273 " XBD=2542 XBD=1419 XBD=1551 XBD=1713 XBD=1883 XBD=2022 XBD=2239 XBD=2308 XBD=2477 XHG=1349 XHG=1452 XHG=1583 XHG=1747 XHG=1916 XHG=2055 XHG=2267...

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" XBD=2542 XBD=1419 XBD=1551 XBD=1713 XBD=1883 XBD=2022 XBD=2239 XBD=2308 XBD=2477 XHG=1349 XHG=1452 XHG=1583 XHG=1747 XHG=1916 XHG=2055 XHG=2267 XHG=2340 XHG=2509 YBD=255YHG=210>dedifferentiated, YBD=243 YBD=242 YBD=244 YHG=210>the YHG=213>type YHG=209>which YHG=220>causes YHG=211>most YHG=208>mischief YHG=209>in YHG=208>Africa YHG=211>is XBD=329 XHG=628 XBD=428 XBD=609 XBD=989 XBD=1137 XBD=1287 XHG=124 XHG=351 XHG=445 XHG=1010YBD=251 XHG=1156 YBD=258 YBD=246 YHG=212>proliferate YHG=212>and YHG=211>become YHG=210>which YHG=211>might " XBD=2542 XBD=1552 XBD=1597 XBD=1727 XBD=1955 XBD=2059 XBD=2190 XBD=2262 XBD=2477 XHG=1348 XHG=1573 XHG=1619 XHG=1748 XHG=1978 XHG=2081 XHG=2213 XHG=2283 XHG=2498 YBD=303YHG=258>for YBD=292 YBD=298 YBD=291 YBD=293 YHG=258>generally YHG=270>a YHG=270>mass YHG=257>infliction, YHG=257>and YHG=260>must YHG=257>be YHG=259>attacked YHG=260>in XBD=166 XHG=917 XBD=356 XBD=416 XBD=456 XBD=624 XBD=900 XBD=980 XBD=1284 XHG=123 XHG=180 XHG=373 XHG=432 XHG=475 XHG=641 XHG=996YBD=293 YBD=296 YBD=307 YBD=295 YBD=294 YBD=305 YBD=303 YHG=262>be YHG=261>regarded YHG=272>as YHG=272>a YHG=259>special YHG=260>preparation YHG=259>regeneration. " XBD=2543 XBD=1419 XBD=1628 XBD=1769 XBD=1883 XBD=2083 XBD=2158 XBD=2385 XHG=1349 XHG=1450 XHG=1679 XHG=1850 XHG=1915 XHG=2115 XHG=2191 XHG=2416 YBD=349YHG=308>regenerative YBD=342 YBD=341 YBD=343 YHG=307>the YHG=307>mass YHG=308>but YHG=307>is YHG=305>difficult YHG=309>to YHG=306>influence YHG=307>whole XBD=196 XHG=675 XBD=318 XBD=490 XBD=555 XBD=650 XBD=949 XBD=1131 XBD=1189 XBD=1285 XHG=123 XHG=218 XHG=342 XHG=513 XHG=579 XHG=974YBD=353 XHG=1155 XHG=1215 YBD=346 YBD=345 YBD=355 YBD=342 YBD=353 YHG=311>The YHG=309>third YHG=320>agency YHG=309>in YHG=308>the YHG=319>process YHG=309>is &dquo; ; YHG=308>the " XBD=2543 XBD=338 XHG=637 XBD=474 XBD=535 XBD=619 XBD=938 XBD=1085 XBD=1285 XHG=126 XHG=354 XHG=491 XHG=548 XHG=958YBD=398 XHG=1098 YBD=395 YBD=393 YBD=392 YBD=391 YBD=391 YBD=402YHG=357>endoneurium, YHG=356>connective YHG=355>tissue YHG=357>of YHG=357>the YHG=357>which YHG=357>provides XBD=1608 XBD=1813 XBD=1949 XBD=2127 XBD=2427 XHG=1348 XHG=1640 XHG=1845 XHG=1981 XHG=2160 XHG=2461 YBD=403 YBD=401 YBD=400 YBD=391 YHG=357>populations YHG=357>without YHG=353>their YHG=355>willing YHG=356>cooperation, YHG=357>and " XBD=1284 XBD=297 XBD=427 XBD=518 XBD=633 XBD=694 XBD=783 XBD=923 XBD=1085 XBD=1179 XHG=121 XHG=314 XHG=446 XHG=537 XHG=651 XHG=713 XHG=942 XHG=1105 XHG=1199 YBD=446 YBD=442 YBD=451 YBD=441 YBD=440 YBD=440 YHG=409>Schwann YHG=406>tubes YHG=410>not YHG=405>only YHG=407>in YHG=405>the YHG=405>trunks YHG=406>but YHG=406>also XBD=1608XHG=802 XBD=1669 XBD=1927 XBD=2125 XBD=2392 XBD=2540 XHG=1349YBD=440 XHG=1635 XHG=1697 XHG=1953 XHG=2154 XHG=2448 YBD=451YHG=417>nerve YBD=452 YBD=439 YHG=406>cooperation YHG=407>is YHG=406>impossible YHG=405>without YHG=403>confidence. YHG=405>Suc" XBD=2132 XBD=1492 XBD=1684 XBD=1862 XHG=1348 XHG=1519 XHG=1712 XHG=1891 YBD=489 YBD=500 YBD=490 YHG=454>cessful YHG=466>surgery YHG=459>creates YHG=454>confidence. XBD=156 XHG=761 XBD=235 XBD=427 XBD=526 XBD=584 XBD=747 XBD=831 XBD=1026 XBD=1092 XBD=1177 XBD=1284 XHG=119 XHG=172 XHG=252 XHG=446 XHG=540 XHG=600 XHG=847YBD=490 XHG=1047 XHG=1107 XHG=1197 YBD=494 YBD=492 YBD=503 YBD=489YHG=455>the YHG=460>in YHG=458>the YHG=456>plexuses YHG=456>and YHG=466>so YHG=455>directs YHG=455>advance YHG=454>of YHG=455>the YHG=466>new " XBD=1283 XBD=233 XBD=323 XBD=366 XBD=458 XBD=567 XBD=752 XBD=809 XBD=938 XBD=1043 XHG=118 XHG=284 XHG=334 XHG=379 XHG=472 XHG=579 XHG=765 XHG=823 XHG=951 XHG=1058 YBD=542 YBD=539 YBD=540 YBD=538 YBD=549 YBD=548 YBD=539 YHG=507>fibres. YHG=505>It YHG=506>is YHG=503>still YHG=502>only YHG=503>possible YHG=506>to YHG=515>guess YHG=504>why XBD=1632 XHG=2439 XBD=1730 XBD=1934 XBD=2220 XBD=2297 XBD=2403 XBD=2540 XHG=1397 YBD=543 XHG=1667 XHG=1765 XHG=1969 XHG=2255 XHG=2332 YBD=553 YHG=504>conditions YBD=555 YBD=542 YHG=508>Describing YHG=509>his YHG=510>surgical YHG=510>experiences YHG=508>in YHG=508>the YHG=509>East " XBD=1283 XBD=163 XBD=264 XBD=412 XBD=493 XBD=804 XBD=983 XBD=1091 XHG=118 XHG=197 XHG=299 XHG=448 XHG=526 XHG=1020 XHG=1131 YBD=591 YBD=589 YBD=599 YBD=587 YBD=588 YHG=556>do YHG=557>not YHG=553>allow YHG=553>of YHG=553>regeneration YHG=553>the YHG=553>central XBD=1509XHG=842 XBD=1761 XBD=2045 XBD=2174 XBD=2228 XBD=2469 XBD=2547 XHG=1345YBD=588 XHG=1538 XHG=1791 XHG=2064 XHG=2205 XHG=2261 XHG=2501 YBD=594YHG=552>within YBD=605 YBD=593 YBD=603 YBD=592 YHG=557>African 11 YHG=559>campaign, YHG=559>ERASMUS YHG=560>gives YHG=571>a YHG=557>catalogue YHG=557>of "|>"XBD=1284 XBD=465 XBD=660 XBD=761 XBD=957 XBD=1160 