 XHG=1519 XHG=1762 XHG=1836 XHG=1933 XHG=2142 XHG=2260 XHG=2317 YBD=2152 YBD=2159 YBD=2158 YBD=2150 YBD=2157 YHG=2125>Belgian YHG=2125>Congo.-For YHG=2124>the YHG=2132>year YHG=2123>1929, YHG=2132>cases, YHG=2123>60 YHG=2123>deaths, 2433 " XBD=1281 XBD=236 XHG=938 XBD=478 XBD=724 XBD=844 XBD=914 XBD=975 XBD=1028 XBD=1121 XHG=183 XHG=259 XHG=502 XHG=749 XHG=870 XHG=1000 XHG=1053 XHG=1146 YBD=2167 YBD=2172 YBD=2166 YBD=2166 YBD=2167 YBD=2173 YHG=2148>our YHG=2138>conservative YHG=2138>terminology YHG=2139>holds YHG=2147>on YHG=2139>to YHG=2139>it YHG=2140>and YHG=2139>persists |>" " XBD=1460 XBD=1622 XBD=1548 XHG=1319 XHG=1563 XHG=1637 XHG=1475 YBD=2195 YBD=2196 YBD=2189 YBD=2188 YHG=2160>fatality YHG=2170>per YHG=2162>cent. YHG=2161>2-46 " XBD=1722 XBD=214 XBD=317 XBD=361 XBD=412 XBD=487 XBD=662 XBD=842 XBD=895 XBD=1089 XBD=1216 XBD=1282 XHG=183 XHG=229 XHG=334 XHG=377 XHG=429 XHG=506 XHG=679 XHG=860 XHG=915 XHG=1107 XHG=1233 YBD=2203 YBD=2209 YBD=2208 YBD=2202 YBD=2208 YBD=2203 YHG=2176>in YHG=2175>using YHG=2175>it YHG=2175>in YHG=2175>the YHG=2174>ordinary YHG=2175>language YHG=2174>of YHG=2174>medicine, YHG=2175>which YHG=2184>we " XBD=264 XBD=381 XBD=457 XBD=511 XBD=571 XBD=790 XBD=1011 XBD=1092 XBD=1136 XBD=1228 XHG=183 XHG=281 XHG=398 XHG=474 XHG=530 XHG=589 XHG=809 XHG=1058 XHG=1110 XHG=1154 XHG=1244 YBD=2240 YBD=2239 YBD=2245 YBD=2246 YBD=2238 YBD=2240 YBD=2239 YHG=2213>must YHG=2211>admit YHG=2212>not YHG=2212>to YHG=2211>be YHG=2211>sufficiently YHG=2211>disciplined. YHG=2211>It YHG=2211>is YHG=2212>well YHG=2212>to "" XBD=1281 XBD=1401 XBD=1477 XBD=1745 XHG=1326 XHG=1425 XHG=1501 YBD=2257 YBD=2248 YHG=2215>and YHG=2214>by YHG=2217>contrast :XBD=318 XHG=771 XBD=412 XBD=453 XBD=628 XBD=663 XBD=747 XBD=928 XBD=1009 XBD=1152 XBD=1282 XHG=184 XHG=340 XHG=436 XHG=469 XHG=643 XHG=687 XHG=949YBD=2282 XHG=1028 XHG=1174 YBD=2277 YBD=2276 YBD=2260 YBD=2275 YBD=2276 YBD=2275 YBD=2276 YHG=2248>consider YHG=2248>how YHG=2247>varioloid YHG=2248>&dquo; YHG=2248>has YHG=2248>acquired YHG=2248>the YHG=2247>favour YHG=2247>which - BotM&a/.―Week XBD=1305XHG=808 XBD=1813 XBD=1926 XBD=2037 XBD=2118 XBD=2239 XBD=2299 XBD=2450 XHG=1304 XHG=1692 XHG=1833 XHG=1947 XHG=2057 XHG=2138 XHG=2260 XHG=2320 YBD=2311 YBD=2304 YBD=2310 YBD=2303 YBD=2309 YHG=2277>I YHG=2276>ending YHG=2276>April YHG=2276>19th, YHG=2276>114 YHG=2285>cases, YHG=2276>78 YHG=2276>deaths, " XBD=1282 XBD=209 XBD=276 XBD=323 XBD=420 XBD=581 XBD=720 XBD=792 XBD=964 XBD=1013 XBD=1087 XHG=184 XHG=222 XHG=289 XHG=336 XHG=433 XHG=608 XHG=734 XHG=978 XHG=1029 XHG=1103 YBD=2312 YBD=2313 YBD=2311 YBD=2311 YBD=2312 YHG=2285>it YHG=2286>has YHG=2293>so YHG=2285>little YHG=2284>merited. YHG=2284>When YHG=2284>the YHG=2284>diffusion YHG=2284>of YHG=2285>the YHG=2284>Jennerian |>" " XBD=1463 XBD=1629 XBD=1759 XBD=1841 XBD=1917 XBD=2015 XBD=2127 XBD=2227 XBD=2348 XBD=2448 XBD=1552 XHG=1304 XHG=1571 XHG=1648 XHG=1786 XHG=1857 XHG=1934 XHG=2034 XHG=2144 XHG=2246 XHG=2367 XHG=1480 YBD=2345 YBD=2339 YBD=2347 YBD=2341 YBD=2346 YBD=2340 YBD=2339 YHG=2312>fatality YHG=2321>per YHG=2313>cent. YHG=2312>for YHG=2313>the YHG=2321>year YHG=2312>1929, YHG=2312>2013 YHG=2321>cases, YHG=2313>1068 YHG=2312>68-4; XBD=309 XBD=403 XBD=529 XBD=603 XBD=756 XBD=848 XBD=924 XBD=1012 XBD=1216 XBD=1280 XHG=185 XHG=338 XHG=432 XHG=560 XHG=635 XHG=784 XHG=879 XHG=954 XHG=1044 XHG=1245 YBD=2349 YBD=2354 YBD=2348 YBD=2347 YBD=2348 YBD=2348 YHG=2322>method YHG=2321>had YHG=2321>made YHG=2321>its YHG=2320>weight YHG=2320>felt YHG=2329>on YHG=2320>the YHG=2320>evolution YHG=2321>of |>" " XBD=1456 XBD=1610 XBD=1799 XBD=1722 XHG=1325 XHG=1470 XHG=1741 XHG=1817 XHG=1628 YBD=2381 YBD=2382 YBD=2377 YBD=2375 YHG=2348>deaths, YHG=2348>fatality YHG=2356>per YHG=2350>cent. YHG=2348>53-05 " XBD=1903 XBD=356 XBD=467 XBD=647 XBD=707 XBD=824 XBD=1008 XBD=1067 XBD=1200 XBD=1282 XHG=186 XHG=380 XHG=491 XHG=673 XHG=735 XHG=851 XHG=1032 XHG=1092 XHG=1225 YBD=2391 YBD=2390 YBD=2384 YBD=2383 YBD=2384 YBD=2383 YBD=2384 YHG=2357>epidemics, YHG=2358>large YHG=2357>numbers YHG=2357>of YHG=2364>cases YHG=2357>occurred YHG=2355>in YHG=2356>which YHG=2356>the XBD=1707XHG=769 XBD=1786 XBD=1888 XBD=2004 XBD=2086 XBD=2212 XBD=2295 XBD=2449 XHG=1368 XHG=1728 XHG=1807 XHG=1911 XHG=2027 XHG=2110 XHG=2234 XHG=2318 YBD=2412 YBD=2418 YBD=2413 YHG=2384>Pondicherry.-For YHG=2385>the YHG=2393>year YHG=2385>1929, YHG=2385>500 YHG=2394>cases, YHG=2386>393 YHG=2386>deaths, " XBD=1283 XBD=298 XBD=375 XBD=444 XBD=534 XBD=630 XBD=726 XBD=759 XBD=859 XBD=1001 XBD=1050 XBD=1123 XHG=186 XHG=311 XHG=387 XHG=458 XHG=547 XHG=646 XHG=739 XHG=874 XHG=1015 XHG=1065 XHG=1134 YBD=2422 YBD=2421 YBD=2426 YBD=2419 YBD=2420 YBD=2420 YBD=2419 YBD=2420 YHG=2394>disease YHG=2394>and YHG=2394>the YHG=2393>rash YHG=2401>were YHG=2393>only YHG=2401>a YHG=2392>faint YHG=2392>outline YHG=2392>of YHG=2392>the YHG=2392>features |>" " XBD=1461 XBD=1638 XBD=1745 XBD=1556 XHG=1320 XHG=1580 XHG=1660 XHG=1484 YBD=2454 YBD=2455 YBD=2449 YBD=2448 YHG=2419>fatality YHG=2429>per YHG=2421>cent. YHG=2420>78-0 XBD=215 XBD=309 XBD=467 XBD=546 XBD=641 XBD=776 XBD=881 XBD=1108 XBD=1283 XHG=185 XHG=240 XHG=336 XHG=513 XHG=574 XHG=667 XHG=804 XHG=911 XHG=1135 YBD=2457 YBD=2456 YBD=2456 YBD=2462 YHG=2430>of YHG=2431>true YHG=2430>variola. YHG=2429>It YHG=2438>was YHG=2429>found YHG=2428>that YHG=2429>vaccinated YHG=2428>subjects " XBD=2450 XBD=1493 XBD=1736 XBD=1815 XBD=1915 XBD=2031 XBD=2188 XBD=2313 XHG=1368 XHG=1512 XHG=1756 XHG=1834 XHG=1937 XHG=2053 XHG=2211 XHG=2335 YBD=2485 YBD=2484 YBD=2491 YBD=2492 YBD=2490 YHG=2457>British YHG=2456>India.-For YHG=2456>the YHG=2465>year YHG=2456>1929, YHG=2457>148,106 YHG=2466>cases, YHG=2458>34,393 XBD=273 XHG=844 XBD=328 XBD=502 XBD=603 XBD=643 XBD=822 XBD=995 XBD=1097 XBD=1151 XBD=1283 XHG=186 XHG=291 XHG=348 XHG=521 XHG=623 XHG=664 XHG=1015 XHG=1118 XHG=1173 YBD=2495 YBD=2494 YBD=2493 YBD=2498 YHG=2467>could YHG=2466>be YHG=2466>attacked YHG=2466>with YHG=2474>a YHG=2465>harmless YHG=2464>abortive YHG=2465>type YHG=2465>of YHG=2465>small|>" " XBD=1457 XBD=1612 XBD=1781 XBD=1886 XBD=1702 XHG=1327 XHG=1471 XHG=1723 XHG=1800 XHG=1629 YBD=2527 YBD=2528 YBD=2529 YBD=2522 YBD=2521 YHG=2492>deaths, YHG=2493>fatality YHG=2502>per YHG=2494>cent. YHG=2493>23-2; XBD=245 XBD=374 XBD=467 XBD=576 XBD=663 XBD=828 XBD=892 XBD=967 XBD=1139 XBD=1284 XHG=187 XHG=272 XHG=401 XHG=497 XHG=604 XHG=691 XHG=858 XHG=923 XHG=997 XHG=1182 YBD=2537 YBD=2536 YBD=2530 YBD=2529 YBD=2528 YBD=2536 YHG=2511>pox YHG=2502>which YHG=2511>was YHG=2503>only YHG=2502>the YHG=2502>shadow YHG=2501>of YHG=2501>its YHG=2501>parent YHG=2501>hence

"|>" XBD=204 XBD=397 XBD=506 XBD=643 XBD=698 XBD=874 XBD=1072 XBD=1129 XBD=1177 XBD=1304 XHG=188 XHG=217 XHG=439 XHG=526 XHG=664 XHG=722 XHG=896 XHG=1093 XHG=1150 XHG=1198 XHG=1303 YBD=2551 YBD=2567 YBD=2574 YBD=2565 YBD=2570 YBD=2564 YBD=2566 YBD=2578 YHG=2540>&dquo; YHG=2539>varioloid.&dquo; YHG=2539>The YHG=2539>people YHG=2538>of YHG=2538>different YHG=2537>countries, YHG=2546>as YHG=2536>is YHG=2537>their YHG=2559>i "" XBD=1285 XBD=1453 XBD=1653 XBD=1813 XBD=1897 XBD=2004 XBD=2151 XBD=2222 XBD=2390 XBD=2453 XHG=1375 XHG=1484 XHG=1684 XHG=1845 XHG=1928 XHG=2036 XHG=2184 XHG=2253 XHG=2421 YBD=2596 YBD=2588 YBD=2587 YBD=2598 YBD=2589 YHG=2555>The YHG=2556>contrast YHG=2554>shown YHG=2554>by YHG=2555>this YHG=2555>series YHG=2555>of YHG=2555>figures YHG=2557>is XBD=305 XHG=864 XBD=384 XBD=482 XBD=689 XBD=831 XBD=961 XBD=1191 XBD=1304 XHG=188 XHG=331 XHG=415 XHG=512 XHG=723 XHG=993YBD=2607 XHG=1224 YBD=2609 YBD=2603 YBD=2602 YBD=2607 YBD=2602 YHG=2577>custom YHG=2576>for YHG=2583>any YHG=2575>infections YHG=2574>which YHG=2574>begin YHG=2573>alarmingly YHG=2574>but XBD=1501XHG=623 XBD=1656 XBD=1743 XBD=1833 XBD=1932 XBD=2133 XBD=2285 XBD=2349 XBD=2451 XHG=1329 XHG=1551 XHG=1681 XHG=1768 XHG=1858 XHG=1959 XHG=2158 XHG=2311 XHG=2371 YBD=2644 YBD=2643 YBD=2633 YBD=2635 YBD=2634 YBD=2637 YHG=2601>striking. YHG=2601>They YHG=2611>are YHG=2601>the YHG=2604>two YHG=2602>different YHG=2603>orders YHG=2603>of YHG=2602>fact " XBD=1286 XBD=309 XBD=415 XBD=494 XBD=599 XBD=834 XBD=1052 XBD=1114 