Textbook of oral surgery

Textbook of oral surgery

Reviews of the literature Book reviews of Oral Surgery. Edited by Walter C. Guralnick. Boston, 1968, Little, Brown & Co. 567 pages, 66 illustrations...

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Reviews of the literature

Book reviews of Oral Surgery. Edited by Walter C. Guralnick. Boston, 1968, Little, Brown & Co. 567 pages, 66 illustrations. Price, $15.00. This is a new textbook for the dental student and oral surgical trainee edited by Walter C. Guralnick, Clinical Professor and Chairman of Oral Surgery, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Chief of the Department of Oral Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital. Although written by twenty-six authors, this book does not have the usual faults that result from multiple authorships. It is well edited, and there is no overlapping of subject matter in the twenty-nine chapters presented. While a concise presentation of each subject has been strived for, the book contains many unusual and rare diseases and their treatment, such as the rare and controversial true giant-cell tumor. This book is broad in scope but, at the same time, specific in focus. Its main attraction, however, is the basic knowledge which forms the fundamental part in each division, with emphasis placed on up-to-date procedures and techniques. The choice of excellent contributors and the influence of excellent editorship must be recognized, and Dr. Guralnick should bc congratulated in providing such an authoritative coverage. This book belongs on the bookshelf of every oral surgeon. It makes excellent collateral reading, not only for the oral surgeon but for the general practitioner as well. The publishers are to be congratulated. They have produced a useful and well-illustrated text. K. H. T. Textbook

Pain and Mandibular Dysfunction, Laszlo Schwartz and Charles M. Chayes. Philadelphia, 1968, W. B. Saunders Company, 365 pages, illustrated. Price $16#.50. This monograph was conceived and planned by Laszlo Schwartz prior to his death. As planned by Dr. Schwartz, pre-eminently qualified individual authors were asked to contribute chapters, and this has, as one of the authors states, resulted in some notable diversity of viewpoints. They consider this a healthy sign, indicating that much more remains to be learned about the subject covered. Many articles contained in the book arc from published material of Dr. Schwartz and thus present to the reader in the author’s own language, more or less verbatim, some of his former writings. Other excellent chapters have been especially written by fifteen authorities of various parts in the field, an important one because, as H. Houston Merritt writes in the foreword, “The head and face are subject to chronic, persistent, or recurring pain more often than any other part of the body.” Merritt also points out that, on the basis of all known facts, the pathogenesis of facial pains depends greatly on the interest of the doctor consulted. Otologists have attempted to relate the pains to disease of the sinuses or neuralgia of one of the sympathetic ganglia. Psychiatrists have emphasized the role of emotional factors, and the Ordl surgeon and dentist have eoneentrated on malocclusion and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This monograph deals principally with the latter factors. The authors point out that the situation is not simple and, as Merritt states, a thorough study of the patient is necessary in these cases. Here is a book that should arouse the interest of the scientifically minded student and the practitioner as well. K. II. T. Facial