Solid Ultrasonic Delay Lines

Solid Ultrasonic Delay Lines

COMPANY NEWS CONTROL ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATION being supplemented by factory space and laboratories from Smiths Aviation Division. From 1 October, ...

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being supplemented by factory space and laboratories from Smiths Aviation Division.

From 1 October, 1965, there will be a Control and Automation Division within the I.E.E. Of the three present Divisions, two, the Electronics and Power Divisions, will remain. The third, the Science and General Division, will be replaced by a Science and Education Joint Board which will co-ordinate matters of basic science and education wherever they appear in the Institution's activities. The professional groups that previously made up the now defunct Science and General Division will be co-ordinated by the new Board and represented in other Divisions where necessary. Details from the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Savoy Place, London, W.C.2.

duct group of Radyne Ltd. Manager of the new group is A. E. Crawford. Manufacture and marketing will be from the company's headquarters in Wokingham, Berkshire, England.


Apart from special applications, such as bacteria disruption, plastics welding and tinning, the U.K. sale of equipment made by M.E.L. is now in the hands of Kempston Electrical Co. Ltd. Overseas arrangements are unchanged. Special applications in the U.K. are handled by separate companies but Kempston are selling and servicing the bulk of equipment, notably the M.E.L. range of cleaners, metal welders and machining equipment. Kempston Electrical Co. Ltd., Ultrasonic Division, 24 High Street, Kernpston, Bedford, England.


From 1 August, 1965, G. R. Ireland has been appointed General Manager of Ultra Electronics (Components) Ltd.


Visiting scientists, from the U.K. and overseas, will be able to spend about a year at Mullard Research Laboratories, Redhill, Surrey, under a scheme recently established there. A fellow will normally join a group working on a topic of which he already has experience: a current example is magnetostriction, in which a fellow is at the moment appointed. To begin with, fellowships will be awarded by personal invitation.


Two new appointments at Westool Ltd., makers of ultrasonic sensing equipment, are D. Riddell to be Joint Assistant Managing Director, and B. Baglee to be Chief Engineer.

CLEAN ERS PLUS HOMOGENIZERS In moving to a larger factory, Ultra-

sonics Ltd. have taken the chance to alter their internal structure. Sales of cleaners and liquid-whistle homogenizers are now combined under Mr. J. L. Wilkinson, previously sales manager of the homogenizer division. The company's new address is Otley Road, Shipley, Yorkshire, England.

D. Ridden

B. Baglee


From part of the Industrial Division of S. Smith & Sons a new company has been formed that will concentrate on advanced non-destructive testing equipment, recording and control systems, including ultrasonics. Called the Kelvin Electronics Co., the new firm began operations from Kelvin House, Wembley, on 3 May. A separate company, Smiths Medical Electronics Co., is responsible for the medical versions of equipment, such as diagnostic ultrasonic flaw detectors. A laboratory engineering unit remains at Hillington, Glasgow, and is


G. R. Ireland

F. W. Green


At Tavistock House, London, Ilford Ltd. have for a long time run courses in industrial radiography. Early in 1965 they extended the school to cover ultrasonics and other non-destructive methods of examination and appointed F. W. Green to instruct in ultrasonics in particular, as well as in eddy current and dye penetrant techniques. Mr. Green's special experience has been of the aircraft industry. The first full course on N.D.T. lasted from 8 June to 2 July; students were allowed to take part of the course only, but preference was given to those registering for the full four weeks. Details from IIford Ltd., Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London, W.C.I.


J. L. Wilkinson

ULTRASONICS/July-September 1965

A. E. Crawford.


Under a licensing agreement with Westinghouse Electric Co., a range of cleaners will soon be on the U.K. market from the newly formed ultrasonics pro-

by R. W. GIBSON Ultrasonics, 3, 49 (1965). The author wishes the following amendments to be made: p. 52 Appendix 4 of Reference 2 should read Appendix 4 of Reference 4. Lead potassium niobate should be potassium sodium niobate. p. 53 Table 1 X-cut quartz hll should be -42 not -0,42; Y-cut quartz h26 should be 42 not 0'42.

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