XHG=188 XHG=332 XHG=437 XHG=518 XHG=858YBD=2647 XHG=1077 XHG=1139 YBD=2646 YBD=2639 YBD=2645 YBD=2638 YHG=2612>quickly YHG=2612>clear YHG=2620>up, YHG=2612>used YHG=2611>picturesque YHG=2610>metaphors YHG=2611>to YHG=2610>describe " XBD=269 XBD=352 XBD=407 XBD=514 XBD=612 XBD=678 XBD=792 XBD=899 XBD=980 XBD=1186 XBD=1242 XHG=188 XHG=289 XHG=373 XHG=429 XHG=537 XHG=634 XHG=700 XHG=815 XHG=1003 XHG=1208 XHG=1266 YBD=2676 YBD=2681 YBD=2674 YHG=2649>what YHG=2657>was YHG=2648>in YHG=2647>their YHG=2656>eyes YHG=2657>no YHG=2655>more YHG=2647>than YHG=2646>caricature YHG=2647>of YHG=2655>a " XBD=1287 XBD=1450XHG=921 XBD=1511 XBD=1610 XBD=1737 XBD=1948 XBD=2018 XBD=2201 XBD=2285 XHG=1328YBD=2675 XHG=1480 XHG=1542 XHG=1642 XHG=1765 XHG=1978 XHG=2050 XHG=2232 YBD=2681YHG=2647>the YBD=2682 YBD=2691 YHG=2648>which YHG=2649>it YHG=2648>has YHG=2647>been YHG=2648>intended YHG=2651>to YHG=2658>express YHG=2648>by " XBD=398 XBD=503 XBD=579 XBD=772 XBD=840 XBD=982 XBD=1115 XHG=189 XHG=414 XHG=520 XHG=596 XHG=785 XHG=857 XHG=998 YBD=2712 YBD=2719 YBD=2711 YBD=2711 YHG=2684>disease-the YHG=2692>same YHG=2684>has YHG=2684>happened YHG=2684>for YHG=2683>variola YHG=2683>minor. "" XBD=2451 XBD=1446 XBD=1539 XBD=1695 XBD=1842 XBD=1939 XBD=2061 XBD=2175 XBD=2282 XBD=2377 XHG=1330 XHG=1465 XHG=1558 XHG=1713 XHG=1882 XHG=1960 XHG=2080 XHG=2192 XHG=2303 XHG=2403 YBD=2737 YBD=2727 YBD=2728 YBD=2735 YBD=2729 YHG=2695>major YHG=2695>and YHG=2695>variola YHG=2695>minor. YHG=2694>No YHG=2705>more YHG=2696>than YHG=2696>this, YHG=2697>and YHG=2707>no varioloid XBD=289 XHG=780 XBD=397 XBD=444 XBD=751 XBD=869 XBD=1003 XBD=1165 XBD=1231 XBD=1287 XHG=226 XHG=315 XHG=428 XHG=634 XHG=900YBD=2748 XHG=1032 XHG=1194 XHG=1260 YBD=2732 YBD=2753 YBD=2753 YBD=2746 YBD=2747 YHG=2721>The YHG=2720>term YHG=2720>&dquo; YHG=2721>&dquo; YHG=2719>itself YHG=2719>badly YHG=2719>chosen, YHG=2727>as YHG=2719>it was " XBD=1287 XBD=1521XHG=723 XBD=1668 XBD=1889 XBD=1975 XBD=2084 XBD=2340 XBD=2452 XHG=1329YBD=2784 XHG=1555 XHG=1698 XHG=1923 XHG=2008 XHG=2119 XHG=2372 YBD=2784YHG=2755>&dquo; YBD=2783 YBD=2785 YBD=2775 YBD=2776 YHG=2742>prejudice YHG=2741>being YHG=2742>imported YHG=2742>by YHG=2742>this YHG=2743>distinction YHG=2743>into " XBD=319 XBD=407 XBD=544 XBD=695 XBD=920 XBD=1007 XBD=1093 XBD=1139 XHG=189 XHG=342 XHG=433 XHG=596 XHG=934 XHG=1032 XHG=1119 XHG=1163 YBD=2785 YBD=2790 YBD=2783 YBD=2784 YBD=2783 YBD=2791 YHG=2757>entailed YHG=2758>two YHG=2765>errors. YHG=2756>First, YHG=2756>&dquo; YHG=2757>not YHG=2765>a YHG=2755>species varioloid is " XBD=1288 XBD=328 XBD=442 XBD=629 XBD=797 XBD=880 XBD=970 XBD=1069 XBD=1157 XHG=190 XHG=355 XHG=473 XHG=660 XHG=824 XHG=1000 XHG=1102 XHG=1188 YBD=2822 YBD=2821 YBD=2826 YBD=2821 YBD=2820 YHG=2793>different YHG=2793>from YHG=2793>ordinary YHG=2792>variola, YHG=2792>for YHG=2793>two YHG=2801>are YHG=2792>interXBD=1577XHG=911 XBD=1636 XBD=1735 XBD=1902 XBD=2128 XBD=2455 XHG=1332YBD=2820 XHG=1595 XHG=1653 XHG=1754 XHG=1919 XHG=2169 YBD=2831YHG=2793>the YBD=2822 YBD=2823 YBD=2832 YHG=2789>prophylaxis YHG=2799>or YHG=2789>into YHG=2789>clinical YHG=2789>judgment. YHG=2790>Epidemiology " XBD=385 XBD=529 XBD=661 XBD=743 XBD=799 XBD=982 XBD=1069 XBD=1161 XHG=190 XHG=405 XHG=548 XHG=679 XHG=761 XHG=819 XHG=1002 XHG=1089 XHG=1182 YBD=2863 YBD=2856 YBD=2857 YBD=2856 YBD=2857 YHG=2830>changeable, YHG=2830>variola YHG=2829>giving YHG=2829>rise YHG=2830>to YHG=2827>varioloid YHG=2830>and YHG=2829>vice YHG=2838>versa. "" XBD=1286 XBD=1440 XBD=1487 XBD=1620 XBD=1716 XBD=1905 XBD=1978 XBD=2026 XBD=2318 XBD=2455 XHG=1333 XHG=1455 XHG=1503 XHG=1635 XHG=1735 XHG=1942 XHG=1993 XHG=2043 XHG=2334 YBD=2868 YBD=2878 YBD=2869 YHG=2836>alone YHG=2835>taken YHG=2836>into YHG=2839>account. YHG=2836>It YHG=2837>is YHG=2837>epidemiology YHG=2837>which XBD=282 XHG=793 XBD=452 XBD=495 XBD=572 XBD=777 XBD=813 XBD=1051 XBD=1155 XBD=1236 XBD=1289 XHG=191 XHG=298 XHG=469 XHG=512 XHG=588 XHG=831YBD=2894 XHG=1064 XHG=1172 XHG=1252 YBD=2898 YBD=2893 YBD=2899 YBD=2900 YBD=2893 YBD=2892 YHG=2865>Next, YHG=2866>varioloid YHG=2867>is YHG=2867>not YHG=2865>invariably YHG=2875>a YHG=2866>degenerated YHG=2865>form YHG=2866>due YHG=2867>to "" XBD=2455 XBD=1497 XBD=1558 XBD=1616 XBD=1807 XBD=1890 XBD=1982 XBD=2185 XHG=1332 XHG=1513 XHG=1576 XHG=1635 XHG=1824 XHG=1908 XHG=2001 XHG=2203 YBD=2923 YBD=2914 YBD=2915 YBD=2924 YBD=2925 YHG=2883>requires YHG=2892>us YHG=2884>to YHG=2885>separate YHG=2883>the YHG=2884>two YHG=2883>epidemic YHG=2883>progressions XBD=384 XHG=731 XBD=474 XBD=644 XBD=705 XBD=789 XBD=1021 XBD=1109 XBD=1160 XBD=1223 XBD=1290 XHG=191 XHG=408 XHG=499 XHG=668 XHG=815YBD=2930 XHG=1075 XHG=1133 XHG=1186 XHG=1249 YBD=2929 YBD=2936 YBD=2930 YBD=2929 YHG=2902>vaccination YHG=2903>and YHG=2902>peculiar YHG=2903>to YHG=2902>the YHG=2902>vaccinated. YHG=2902>It YHG=2902>is YHG=2902>to YHG=2902>be XBD=1374XHG=694 XBD=1455 XBD=1517 XBD=1704 XBD=1803 XBD=1948 XBD=2056 XBD=2136 XBD=2211 XBD=2455 XHG=1335YBD=2972 XHG=1395 XHG=1478 XHG=1541 XHG=1728 XHG=1825 XHG=1971 XHG=2078 XHG=2159 XHG=2234 YBD=2962YHG=2939>commonly, YBD=2961 YBD=2969 YBD=2970 YBD=2971 YHG=2929>far YHG=2939>as YHG=2928>possible YHG=2930>and YHG=2929>which YHG=2929>asks YHG=2939>us, YHG=2929>by YHG=2930>systematic " XBD=1290 XBD=297 XBD=472 XBD=592 XBD=673 XBD=896 XBD=1039 XBD=1117 XHG=188 XHG=316 XHG=491 XHG=611 XHG=917 XHG=1058 XHG=1136 YBD=2971 YBD=2965 YBD=2972 YBD=2965 YHG=2936>found, YHG=2938>although YHG=2938>much YHG=2939>less YHG=2946>among YHG=2937>the YHG=2938>unvacci" XBD=283 XBD=363 XBD=405 XBD=488 XBD=640 XBD=741 XBD=918 XBD=971 XBD=1165 XHG=191 XHG=299 XHG=379 XHG=421 XHG=505 XHG=658 XHG=757 XHG=988 XHG=1182 YBD=3008 YBD=3002 YBD=3009 YBD=3001 YHG=2975>nated YHG=2975>and YHG=2974>it YHG=2975>had YHG=2975>already YHG=2974>been YHG=2974>observed YHG=2973>epidemics YHG=2974>which " XBD=1291 XBD=1485XHG=935 XBD=1727 XBD=1874 XBD=1997 XBD=2208 XBD=2459 XHG=1333YBD=3001 XHG=1529 XHG=1772 XHG=1922 XHG=2042 XHG=2254 YBD=3016YHG=2974>in YBD=3017 YBD=3008 YHG=2975>inquiry YHG=2976>regarding YHG=2984>cases YHG=2976>and YHG=2976>through YHG=2976>statistical " XBD=251 XBD=421 XBD=531 XBD=589 XBD=766 XBD=972 XBD=1189 XHG=191 XHG=273 XHG=444 XHG=553 XHG=614 XHG=790 XHG=1020 XHG=1212 YBD=3037 YBD=3038 YBD=3045 YBD=3038 YBD=3043 YHG=3007>had YHG=3010>occurred YHG=3010>prior YHG=3011>to YHG=3010>Jenner’s YHG=3010>discovery. YHG=3009>Varioloid YHG=3018>may "" XBD=1293 XBD=1521 XBD=1589 XBD=1779 XBD=1874 XBD=2118 XBD=2184 XBD=2275 XBD=2458 XHG=1336 XHG=1549 XHG=1613 XHG=1806 XHG=1899 XHG=2145 XHG=2209 XHG=2302 YBD=3061 YBD=3055 YBD=3063 YBD=3053 YHG=3022>methods, YHG=3023>to YHG=3022>increase YHG=3031>our YHG=3021>knowledge YHG=3022>of YHG=3022>the YHG=3030>manner XBD=312 XHG=932 XBD=353 XBD=505 XBD=656 XBD=775 XBD=861 XBD=910 XBD=959 XBD=1043 XBD=1110 XBD=1292 XHG=193 XHG=332 XHG=374 XHG=528 XHG=673 XHG=799 XHG=882 XHG=982YBD=3074 XHG=1064 XHG=1132 YBD=3079 YBD=3080 YBD=3075 YBD=3074 YBD=3074 YBD=3081 YHG=3047>present YHG=3055>a YHG=3046>definite YHG=3045>clinical YHG=3046>form, YHG=3047>but YHG=3046>it YHG=3046>is YHG=3048>not YHG=3055>an YHG=3045>epidemic "" XBD=2455 XBD=1374 XBD=1516 XBD=1614 XBD=1878 XBD=2159 XBD=2304 XHG=1334 XHG=1394 XHG=1537 XHG=1634 XHG=1897 XHG=2180 XHG=2327 YBD=3101 YBD=3109 YBD=3108 YBD=3100 YBD=3099 YHG=3068>in YHG=3068>which YHG=3068>this YHG=3067>paradoxical YHG=3068>phenomenon YHG=3077>comes YHG=3066>about. XBD=320 XHG=907 XBD=406 XBD=453 XBD=582 XBD=644 XBD=886 XBD=943 XBD=1039 XBD=1093 XBD=1293 XHG=193 XHG=341 XHG=426 XHG=473 XHG=603 XHG=664 XHG=965YBD=3111 XHG=1058 XHG=1116 YBD=3115 YBD=3110 YBD=3116 YBD=3110 YBD=3111 YBD=3118 YHG=3081>variety, YHG=3083>and YHG=3083>it YHG=3083>would YHG=3082>be YHG=3082>incongruous YHG=3084>to YHG=3083>talk YHG=3083>of YHG=3082>epidemics " XBD=1294 XBD=223 XHG=864 XBD=401 XBD=515 XBD=622 XBD=785 XBD=841 XBD=953 XBD=1011 XBD=1197 XBD=1252 XHG=193 XHG=243 XHG=447 XHG=536 XHG=643 XHG=806 XHG=976YBD=3147 XHG=1035 XHG=1217 XHG=1273 YBD=3144 YBD=3146 YBD=3148 YBD=3147 YBD=3147 YBD=3146 YHG=3118>of YHG=3118>varioloid. YHG=3119>The YHG=3119>total YHG=3119>number YHG=3119>of YHG=3128>cases YHG=3119>of YHG=3118>varioloid YHG=3118>in YHG=3128>a