XBD=271 XHG=288 XHG=518 XHG=679 XHG=780 XHG=977 XHG=1178 XHG=117 YBD=648 YBD=638 YBD=637 YBD=637 YBD=644 YBD=637 YHG=606>systems. YHG=602>SUGAR YHG=602>and YHG=602>GERARD YHG=602>however YHG=615>nervous XBD=1519 XHG=2335 XBD=1645 XBD=1756 XBD=1837 XBD=2028 XBD=2103 XBD=2303 XBD=2538 XHG=1347 YBD=652 XHG=1551 XHG=1676 XHG=1787 XHG=1868 XHG=2058 XHG=2133 YBD=641 YHG=602>have YBD=642 YBD=654 YBD=643 YHG=607>diseases YHG=608>that YHG=607>will YHG=607>be YHG=612>strange YHG=612>to YHG=611>western YHG=618>surgeons. " XBD=1283 XBD=277 XBD=484 XBD=729 XBD=939 XBD=1063 XHG=116 XHG=296 XHG=504 XHG=749 XHG=960 XHG=1086 YBD=687 YBD=686 YBD=697 YBD=686 YBD=697 YHG=652>recently YHG=652>observed YHG=651>functional YHG=663>recovery YHG=651>after XBD=1498 XHG=2348 XBD=1651 XBD=1821 XBD=1947 XBD=2204 XBD=2324 XBD=2539 XHG=1346 YBD=702 XHG=1524 XHG=1675 XHG=1843 XHG=1969 XHG=2226 YBD=690 YHG=652>complete YBD=693 YBD=692 YHG=656>Ulcers, YHG=656>either YHG=657>arising YHG=656>from YHG=657>infestation YHG=657>with YHG=657>chiggers, XBD=270 XBD=333 XBD=565 XBD=681 XBD=744 XBD=899 XBD=1051 XBD=1147 XBD=1281 XBD=416 XHG=116 XHG=289 XHG=436 XHG=586 XHG=701 XHG=764 XHG=919 XHG=1088 XHG=1167 XHG=348 YBD=737 YBD=735 YBD=734 YBD=746 YBD=742 YBD=735 YBD=736 YBD=743 YHG=702>division YHG=700>of YHG=700>spinal YHG=700>cord YHG=701>in YHG=712>young YHG=704>rats YHG=701>LE YHG=701>GRos YHG=701>iï.he 9 ; "|>|>" XBD=1390 XBD=1485 XBD=1599 XBD=1796 XBD=2083 XBD=2241 XBD=2312 XBD=2538 XHG=1346 XHG=1415 XHG=1509 XHG=1626 XHG=1827 XHG=2115 XHG=2267 XHG=2334 YBD=739 YBD=751 YBD=741 YHG=716>or YHG=705>the YHG=708>true YHG=705>tropical YHG=706>phagedsenic YHG=707>ulcers YHG=706>of YHG=706>unknown " XBD=243 XBD=319 XBD=413 XBD=555 XBD=692 XBD=793 XBD=922 XBD=1096 XBD=1167 XHG=116 XHG=269 XHG=344 XHG=440 XHG=582 XHG=720 XHG=949 XHG=1123 XHG=1196 YBD=787 YBD=784 YBD=785 YBD=785 YHG=752>CLARK YHG=761>on YHG=750>the YHG=750>other YHG=750>hand YHG=750>has YHG=750>unable YHG=753>to YHG=750>find " XBD=1279 XBD=1544XHG=822 XBD=1657 XBD=1897 XBD=2165 XBD=2299 XBD=2463 XBD=2540 XHG=1344YBD=785 XHG=1589 XHG=1710 XHG=1939 XHG=2224 XHG=2350 XHG=2506 YBD=799YHG=750>been YBD=789 YBD=801 YBD=791 YBD=790 YHG=754>aetiology,; YHG=765>are YHG=758>constant YHG=756>problems YHG=756>but YHG=756>there YHG=755>is XBD=186 XHG=938 XBD=312 XBD=383 XBD=678 XBD=909 XBD=990 XBD=1089 XBD=1210 XBD=1285 XHG=114 XHG=212 XHG=340 XHG=407 XHG=708 XHG=1019YBD=834 XHG=1118 XHG=1240 YBD=846 YBD=845 YBD=834YHG=811>on YBD=845 YBD=835 YHG=812>any YHG=800>signs YHG=798>of YHG=800>regenerative YHG=800>activities YHG=800>the YHG=803>part YHG=798>of " XBD=2537 XBD=1511 XBD=1584 XBD=1684 XBD=1973 XBD=2096 XBD=2178 XBD=2378 XHG=1343 XHG=1541 XHG=1614 XHG=1717 XHG=2003 XHG=2125 XHG=2209 XHG=2408 YBD=838 YBD=850 YBD=839 YHG=804>interest YHG=804>in YHG=804>the YHG=804>observation YHG=805>that YHG=817>no YHG=805>tropical YHG=804>ulcers XBD=269 XHG=943 XBD=336 XBD=424 XBD=624 XBD=918 XBD=988 XBD=1175 XBD=1281 XHG=114 XHG=293 XHG=356 XHG=451 XHG=649 XHG=1008YBD=884 XHG=1231 YBD=885 YBD=883 YBD=895 YBD=884YHG=849>of YHG=850>neurons YHG=848>of YHG=848>the YHG=849>cerebral YHG=849>hemispheres YHG=849>rabbits. YHG=849>In " XBD=2538 XBD=1445 XBD=1661 XBD=1724 XBD=1855 XBD=2039 XBD=2208 XBD=2362 XHG=1344 XHG=1466 XHG=1682 XHG=1744 XHG=1875 XHG=2058 XHG=2230 XHG=2383 YBD=887 YBD=888 YBD=899 YBD=889 YHG=864>were YHG=853>observed YHG=853>in YHG=853>West YHG=853>African YHG=858>troops, YHG=855>whose YHG=847>rations XBD=174 XHG=830 XBD=286 XBD=341 XBD=490 XBD=607 XBD=805 XBD=897 XBD=1011 XBD=1080 XBD=1181 XBD=1279 XHG=113 XHG=197 XHG=309 XHG=367 XHG=515 XHG=632 XHG=922YBD=934 XHG=1036 XHG=1106 XHG=1207 YBD=932 YBD=933 YBD=934 YBD=944YHG=910>are YBD=934 YHG=899>the YHG=897>cord YHG=898>it YHG=909>seems YHG=897>that YHG=909>neurons YHG=899>able YHG=902>to YHG=902>put YHG=902>out " XBD=2539 XBD=1445 XBD=1771 XBD=1848 XBD=1891 XBD=2103 XBD=2270 XBD=2337 XBD=2464 XHG=1343 XHG=1465 XHG=1792 XHG=1867 XHG=1911 XHG=2123 XHG=2291 XHG=2352 XHG=2485 YBD=948 YBD=937 YBD=949 YBD=938 YHG=914>were YHG=903>supplemented YHG=902>by YHG=915>a YHG=914>generous YHG=903>supply YHG=903>of YHG=903>palm YHG=903>oil XBD=409 XBD=562 XBD=783 XBD=1036 XBD=1165 XBD=1277 XBD=306XHG=592 XHG=336 XHG=436 XHG=812 XHG=1066 XHG=1193 XHG=113YBD=993 YBD=982 YBD=983 YBD=983 YBD=994YHG=948>ordinary YBD=993 YBD=983 YHG=947>but YHG=948>under YHG=948>conditions YHG=957>processes, YHG=949>they YHG=948>find "|>"XBD=2536 XBD=1424 XBD=1553 XBD=1715 XBD=1934 XBD=2069 XBD=2114 XBD=2225 XBD=2289 XBD=2378 XHG=1343 XHG=1445 XHG=1608 XHG=1735 XHG=1954 XHG=2091 XHG=2133 XHG=2245 XHG=2308 XHG=2399 YBD=988 YBD=998 YBD=999 YBD=987 YHG=952>and YHG=956>nuts. YHG=952>That YHG=952>nutrition YHG=952>plays YHG=965>a YHG=956>part YHG=953>in YHG=953>the YHG=965>causaXBD=156 XHG=779 XBD=334 XBD=570 XBD=761 XBD=947 XBD=1009 XBD=1092 XBD=1278 XHG=112 