Textbook of physiology

Textbook of physiology

Orthodontic 610 Abstracts and Reviews view. It is not only important to’ tell how a definite technic should be performed, it is also necessary to ...

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and Reviews

view. It is not only important to’ tell how a definite technic should be performed, it is also necessary to show how. This extremely difficult accomplishment The is overcome by means of the many interesting and clear-cut illustrations. book is so copiously illustrated that the material presented in the text is really of secondary importance although it is reliable throughout and complete. This book could be adopted as a textbook in any orthodontic course teaching the labio-lingual technic. The best proof of the practi.cability of the theory underlying the appliances described in this book has been illustrated in the exhibit presented by the authors at recent meetings of the American Dental Association. The general make-up of the book is in keeping with recent trends which call for a definite practical presentation of technical subjects. There are no words wasted in the description of the various procedures. Whether or not one follows the labio-lingual technic in toto, it is safe to say he will, nevertheless, find much of interest in this work. George 8. Callaway, D.D.S.

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 14. Illustrated. Wilkins Co.


With Etymologic

and Orthographic

Price $7.50, Baltimore,

Rul& : Ed.

1940, The Williams


The present edition, the fourteenth, was begun by Dr. Thomas Lathrop Stedman in collaboration with the present editor, Dr. Stanley Thomas Garber, who completed the work after Dr. Stedman’s death in 1938. Many new titles and subtitles have been added, including numerous recently isolated hormones, vitamins, and chemical compounds of therapeutic value. Changes in the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, eleventh edition, are included as are the new Eritish anatomic terms, together with their Basle Anatomical Nomenclature equivalents. The pronunciation and derivation of dental, medical and other scientific terms are to be found as well as many tables. Dentists should have a medical dictionary always at hand so that they may be able to follow accurately both dental and related scientific literature.


of Physiology : By William D. Zoethout, Physiology in Chicago College of Dental Surgery, and Professor of Physiology, College of Medicine, State Ed. 7, With 302 Illustrations. Pp. 743, Price $4.50, C. V. Mosby Co.

Ph.D., Professor of W. W. Tuttle, Ph.D., University of Iowa. St. Louis, 1940, The

Because of the generic dynamic quality of the subject, texts on physiology must be revised at frequent intervals and viewpoints changed as the accumulation of new facts grows. This work is intended for those having a limited length of time for the acquisition of a basic knowledge of physiology. The physiology of the teeth, mastication, growth, and metabolism are discussed in a concise and clear manner. The descriptions and illustrations are simple and understandable. Of especial interest to orthodontists will be the discussions on the physiology of the bones and muscles. A glossary and complete index are provided.