The American illustrated medical dictionary . 18th Edition

The American illustrated medical dictionary . 18th Edition

NEW SERIES VOL XLII, No Book Reviews I envy of his feIIow students, and, aIso, that many of his cIassmates wiII, in turn, purchase copies. For it ...

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envy of his feIIow students, and, aIso, that many of his cIassmates wiII, in turn, purchase copies. For it should have a wide appea1 to medical students, beginners in radiology, and many surgeons. MATERNAL Edited by F.

CA R E . COMPLICATIONS. L. Adair, M.D. Chicago,

Ig38. The University Price $1 .oo.

of Chicago


This smaI1 book of onIy 95 pages is worth its weight in gold. It deals with the principles of management of some serious compIications arising during the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. A year ago The American Committee on MaternaI Welfare, Inc., pubIished a smaI1 book entitIed “MaternaI Care,” which was extremeIy we11 received. This second vohrme attempts to present the essential facts relative to the three major causes of maternal mortality: toxemias of pregnancy, obstetrica hemorrhages, and puerpera1 infection. These were prepared by Drs. R. D. Mussey, P. F. Williams, and F. H. FaIIs, respectiveIy. We Iearn that copies of the three manuscripts were then sent to the various directors of the Committee, who reviewed the papers and resubmitted them to the editor with their suggestions and comments. The ideas expressed are therefore truly a cross section of the best obstetrica minds in the country. WiII physicians, by and Iarge, troubIe to pay a doIIar and order copies? It’s too bad some rich foundation or pubIic spirited citizen overburdened with wealth couId not distribute about 75,000 copies where they wouId do the most good. For if the majority of American doctors, especiaIIy those who more or Iess do the obstetrics in this country, were to read these bookIets, we are sure better obstetrics wouId resuIt, and materna1 mortality wouId show a downward curve. Dr. Adair and his co-workers are to be congratuIated on doing a spIendid practica1 work. A TEXTBOOK OF GYNECOLOGY. By Arthur HaIe Curtis, M.D. Third Edition. PhiIadeIphia, 1938. W. B. Saunders Company. Price $7.00. In reviewing the first two editions of Dr. Curtis’ work on Gynecology, we had nothing but praise for his efforts and their resuIt.




of Surgery

This third edition merits the same report. We feel it was and is one of the best textbooks of modern times. The new voIume has been entirely reset and contains 318 iIIustrations, chieffy by Tom Jones. Eight preliminary chapters have been added, the subject matter has been entireIy rewritten, and much new materia1 is incIuded. Anatomy (omitted from the first edition), physioIogy and the endocrine gIands are given detailed consideration. We still fee1 that this compact work of 603 bibIiography and pages, with its adequate compIete index, is one of the best textbooks on gynecoIogy by an American author. THE AMERICAN ILLUSTRATED MEDICAL 18th Edition. By W. A. DICTIONARY. Newman DorIand, A.M., M.D., F.A.C.S. PhiIadeIphia, 1938. W. B. Saunders Company. Price $7.50. The reviewer has known this voIume for Medical Dictionary.” years as “DorIand’s And now weIcomes it as it comes to the profession in its eighteenth edition, compiIed by Dr. Dorland with the collaboration of Dr. E. C. L. MiIIer. How does one set about reviewing a dictionary? What does he say? ShouId he Iook to see if some new pet word has been incIuded? And if he finds it missing, shouId he damn the entire work? We hardIy think that a good method. This is a marveIous book-one that fuIfifs many requirements and answers every need that a medica dictionary couId be asked to supply. The modern physician should have a medica dictionary at his right hand. If he Iacks one, or couId use a new one, this voIume by DorIand can be recommended without reservation. It has been brought out in two versions, with stiff or flexible binding, is 1607 pages in length, and contains 942 iIIustrations (some in color) and 283 portraits. L’ANGINE sance. Paris,

DE POITRINE. 1938. MaIoine.




It is unfortunate that the tendency to consider angina pectoris a disease entity continues to prevai1. The author of this work understands this, but the fact that he caIIs his book “L’angine de poitrine” adds to the confusion. The work contains a good description of the