XHG=172 XHG=349 XHG=588 XHG=965YBD=1032 XHG=1021 XHG=1109 YBD=1031 YBD=1043 YBD=1044 YBD=1033 YBD=1033YHG=998>because YBD=1032 YHG=1009>no YHG=996>suitable YHG=997>pathways, YHG=998>perhaps YHG=998>of YHG=998>the YHG=999>absence " XBD=2539 XBD=1431 XBD=1504 XBD=1698 XBD=1831 XBD=1931 XBD=2050 XBD=2178 XBD=2428 XHG=1343 XHG=1458 XHG=1525 XHG=1725 XHG=1857 XHG=1957 XHG=2076 XHG=2204 XHG=2457 YBD=1037 YBD=1047 YBD=1036 YHG=1002>tion YHG=1002>of YHG=1002>tropical YHG=1002>ulcer YHG=1002>has YHG=1002>long YHG=1002>been YHG=1002>suspected, YHG=1003>and " XBD=1279 XBD=150 XBD=336 XBD=741 XBD=902 XBD=979 XBD=1054 XHG=112 XHG=174 XHG=367 XHG=771 XHG=1009 XHG=1082 YBD=1080 YBD=1082 YBD=1089 YBD=1081 YBD=1082 YHG=1047>of YHG=1045>suitable YHG=1047>connective-tissue YHG=1047>tubes, YHG=1047>of YHG=1047>Schwann XBD=1413XHG=935 XBD=1547 XBD=1638 XBD=1846 XBD=1972 XBD=2115 XBD=2198 XHG=1342YBD=1081 XHG=1431 XHG=1565 XHG=1664 XHG=1872 XHG=1997 XHG=2143 YBD=1086YHG=1058>or YBD=1085 YBD=1096 YHG=1052>the YHG=1052>point YHG=1051>has YHG=1051>recently YHG=1051>been YHG=1051>made YHG=1052>by XBD=202 XBD=393 XBD=496 XBD=909 XBD=1063 XBD=1205 XBD=1279 XBD=703XHG=733 XHG=111 XHG=254 XHG=415 XHG=936 XHG=1094 XHG=1235 XHG=524YBD=1131 YBD=1130 YBD=1142 YBD=1132YHG=1097>inserted YBD=1140 YBD=1131 YHG=1095>cells. YHG=1095>SUGAR YHG=1096>and YHG=1096>grafts YHG=1096>GERARD13 ; YHG=1097>(such YHG=1108>as "|>"XBD=2537 XBD=1384 XBD=1645 XBD=1758 XBD=1952 XBD=2046 XBD=2258 XBD=2369 XHG=1342 XHG=1402 XHG=1683 XHG=1779 XHG=1972 XHG=2065 XHG=2276 XHG=2387 YBD=1146 YBD=1135 YHG=1101>in YHG=1100>Abyssinia YHG=1101>but YHG=1100>Louw YHG=1100>has YHG=1100>observed YHG=1100>that YHG=1100>ulceraXBD=226 XHG=884 XBD=295 XBD=536 XBD=699 XBD=858 XBD=981 XBD=1110 XBD=1280 XHG=111 XHG=252 XHG=316 XHG=563 XHG=729 XHG=1005YBD=1191 XHG=1135 YBD=1193 YBD=1180 YBD=1190 YBD=1181 YBD=1181YHG=1158>may YHG=1146>pieces YHG=1144>of YHG=1145>peripheral YHG=1148>nerve) YHG=1146>which YHG=1146>have YHG=1146>helped " XBD=2539 XBD=1430 XBD=1480 XBD=1818 XBD=1922 XBD=1980 XBD=2202 XBD=2386 XHG=1342 XHG=1447 XHG=1500 XHG=1834 XHG=1939 XHG=1997 XHG=2220 XHG=2405 YBD=1185 YBD=1196 YBD=1195 YBD=1192 YBD=1184 YHG=1150>tion YHG=1151>is YHG=1150>comparatively YHG=1161>rare YHG=1150>in YHG=1153>transport YHG=1150>drivers, YHG=1150>whose XBD=148 XHG=877 XBD=327 XBD=571 XBD=753 XBD=853 XBD=926 XBD=1002 XBD=1212 XBD=1280 XHG=110 XHG=169 XHG=349 XHG=625 XHG=778 XHG=949YBD=1230 XHG=1025 XHG=1236 YBD=1240 YBD=1241 YBD=1230 YBD=1242YHG=1195>be YBD=1230 YHG=1199>to YHG=1194>provide YHG=1195>pathways. YHG=1196>There YHG=1207>can YHG=1207>no YHG=1199>prospect YHG=1199>at " XBD=2539 XBD=1452 XBD=1540 XBD=1721 XBD=1833 XBD=1996 XBD=2060 XBD=2219 XBD=2311 XHG=1344 XHG=1473 XHG=1560 XHG=1740 XHG=1886 XHG=2016 XHG=2080 XHG=2240 XHG=2332 YBD=1244 YBD=1234 YBD=1240 YBD=1233 YHG=1200>skins YHG=1211>are YHG=1199>usually YHG=1199>oily. YHG=1199>Next YHG=1202>to YHG=1199>ulcers, YHG=1200>the YHG=1199>condition XBD=257 XHG=571 XBD=324 XBD=425 XBD=545 XBD=836 XBD=1051 XBD=1119 XBD=1277 XHG=111 XHG=281 XHG=344 XHG=449 XHG=871YBD=1290 XHG=1075 XHG=1143 YBD=1291 YBD=1278 YBD=1289 YBD=1279 YBD=1280 YBD=1279YHG=1245>outstanding YHG=1247>present YHG=1243>of YHG=1256>any YHG=1245>such YHG=1246>advance YHG=1256>as YHG=1245>would " XBD=2535 XBD=1449 XBD=1719 XBD=1949 XBD=2042 XBD=2278 XBD=2399 XHG=1343 XHG=1486 XHG=1754 XHG=1986 XHG=2079 XHG=2317 XHG=2437 YBD=1284 YBD=1294 YBD=1283 YBD=1282 YBD=1292 YHG=1253>most YHG=1248>frequently YHG=1248>observed YHG=1248>by YHG=1248>ERASMUS YHG=1260>was YHG=1259>pyoXBD=215 XHG=832 XBD=262 XBD=446 XBD=506 XBD=654 XBD=815 XBD=974 XBD=1059 XBD=1184 XBD=1279 XHG=110 XHG=230 XHG=277 XHG=462 XHG=523 XHG=670 XHG=989YBD=1329 XHG=1076 XHG=1204 YBD=1335 YBD=1327 YBD=1338 YBD=1339 YBD=1328 YBD=1335YHG=1295>within YBD=1329 YHG=1293>make, YHG=1294>it YHG=1294>possible YHG=1297>to YHG=1295>repair YHG=1294>lesions YHG=1295>the YHG=1294>CNS, YHG=1294>but " XBD=2538 XBD=1540 XBD=1646 XBD=1755 XBD=1902 XBD=2010 XBD=2110 XBD=2231 XBD=2301 XBD=2397 XHG=1342 XHG=1570 XHG=1673 XHG=1783 XHG=1930 XHG=2038 XHG=2138 XHG=2258 XHG=2328 XHG=2425 YBD=1343 YBD=1342 YBD=1331 YBD=1332 YHG=1298>myositis, YHG=1298>but YHG=1298>this YHG=1297>again YHG=1309>was YHG=1300>not YHG=1308>seen YHG=1298>in YHG=1297>the YHG=1297>West XBD=172 XHG=840 XBD=416 XBD=484 XBD=575 XBD=751 XBD=821 XBD=970 XBD=1034 XBD=1279 XHG=110 XHG=192 XHG=440 XHG=503 XHG=597 XHG=776 XHG=992YBD=1389 XHG=1056 YBD=1377 YBD=1378 YBD=1377 YBD=1389YHG=1344>repair YHG=1354>our YHG=1342>knowledge YHG=1344>the YHG=1355>powers YHG=1343>of YHG=1344>in YHG=1343>peripheral " XBD=2534 XBD=1506 XBD=1693 XBD=1874 XBD=1981 XBD=2118 XBD=2205 XBD=2330 XBD=2410 XHG=1341 XHG=1541 XHG=1748 XHG=1909 XHG=2018 XHG=2153 XHG=2240 XHG=2366 XHG=2443 YBD=1387 YBD=1392 YBD=1384 YBD=1380 YBD=1381 YHG=1347>African YHG=1350>troops. YHG=1346>There