" |>" XBD=1576 XBD=1729 XBD=1839 XBD=2011 XBD=2265 XHG=1539 XHG=1600 XHG=1756 XHG=1867 XHG=2037 XHG=2257 YBD=3175 YBD=3176 YBD=3176 YHG=3145>A YHG=3144>Fixed YHG=3143>and YHG=3143>Stable YHG=3144>Mutation. YHG=3168>e " XBD=2265 XBD=359 XBD=537 XBD=634 XBD=693 XBD=803 XBD=885 XBD=985 XBD=1086 XBD=1191 XBD=1294 XHG=194 XHG=377 XHG=554 XHG=654 XHG=712 XHG=822 XHG=904 XHG=1003 XHG=1105 XHG=1210 YBD=3187 YBD=3183 YBD=3189 YBD=3184 YBD=3189 YBD=3183 YHG=3154>particular YHG=3155>outbreak YHG=3163>may YHG=3155>be YHG=3155>high, YHG=3156>but YHG=3164>once YHG=3155>they YHG=3155>have YHG=3155>been

" XBD=1294 XBD=365 XBD=441 XBD=550 XBD=605 XBD=783 XBD=898 XBD=1010 XBD=1068 XHG=194 XHG=384 XHG=461 XHG=571 XHG=627 XHG=804 XHG=918 XHG=1031 XHG=1088 XHG=1170 YBD=3224 YBD=3218 YBD=3225 YBD=3226 YBD=3219 YBD=3219 YBD=3220 YBD=3224 YHG=3191>separated, YHG=3191>the YHG=3199>cases YHG=3191>of YHG=3191>ordinary YHG=3192>type, YHG=3201>more YHG=3200>or YHG=3192>less YHG=3200>severe, "" XBD=1150 XBD=1502 XBD=1551 XBD=1640 XBD=1766 XBD=1850 XBD=2011 XBD=2259 XBD=2317 XBD=2457 XHG=2335 XHG=1384 XHG=1518 XHG=1570 XHG=1659 XHG=1786 XHG=1869 XHG=2026 XHG=2279 YBD=3231 YBD=3240 YBD=3239 YBD=3232 YBD=3233 YHG=3200>There YHG=3199>is YHG=3209>one YHG=3199>point YHG=3199>the YHG=3199>capital YHG=3199>importance YHG=3200>of YHG=3200>which XBD=292 XBD=445 XBD=523 XBD=710 XBD=770 XBD=1014 XBD=1097 XBD=1292 XHG=194 XHG=312 XHG=468 XHG=547 XHG=734 XHG=796 XHG=1038 XHG=1121 YBD=3253 YBD=3259 YBD=3254 YBD=3255 YBD=3255 YBD=3255 YBD=3263 YHG=3225>which YHG=3227>remain, YHG=3236>are YHG=3227>sufficient YHG=3229>to YHG=3228>characterise YHG=3227>the YHG=3227>epidemic. "" XBD=2457 XBD=1439 XBD=1502 XBD=1674 XBD=1817 XBD=1912 XBD=2104 XBD=2287 XBD=2367 XHG=1339 XHG=1456 XHG=1515 XHG=1689 XHG=1847 XHG=1930 XHG=2119 XHG=2301 XHG=2383 YBD=3276 YBD=3286 YBD=3278 YBD=3279 YHG=3248>must YHG=3245>be YHG=3246>insisted YHG=3255>upon YHG=3245>the YHG=3245>question YHG=3245>whether YHG=3246>the YHG=3248>two ; varioloid XBD=328 XHG=682 XBD=400 XBD=476 XBD=664 XBD=873 XBD=1044 XBD=1261 XBD=1293 XHG=233 XHG=347 XHG=418 XHG=491 XHG=894YBD=3298 XHG=1065 XHG=1276 YBD=3295 YBD=3296 YBD=3297 YBD=3302 YBD=3298 YBD=3297 YBD=3281 YHG=3268>There YHG=3277>are YHG=3269>the YHG=3269>following YHG=3269>differences YHG=3270>between YHG=3270>&dquo;

"" XBD=2462 XBD=1516 XBD=1589 XBD=1939 XBD=2028 XBD=2206 XBD=2267 XHG=1339 XHG=1527 XHG=1598 XHG=1953 XHG=2038 XHG=2218 XHG=2278 YBD=3323 YBD=3332 YBD=3325 YBD=3324 YBD=3333 YHG=3291>varieties YHG=3301>are YHG=3290>interchangeable, YHG=3292>and YHG=3292>whether YHG=3301>an YHG=3292>epidemic XBD=255 XHG=588 XBD=431 XBD=527 XBD=573 XBD=783 XBD=1030 XBD=1211 XBD=1296 XHG=195 XHG=281 XHG=487 XHG=555 XHG=812YBD=3338 XHG=1056 XHG=1237 YBD=3331 YBD=3332 YBD=3317 YBD=3340 YBD=3339 YBD=3333 YHG=3304>and YHG=3302>alastrim. YHG=3305>In YHG=3305>&dquo; YHG=3305>varioloid,&dquo; YHG=3306>particularly YHG=3308>amongst YHG=3306>the " XBD=2461 XBD=387 XHG=776 XBD=471 XBD=747 XBD=934 XBD=1062 XBD=1187 XBD=1296 XHG=196 XHG=414 XHG=500 XHG=964YBD=3370 XHG=1090 XHG=1216 YBD=3374 YBD=3368 YBD=3369 YBD=3369 YBD=3369 YHG=3339>vaccinated, YHG=3340>the YHG=3341>exanthematic YHG=3341>elements YHG=3342>abort YHG=3342>when YHG=3351>once XBD=1379 XBD=1582 XBD=1752 XBD=1901 XBD=1997 XBD=2138 XBD=2262 XHG=1341 XHG=1405 XHG=1608 XHG=1780 XHG=1926 XHG=2022 XHG=2162 XHG=2289 YBD=3379 YBD=3380 YBD=3372 YBD=3370 YBD=3371 YHG=3339>of YHG=3338>ordinary YHG=3338>variola YHG=3337>major YHG=3347>can YHG=3338>result YHG=3339>from YHG=3339>alastrim " XBD=270 XBD=368 XBD=572 XBD=660 XBD=800 XBD=979 XBD=1055 XBD=1193 XHG=196 XHG=287 XHG=385 XHG=601 XHG=678 XHG=818 XHG=996 XHG=1074 XHG=1212 YBD=3409 YBD=3403 YBD=3405 YBD=3412 YBD=3411 YBD=3405 YBD=3406 YHG=3375>they YHG=3376>have YHG=3378>appeared YHG=3378>the YHG=3378>papule YHG=3378>subsides, YHG=3378>the YHG=3378>vesicle YHG=3378>dries "" XBD=1297 XBD=1383 XBD=1551 XBD=1712 XBD=1814 XBD=1923 XBD=2082 XBD=2223 XBD=2301 XBD=2367 XBD=2461 XHG=1341 XHG=1407 XHG=1578 XHG=1739 XHG=1841 XHG=1950 XHG=2123 XHG=2249 XHG=2328 XHG=2395 YBD=3416 YBD=3424 YBD=3423 YBD=3418 YBD=3426 YBD=3417 YHG=3395>or YHG=3385>variola YHG=3385>minor, YHG=3386>and YHG=3385>vice YHG=3394>versa YHG=3384>since YHG=3395>up YHG=3387>to YHG=3385>the ;; XBD=247 XHG=862 XBD=344 XBD=385 XBD=469 XBD=657 XBD=839 XBD=962 XBD=1207 XBD=1298 XHG=197 XHG=269 XHG=366 XHG=403 XHG=491 XHG=680 XHG=985YBD=3442 XHG=1231 YBD=3446 YBD=3444 YBD=3439 YBD=3441 YBD=3448 YBD=3441 YHG=3418>up, YHG=3412>only YHG=3421>a YHG=3412>few YHG=3414>scattered YHG=3414>elements YHG=3414>reach YHG=3414>pustulation, YHG=3415>and "" XBD=2462 XBD=1490 XBD=1621 XBD=1757 XBD=1925 XBD=2189 XHG=1341 XHG=1529 XHG=1660 XHG=1796 XHG=1963 XHG=2224 YBD=3472 YBD=3463 YBD=3464 YBD=3469 YHG=3434>present YHG=3431>they YHG=3431>have YHG=3430>shown YHG=3431>themselves YHG=3430>immiscible, XBD=273 XHG=869 XBD=364 XBD=435 XBD=535 XBD=684 XBD=788 XBD=851 XBD=905 XBD=1004 XBD=1056 XBD=1099 XBD=1141 XBD=1295 XHG=199 XHG=286 XHG=378 XHG=450 XHG=552 XHG=701 XHG=805 XHG=922YBD=3476 XHG=1020 XHG=1071 XHG=1115 XHG=1154 YBD=3474 YBD=3475 YBD=3482 YBD=3477 YBD=3485 YBD=3477 YBD=3477 YBD=3478 YHG=3455>even YHG=3447>then YHG=3448>the YHG=3448>little YHG=3449>pustule YHG=3449>dries YHG=3459>up YHG=3459>as YHG=3458>soon YHG=3458>as YHG=3450>it YHG=3450>is YHG=3450>formed. " XBD=416 XBD=531 XBD=582 XBD=651 XBD=860 XBD=976 XBD=1068 XBD=1137 XHG=198 XHG=439 XHG=555 XHG=607 XHG=676 XHG=880 XHG=1000 XHG=1093 XHG=1163 YBD=3511 YBD=3518 YBD=3512 YBD=3513 YBD=3520 YHG=3482>Furthermore YHG=3484>there YHG=3485>is YHG=3494>no YHG=3486>secondary YHG=3485>fever YHG=3486>and YHG=3494>no YHG=3486>pitting, |>"XBD=1298 XBD=1432 XBD=1620 XBD=1695 XBD=1806 XBD=2122 XBD=2464 XHG=1342 XHG=1459 XHG=1645 XHG=1724 XHG=1832 XHG=2178 YBD=3511 YBD=3509 YBD=3518 YBD=3517 YHG=3478>each YHG=3478>keeping YHG=3477>its YHG=3487>own YHG=3477>independence. YHG=3477>Experimental " XBD=231 XBD=322 XBD=419 XBD=543 XBD=607 XBD=694 XBD=864 XBD=984 XBD=1065 XBD=1190 XHG=199 XHG=249 XHG=340 XHG=437 XHG=561 XHG=655 XHG=714 XHG=891 XHG=1010 XHG=1085 XHG=1209 YBD=3545 YBD=3551 YBD=3552 YBD=3546 YBD=3547 YBD=3548 YBD=3554 YBD=3549 YHG=3526>or YHG=3519>only YHG=3527>very YHG=3520>rarely YHG=3529>so. YHG=3521>In YHG=3521>alastrim YHG=3521>there YHG=3529>are YHG=3529>many YHG=3530>cases "" XBD=1299 XBD=1548 XBD=1635 XBD=1772 XBD=1974 XBD=2168 XBD=2465 XHG=1343 XHG=1567 XHG=1653 XHG=1790 XHG=1994 XHG=2188 YBD=3564 YBD=3563 YBD=3555 YBD=3554 YHG=3524>pathology YHG=3524>has YHG=3523>lately YHG=3524>provided YHG=3522>valuable YHG=3522>contributions XBD=297 XHG=722 XBD=372 XBD=700 XBD=812 XBD=1011 XBD=1101 XBD=1219 XHG=199 XHG=319 XHG=395 XHG=838YBD=3582 XHG=1038 XHG=1125 XHG=1244 YBD=3580 YBD=3581 YBD=3587 YBD=3587 YBD=3584 YHG=3553>which YHG=3562>are YHG=3554>indistinguishable YHG=3556>from YHG=3555>varioloid, YHG=3556>but YHG=3557>there YHG=3566>are "" XBD=1300 XBD=1383 XBD=1476 XBD=1729 XBD=1829 XBD=2036 XBD=2124 XBD=2319 XBD=2371 XBD=2463 XHG=1344 XHG=1409 XHG=1498 XHG=1754 XHG=1853 XHG=2058 XHG=2148 XHG=2340 XHG=2396 YBD=3611 YBD=3601 YBD=3610 YBD=3608 YBD=3599 YBD=3600 YHG=3572>to YHG=3579>our YHG=3569>knowledge, YHG=3570>and YHG=3569>although YHG=3569>the YHG=3567>problem YHG=3568>is YHG=3571>not XBD=300 XHG=928 XBD=348 XBD=469 XBD=542 XBD=684 XBD=850 XBD=912 XBD=987 XBD=1126 XBD=1245 XBD=1297 XHG=200 XHG=315 XHG=364 XHG=484 XHG=560 XHG=701 XHG=867 XHG=1004 XHG=1139 XHG=1263 YBD=3616 YBD=3618 YBD=3617 YBD=3619 YBD=3618 YBD=3619 YBD=3620 YHG=3589>others YHG=3589>in YHG=3590>which YHG=3591>disease YHG=3599>assumes YHG=3592>all YHG=3591>the YHG=3592>known YHG=3591>forms YHG=3593>of " XBD=1301 XBD=1408XHG=855 XBD=1591 XBD=1757 XBD=1887 XBD=1941 XBD=2097 XBD=2160 XBD=2342 XBD=2464 XHG=1343YBD=3654 XHG=1431 XHG=1615 XHG=1780 XHG=1909 XHG=1965 XHG=2120 XHG=2185 XHG=2364 YBD=3656YHG=3627>and YBD=3655 YBD=3647 YBD=3646 YBD=3652 YBD=3645 YHG=3617>yet YHG=3616>entirely YHG=3615>solved, YHG=3615>there YHG=3616>is YHG=3624>reason YHG=3616>to YHG=3612>believe, YHG=3613>from " XBD=315 XBD=416 XBD=574 XBD=630 XBD=832 XBD=922 XBD=1007 XBD=1108 XBD=1212 XHG=200 XHG=330 XHG=438 XHG=594 XHG=654 XHG=944 XHG=1027 XHG=1129 XHG=1234 YBD=3652 YBD=3653 YBD=3658 YBD=3654 YBD=3661 YBD=3654 YBD=3656 YHG=3625>variola YHG=3625>from YHG=3626>discrete YHG=3627>to YHG=3627>confluent, YHG=3635>one YHG=3635>may YHG=3636>even YHG=3630>add