YHG=1346>has YHG=1346>been YHG=1357>no YHG=1346>lack YHG=1345>of YHG=1357>conXBD=235 XHG=955 XBD=283 XBD=520 XBD=723 XBD=823 XBD=938 XBD=987 XBD=1074 XBD=1277 XHG=109 XHG=251 XHG=299 XHG=538 XHG=743 XHG=840 XHG=1005YBD=1427 XHG=1092 YBD=1426 YBD=1438 YBD=1427YHG=1393>it YBD=1428 YHG=1402>nerves YHG=1393>is YHG=1392>advancing YHG=1393>steadily, YHG=1394>and YHG=1393>with YHG=1393>the YHG=1393>methods " XBD=2536 XBD=1526 XBD=1635 XBD=1946 XBD=2015 XBD=2106 XBD=2225 XBD=2472 XHG=1341 XHG=1540 XHG=1654 XHG=1981 XHG=2034 XHG=2125 XHG=2244 XHG=2492 YBD=1441 YBD=1431 YBD=1442 YBD=1430 YBD=1429 YHG=1400>troversy YHG=1408>over YHG=1395>pyomyositis YHG=1396>it YHG=1395>has YHG=1395>been YHG=1395>attributed YHG=1398>to ; XBD=148 XHG=618 XBD=377 XBD=448 XBD=590 XBD=795 XBD=1106 XBD=1277 XHG=110 XHG=168 XHG=404 XHG=470 XHG=850YBD=1487 XHG=1133 YBD=1476 YBD=1477 YBD=1488 YBD=1477YHG=1443>injuries. YHG=1441>of YHG=1445>treatment YHG=1442>of YHG=1454>nerve YHG=1442>Spectacular YHG=1442>results " XBD=2535 XBD=1535 XBD=1631 XBD=1850 XBD=2032 XBD=2131 XBD=2308 XBD=2373 XHG=1341 XHG=1557 XHG=1651 XHG=1876 XHG=2061 XHG=2155 XHG=2328 XHG=2398 YBD=1487 YBD=1480 YBD=1481 YBD=1479 YBD=1490 YHG=1446>filariasis, YHG=1445>but YHG=1446>ERASMUS YHG=1448>reports YHG=1444>the YHG=1444>finding YHG=1443>of YHG=1445>Staph. XBD=174 XHG=826 XBD=341 XBD=423 XBD=675 XBD=794 XBD=983 XBD=1073 XBD=1279 XHG=109 XHG=204 XHG=374 XHG=457 XHG=724 XHG=1028YBD=1537 XHG=1108 YBD=1536 YBD=1526 YBD=1526YHG=1503>process YHG=1502>can YHG=1490>hardly YHG=1491>be YHG=1492>expected YHG=1492>the YHG=1491>of YHG=1503>nervous ; " XBD=2535 XBD=1482 XBD=1543 XBD=1617 XBD=1699 XBD=1827 XBD=1933 XBD=2101 XBD=2195 XBD=2359 XHG=1340 XHG=1501 XHG=1564 XHG=1636 XHG=1720 XHG=1853 XHG=1957 XHG=2125 XHG=2216 XHG=2377 YBD=1530 YBD=1539 YBD=1528 YBD=1529 YBD=1540 YHG=1506>aureus YHG=1495>in YHG=1494>all YHG=1495>his YHG=1506>cases YHG=1494>and YHG=1495>rejects YHG=1494>the YHG=1493>filarial YHG=1495>theory. XBD=361 XHG=718 XBD=428 XBD=602 XBD=683 XBD=873 XBD=1030 XBD=1170 XBD=1276 XHG=107 XHG=396 XHG=466 XHG=639 XHG=910YBD=1576 XHG=1096 XHG=1206 YBD=1586 YBD=1575 YBD=1582 YBD=1576YHG=1542>remain YBD=1575 YHG=1541>regeneration YHG=1542>is YHG=1541>bound YHG=1546>to YHG=1542>slow; YHG=1542>but YHG=1541>the " XBD=2537 XBD=1424 XBD=1553 XBD=1758 XBD=1863 XBD=1974 XBD=2209 XBD=2341 XBD=2422 XHG=1340 XHG=1459 XHG=1588 XHG=1796 XHG=1904 XHG=2012 XHG=2246 XHG=2377 XHG=2455 YBD=1590 YBD=1578 YBD=1579 YHG=1545>The YHG=1544>long YHG=1544>muscles YHG=1556>are YHG=1543>the YHG=1543>principal YHG=1544>sites YHG=1543>of YHG=1544>this " XBD=2533 XBD=1648 XBD=1741 XBD=1808 XBD=1897 XBD=2007 XBD=2056 XBD=2115 XBD=2202 XHG=1340 XHG=1666 XHG=1757 XHG=1824 XHG=1916 XHG=2024 XHG=2075 XHG=2133 XHG=2220 YBD=1636 YBD=1629 YBD=1627 YBD=1628 YHG=1594>inflammation, YHG=1594>but YHG=1594>he YHG=1594>has YHG=1605>seen YHG=1595>it YHG=1594>in YHG=1594>the YHG=1594>sternomastoid XBD=250 XHG=732 XBD=396 XBD=457 XBD=718 XBD=867 XBD=1046 XBD=1113 XBD=1277 XHG=106 XHG=267 XHG=413 XHG=472 XHG=886YBD=1625 XHG=1071 XHG=1132 YBD=1636 YBD=1637 YBD=1635 YBD=1625YHG=1595>’nerve YHG=1593>present YHG=1590>policy YHG=1590>of YHG=1592>segregating YHG=1591>injuries YHG=1591>in YHG=1590>special XBD=245 XHG=707 XBD=442 XBD=528 XBD=689 XBD=930 XBD=1018 XBD=1276 XHG=107 XHG=261 XHG=460 XHG=544 XHG=958YBD=1675 XHG=1038 YBD=1685 YBD=1674 YBD=1686 YBD=1674 YBD=1674YHG=1640>conditions YHG=1643>centres YHG=1640>provides YHG=1640>the YHG=1652>proper YHG=1640>for YHG=1641>continuous " XBD=2536 XBD=1421 XBD=1565 XBD=1670 XBD=1797 XBD=2016 XBD=2104 XBD=2283 XBD=2333 XHG=1341 XHG=1449 XHG=1594 XHG=1700 XHG=1821 XHG=2053 XHG=2135 XHG=2309 XHG=2365 YBD=1689 YBD=1679 YBD=1678 YHG=1644>and YHG=1644>other YHG=1644>less YHG=1655>easy YHG=1643>muscles YHG=1643>he YHG=1644>admits YHG=1655>a YHG=1644>number : XBD=386 XHG=464 XBD=447 XBD=697 XHG=106 XHG=404 YBD=1735 YBD=1724 YHG=1689>developments YHG=1691>in " XBD=2538 XBD=1389 XBD=1609 XBD=1689 XBD=1938 XBD=2045 XBD=2188 XBD=2350 XBD=2431 XHG=1344YBD=1725 XHG=1416 XHG=1647 XHG=1724 XHG=1970 XHG=2076 XHG=2218 XHG=2381 XHG=2461 YBD=1727YHG=1693>treatment. YBD=1739 YBD=1728 YHG=1693>of YHG=1693>mistakes YHG=1694>in YHG=1694>diagnosis, YHG=1693>but YHG=1693>there YHG=1693>would YHG=1693>be YHG=1693>few " XBD=2536 XBD=1433 XHG=2378 XBD=1583 XBD=1854 XBD=2060 XBD=2339 XHG=1344 YBD=1778 XHG=1465 XHG=1613 XHG=1881 XHG=2091 YBD=1788 YHG=1743>abscess YBD=1789 YHG=1744>who YHG=1743>could YHG=1743>distinguish YHG=1743>between YHG=1743>perinephric SURGERY IN THE TROPICS " XBD=2382 XBD=1422 XHG=2141 XBD=1708 XBD=1778 XBD=1870 XBD=2117 XHG=1340 XHG=1440 XHG=1734 XHG=1799 XHG=1896 YBD=1827 YBD=1838 YBD=1828 YHG=1793>and YHG=1794>pyomyositis YHG=1792>of YHG=1793>the YHG=1793>quadratus YHG=1793>lumborum. XBD=195 XHG=736 XBD=287 XBD=459 XBD=650 XBD=708 XBD=856 XBD=1056 XBD=1274 XHG=148 XHG=219 XHG=312 XHG=486 XHG=675 XHG=882YBD=1887 XHG=1082 YBD=1888 YBD=1877 YBD=1876 YBD=1883YHG=1854>every YHG=1843>IN YHG=1843>the YHG=1843>tropics YHG=1854>surgery YHG=1843>is YHG=1842>doctor’s YHG=1842>business, " XBD=2538 XBD=1592 XBD=1641 XBD=1841 XBD=1898 XBD=2015 XBD=2178 XBD=2278 XBD=2347 XHG=1389 XHG=1607 XHG=1655 XHG=1856 XHG=1915 XHG=2031 XHG=2198 XHG=2294 XHG=2364 YBD=1881 YBD=1889 YBD=1882 YBD=1893 YHG=1846>Filariasis YHG=1848>is YHG=1859>common YHG=1848>in YHG=1848>East YHG=1847>Africa, YHG=1848>and YHG=1848>its YHG=1845>surgical XBD=175 XHG=749 XBD=221 XBD=410 XBD=566 XBD=724 XBD=936 XBD=1012 XBD=1209 XBD=1277 XHG=105 XHG=198 XHG=244 XHG=435 XHG=591 XHG=961YBD=1927 XHG=1036 XHG=1234 YBD=1926 YBD=1925 YBD=1937YHG=1892>interests YBD=1925 YHG=1893>and YHG=1904>a YHG=1891>medical YHG=1891>officer YHG=1892>whose YHG=1891>lie YHG=1892>perhaps YHG=1891>in " XBD=2528 XBD=1508 XBD=1615 XBD=1796 XBD=2064 XBD=2324 XBD=2433 XHG=1340 XHG=1548 XHG=1652 XHG=1864 XHG=2103 XHG=2362 XHG=2471 YBD=1942 YBD=1931 YBD=1930 YHG=1896>sequelae YHG=1907>are YHG=1896>legion. YHG=1898>ERASMUS YHG=1897>recognises YHG=1897>the YHG=1897>inXBD=165 XHG=922 XBD=428 XBD=672 XBD=884 XBD=968 XBD=1101 XBD=1275 XHG=105 XHG=201 XHG=464 XHG=710 XHG=1001YBD=1975 XHG=1140 YBD=1986 YBD=1987 YBD=1976 YBD=1976YHG=1941>of YBD=1977 YHG=1942>the YHG=1942>abounding YHG=1940>protozoal YHG=1941>diseases YHG=1941>East YHG=1941>Africa " XBD=2534 XBD=1597 XBD=1723 XBD=1836 XBD=2129 XBD=2318 XBD=2410 XHG=1338 XHG=1640 XHG=1766 XHG=1881 XHG=2173 XHG=2364 XHG=2449 YBD=1991 YBD=1980 YBD=1981 YBD=1985 YHG=1945>flammatory YHG=1946>and YHG=1946>the YHG=1946>obstructive YHG=1946>results YHG=1946>of YHG=1945>this XBD=240 XHG=738 XBD=397 XBD=471 XBD=707 XBD=808 XBD=1082 XBD=1174 XBD=1275 XHG=106 XHG=270 XHG=428 XHG=504 XHG=839YBD=2025 XHG=1113 XHG=1205 YBD=2026 YBD=2036 YBD=2036 YBD=2025YHG=1991>the YHG=1995>cannot YHG=1991>refuse YHG=1994>to YHG=1990>exchange YHG=1991>microscope YHG=1989>for YHG=1991>the " XBD=2537 XBD=1653 XBD=1830 XBD=2063 XBD=2394 XHG=1337 XHG=1682 XHG=1858 XHG=2091 XHG=2425 YBD=2031 YBD=2041 YBD=2042 YBD=2030 YHG=1995>infection-the YHG=1995>former YHG=1996>including YHG=1995>lymphangitis, YHG=1996>fever XBD=237 XHG=692 XBD=384 XBD=657 XBD=849 XBD=1054 XBD=1275 XHG=106 XHG=270 XHG=420 XHG=883YBD=2081 XHG=1089 YBD=2087 YBD=2075 YBD=2074 YBD=2085YHG=2040>with YHG=2041>scalpel YHG=2041>when YHG=2040>confronted YHG=2040>forearm YHG=2040>mangled a " XBD=2536 XBD=1420 XBD=1605 XBD=1872 XBD=1965 XBD=2114 XBD=2426 XHG=1338 XHG=1446 XHG=1632 XHG=1895 XHG=1992 XHG=2142 XHG=2454 YBD=2079 YBD=2088 YBD=2081 YBD=2091 YBD=2080 YHG=2044>and YHG=2045>abscess YHG=2043>formation, YHG=2046>the YHG=2046>latter YHG=2045>elephantiasis YHG=2046>and XBD=139 XHG=664 XBD=249 XBD=515 XBD=588 XBD=638 XBD=860 XBD=1035 XBD=1174 XBD=1275 XHG=104 XHG=163 XHG=274 XHG=543 XHG=615 XHG=887YBD=2135 XHG=1089 XHG=1201 YBD=2126 YBD=2124 YBD=2124 YBD=2125YHG=2090>ruptured YBD=2124 YHG=2091>in YHG=2091>sisal YHG=2091>machinery, YHG=2101>or YHG=2102>a YHG=2092>uterus. YHG=2090>Nor YHG=2101>can " XBD=2537 XBD=1409 XBD=1650 XBD=1834 XBD=2055 XBD=2169 XBD=2347 XHG=1338 XHG=1426 XHG=1668 XHG=1888 XHG=2073 XHG=2186 XHG=2365 YBD=2129 YBD=2130 YBD=2141 YBD=2140 YHG=2095>the YHG=2094>lymphatic YHG=2095>varices. YHG=2095>Malaria YHG=2107>may YHG=2099>present YHG=2095>surgical " XBD=146 XBD=267 XBD=326 XBD=413 XBD=518 XBD=693 XBD=735 XBD=907 XBD=1021 XBD=1092 XHG=104 XHG=160 XHG=283 XHG=343 XHG=429 XHG=535 XHG=710 XHG=924 XHG=1039 XHG=1109 YBD=2175 YBD=2174 YBD=2174 YHG=2140>he YHG=2140>leave YHG=2144>to YHG=2141>her YHG=2152>own YHG=2140>devices YHG=2151>a YHG=2140>with YHG=2151>an YHG=2139>ovarian " XBD=1275 XBD=1550XHG=751 XBD=1702 XBD=1867 XBD=1970 XBD=2110 XBD=2364 XBD=2533 XHG=1336YBD=2174 XHG=1574 XHG=1720 XHG=1888 XHG=1991 XHG=2130 XHG=2384 YBD=2189YHG=2151>woman YBD=2179 YBD=2180 YBD=2190 YHG=2144>problems, YHG=2144>and YHG=2144>almost YHG=2157>any YHG=2149>acute YHG=2145>abdominal YHG=2156>emerg&dquo; XBD=181 XHG=824 XBD=242 XBD=362 XBD=473 XBD=563 XBD=659 XBD=732 XBD=804 XBD=933 XBD=1054 XBD=1124 XBD=1185 XBD=1274 XHG=105 XHG=200 XHG=261 XHG=382 XHG=495 XHG=585 XHG=679 XHG=753 XHG=953YBD=2223 XHG=1072 XHG=1142 XHG=1204 YBD=2225 YBD=2235 YBD=2224 YBD=2223 YBD=2223YHG=2200>more YHG=2194>cyst YHG=2202>so YHG=2190>huge YHG=2190>that YHG=2190>she YHG=2201>can YHG=2189>do YHG=2200>no YHG=2189>than YHG=2188>lie YHG=2189>in YHG=2189>the " XBD=2535 XBD=1438 XBD=1555 XBD=1624 XBD=1902 XBD=1969 XBD=2014 XBD=2119 XBD=2311 XHG=1336 XHG=1458 XHG=1576 XHG=1646 XHG=1925 XHG=1990 XHG=2034 XHG=2139 XHG=2332 YBD=2239 YBD=2228 YBD=2236 YBD=2229 YHG=2205>ency YHG=2205>may YHG=2194>be YHG=2194>simulated,&dquo; YHG=2207>as YHG=2207>a YHG=2195>rule YHG=2195>without YHG=2194>diarrhcea " XBD=1273 XBD=180 XBD=275 XBD=384 XBD=488 XBD=659 XBD=726 XBD=799 