" XBD=2395 XBD=1364 XBD=1522 XBD=1581 XBD=1667 XBD=1814 XBD=1884 XBD=1981 XBD=2150 XBD=2246 XBD=2329 XHG=1285 XHG=1384 XHG=1543 XHG=1600 XHG=1686 XHG=1834 XHG=1904 XHG=2002 XHG=2169 XHG=2265 XHG=2349 YBD=330YHG=301>two YBD=329 YBD=337 YBD=336 YBD=327 YBD=328 YHG=295>The YHG=296>author YHG=296>of YHG=296>the YHG=297>report YHG=305>on YHG=294>this YHG=293>subject YHG=304>was YHG=294>Dr. YHG=295>M. XBD=248 XHG=760 XBD=539 XBD=649 XBD=737 XBD=834 XBD=1004 XBD=1090 XBD=1153 XBD=1242 XHG=107 XHG=270 XHG=562 XHG=671 XHG=859YBD=330 XHG=1027 XHG=1113 XHG=1175 YBD=340 YBD=331 YBD=330 YHG=300>animal YHG=300>experiments, YHG=300>that YHG=299>the YHG=298>viruses YHG=305>are XBD=213 XHG=841 XBD=377 XBD=466 XBD=572 XBD=629 XBD=715 XBD=820 XBD=882 XBD=1080 XBD=1136 XBD=1243 XHG=108 XHG=230 XHG=396 XHG=485 XHG=588 XHG=649 XHG=736 XHG=906YBD=375 XHG=1093 XHG=1154 YBD=383 YBD=376 YBD=377 YBD=374 YBD=374YHG=344>of YHG=354>same YHG=346>nature, YHG=345>but YHG=346>that YHG=344>in YHG=344>the YHG=352>case YHG=342>alastrim YHG=341>in YHG=352>man " XBD=2395 XBD=1453 XBD=1547 XBD=1869 XBD=1935 XBD=2028 XBD=2327 XHG=1284 XHG=1481 XHG=1574 XHG=1897 XHG=1961 XHG=2058 XHG=2352 YBD=384 YBD=373 YBD=382 YBD=375 YHG=341>Lenglet, YHG=342>the YHG=341>representative YHG=341>of YHG=341>the YHG=339>Oonfédération YHG=353>on XBD=174 XHG=803 XBD=534 XBD=695 XBD=768 XBD=869 XBD=1009 XBD=1112 XBD=1244 XHG=108 XHG=210 XHG=570 XHG=730 XHG=903YBD=420 XHG=1043 XHG=1146 YBD=421 YBD=423 YBD=429 YBD=420 YHG=390>the YHG=390>toxic-infectious YHG=398>power YHG=389>of YHG=388>virus YHG=388>has YHG=387>been " XBD=2397 XBD=1352 XBD=1542 XBD=1773 XBD=1846 XBD=2143 XBD=2301 XHG=1285 XHG=1398 XHG=1585 XHG=1806 XHG=2086 XHG=2174 XHG=2339 YBD=421YHG=389>the YBD=430 YBD=419 YBD=420 YHG=388>Conseil YHG=387>8upérieur YHG=388>de YHG=388>He YHG=387>traced YHG=388>the XBD=258 XBD=451 XBD=659 XBD=811 XBD=863 XBD=962 XBD=1007 XBD=1244 XBD=1264 XHG=110 XHG=278 XHG=496 XHG=677 XHG=830 XHG=885 XHG=985 XHG=1030 XHG=1262 YBD=476 YBD=469 YBD=467 YBD=474 YBD=465 YBD=465 YBD=495 YHG=436>greatly YHG=437>reduced. YHG=434>Vaccine YHG=434>lymph YHG=434>is YHG=433>also YHG=443>a YHG=434>derivative YHG=457>I "|>"XBD=2396 XBD=1480 XBD=1539 XBD=1655 XBD=1750 XBD=1887 XBD=2061 XBD=2215 XBD=2298 XHG=1287 XHG=1501 XHG=1559 XHG=1674 XHG=1770 XHG=1907 XHG=2081 XHG=2234 XHG=2317 YBD=468 YBD=467 YBD=476 YBD=466 YBD=474 YHG=434>evolution YHG=435>of YHG=434>flour YHG=434>and YHG=434>bread YHG=433>making YHG=433>during YHG=433>the YHG=436>past " XBD=2397 XBD=153 XHG=867 XBD=324 XBD=479 XBD=673 XBD=769 XBD=840 XBD=977 XBD=1056 XBD=1246 XBD=1334 XBD=1479 XBD=1672 XBD=1782 XBD=1965 XBD=2056 XBD=2168 XBD=2230 XHG=112 XHG=178 XHG=349 XHG=519 XHG=697 XHG=793 XHG=1002YBD=512 XHG=1079 XHG=1289 XHG=1358 XHG=1506 XHG=1696 XHG=1807 XHG=1990 XHG=2079 XHG=2193 XHG=2256 YBD=517 YBD=513 YBD=510 YBD=521YHG=480>made YBD=522 YBD=514 YBD=513 YBD=512 YBD=523 YHG=481>of YHG=481>variola YHG=482>virus YHG=480>vaccine YHG=489>can YHG=477>be YHG=478>by ; YHG=481>starting YHG=482>50 YHG=490>years, YHG=481>showing YHG=480>how YHG=480>difficult YHG=480>the YHG=479>task YHG=480>of YHG=480>making " XBD=1244 XBD=206 XBD=367 XBD=503 XBD=592 XBD=680 XBD=836 XBD=1103 XHG=110 XHG=222 XHG=384 XHG=521 XHG=611 XHG=852 XHG=1119 YBD=559 YBD=564 YBD=557 YBD=559 YBD=559 YHG=526>with YHG=526>variola YHG=527>virus, YHG=524>but YHG=534>one YHG=525>reconstitute YHG=527>smallXBD=1404XHG=697 XBD=1495 XBD=1671 XBD=1815 XBD=1878 XBD=1967 XBD=2152 XBD=2340 XBD=2396 XHG=1287YBD=558 XHG=1426 XHG=1517 XHG=1694 XHG=1836 XHG=1902 XHG=1991 XHG=2173 XHG=2360 YBD=560YHG=526>cannot YBD=569 YBD=567 YHG=526>bread YHG=527>has YHG=527>become YHG=526>owing YHG=528>to YHG=527>the YHG=527>changes YHG=526>wrought YHG=527>in XBD=190 XHG=902 XBD=312 XBD=427 XBD=475 XBD=678 XBD=823 XBD=878 XBD=951 XBD=1244 XHG=114 XHG=212 XHG=335 XHG=452 XHG=499 XHG=715 XHG=845 XHG=975YBD=604 YBD=612 YBD=608 YBD=602 YBD=603 YBD=613 YHG=581>pox YHG=572>from YHG=571>such YHG=581>a YHG=570>vaccine YHG=570>there YHG=571>is YHG=572>reversibility. " XBD=2398 XBD=1354 XBD=1489 XBD=1660 XBD=1852 XBD=1946 XBD=2126 XBD=2338 XHG=1287 XHG=1381 XHG=1540 XHG=1687 XHG=1880 XHG=1974 XHG=2154 XHG=2365 YBD=604YHG=582>no YBD=614 YBD=615 YBD=613 YBD=605 YHG=572>the ; YHG=573>flour. YHG=572>Going YHG=572>through YHG=573>the YHG=572>various YHG=581>processes YHG=573>of XBD=148 XHG=873 XBD=232 XBD=420 XBD=556 XBD=614 XBD=857 XBD=992 XBD=1050 XBD=1246 XHG=113 XHG=165 XHG=248 XHG=437 XHG=574 XHG=632 XHG=1008YBD=650 XHG=1065 YBD=648 YBD=649 YBD=654 YBD=647 YBD=659 YBD=657YHG=627>seems YHG=617>If YHG=617>the YHG=617>alastrim YHG=616>virus, YHG=625>as YHG=617>everything YHG=620>to YHG=618>indicate, " XBD=2397 XBD=1385 XBD=1491 XBD=1638 XBD=1833 XBD=1912 XBD=2046 XBD=2174 XBD=2322 XHG=1288 XHG=1415 XHG=1521 XHG=1669 XHG=1864 XHG=1944 XHG=2075 XHG=2204 XHG=2350 YBD=660 YBD=651 YBD=650 YBD=659 YHG=617>flour YHG=618>and YHG=617>bread YHG=619>making, YHG=618>he YHG=620>must YHG=618>have YHG=617>ended YHG=617>by XBD=324 XHG=797 XBD=376 XBD=508 XBD=614 XBD=766 XBD=989 XBD=1059 XBD=1176 XBD=1246 XHG=113 XHG=354 XHG=406 XHG=538 XHG=643 XHG=1019YBD=697 XHG=1088 XHG=1206 YBD=703 YBD=693 YBD=694 YBD=695 YHG=665>represents YHG=672>a YHG=661>fixed YHG=662>and YHG=662>stable YHG=665>that YHG=664>of " XBD=2399 XBD=1417 XBD=1507 XBD=1632 XBD=1962 XBD=2124 XBD=2206 XHG=1288 XHG=1440 XHG=1531 XHG=1654 XHG=1986 XHG=2148 XHG=2231 YBD=697YHG=664>mutation YBD=705 YBD=706 YBD=696 YHG=664>giving YHG=664>the YHG=666>most YHG=663>impressionable YHG=674>among YHG=663>his YHG=663>audience " XBD=2400 XBD=293 XHG=814 XBD=472 XBD=549 XBD=618 XBD=707 XBD=793 XBD=926 XBD=1012 XBD=1248 XBD=1356 XBD=1599 XBD=1716 XBD=1785 XBD=1864 XBD=2069 XHG=115 XHG=313 XHG=493 XHG=570 XHG=640 XHG=728 XHG=946YBD=743 XHG=1033 XHG=1289 XHG=1386 XHG=1629 XHG=1744 XHG=1813 XHG=1893 XHG=2099 YBD=748 YBD=746 YBD=740 YBD=741 YBD=750 YBD=742 YBD=742YHG=709>know YBD=743 YBD=750 YHG=708>ordinary YHG=707>variola, YHG=717>we YHG=709>do YHG=710>not YHG=711>yet YHG=710>the YHG=710>conditions YHG=710>the YHG=710>conviction YHG=710>that YHG=709>in YHG=710>its YHG=710>ultimate YHG=709>metamorphosis " XBD=237 XBD=465 XBD=571 XBD=784 XBD=880 XBD=1040 XHG=113 XHG=257 XHG=484 XHG=593 XHG=899 XHG=1059 YBD=786 YBD=787 YBD=789 YBD=788 YHG=753>which YHG=754>determine YHG=754>that YHG=756>mutation YHG=758>cannot YHG=756>therefore " XBD=1248 XBD=1357XHG=804 XBD=1454 XBD=1516 XBD=1680 XBD=1836 XBD=1982 XBD=2051 XBD=2175 XBD=2399 XHG=1290YBD=789 XHG=1377 XHG=1475 XHG=1537 XHG=1701 XHG=1857 XHG=2004 XHG=2073 XHG=2197 YBD=789YHG=757>and YBD=788 YBD=797 YHG=755>the YHG=755>loaf YHG=756>in YHG=755>France YHG=756>to-day YHG=756>would YHG=756>be YHG=765>more YHG=755>accurately XBD=184 XHG=790 XBD=263 XBD=568 XBD=761 XBD=961 XBD=1084 XBD=1178 XBD=1250 XHG=115 XHG=215 XHG=293 XHG=596 XHG=990YBD=835 XHG=1113 XHG=1208 YBD=832 YBD=840 YBD=843 YBD=842 YHG=809>say YHG=809>on YHG=800>experimental YHG=803>grounds YHG=802>they YHG=811>are YHG=811>or " XBD=2400 XBD=1485 XBD=1545 XBD=1585 XBD=1795 XBD=1907 XBD=2021 XBD=2081 XBD=2165 XBD=2272 XBD=2327 XHG=1292 XHG=1503 XHG=1563 XHG=1604 XHG=1813 XHG=1926 XHG=2040 XHG=2099 XHG=2184 XHG=2290 XHG=2343 YBD=843YHG=803>whether YBD=834 YBD=833 YHG=801>described YHG=812>a YHG=801>chemist’s YHG=801>shop YHG=801>than YHG=811>as YHG=802>the YHG=801>staff YHG=801>of YHG=801>life " XBD=2400 XBD=1453 XBD=1568 XBD=1651 XBD=1759 XBD=1847 XBD=1989 XBD=2143 XBD=2341 XHG=1292 XHG=1469 XHG=1585 XHG=1669 XHG=1810 XHG=1864 XHG=2007 XHG=2161 XHG=2358 YBD=889YHG=847>Jorge YBD=880 YBD=888 YBD=884 YBD=879 YHG=847>straight YHG=847>from YHG=847>the YHG=847>mill. YHG=846>It YHG=846>would YHG=847>surely, YHG=847>however, YHG=846>be XBD=180 XHG=717 XBD=261 XBD=490 XBD=620 XBD=701 XBD=832 XBD=1062 XBD=1129 XBD=1249 XHG=116 XHG=193 XHG=274 XHG=531 XHG=634 XHG=848YBD=889 XHG=1072 XHG=1147 YBD=877 YBD=884 YBD=879 YBD=884 YHG=854>are YHG=847>not YHG=846>reversible. YHG=846>But, YHG=846>Dr. YHG=846>concludes, YHG=856>we YHG=848>must " XBD=1404 XBD=1474 XBD=1571 XBD=1666 XBD=1794 XBD=2077 XBD=2202 XBD=2338 XHG=1291 XHG=1432 XHG=1504 XHG=1600 XHG=1696 XHG=1823 XHG=2106 XHG=2231 XHG=2365 YBD=925 YBD=926 YHG=893>fairer YHG=894>to YHG=903>use YHG=893>the YHG=894>term YHG=892>adulteration YHG=893>than YHG=892>fraud YHG=892>in " XBD=2400 XBD=246 XHG=628 XBD=362 XBD=542 XBD=613 XBD=955 XBD=1249 XHG=115 XHG=263 XHG=381 XHG=559 XHG=971YBD=936 YBD=933 YBD=932 YBD=935 YBD=932 YHG=893>repeat YHG=892>that, YHG=892>judging YHG=892>by YHG=894>epidemiological YHG=892>observations, " XBD=2400 XBD=1503 XBD=1608 XBD=1687 XBD=1821 XBD=2009 XBD=2210 XHG=1292 XHG=1515 XHG=1621 XHG=1706 XHG=1835 XHG=2030 XHG=2222 YBD=979YHG=940>be YBD=971 YBD=972 YBD=980 YHG=939>connexion YHG=939>with YHG=939>the YHG=947>many YHG=938>different YHG=939>chemical YHG=948>processes XBD=178 XHG=829 XBD=271 XBD=470 XBD=535 XBD=625 XBD=747 XBD=808 XBD=877 XBD=1248 XHG=113 XHG=196 XHG=289 XHG=488 XHG=557 XHG=646 XHG=768 XHG=899YBD=972 YBD=970 YBD=973 YBD=981 YHG=938>the YHG=940>two YHG=939>varieties YHG=941>do YHG=942>not YHG=949>seem YHG=942>to YHG=938>interchangeable. " XBD=2401 XBD=1415 XHG=2342 XBD=1468 XBD=1548 XBD=1693 XBD=1747 XBD=1871 XBD=1982 XBD=2092 XBD=2265 XBD=2329 XHG=1291 YBD=1018 XHG=1428 XHG=1482 XHG=1564 XHG=1709 XHG=1761 XHG=1884 XHG=1997 XHG=2107 XHG=2278 YBD=1017 YHG=985>the YBD=1026 YHG=984>which YHG=985>in YHG=995>course YHG=985>of YHG=993>years YHG=985>have YHG=984>been YHG=984>evolved YHG=984>by " XBD=2401 XBD=1369 XHG=2309 XBD=1495 XBD=1715 XBD=1952 XBD=2072 XBD=2178 XBD=2239 XBD=2289 XHG=1293 YBD=1072 XHG=1388 XHG=1512 XHG=1734 XHG=2017 XHG=2091 XHG=2198 XHG=2258 YBD=1073 YHG=1039>may, YBD=1063 YBD=1064 YBD=1062 YHG=1032>two YHG=1033>great YHG=1030>industries YHG=1031>concerned. YHG=1030>Be YHG=1031>that YHG=1041>as YHG=1030>it PARIS. " XBD=2404 XBD=1361 XHG=2222 XBD=1585 XBD=1745 XBD=1856 XBD=2060 XBD=2188 XHG=1293 YBD=1118 XHG=1395 XHG=1618 XHG=1778 XHG=1889 XHG=2093 YBD=1120 YBD=1119 YBD=1109 YBD=1110 YHG=1076>Dr. YHG=1076>Lenglet’s YHG=1079>report YHG=1087>was YHG=1076>received YHG=1076>with YHG=1075>applause, "" XBD=2401 XBD=1371 XBD=1413 XBD=1637 XBD=1733 XBD=1918 XBD=2071 XBD=2157 XBD=2348 XHG=1294 XHG=1390 XHG=1432 XHG=1655 XHG=1752 XHG=1937 XHG=2090 XHG=2175 XHG=2368 YBD=1157 YBD=1165 YBD=1155 YBD=1164 YBD=1156 YHG=1123>and YHG=1134>a YHG=1123>resolution YHG=1133>was YHG=1123>adopted YHG=1123>urging YHG=1123>the YHG=1122>Ministry YHG=1124>of XBD=418 XBD=531 XBD=652 XHG=296 XHG=450 XHG=684 YBD=1185 YBD=1177 YBD=1183 YHG=1146>(FROM YHG=1153>OUR YHG=1143>CORRESPONDENTS.) " XBD=1075 XBD=1437XHG=563 XBD=1502 XBD=1631 XBD=1731 XBD=1924 XBD=1990 XBD=2118 XBD=2184 XBD=2298 XBD=2360 XBD=2402 XHG=1297YBD=1176 XHG=1460 XHG=1528 XHG=1654 XHG=1754 XHG=1948 XHG=2015 XHG=2143 XHG=2209 XHG=2321 XHG=2383 YBD=1211YHG=1152>OWN YBD=1207 YBD=1202 YBD=1203 YHG=1169>Health YHG=1171>to YHG=1169>solve YHG=1170>this YHG=1169>problem YHG=1170>at YHG=1179>once, YHG=1170>to YHG=1169>take YHG=1179>as YHG=1180>a " XBD=2403 XBD=1435 XHG=2318 XBD=1498 XBD=1687 XBD=1762 XBD=1851 XBD=2072 XBD=2294 XHG=1295 YBD=1248 XHG=1459 XHG=1521 XHG=1711 XHG=1784 XHG=1875 XHG=2097 YBD=1258 YHG=1215>with YBD=1249 YBD=1247 YBD=1257 YBD=1253 YHG=1217>matter YHG=1216>of YHG=1224>urgency YHG=1215>all YHG=1215>the YHG=1224>necessary YHG=1224>measures, " XBD=325 XBD=679 XBD=833 XBD=912 XHG=246 XHG=352 XHG=705 XHG=937 YBD=1291 YBD=1290 YBD=1290 YHG=1268>THE YHG=1266>INTERNATIONAL YHG=1266>UNION YHG=1263>DOCTORS. " XBD=1127 XBD=1422XHG=864 XBD=1632 XBD=1708 XBD=1880 XBD=1988 XBD=2070 XBD=2215 XBD=2280 XBD=2404 XHG=1295YBD=1289 XHG=1436 XHG=1649 XHG=1732 XHG=1894 XHG=2004 XHG=2086 XHG=2240 XHG=2296 YBD=1303YHG=1265>OF YBD=1293 YBD=1294 YHG=1271>severe YHG=1261>penalties, YHG=1263>for YHG=1261>dealing YHG=1261>with YHG=1262>the YHG=1261>frauds YHG=1262>in YHG=1261>bread XBD=1448XHG=803 XBD=1587 XBD=1695 XBD=1810 XBD=1968 XBD=2116 XBD=2183 XBD=2266 XBD=2404 XHG=1295YBD=1350 XHG=1464 XHG=1606 XHG=1711 XHG=1828 XHG=1986 XHG=2134 XHG=2200 XHG=2282 YBD=1341YHG=1318>du YBD=1339 YBD=1340 YHG=1308>making YHG=1307>which YHG=1316>may YHG=1308>have YHG=1307>serious YHG=1307>effects YHG=1318>on YHG=1307>the YHG=1307>health " XBD=1254 XBD=338 XBD=400 XBD=541 XBD=605 XBD=674 XBD=781 XBD=855 XBD=1165 XHG=169 XHG=359 XHG=421 XHG=564 XHG=630 XHG=698 XHG=877 XHG=1187 YBD=1352 YBD=1357 YBD=1351 YBD=1356 YBD=1349 YHG=1320>HOUSED YHG=1319>in YHG=1319>Paris, YHG=1320>at YHG=1319>95 YHG=1318>Rue YHG=1316>Cherche-Midi, YHG=1317>the " XBD=2404 XBD=1334 XBD=1418 XBD=1555 XBD=1716 XBD=1844 XBD=2138 XBD=2300 XHG=1295 XHG=1351 XHG=1434 XHG=1572 XHG=1765 XHG=1865 XHG=2155 XHG=2317 YBD=1387YHG=1373>or YBD=1385 YBD=1396 YBD=1386 YBD=1395 YHG=1354>of YHG=1354>the YHG=1353>whole YHG=1353>nation. YHG=1353>The YHG=1352>Confederation YHG=1353>further YHG=1363>gave XBD=399 XHG=908 XBD=571 XBD=655 XBD=863 XBD=951 XBD=1254 XHG=121 XHG=443 XHG=617 XHG=700 XHG=994YBD=1397 YBD=1399 YBD=1398 YBD=1396 YHG=1364>International YHG=1365>Union YHG=1365>of YHG=1364>Doctors YHG=1363>l’Association "" XBD=2405 XBD=1345 XBD=1662 XBD=1752 XBD=1955 XBD=2020 XBD=2190 XBD=2264 XHG=1293 XHG=1367 XHG=1685 XHG=1777 XHG=1979 XHG=2044 XHG=2215 XHG=2287 YBD=1442 YBD=1441 YBD=1432 YBD=1433 YHG=1400>its YHG=1400>representative YHG=1399>the YHG=1399>mandate YHG=1402>to YHG=1401>protest YHG=1410>on YHG=1398>behalf XBD=412 XHG=745 XBD=717 XBD=804 XBD=1011 XBD=1176 XBD=1253 XHG=114 XHG=438 XHG=832YBD=1442 XHG=1039 XHG=1204 YBD=1454 YBD=1443 YBD=1442 YBD=1442YHG=1410>des YBD=1444 YHG=1412>professionnelle YHG=1410>internationale YHG=1409>médecins YHG=1410>carries YHG=1421>on " XBD=1249 XBD=1335XHG=858 XBD=1418 XBD=1594 XBD=1818 XBD=1963 XBD=2046 XBD=2210 XBD=2406 XHG=1295YBD=1490 XHG=1350 XHG=1436 XHG=1610 XHG=1835 XHG=1980 XHG=2067 XHG=2227 YBD=1487YHG=1456>rather YBD=1479 YBD=1478 YBD=1488 YHG=1447>of YHG=1446>medical YHG=1446>profession YHG=1446>before YHG=1446>the YHG=1445>Conseil YHG=1444>supérieur " XBD=186 XBD=411 XBD=485 XBD=543 XBD=822 XBD=986 XBD=1116 XBD=1191 XHG=120 XHG=222 XHG=447 XHG=521 XHG=579 XHG=1020 XHG=1152 XHG=1226 YBD=1492 YBD=1491 YBD=1489 YBD=1489 YBD=1490 YHG=1459>the YHG=1458>activities YHG=1458>of YHG=1468>a YHG=1457>trade-union YHG=1456>than YHG=1456>of YHG=1467>a XBD=1442XHG=831 XBD=1542 XBD=1750 XBD=1823 XBD=2012 XBD=2167 XBD=2315 XBD=2406 XHG=1294YBD=1546 XHG=1475 XHG=1575 XHG=1784 XHG=1854 XHG=2043 XHG=2200 XHG=2345 YBD=1525YHG=1502>largely YHG=1493>against YHG=1492>granting YHG=1493>of YHG=1492>licences YHG=1491>which YHG=1491>entail YHG=1492>the " XBD=1253 XBD=301 XBD=432 XBD=521 XBD=569 XBD=608 XBD=699 XBD=814 XBD=974 XBD=1113 XBD=1171 XHG=120 XHG=317 XHG=484 XHG=537 XHG=585 XHG=623 XHG=713 XHG=991 XHG=1129 XHG=1187 YBD=1537 YBD=1536 YBD=1541 YBD=1545 YBD=1536 YBD=1535 YHG=1504>scientific YHG=1505>body. YHG=1503>It YHG=1504>is YHG=1514>a YHG=1503>live YHG=1503>wire, YHG=1503>owing YHG=1504>to YHG=1503>the " XBD=2405 XBD=1550 XBD=1609 XBD=1743 XBD=1916 XBD=1974 XBD=2212 XHG=1295 XHG=1568 XHG=1627 XHG=1763 XHG=1936 XHG=1993 XHG=2230 YBD=1581YHG=1549>its YBD=1571 YBD=1582 YBD=1572 YBD=1580 YHG=1539>employment YHG=1539>in YHG=1538>bread YHG=1539>making YHG=1539>of YHG=1538>substances YHG=1538>injurious XBD=325 XHG=781 XBD=446 XBD=654 XBD=738 XBD=832 XBD=1249 XHG=119 XHG=369 XHG=492 XHG=699 XHG=868YBD=1582 YBD=1593 YBD=1584 YBD=1592 YBD=1583 YBD=1591 YHG=1551>enterprise YHG=1550>and YHG=1549>activity YHG=1550>of YHG=1549>Secretary-General, "|>"XBD=2404 XBD=1336 XBD=1500 XBD=1628 XBD=1825 XBD=2015 XBD=2076 XBD=2176 XHG=1294 XHG=1357 XHG=1549 XHG=1650 XHG=1846 XHG=2038 XHG=2098 XHG=2197 YBD=1619 YBD=1617 YBD=1628 YBD=1627 YBD=1618 YBD=1624 YHG=1588>to YHG=1586>health. YHG=1585>The YHG=1585>vigorous YHG=1585>wording YHG=1585>of YHG=1585>this YHG=1584>resolution, XBD=188 XBD=374 XBD=565 XBD=629 XBD=718 XBD=961 XBD=1013 XBD=1249 XBD=1127 XHG=119 XHG=200 