XBD=973 XBD=1103 XBD=1227 XHG=104 XHG=203 XHG=297 XHG=408 XHG=510 XHG=682 XHG=749 XHG=995 XHG=1126 XHG=1249 YBD=2281 YBD=2274 YBD=2273 YBD=2272 YBD=2273 YBD=2272 YHG=2250>sun, YHG=2239>but YHG=2239>who YHG=2238>still YHG=2238>refuses YHG=2242>to YHG=2238>be YHG=2249>more YHG=2238>than YHG=2249>a XBD=1378XHG=822 XBD=1480 XBD=1683 XBD=1948 XBD=2087 XBD=2257 XBD=2536 XHG=1335YBD=2272 XHG=1397 XHG=1501 XHG=1705 XHG=2002 XHG=2107 XHG=2277 YBD=2277YHG=2238>carried YBD=2278 YBD=2279 YBD=2289 YHG=2244>in ruptured YHG=2243>this YHG=2243>author’s YHG=2245>experience. YHG=2244>The YHG=2244>danger YHG=2243>of " XBD=184 XBD=250 XBD=316 XBD=443 XBD=537 XBD=692 XBD=782 XBD=901 XBD=1022 XBD=1071 XBD=1273 XHG=103 XHG=208 XHG=274 XHG=341 XHG=468 XHG=561 XHG=745 XHG=805 XHG=924 XHG=1046 XHG=1097 YBD=2323 YBD=2322 YBD=2322 YBD=2321 YBD=2322 YHG=2288>mile YHG=2300>or YHG=2301>so YHG=2288>from YHG=2288>her YHG=2288>home. YHG=2288>A YHG=2299>man YHG=2287>with YHG=2299>a " XBD=2536 XBD=1484 XHG=2432 XBD=1559 XBD=1741 XBD=1839 XBD=2009 XBD=2081 XBD=2405 XHG=1336 YBD=2327 XHG=1513 XHG=1590 XHG=1767 XHG=1871 XHG=2039 XHG=2109 YBD=2338 YHG=2290>scrotum YBD=2335 YBD=2328 YHG=2292>spleen, YHG=2292>of YHG=2304>course, YHG=2293>lies YHG=2293>rather YHG=2294>in YHG=2293>dissimulation YHG=2292>than "|>"XBD=1274 XBD=282 XBD=373 XBD=485 XBD=666 XBD=808 XBD=1166 XHG=103 XHG=325 XHG=417 XHG=531 XHG=710 XHG=1194 XHG=854 YBD=2383 YBD=2373 YBD=2379 YBD=2382 YBD=2371 YBD=2371 YBD=2383 YHG=2338>weighing YHG=2339>50 YHG=2337>lb., YHG=2337>heavy YHG=2336>with YHG=2336>elephantiasis, XBD=1595 XHG=2424 XBD=1808 XBD=2103 XBD=2207 XBD=2400 XBD=2534 XHG=1336 YBD=2387 XHG=1636 XHG=1830 XHG=2126 XHG=2231 YBD=2384 YHG=2336>will YBD=2376 YBD=2388 YHG=2342>simulation YHG=2343>haemorrhage YHG=2343>and YHG=2342>delayed YHG=2342>diag; " XBD=1273 XBD=246 XBD=300 XBD=366 XBD=459 XBD=584 XBD=776 XBD=943 XBD=1044 XBD=1136 XHG=103 XHG=268 XHG=323 XHG=390 XHG=481 XHG=606 XHG=800 XHG=970 XHG=1066 XHG=1160 YBD=2422 YBD=2421 YBD=2428 YBD=2421 YBD=2421 YBD=2420 YHG=2390>entrust YHG=2388>it YHG=2390>to YHG=2387>the YHG=2386>local YHG=2386>medical YHG=2386>officer, YHG=2387>but YHG=2389>too YHG=2385>often XBD=1454 XHG=2356 XBD=1580 XBD=1736 XBD=1902 XBD=2091 XBD=2185 XBD=2250 XBD=2335 XBD=2536 XHG=1334 YBD=2426 XHG=1474 XHG=1598 XHG=1754 XHG=1923 XHG=2111 XHG=2205 XHG=2265 YBD=2432 YHG=2390>classical YBD=2437 YHG=2392>nosis, YHG=2391>after YHG=2391>trivial YHG=2392>injury, YHG=2392>provide YHG=2403>one YHG=2391>of YHG=2392>the " XBD=1272 XBD=173 XBD=265 XBD=453 XBD=522 XBD=598 XBD=780 XBD=924 XBD=1051 XBD=1145 XHG=102 XHG=195 XHG=291 XHG=479 XHG=548 XHG=624 XHG=949 XHG=1075 XHG=1170 YBD=2481 YBD=2470 YBD=2470 YBD=2469 YHG=2436>will YHG=2440>not YHG=2439>consent YHG=2439>to YHG=2448>go YHG=2435>further YHG=2435>than YHG=2436>the YHG=2434>local XBD=1489XHG=806 XBD=1550 XBD=1795 XBD=1986 XBD=2120 XBD=2204 XBD=2314 XBD=2534 XHG=1335YBD=2470 XHG=1504 XHG=1561 XHG=1811 XHG=2040 XHG=2134 XHG=2219 XHG=2331 YBD=2476YHG=2435>afield YBD=2487 YBD=2482 YBD=2475 YHG=2440>pitfalls YHG=2440>of YHG=2440>abdominal YHG=2452>surgery. YHG=2441>For YHG=2440>the YHG=2444>rest, YHG=2441>ERASMUS " XBD=1270 XBD=288 XBD=408 XBD=502 XBD=667 XBD=863 XBD=1035 XBD=1110 XHG=102 XHG=329 XHG=432 XHG=527 XHG=693 XHG=887 XHG=1060 XHG=1135 YBD=2520 YBD=2519 YBD=2531 YBD=2530 YBD=2519 YBD=2520 YBD=2530 YHG=2484>hospital YHG=2486>and YHG=2485>the YHG=2488>expert YHG=2496>surgeon YHG=2488>cannot YHG=2485>be XBD=1536 XHG=2452 XBD=1847 XBD=2108 XBD=2272 XBD=2421 XBD=2535 XHG=1335 YBD=2525 XHG=1566 XHG=1877 XHG=2136 XHG=2301 YBD=2537 YHG=2496>everyYBD=2536 YBD=2531 YHG=2490>mentions; YHG=2490>appendicitis, YHG=2490>perforated YHG=2490>peptic YHG=2489>ulcer, YHG=2490>and XBD=1562XHG=783 XBD=1634 XBD=1865 XBD=2003 XBD=2117 XBD=2223 XBD=2318 XBD=2432 XBD=2535 XHG=1336YBD=2580 XHG=1589 XHG=1656 XHG=1920 XHG=2030 XHG=2142 XHG=2250 XHG=2343 XHG=2458 YBD=2575YHG=2534>problems YBD=2574 YHG=2540>carcinoma YHG=2540>of YHG=2539>the-liver. YHG=2540>The YHG=2540>first YHG=2543>two YHG=2551>are YHG=2551>rare YHG=2527>but " XBD=1274 XBD=230 XBD=435 XBD=495 XBD=560 XBD=611 XBD=682 XBD=767 XBD=983 XHG=102 XHG=247 XHG=451 XHG=510 XHG=576 XHG=627 XHG=697 XHG=998 YBD=2576 YBD=2579 YBD=2569 YBD=2580 YHG=2535>where, YHG=2535>hindered YHG=2547>as YHG=2535>he YHG=2535>is YHG=2534>by YHG=2535>the YHG=2535>immediately " XBD=1270 XBD=140 XBD=212 XBD=347 XBD=535 XBD=722 XBD=836 XBD=886 XBD=966 XBD=1073 XHG=101 XHG=155 XHG=229 XHG=401 XHG=551 XHG=738 XHG=852 XHG=904 XHG=984 XHG=1091 YBD=2630 YBD=2619 YBD=2619 YBD=2631 YHG=2586>to YHG=2585>hand. YHG=2586>Every YHG=2583>medical YHG=2596>man YHG=2585>is YHG=2584>his YHG=2596>own XBD=1479 XHG=2318 XBD=1584 XBD=1662 XBD=1886 XBD=1960 XBD=2218 XBD=2290 XBD=2532 XHG=1336 YBD=2623 XHG=1508 XHG=1612 XHG=1691 XHG=1915 XHG=1988 XHG=2247 YBD=2624 YHG=2596>surgeon, YBD=2626 YBD=2635 YHG=2589>should ; YHG=2593>not YHG=2590>be YHG=2589>regarded YHG=2601>as YHG=2588>impossible YHG=2590>in YHG=2588>Africans XBD=295 XHG=764 XBD=396 XBD=523 XBD=600 XBD=746 XBD=808 XBD=1010 XBD=1054 XBD=1272 XHG=100 XHG=316 XHG=414 XHG=550 XHG=620 XHG=836YBD=2669 XHG=1030 XHG=1075 YBD=2675 YBD=2668 YBD=2679 YBD=2679 YBD=2668YHG=2637>to YBD=2669 YHG=2633>therefore, YHG=2634>and YHG=2638>must YHG=2634>be YHG=2634>ready YHG=2634>perform YHG=2646>a YHG=2635>csesarean " XBD=2532 XBD=1405 XBD=1504 XBD=1559 XBD=1811 XBD=1872 XBD=2077 XBD=2200 XBD=2263 XHG=1334 XHG=1425 XHG=1525 XHG=1582 XHG=1831 XHG=1893 XHG=2099 XHG=2219 XHG=2284 YBD=2674 YBD=2672 YBD=2679 YBD=2673 YBD=2684 YHG=2640>the YHG=2638>last YHG=2639>is YHG=2649>commoner YHG=2639>Africans YHG=2638>than YHG=2639>in YHG=2638>Europeans. XBD=252 XBD=330 XBD=576 XBD=636 XBD=782 XBD=863 XBD=1028 XBD=1088 XBD=1270 XHG=103 XHG=288 XHG=367 XHG=612 XHG=671 XHG=820 XHG=899 XHG=1065 XHG=1123 YBD=2729 YBD=2717 YBD=2724 YBD=2718 YBD=2728 YBD=2717 YBD=2717 YHG=2683>section, YHG=2686>amputate YHG=2695>a YHG=2683>limb, YHG=2686>to YHG=2683>repair YHG=2694>a YHG=2683>vesico"|>"XBD=2533 XBD=1419 XBD=1540 XBD=1609 XBD=1698 XBD=1937 XBD=2128 XBD=2260 XBD=2364 XBD=2465 XHG=1335 XHG=1442 XHG=1563 XHG=1627 XHG=1721 XHG=1958 XHG=2151 XHG=2283 XHG=2387 XHG=2488 YBD=2721 YBD=2733 YBD=2722 YHG=2688>The YHG=2687>bulk YHG=2687>of YHG=2688>the YHG=2687>urological YHG=2687>surgical YHG=2688>work YHG=2699>was YHG=2688>due YHG=2691>to XBD=249 XHG=762 XBD=422 XBD=497 XBD=678 XBD=732 XBD=949 XBD=1144 XBD=1271 XHG=101 XHG=277 XHG=454 XHG=527 XHG=708 XHG=981YBD=2773 XHG=1174 YBD=2776 YBD=2777 YBD=2766 YBD=2767 YBD=2767YHG=2732>fracture, YHG=2731>vaginal YHG=2730>fistula, YHG=2735>to YHG=2731>plaster YHG=2744>a YHG=2731>to YHG=2733>with deal " XBD=2533 XBD=1599 XBD=1837 XBD=1951 XBD=2091 XBD=2167 XHG=1335 XHG=1629 XHG=1869 XHG=1982 XHG=2122 XHG=2193 YBD=2773 YBD=2777 YBD=2771 YBD=2783 YHG=2737>schistosoma YHG=2736>infection, YHG=2736>and YHG=2748>cases YHG=2736>of YHG=2737>hydronephrosis " XBD=2533 XBD=1416 XBD=1486 XBD=1735 XBD=1806 XBD=1895 XBD=2087 XBD=2211 XBD=2464 XHG=1335 XHG=1440 XHG=1508 XHG=1760 XHG=1825 XHG=1921 XHG=2111 XHG=2236 XHG=2489 YBD=2820 YBD=2822 YBD=2821 YHG=2787>and YHG=2786>of YHG=2786>carcinoma YHG=2785>of YHG=2785>the YHG=2785>bladder YHG=2798>were YHG=2787>attributed YHG=2790>to XBD=287 XHG=915 XBD=478 XBD=596 XBD=878 XBD=996 XBD=1075 XBD=1214 XBD=1272 XHG=103 XHG=321 XHG=514 XHG=630 XHG=1030YBD=2816 XHG=1109 XHG=1249 YBD=2815 YBD=2826 YBD=2816YHG=2781>and YBD=2815 YHG=2780>countless YHG=2781>hernias YHG=2781>hydroceles, YHG=2784>to YHG=2782>have YHG=2793>a " XBD=2534 XBD=1417 XBD=1571 XBD=1907 XBD=1958 XBD=2163 XBD=2221 XBD=2351 XHG=1334 XHG=1434 XHG=1627 XHG=1925 XHG=1977 XHG=2179 XHG=2238 XHG=2368 YBD=2869 YBD=2870 YBD=2872 YBD=2871 YHG=2836>this YHG=2847>worm. YHG=2835>Guineaworm YHG=2836>is YHG=2847>common YHG=2836>in YHG=2836>West YHG=2835>African XBD=187 XHG=749 XBD=278 XBD=381 XBD=637 XBD=717 XBD=864 XBD=1110 XBD=1272 XHG=102 XHG=219 XHG=312 XHG=416 XHG=672 XHG=900YBD=2865 XHG=1145 YBD=2873 YBD=2864 YBD=2865 YBD=2866YHG=2831>those YHG=2828>plan YHG=2829>for YHG=2830>the YHG=2833>treatment YHG=2830>of YHG=2831>abundant YHG=2831>ulcers XBD=219 XHG=385 XBD=290 XBD=367 XBD=572 XHG=102 XHG=236 XHG=306 YBD=2912 YBD=2913 YHG=2878>which YHG=2877>fill YHG=2879>his " XBD=2532 XBD=1486 XBD=1592 XBD=1693 XBD=1763 XBD=1890 XBD=2084 XBD=2297 XBD=2412 XHG=1335YBD=2925 XHG=1516 XHG=1619 XHG=1721 XHG=1790 XHG=1920 XHG=2112 XHG=2341 XHG=2441 YBD=2930YHG=2879>hospital. YBD=2918 YBD=2927 YBD=2920 YBD=2919 YHG=2886>troops, ; YHG=2885>but YHG=2887>not YHG=2885>in YHG=2884>East YHG=2884>African YHG=2886>natives YHG=2886>the YHG=2897>conXBD=222 XHG=681 XBD=356 XBD=410 XBD=590 XBD=662 XBD=852 XBD=1048 XBD=1139 XBD=1272 XHG=144 XHG=241 XHG=376 XHG=428 XHG=609 XHG=873YBD=2974 XHG=1070 XHG=1159 YBD=2961 YBD=2962 YBD=2973 YBD=2973YHG=2929>tropical YBD=2963 YHG=2927>Not YHG=2927>much YHG=2929>is YHG=2929>written YHG=2940>on YHG=2939>surgery, YHG=2932>yet YHG=2929>there " XBD=2533 XBD=1551 XBD=1631 XBD=1854 XBD=1934 XBD=2033 XBD=2189 XBD=2339 XBD=2449 XHG=1336 XHG=1586 XHG=1660 XHG=1888 XHG=1962 XHG=2065 XHG=2221 XHG=2374 XHG=2484 YBD=2979 YBD=2968 YBD=2969 YBD=2967 YHG=2945>sequences YHG=2932>of YHG=2932>infection YHG=2933>of YHG=2934>the YHG=2936>worm YHG=2935>track YHG=2945>can YHG=2934>be " XBD=1570 XHG=1336 YBD=3018 YHG=2984>disastrous. XBD=160 XHG=720 XBD=313 XBD=376 XBD=580 XBD=699 XBD=812 XBD=1063 XBD=1164 XBD=1218 XBD=1271 XHG=102 XHG=178 XHG=332 XHG=393 XHG=600 XHG=833YBD=3012 XHG=1084 XHG=1184 XHG=1238 YBD=3009 YBD=3021 YBD=3010 YBD=3022 YBD=3023 YBD=3011YHG=2981>vast YBD=3010 YHG=2977>are YHG=2975>plenty YHG=2976>of YHG=2988>surgeons YHG=2977>with YHG=2977>experience YHG=2978>and YHG=2978>it YHG=2978>is XBD=122 XHG=778 XBD=300 