XHG=384 XHG=591 XHG=640 XHG=731 XHG=972 XHG=1148 XHG=1025 YBD=1628 YBD=1629 YBD=1630 YBD=1628 YBD=1634 YBD=1638 YHG=1597>Dr. YHG=1597>Fernand YHG=1596>Decourt. YHG=1596>It YHG=1605>was YHG=1596>established YHG=1596>in YHG=1597>1926, YHG=1595>July, "" XBD=2406 XBD=1360 XBD=1586 XBD=1832 XBD=1908 XBD=2009 XBD=2238 XBD=2312 XHG=1293 XHG=1396 XHG=1623 XHG=1869 XHG=1943 XHG=2045 XHG=2275 XHG=2346 YBD=1674 YBD=1664 YBD=1665 YHG=1632>emphatic YHG=1633>comments YHG=1633>of YHG=1631>the YHG=1631>chairman YHG=1632>of YHG=1632>the XBD=221 XHG=968 XBD=276 XBD=433 XBD=713 XBD=849 XBD=935 XBD=990 XBD=1253 XHG=122 XHG=253 XHG=308 XHG=464 XHG=744 XHG=882 XHG=1022YBD=1676 YBD=1677 YBD=1685 YBD=1684YHG=1654>a YHG=1644>after YHG=1643>year’s YHG=1644>preparatory YHG=1643>work YHG=1643>by YHG=1642>provisional " XBD=2406 XBD=1469 XBD=1566 XBD=1726 XBD=1831 XBD=1925 XBD=2207 XHG=1294 XHG=1499 XHG=1595 XHG=1755 XHG=1859 XHG=1953 XHG=2235 YBD=1722YHG=1691>statutes YBD=1710 YBD=1717 YBD=1711 YBD=1721 YBD=1720 YHG=1679>meeting, YHG=1678>Dr. YHG=1678>Dibos, YHG=1678>and YHG=1679>the YHG=1678>sympathetic YHG=1677>applause XBD=352 XHG=820 XBD=450 XBD=670 XBD=729 XBD=800 XBD=985 XBD=1055 XBD=1170 XBD=1253 XHG=122 XHG=373 XHG=469 XHG=688 XHG=749 XHG=1003YBD=1722 XHG=1074 XHG=1189 YBD=1728 YBD=1732 YBD=1721 YHG=1689>committee, YHG=1690>and YHG=1689>according YHG=1691>to YHG=1689>its YHG=1688>its YHG=1689>aims YHG=1699>are XBD=1334XHG=847 XBD=1439 XBD=1660 XBD=1835 XBD=1928 XBD=2074 XBD=2156 XBD=2407 XHG=1294YBD=1769 XHG=1373 XHG=1481 XHG=1701 XHG=1877 XHG=1967 XHG=2114 XHG=2198 YBD=1759YHG=1736>of YBD=1757 YBD=1758 YBD=1767 YHG=1726>of YHG=1726>the YHG=1724>audience YHG=1724>should YHG=1725>all YHG=1735>serve YHG=1726>to YHG=1725>strengthen "" XBD=1252 XBD=163 XBD=285 XBD=330 XBD=499 XBD=684 XBD=824 XBD=886 XBD=1153 XHG=122 XHG=187 XHG=308 XHG=354 XHG=520 XHG=705 XHG=906 XHG=1176 YBD=1768 YBD=1778 YBD=1769 YBD=1768 YHG=1739>to YHG=1737>form YHG=1747>a YHG=1736>central YHG=1735>clearing YHG=1736>house YHG=1735>information YHG=1735>and "" XBD=2407 XBD=1360 XBD=1581 XBD=1733 XBD=1804 XBD=1900 XBD=2078 XBD=2257 XBD=2326 XHG=1293 XHG=1392 XHG=1611 XHG=1763 XHG=1834 XHG=1930 XHG=2108 XHG=2289 XHG=2354 YBD=1803 YBD=1814 YBD=1805 YBD=1813 YBD=1804 YHG=1771>Dr. YHG=1771>Lenglet’s YHG=1772>hands YHG=1772>in YHG=1771>the YHG=1771>further YHG=1771>pursuit YHG=1772>of YHG=1772>his XBD=164 XHG=804 XBD=246 XBD=285 XBD=391 XBD=586 XBD=782 XBD=944 XBD=1008 XBD=1185 XBD=1251 XHG=123 XHG=190 XHG=263 XHG=309 XHG=415 XHG=610 XHG=970YBD=1825 XHG=1034 XHG=1211 YBD=1814 YBD=1815 YBD=1815 YBD=1815YHG=1792>groups YHG=1784>to YHG=1782>be YHG=1793>a YHG=1782>link YHG=1781>between YHG=1782>national YHG=1782>of YHG=1781>doctors YHG=1791>so " XBD=1493 XHG=1294 YBD=1861 YHG=1818>objective. XBD=211 XHG=694 XBD=322 XBD=430 XBD=561 XBD=677 XBD=760 XBD=1016 XBD=1073 XBD=1157 XBD=1252 XHG=123 XHG=230 XHG=341 XHG=446 XHG=579 XHG=778YBD=1860 XHG=1035 XHG=1090 XHG=1175 YBD=1870 YBD=1861 YBD=1869 YBD=1860YHG=1828>the YHG=1829>that YHG=1829>each YHG=1837>may YHG=1827>profit YHG=1828>from YHG=1828>experiences YHG=1828>of YHG=1828>the YHG=1829>rest " XBD=2310 XBD=162 XHG=568 XBD=252 XBD=392 XBD=455 XBD=545 XBD=770 XBD=1041 XBD=1252 XHG=122 XHG=186 XHG=276 XHG=417 XHG=478 XHG=792YBD=1907 XHG=1062 YBD=1908 YBD=1916 YBD=1915 YBD=1916YHG=1884>numerous YHG=1875>in YHG=1875>study YHG=1875>of YHG=1875>the YHG=1874>professional YHG=1874>problems " XBD=1597 XBD=1672 XBD=1884 XBD=2102 XBD=2165 XHG=1397 XHG=1621 XHG=1693 XHG=1904 XHG=2122 XHG=2186 YBD=1921 YBD=1920 YHG=1895>LECTURES YHG=1895>ON YHG=1895>TROPICAL YHG=1896>MEDICINE YHG=1896>IN YHG=1896>PARIS. " XBD=1253 XBD=301 XHG=786 XBD=440 XBD=629 XBD=746 XBD=901 XBD=1045 XHG=122 XHG=341 XHG=479 XHG=669 XHG=938YBD=1953 XHG=1096 YBD=1963 YBD=1962 YBD=1953 YBD=1962YHG=1920>social YHG=1920>affecting YHG=1920>their YHG=1920>private YHG=1921>and YHG=1920>lives. YHG=1920>Strictly "" XBD=2408 XBD=1420 XBD=1690 XBD=1876 XBD=2127 XBD=2188 XHG=1341 XHG=1437 XHG=1709 XHG=1893 XHG=2147 XHG=2206 YBD=1982 YBD=1992 YBD=1988 YBD=1983 YBD=1991 YHG=1950>The YHG=1949>forthcoming YHG=1949>Colonial YHG=1949>Exhibition, YHG=1960>so YHG=1949>admirably XBD=304 XHG=914 XBD=489 XBD=570 XBD=654 XBD=774 XBD=897 XBD=957 XBD=1064 XBD=1119 XBD=1176 XBD=1253 XHG=123 XHG=321 XHG=506 XHG=586 XHG=672 XHG=790 XHG=973YBD=1999 XHG=1078 XHG=1136 XHG=1193 YBD=2008 YBD=2004 YBD=2008 YBD=1998YHG=1976>or YBD=1999 YHG=1966>scientific YHG=1966>subjects YHG=1976>are YHG=1968>not YHG=1966>dealt YHG=1966>with, YHG=1966>only YHG=1966>in YHG=1976>so YHG=1966>far "" XBD=2410 XBD=1509 XBD=1587 XBD=1677 XBD=1785 XBD=1954 XBD=2136 XBD=2316 XHG=1293 XHG=1534 XHG=1611 XHG=1702 XHG=1809 XHG=1979 XHG=2161 XHG=2340 YBD=2028 YBD=2039 YBD=2038 YBD=2029 YHG=1996>advertised YHG=1995>by YHG=1996>the YHG=2006>new YHG=1995>French YHG=1998>postage YHG=1998>stamps, YHG=1996>will XBD=164 XHG=790 XBD=295 XBD=482 XBD=755 XBD=991 XBD=1149 XBD=1252 XHG=123 XHG=201 XHG=330 XHG=520 XHG=1043YBD=2054 XHG=1185 YBD=2045 YBD=2055 YBD=2045YHG=2012>problems. YHG=2023>as YHG=2012>they YHG=2014>present YHG=2012>sociological YHG=2011>Since YHG=2013>the "" XBD=2409 XBD=1442 XBD=1498 XBD=1662 XBD=1735 XBD=1927 XBD=2010 XBD=2203 XHG=1292 XHG=1475 XHG=1532 XHG=1697 XHG=1767 XHG=1961 XHG=2043 XHG=2236 YBD=2075 YBD=2084 YBD=2076 YHG=2042>include YHG=2053>a YHG=2052>course YHG=2043>of YHG=2042>lectures YHG=2054>on YHG=2043>tropical YHG=2042>medicine XBD=342 XHG=855 XBD=496 XBD=631 XBD=699 XBD=830 XBD=958 XBD=1032 XBD=1179 XBD=1251 XHG=123 XHG=372 XHG=524 XHG=659 XHG=730 XHG=990YBD=2097 XHG=1063 XHG=1209 YBD=2101 YBD=2092 YBD=2092 YBD=2101YHG=2060>1927, YBD=2092 YHG=2059>secretariat YHG=2059>began YHG=2059>work YHG=2059>in YHG=2055>Jan., YHG=2069>as YHG=2069>many YHG=2069>as XBD=1463XHG=882 XBD=1589 XBD=1722 XBD=1830 XBD=1958 XBD=2087 XBD=2351 XBD=2408 XHG=1293YBD=2138 XHG=1497 XHG=1623 XHG=1754 XHG=1865 XHG=2008 XHG=2118 XHG=2380 YBD=2123YHG=2106>have YBD=2132 YBD=2122 YHG=2089>between YHG=2089>July YHG=2089>22nd YHG=2089>and YHG=2091>31st. YHG=2090>The YHG=2099>programme YHG=2090>is "" XBD=1252 XBD=169 XBD=366 XBD=661 XBD=861 XBD=981 XBD=1099 XBD=1179 XHG=127 XHG=193 XHG=388 XHG=680 XHG=1003 XHG=1121 XHG=1203 YBD=2137 YBD=2147 YBD=2138 YBD=2139 YHG=2106>16 YHG=2105>different YHG=2105>international YHG=2105>inquiries YHG=2105>been YHG=2107>set YHG=2116>on "" XBD=2409 XBD=1533 XBD=1884 XBD=2064 XBD=2247 XHG=1293 XHG=1567 XHG=1934 XHG=2098 XHG=2281 YBD=2169 YBD=2170 YBD=2178 YHG=2135>remarkably YHG=2136>comprehensive. YHG=2135>Infant YHG=2135>welfare YHG=2146>among XBD=218 XHG=860 XBD=382 XBD=473 XBD=599 XBD=835 XBD=973 XBD=1107 XBD=1252 XHG=122 XHG=244 XHG=406 XHG=499 XHG=623 XHG=997YBD=2194 XHG=1133 YBD=2190 YBD=2183 YBD=2184 YBD=2193 YBD=2185 YBD=2185YHG=2152>being YHG=2152>foot, YHG=2161>among YHG=2151>the YHG=2153>most YHG=2151>important YHG=2152>those YHG=2151>about "" XBD=2408 XBD=1359 XBD=1562 XBD=1766 XBD=1971 XBD=2205 XHG=1293 XHG=1401 XHG=1606 XHG=1809 XHG=2012 XHG=2248 YBD=2215 YBD=2221 YBD=2216 YBD=2226 YBD=2225 YHG=2183>the YHG=2182>natives, YHG=2182>tropical YHG=2183>diseases YHG=2182>including YHG=2182>syphilis, XBD=285 XHG=867 XBD=549 XBD=827 XBD=908 XBD=1144 XBD=1252 XHG=121 XHG=338 XHG=592 XHG=949YBD=2231 XHG=1186 YBD=2236 YBD=2240 YBD=2237 YBD=2231YHG=2198>in YHG=2198>sickness YHG=2198>insurance, YHG=2198>specialising YHG=2198>medicine, YHG=2198>the "" XBD=2408 XBD=1409 XBD=1600 XBD=1711 XBD=1893 XBD=2043 XBD=2255 XHG=1294 XHG=1440 XHG=1635 XHG=1744 XHG=1927 XHG=2079 XHG=2287 YBD=2263 YBD=2262 YBD=2268 YBD=2272 YBD=2267 YHG=2228>social YHG=2229>hygiene YHG=2229>and YHG=2229>welfare YHG=2229>work, YHG=2229>drinking YHG=2231>water, XBD=245 XHG=517 XBD=432 XBD=494 XBD=712 XBD=1040 XBD=1252 XHG=117 XHG=266 XHG=455 XHG=736YBD=2283 XHG=1063 YBD=2287 YBD=2286 YBD=2277 YBD=2278 YBD=2278YHG=2244>medicine, YHG=2244>illegal YHG=2244>practice YHG=2245>of YHG=2244>administrative YHG=2254>measures "" XBD=2407 XBD=1455 XBD=1731 XBD=1816 XBD=2019 XBD=2212 XHG=1294 XHG=1487 XHG=1764 XHG=1848 XHG=2053 XHG=2242 YBD=2314 YBD=2309 YBD=2318 YHG=2276>diseases YHG=2275>transmitted