XBD=462 XBD=746 XBD=870 XBD=1064 XBD=1166 XBD=1270 XHG=102 XHG=152 XHG=332 XHG=494 XHG=905YBD=3072 XHG=1096 XHG=1199 YBD=3056 YBD=3068 YBD=3059 YBD=3071 YBD=3060YHG=3038>goes YHG=3033>a YHG=3024>subject YHG=3025>whose YHG=3026>importance YHG=3026>beyond YHG=3027>the YHG=3026>im" XBD=2533 XBD=1512 XBD=1596 XBD=1724 XBD=1787 XBD=1869 XBD=2086 XBD=2230 XBD=2328 XHG=1385 XHG=1529 XHG=1614 XHG=1742 XHG=1799 XHG=1886 XHG=2103 XHG=2249 XHG=2346 YBD=3082 YBD=3072 YBD=3071 YBD=3070 YHG=3036>These YHG=3047>are YHG=3048>some YHG=3035>of YHG=3036>the YHG=3037>problems YHG=3037>which YHG=3037>will YHG=3035>confront "" XBD=1271 XBD=262 XBD=437 XBD=700 XBD=849 XBD=974 XBD=1042 XBD=1134 XHG=101 XHG=284 XHG=492 XHG=727 XHG=999 XHG=1067 XHG=1158 YBD=3108 YBD=3110 YBD=3117 YBD=3108 YBD=3109 YBD=3110 YHG=3073>mediate YHG=3073>results. YHG=3075>Dramatic YHG=3087>cures, YHG=3086>as YHG=3087>are YHG=3075>often XBD=1404XHG=877 XBD=1597 XBD=1801 XBD=1899 XBD=1969 XBD=2071 XBD=2141 XBD=2186 XBD=2415 XBD=2533 XHG=1333YBD=3109 XHG=1425 XHG=1618 XHG=1824 XHG=1920 XHG=1991 XHG=2092 XHG=2163 XHG=2207 XHG=2436 YBD=3130YHG=3075>such YBD=3121 YBD=3120 YBD=3119 YHG=3087>the YHG=3085>tropical YHG=3096>surgeon, YHG=3086>but YHG=3086>he YHG=3086>will YHG=3087>be YHG=3098>a YHG=3085>fortunate YHG=3097>man "" XBD=1271 XBD=289 XBD=407 XBD=680 XBD=814 XBD=870 XBD=1073 XHG=101 XHG=304 XHG=420 XHG=696 XHG=828 XHG=885 XHG=1088 YBD=3162 YBD=3156 YBD=3157 YBD=3158 YBD=3168 YBD=3158 YHG=3121>obtained, YHG=3122>have YHG=3123>incalculable YHG=3124>value YHG=3124>in YHG=3123>inducing XBD=1424 XHG=2456 XBD=1524 XBD=1654 XBD=1827 XBD=1963 XBD=2034 XBD=2204 XBD=2313 XBD=2430 XBD=2530 XHG=1335 YBD=3168 XHG=1450 XHG=1552 XHG=1679 XHG=1853 XHG=1990 XHG=2061 XHG=2231 XHG=2340 YBD=3179 YHG=3123>Africans YBD=3169 YHG=3135>who YHG=3134>been YHG=3135>taught YHG=3135>what YHG=3138>to YHG=3138>expect YHG=3135>and YHG=3134>who YHG=3134>has " XBD=1271 XBD=166 XBD=275 XBD=335 XBD=505 XBD=629 XBD=781 XBD=862 XBD=1071 XBD=1169 XHG=101 XHG=185 XHG=293 XHG=356 XHG=524 XHG=648 XHG=881 XHG=1093 XHG=1188 YBD=3214 YBD=3204 YBD=3205 YBD=3206 YBD=3218 YBD=3213 YBD=3206 YBD=3207 YHG=3173>not YHG=3170>only YHG=3173>to YHG=3171>submit YHG=3172>their YHG=3171>lumps YHG=3171>removal, YHG=3172>but YHG=3172>also XBD=1408XHG=800 XBD=1477 XBD=1616 XBD=1741 XBD=1883 XBD=2010 XBD=2280 XBD=2377 XBD=2531 XHG=1335YBD=3207 XHG=1433 XHG=1504 XHG=1642 XHG=1827 XHG=1908 XHG=2037 XHG=2337 XHG=2405 YBD=3217YHG=3171>for YBD=3228 YBD=3218 YBD=3227 YBD=3216 YHG=3186>not YHG=3186>to YHG=3182>learn YHG=3183>his YHG=3183>by YHG=3184>hard YHG=3183>experience. YHG=3182>It YHG=3194>seems "|>" XBD=140 XBD=447 XBD=606 XBD=716 XBD=901 XBD=1013 XBD=1272 XBD=316 XHG=94 XHG=344 XHG=475 XHG=636 XHG=746 XHG=932 XHG=1041 XHG=158 YBD=3253 YBD=3253 YBD=3254 YBD=3261 YBD=3254 YBD=3253 YBD=3265 YHG=3220>to YHG=3219>their YHG=3219>fevers YHG=3221>and YHG=3232>worms, YHG=3220>and YHG=3218>entrust " XBD=2532 XBD=1498 XHG=2388 XBD=1616 XBD=1883 XBD=1950 XBD=2143 XBD=2362 XHG=1334 YBD=3266 XHG=1522 XHG=1640 XHG=1907 XHG=1973 XHG=2167 YBD=3265 YHG=3220>ultimately YBD=3276 YHG=3232>evident YHG=3232>that YHG=3232>instruction YHG=3233>in YHG=3231>tropical YHG=3231>medicine YHG=3231>should "" XBD=1269 XBD=195 XBD=439 XBD=552 XBD=717 XBD=920 XBD=999 XBD=1102 XHG=101 XHG=227 XHG=471 XHG=584 XHG=750 XHG=955 XHG=1032 XHG=1136 YBD=3302 YBD=3313 YBD=3303 YBD=3303 YBD=3314 YHG=3266>their YHG=3267>sanitation YHG=3269>and YHG=3268>infant YHG=3269>feeding, YHG=3272>to YHG=3269>the YHG=3280>superXBD=1494 XBD=1631 XBD=1824 XBD=1953 XBD=2013 XBD=2110 XBD=2298 XBD=2388 XBD=2532 XHG=1333 XHG=1521 XHG=1659 XHG=1849 XHG=1979 XHG=2040 XHG=2142 XHG=2326 XHG=2415 YBD=3326 YBD=3313 YBD=3314 YBD=3315 YHG=3280>include YHG=3291>more YHG=3292>surgery YHG=3281>than YHG=3281>is YHG=3280>the YHG=3283>custom YHG=3279>for YHG=3280>those " XBD=1268 XBD=220 XHG=916 XBD=285 XBD=417 XBD=483 XBD=654 XBD=989 XBD=1115 XHG=101 XHG=242 XHG=304 XHG=441 XHG=506 XHG=1015 XHG=1139 YBD=3350 YBD=3351 YBD=3351 confidence YHG=3315>vision YHG=3316>of YHG=3316>those YHG=3317>in YHG=3317>whom YHG=3317>has YHG=3317>been YHG=3318>estab"" XBD=2230 XBD=1516 XBD=1649 XBD=1697 XBD=1853 XBD=1918 XBD=2014 XHG=1334 XHG=1539 XHG=1673 XHG=1722 XHG=1875 XHG=1941 XHG=2038 YBD=3373 YBD=3374 YBD=3363 YBD=3362 YHG=3329>entering YHG=3341>upon YHG=3341>a YHG=3341>career YHG=3330>in YHG=3329>hot YHG=3328>climates. XBD=228 XHG=741 XBD=380 XBD=617 XBD=715 XBD=875 XBD=1040 XBD=1208 XBD=1276 XHG=101 XHG=278 XHG=404 XHG=642 XHG=902YBD=3399 XHG=1057 XHG=1231 YBD=3400 YBD=3399 YBD=3399 YHG=3363>lished. YHG=3365>Lord YHG=3365>HAILEY YHG=3365>has YHG=3366>stated YHG=3365>that YHG=3366>disease YHG=3365>of &dquo; 10 Sugar, O. and Gerard, R. W. J. Neurophysiol. 1940, 3, 10. Bailey, Lord, An African Survey, London, 1938. 9.





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