YHG=2276>by YHG=2275>animals, YHG=2276>colonial YHG=2276>pharmaXBD=269 XHG=820 XBD=477 XBD=704 XBD=802 XBD=888 XBD=1251 XHG=121 XHG=290 XHG=496 XHG=725 XHG=919YBD=2323 YBD=2333 YBD=2324 YBD=2325YHG=2291>the YHG=2291>against YHG=2290>maternal YHG=2290>mortality, YHG=2291>and YHG=2291>antituberculosis "" XBD=2409 XBD=1427 XBD=1553 XBD=1636 XBD=1742 XBD=1867 XBD=2078 XBD=2286 XHG=1294 XHG=1465 XHG=1594 XHG=1675 XHG=1782 XHG=1908 XHG=2117 XHG=2323 YBD=2365 YBD=2355 YBD=2361 YBD=2364 YBD=2356 YHG=2322>cology YHG=2323>and, YHG=2324>at YHG=2323>the YHG=2323>end, YHG=2323>sanitary YHG=2323>aviation YHG=2323>with XBD=198 XHG=553 XBD=512 XBD=782 XBD=1015 XBD=1105 XBD=1252 XHG=121 XHG=238 XHG=851YBD=2379 XHG=1056 XHG=1145 YBD=2370 YBD=2380 YBD=2371YHG=2337>campaigns. YBD=2370 YHG=2338>and YHG=2337>antisyphilitic YHG=2338>Reports YHG=2348>on YHG=2338>these "" XBD=2409 XBD=1593 XBD=1658 XBD=1911 XBD=2179 XBD=2246 XBD=2350 XHG=1294 XHG=1620 XHG=1682 XHG=1961 XHG=2204 XHG=2268 XHG=2372 YBD=2411 YBD=2412 YBD=2403 YBD=2402 YHG=2369>demonstration YHG=2370>of YHG=2369>aeroplanes. YHG=2369>Foreigners YHG=2380>as YHG=2369>well YHG=2378>as XBD=301 XHG=754 XBD=402 XBD=641 XBD=717 XBD=821 XBD=1019 XBD=1252 XHG=121 XHG=339 XHG=440 XHG=677 XHG=860YBD=2416 XHG=1058 YBD=2426 YBD=2425 YBD=2417 YBD=2417 YBD=2427YHG=2384>the YHG=2384>inquiries YHG=2393>are YHG=2383>published YHG=2384>in YHG=2384>Union’s YHG=2384>quarterly "" XBD=2410 XBD=1527 XBD=1618 XBD=1678 XBD=1850 XBD=1905 XBD=2011 XBD=2113 XBD=2168 XBD=2248 XHG=1293 XHG=1541 XHG=1631 XHG=1694 XHG=1864 XHG=1921 XHG=2025 XHG=2128 XHG=2182 XHG=2263 YBD=2449 YBD=2448 YBD=2457 YHG=2416>Frenchmen YHG=2415>will YHG=2416>be YHG=2415>allowed YHG=2417>to YHG=2416>take YHG=2418>part YHG=2416>in YHG=2416>the YHG=2415>ensuing XBD=376 XHG=840 XBD=507 XBD=813 XBD=882 XBD=1088 XBD=1251 XHG=121 XHG=402 XHG=534 XHG=910YBD=2463 XHG=1112 YBD=2472 YBD=2463 YBD=2473YHG=2431>de YHG=2430>journal-La YHG=2441>revue YHG=2431>internationale YHG=2430>médecine YHG=2430>profes"" XBD=2409 XBD=1532 XBD=1626 XBD=1708 XBD=1781 XBD=1836 XBD=1997 XBD=2141 XBD=2217 XHG=1294 XHG=1550 XHG=1642 XHG=1723 XHG=1798 XHG=1860 XHG=2016 XHG=2159 XHG=2241 YBD=2500 YBD=2494 YBD=2502 YBD=2495 YHG=2462>discussions, YHG=2462>and YHG=2462>the YHG=2462>fee YHG=2462>of YHG=2462>Fr.100 YHG=2463>(Fr.50 YHG=2463>for YHG=2461>relations XBD=347 XHG=946 XBD=668 XBD=709 XBD=925 XBD=986 XBD=1166 XBD=1251 XHG=123 XHG=366 XHG=677 XHG=725 XHG=1007YBD=2509 XHG=1180 YBD=2510 YBD=2518 YBD=2515YHG=2477>in YBD=2509 YHG=2476>sionnelle YHG=2476>sociale-which YHG=2477>is YHG=2476>published YHG=2477>French, et YHG=2477>but XBD=1370XHG=891 XBD=1588 XBD=1692 XBD=1963 XBD=2074 XBD=2349 XBD=2409 XHG=1294YBD=2555 XHG=1399 XHG=1615 XHG=1717 XHG=1989 XHG=2102 XHG=2373 YBD=2540YHG=2523>The YBD=2548 YBD=2541 YBD=2550 YBD=2549 YBD=2539 YHG=2508>and YHG=2508>students) YHG=2508>will YHG=2508>incidentally YHG=2508>give YHG=2508>participants YHG=2508>in """ XBD=1253 XBD=245 XBD=341 XBD=484 XBD=659 XBD=840 XBD=970 XHG=122 XHG=271 XHG=368 XHG=510 XHG=686 XHG=997 YBD=2565 YBD=2556 YBD=2565 YHG=2523>which YHG=2523>has YHG=2532>many YHG=2523>readers YHG=2523>abroad. YHG=2523>organisation XBD=1371 XHG=2372 XBD=1541 XBD=1647 XBD=1916 XBD=2115 XBD=2335 XHG=1293 YBD=2586 XHG=1411 XHG=1581 XHG=1688 XHG=1956 XHG=2155 YBD=2587 YHG=2555>to YHG=2554>this YHG=2564>course YHG=2554>the YHG=2554>substantial YHG=2553>benefits YHG=2554>accorded " XBD=2409 XBD=163 XHG=768 XBD=246 XBD=392 XBD=441 XBD=558 XBD=734 XBD=874 XBD=1054 XBD=1253 XHG=125 XHG=180 XHG=265 XHG=408 XHG=459 XHG=577 XHG=891YBD=2603 XHG=1071 YBD=2601 YBD=2602 YBD=2611 YBD=2611 YBD=2612YHG=2570>Each YHG=2570>of YHG=2569>the YHG=2569>Union YHG=2569>is YHG=2572>most YHG=2569>simple YHG=2571>country YHG=2569>adhering : "" XBD=2410 XBD=1446 XBD=1530 XBD=1684 XBD=1884 XBD=1990 XBD=2255 XHG=1294 XHG=1478 XHG=1561 XHG=1714 XHG=1914 XHG=2022 XHG=2284 YBD=2642 YBD=2643 YBD=2633 YBD=2634 YHG=2600>visitors YHG=2601>by YHG=2600>travel YHG=2601>agencies YHG=2600>and YHG=2602>restaurants YHG=2600>within XBD=166 XBD=259 XBD=424 XBD=500 XBD=556 XBD=625 XBD=762 XBD=828 XBD=1133 XBD=1253 XHG=125 XHG=193 XHG=286 XHG=451 XHG=524 XHG=584 XHG=652 XHG=786 XHG=853 XHG=1158 YBD=2654 YBD=2647 YBD=2649 YBD=2648 YBD=2658 YBD=2648 YHG=2617>to YHG=2616>the YHG=2615>Union, YHG=2616>be YHG=2616>it YHG=2615>small YHG=2626>as YHG=2615>Luxembourg, YHG=2615>with " XBD=2410 XBD=1360 XHG=2240 XBD=1598 XBD=1810 XBD=2070 XBD=2158 XHG=1294 YBD=2680 XHG=1377 XHG=1648 XHG=1825 XHG=2088 XHG=2176 YBD=2679 YHG=2645>obtained YHG=2647>the YHG=2647>exhibition. YHG=2647>Further YHG=2647>information YHG=2657>can YHG=2646>be " XBD=2222 XBD=216 XHG=910 XBD=269 XBD=372 XBD=576 XBD=805 XBD=881 XBD=952 XBD=1083 XBD=1156 XBD=1253 XHG=126 XHG=247 XHG=300 XHG=401 XHG=608 XHG=838 XHG=981YBD=2694 XHG=1114 XHG=1186 YBD=2702 YBD=2700 YBD=2695 YBD=2704 YBD=2695YHG=2671>as YBD=2694 YHG=2661>only YHG=2672>a YHG=2661>few YHG=2662>hundred YHG=2662>members, YHG=2672>or YHG=2661>large YHG=2671>as YHG=2662>the "|>" XBD=1413 XBD=1540 XBD=1720 XBD=1837 XBD=1924 XBD=2326 XBD=2159 XHG=1295 XHG=1434 XHG=1560 XHG=1739 XHG=1858 XHG=2186 XHG=2354 XHG=1945 YBD=2726 YBD=2735 YBD=2725 YBD=2725 YHG=2693>about YHG=2694>these YHG=2693>lectures YHG=2694>from YHG=2694>the YHG=2692>general YHG=2693>des YHG=2692>Secretariat " XBD=2408 XBD=269 XBD=437 XBD=560 XBD=691 XBD=852 XBD=1046 XBD=1253 XHG=126 XHG=299 XHG=465 XHG=589 XHG=722 XHG=883 XHG=1075 YBD=2740 YBD=2741 YBD=2746 YBD=2746 YBD=2749 YHG=2707>United YHG=2707>States, YHG=2708>with YHG=2717>some YHG=2709>72,000 YHG=2707>doctors, YHG=2707>appoints ""|>"XBD=2274 XBD=1459 XBD=1681 XBD=1770 XBD=1861 XBD=2137 XHG=1291 XHG=1478 XHG=1705 XHG=1790 XHG=1884 XHG=2157 YBD=2781 YBD=2773 YBD=2778 YBD=2772 YHG=2738>journées YHG=2739>coloniales, YHG=2742>112 YHG=2739>Bd. YHG=2740>Haussmann, YHG=2739>Paris. XBD=335 XBD=527 XBD=634 XBD=681 XBD=761 XBD=866 XBD=1254 XBD=1017 XHG=127 XHG=357 XHG=550 XHG=648 XHG=694 XHG=776 XHG=1030 XHG=881 YBD=2787 YBD=2786 YBD=2795 YBD=2796 YBD=2787 YHG=2753>a YHG=2754>delegate YHG=2754>who YHG=2754>is YHG=2754>the YHG=2754>only YHG=2754>connecting YHG=2753>official national "" XBD=1254 XBD=206 XBD=408 XBD=501 XBD=697 XBD=808 XBD=906 XBD=1078 XBD=1189 XHG=125 XHG=239 XHG=441 XHG=534 XHG=730 XHG=840 XHG=941 XHG=1131 XHG=1221 YBD=2842 YBD=2834 YBD=2832 YBD=2833 YBD=2832 YBD=2833 YHG=2800>link YHG=2800>between YHG=2800>his YHG=2802>country YHG=2801>and YHG=2800>the YHG=2800>Union. YHG=2800>He YHG=2800>is XBD=1496 XHG=2290 XBD=1556 XBD=1746 XBD=1818 XBD=2012 XBD=2201 XBD=2274 XBD=2407 XHG=1295 YBD=2855 XHG=1513 XHG=1574 XHG=1768 XHG=1834 XHG=2025 XHG=2227 YBD=2857 YHG=2831>PARIS. YBD=2856 YHG=2832>LECTURES YHG=2833>IN YHG=2832>ENGLISH YHG=2832>MEDICAL YHG=2832>VISITORS YHG=2832>TO " XBD=1254 XBD=276 XHG=648 XBD=378 XBD=608 XBD=689 XBD=1083 XBD=1158 XHG=125 XHG=313 XHG=416 XHG=727YBD=2879 XHG=1120 XHG=1195 YBD=2888 YBD=2888 YBD=2879YHG=2857>or YHG=2846>usually YHG=2847>the YHG=2846>president YHG=2846>secretary-general YHG=2846>of YHG=2846>his " XBD=2412 XBD=1514 XBD=1671 XBD=1738 XBD=1925 XBD=2021 XBD=2144 XBD=2351 XHG=1343 XHG=1541 XHG=1700 XHG=1764 XHG=1951 XHG=2048 XHG=2172 XHG=2375 YBD=2919 YBD=2918 YBD=2917 YBD=2928 YBD=2916 YHG=2884>Another YHG=2895>course YHG=2886>of YHG=2885>lectures YHG=2885>has YHG=2885>been YHG=2885>arranged YHG=2884>in XBD=295 XHG=820 XBD=486 XBD=752 XBD=900 XBD=1080 XBD=1255 XHG=124 XHG=325 XHG=514 XHG=927YBD=2925 XHG=1107 YBD=2926 YBD=2935 YBD=2925YHG=2892>The YHG=2892>national YHG=2893>medical YHG=2892>association. YHG=2892>general YHG=2892>council " XBD=2412 XBD=1472 XBD=1548 XBD=1715 XBD=1799 XBD=1911 XBD=2095 XBD=2331 XHG=1296 XHG=1507 XHG=1583 XHG=1750 XHG=1834 XHG=1947 XHG=2130 XHG=2363 YBD=2963YHG=2939>it YBD=2973 YBD=2964 YBD=2971 YHG=2941>response YHG=2933>to YHG=2931>letters YHG=2942>on YHG=2931>this YHG=2931>subject YHG=2931>addressed YHG=2930>by XBD=156 XHG=918 XBD=382 XBD=443 XBD=573 XBD=797 XBD=898 XBD=951 XBD=1093 XBD=1208 XBD=1254 XHG=124 XHG=180 XHG=405 XHG=466 XHG=597 XHG=821 XHG=974YBD=2970 XHG=1117 XHG=1231 YBD=2972 YBD=2980 YBD=2971 YBD=2970 YHG=2939>is YHG=2939>composed YHG=2940>of YHG=2939>these YHG=2938>delegates, YHG=2939>and YHG=2940>meets YHG=2948>once YHG=2949>a XBD=1398XHG=909 XBD=1536 XBD=1602 XBD=1814 XBD=1881 XBD=2009 XBD=2189 XBD=2290 XBD=2410 XHG=1296YBD=3017 XHG=1426 XHG=1564 XHG=1628 XHG=1839 XHG=1907 XHG=2040 XHG=2215 XHG=2315 YBD=3018YHG=2984>of YBD=3010 YBD=3009 YHG=2976>Dube YHG=2977>of YHG=2976>Montreal YHG=2979>to YHG=2977>Prof. YHG=2977>Roussy YHG=2977>and YHG=2976>Prof. " XBD=1255 XBD=218 XBD=287 XBD=393 XBD=622 XBD=737 XBD=797 XBD=888 XBD=947 XBD=1033 XHG=126 XHG=238 XHG=307 XHG=413 XHG=643 XHG=756 XHG=818 XHG=966 XHG=1054 YBD=3026 YBD=3018 YBD=3025 YBD=3016 YBD=3016 YBD=3026 YHG=2995>year YHG=2995>on YHG=2985>four YHG=2984>successive YHG=2985>days YHG=2985>in YHG=2994>one YHG=2985>the YHG=2984>European " XBD=2412 XBD=1465 XBD=1621 XBD=1712 XBD=1774 XBD=1879 XBD=2015 XBD=2096 XBD=2282 XBD=2336 XHG=1299 XHG=1515 XHG=1636 XHG=1727 XHG=1791 XHG=1894 XHG=2030 XHG=2113 XHG=2299 XHG=2352 YBD=3065 YBD=3054 YBD=3064 YBD=3056 YBD=3055 YHG=3022>Sergent. YHG=3023>They YHG=3023>will YHG=3022>be YHG=3023>held YHG=3022>under YHG=3022>auspices YHG=3023>of YHG=3023>the XBD=296 XHG=917 XBD=386 XBD=486 XBD=547 XBD=675 XBD=770 XBD=895 XBD=993 XBD=1092 XBD=1204 XBD=1255 XHG=127 XHG=349 XHG=408 XHG=507 XHG=568 XHG=695 XHG=791 XHG=1014YBD=3063 XHG=1112 XHG=1222 YBD=3073 YBD=3064 YBD=3072 YBD=3071YHG=3030>and YBD=3063 YHG=3031>capitals. YHG=3030>It YHG=3032>met YHG=3030>in YHG=3030>Paris YHG=3031>last YHG=3040>year, YHG=3030>this YHG=3040>year YHG=3030>it "|>|>" XBD=1528 XBD=1633 XBD=1674 XBD=2040 XBD=2221 XBD=2412 XBD=1971 XHG=1297 XHG=1536 XHG=1644 XHG=1981 XHG=2052 XHG=2233 XHG=1686 YBD=3102 YBD=3111 YBD=3101 YBD=3111 YHG=3069>Association YHG=3079>pour YHG=3070>le YHG=3069>des YHG=3069>relations YHG=3068>médicales YHG=3067>développement XBD=203 XHG=724 XBD=312 XBD=363 XBD=584 XBD=712 XBD=876 XBD=1033 XBD=1256 XHG=126 XHG=213 XHG=323 XHG=374 XHG=634 XHG=886YBD=3120 XHG=1043 YBD=3111 YBD=3110 YBD=3119 YBD=3109 YBD=3110 YBD=3110YHG=3077>general YHG=3078>will YHG=3079>meet YHG=3077>in YHG=3077>Budapest. YHG=3077>The YHG=3076>council YHG=3076>nominates |>"XBD=1256 XBD=1380 XBD=1651 XBD=1779 XBD=1908 XBD=2107 XBD=2169 XBD=2268 XBD=2413 XBD=1590 XHG=1298 XHG=1612 XHG=1675 XHG=1829 XHG=1931 XHG=2130 XHG=2192 XHG=2290 XHG=1404 YBD=3156 YBD=3147 YBD=3148 YBD=3157 YHG=3126>avec YHG=3115>in YHG=3115>July. YHG=3115>The YHG=3125>sponsors YHG=3116>of YHG=3116>this YHG=3123>course YHG=3115>l’étranger " XBD=177 XBD=393 XBD=631 XBD=689 XBD=774 XBD=979 XBD=1040 XBD=1145 XHG=127 XHG=197 XHG=412 XHG=651 XHG=707 XHG=793 XHG=998 XHG=1060 XHG=1162 YBD=3157 YBD=3158 YBD=3156 YBD=3155 YBD=3156 YBD=3155 YHG=3136>an YHG=3124>executive YHG=3124>committee YHG=3124>of YHG=3125>ten YHG=3124>members YHG=3124>to YHG=3122>deal YHG=3123>with XBD=1373XHG=911 XBD=1453 XBD=1618 XBD=1822 XBD=2006 XBD=2245 XBD=2407 XHG=1296YBD=3201 XHG=1406 XHG=1497 XHG=1656 XHG=1861 XHG=2043 XHG=2282 YBD=3194YHG=3169>is YBD=3193 YBD=3203 YBD=3199 YBD=3197 YHG=3161>will YHG=3161>be YHG=3161>Profs. YHG=3160>Sergent, YHG=3160>Gosser, YHG=3160>Chevassu, YHG=3160>Sorrel, " XBD=1254 XBD=278 XBD=383 XBD=546 XBD=715 XBD=885 XBD=944 XBD=1021 XHG=127 XHG=306 XHG=411 XHG=576 XHG=765 XHG=972 XHG=1050 YBD=3202 YBD=3212 YBD=3203 YBD=3202 YBD=3210 YHG=3172>current YHG=3169>and YHG=3172>urgent YHG=3169>affairs. YHG=3169>There YHG=3180>no YHG=3168>president. " XBD=2412 XBD=1451 XBD=2157 XBD=2246 XHG=1299 XHG=1463 XHG=2171 XHG=2260 YBD=3245 YBD=3244 YBD=3239 YBD=3248 YHG=3207>Claude, YHG=3206>Morax, YHG=3207>and YHG=3207>Roussy. XBD=206 XHG=580 XBD=427 XBD=491 XBD=546 XBD=813 XBD=1074 XBD=1200 XBD=1256 XHG=127 XHG=238 XHG=457 XHG=524 XHG=864YBD=3248 XHG=1106 XHG=1234 YBD=3249 YBD=3257 YBD=3247YHG=3215>Dutchman. YHG=3216>The YHG=3218>treasurer YHG=3217>is YHG=3226>a YHG=3215>Beginning YHG=3214>with Lemaitre, Ledoux-Lebard, YHG=3226>a " XBD=2414 XBD=1378 XBD=1564 XBD=1658 XBD=1723 XBD=1905 XBD=1963 XBD=2049 XBD=2188 XBD=2361 XHG=1299 XHG=1397 XHG=1582 XHG=1676 XHG=1743 XHG=1925 XHG=1982 XHG=2067 XHG=2210 XHG=2379 YBD=3286 YBD=3295 YBD=3285 YHG=3253>The YHG=3253>subjects YHG=3252>will YHG=3252>be YHG=3253>diseases YHG=3254>of YHG=3253>the YHG=3253>lungs, YHG=3262>surgery YHG=3251>of XBD=275 XHG=829 XBD=552 XBD=617 XBD=712 XBD=805 XBD=956 XBD=1066 XBD=1257 XHG=128 XHG=300 XHG=579 XHG=642 XHG=738 XHG=981YBD=3294 XHG=1088 YBD=3303 YBD=3295 YBD=3299 YBD=3293 YBD=3294 YBD=3293YHG=3261>Union YHG=3262>modest YHG=3262>membership YHG=3262>of YHG=3262>six, YHG=3262>the YHG=3271>now YHG=3260>includes " XBD=171 XHG=129 XHG=197 YBD=3339 YBD=3340 YHG=3309>31 YHG=3307>countries. |>"XBD=397 XBD=1365 XBD=1575 XBD=1701 XBD=1805 XBD=1936 XBD=2132 XBD=2413 XHG=1299 XHG=1392 XHG=1601 XHG=1729 XHG=1830 XHG=1963 XHG=2161 YBD=3332 YBD=3331 YBD=3337 YBD=3341 YBD=3340 YHG=3300>the YHG=3299>digestive YHG=3300>tract YHG=3298>and YHG=3298>liver, YHG=3298>urology, YHG=3298>orthopsedics, "" XBD=2413 XBD=1532 XBD=1905 XHG=1298 XHG=1584 XHG=1958 YBD=3386 YBD=3387 YHG=3344>psychiatry, YHG=3344>ophthalmology, YHG=3344>oto-rhino-laryngology, XBD=462 XHG=773 XBD=601 XBD=754 XBD=816 XHG=382 XHG=478 XHG=833YBD=3409 YBD=3409YHG=3386>IN YHG=3385>OUR YHG=3386>DAILY YHG=3385>FRANCE. " XBD=1003 XBD=1504XHG=620 XBD=1604 XBD=1772 XBD=2010 XHG=1300YBD=3408 XHG=1527 XHG=1623 XHG=1791 YBD=3433YHG=3386>BREAD YBD=3424 YBD=3423 YHG=3391>radiology, YHG=3391>and YHG=3391>radium YHG=3392>treatment. "" XBD=1257 XBD=264 XBD=442 XBD=702 XBD=818 XBD=1148 XHG=175 XHG=315 XHG=494 XHG=752 XHG=873 XHG=1198 YBD=3468 YBD=3477 YBD=3468 YHG=3435>Just YHG=3435>before YHG=3435>Christmas YHG=3436>the YHG=3433>Confederation YHG=3436>des XBD=1595 XHG=2232 XBD=1684 XBD=1772 XBD=1960 XBD=2166 XBD=2220 XHG=1379 YBD=3500 XHG=1608 XHG=1696 XHG=1785 XHG=1973 XHG=2178 YBD=3499 YHG=3476>LYON. YHG=3476>PENALTIES YHG=3475>FOR YHG=3475>THE YHG=3474>TYPHOID YHG=3475>EPIDEMIC YHG=3476>IN " XBD=2349 XBD=311 XHG=862 XBD=529 XBD=719 XBD=835 XBD=913 XBD=1091 XBD=1260 XHG=128 XHG=339 XHG=552 XHG=747 XHG=941YBD=3514 XHG=1118 YBD=3523 YBD=3513 YBD=3523 YBD=3513YHG=3481>its YHG=3482>syndicats YHG=3480>medicaux YHG=3481>francais YHG=3481>held YHG=3482>general YHG=3481>annual " XBD=1257 XBD=317 XBD=416 XBD=541 XBD=657 XBD=831 XBD=1013 XBD=1075 XHG=128 XHG=340 XHG=439 XHG=563 XHG=854 XHG=1037 XHG=1097 YBD=3568 YBD=3559 YBD=3560 YBD=3560 YHG=3527>assembly YHG=3527>and YHG=3527>dealt YHG=3527>with YHG=3529>matters YHG=3528>of YHG=3528>medicoXBD=1460XHG=679 XBD=1572 XBD=1709 XBD=1807 XBD=1858 XBD=2030 XBD=2099 XBD=2234 XBD=2416 XHG=1351YBD=3560 XHG=1496 XHG=1600 XHG=1737 XHG=1835 XHG=1888 XHG=2060 XHG=2125 XHG=2262 YBD=3570YHG=3528>various YBD=3562 YBD=3571 YBD=3561 YHG=3528>Some YHG=3530>two YHG=3538>years YHG=3538>ago YHG=3539>a YHG=3528>suburb YHG=3529>of YHG=3529>Lyon YHG=3528>suffered " XBD=1260 XBD=244 XBD=537 XBD=667 XBD=853 XBD=1049 XBD=1146 XHG=130 XHG=289 XHG=588 XHG=901 XHG=1097 XHG=1193 YBD=3605 YBD=3614 YBD=3604 YBD=3615 YBD=3606 YHG=3574>social YHG=3573>importance. YHG=3573>The YHG=3574>subject YHG=3584>on YHG=3574>the XBD=1399XHG=715 XBD=1446 XBD=1605 XBD=1816 XBD=1880 XBD=2068 XBD=2196 XBD=2278 XBD=2416 XHG=1301YBD=3606 XHG=1424 XHG=1464 XHG=1630 XHG=1841 XHG=1905 XHG=2092 XHG=2219 XHG=2301 YBD=3616YHG=3573>second YBD=3607 YBD=3608 YHG=3575>from YHG=3586>a YHG=3574>serious YHG=3574>outbreak YHG=3574>of YHG=3575>typhoid YHG=3575>fever YHG=3575>for YHG=3575>which XBD=275 XHG=853 XBD=384 XBD=541 XBD=593 XBD=671 XBD=839 XBD=891 XBD=1019 XBD=1108 XBD=1257 XHG=129 XHG=287 XHG=414 XHG=553 XHG=605 XHG=683 XHG=904YBD=3652 XHG=1032 XHG=1120 YBD=3659 YBD=3650 YBD=3651 YBD=3661 YBD=3653 YHG=3620>agenda YHG=3629>was YHG=3619>Fraud YHG=3619>in YHG=3619>the YHG=3619>Making YHG=3620>Flour YHG=3619>and: YHG=3619>Bread. " XBD=2418 XBD=1367 XBD=1486 XBD=1624 XBD=1833 XBD=1932 XBD=2004 XBD=2190 XBD=2305 XHG=1302 XHG=1389 XHG=1506 XHG=1646 XHG=1855 XHG=1953 XHG=2026 XHG=2210 XHG=2336 YBD=3652YHG=3619>of YBD=3662 YBD=3653 YBD=3654 YHG=3620>the YHG=3620>local YHG=3622>water YHG=3630>company YHG=3621>and YHG=3621>its YHG=3621>director YHG=3631>were YHG=3621>held