TriQuint awarded $2.65 million contract

TriQuint awarded $2.65 million contract

UPD A T E STS enhanced plasma system The enhanced package for plasma systems from Surface Technology Systems Ltd, (STS) of Gwent, UK, offers immediat...

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STS enhanced plasma system The enhanced package for plasma systems from Surface Technology Systems Ltd, (STS) of Gwent, UK, offers immediate control software upgrades and a two year warranty. This latest package is an extension of the existing 300 PC Series deal. Users will also benefit from immediate upgrades of the control software during the operational life of the machine, automatic data-logging software with graphic display and a number of other significant enhancements. • For further information contact STS Ltd, Prince of Wales Industrial Estate, Abercam, Newport, Gwent, NP1 5AR, UK. Tel: (0495) 244459. Fax: (0495) 249478.

Matheson dual-stage regulator Matheson Gas Products, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA, recently introduced a dualstage, stainless regulator suited for use in applications requiring delivery of high-purity gases in a non-corrosive or semicorrosive environment at a constant outlet pressure. Applications for the model 3800 series regulators include sample analysis and calibration standards, as well as semiconductor and doping applications. Design features of the 3800 series regulators, which have a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 psig, include 316 stainless steel construction, bonnet ported to pipe gases away from work area and helium leak. • For further information contact Matheson Gas Products, 30 Seaview Drive, Secaucus, NJ 070961587 USA. Tel: (201) 867 41 (x).


TriQuint awarded $2.65 million contract TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has been awarded a $2.65 million Microwave/Millimeter Wave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MIMIC) Phase 3 contract. TriQuint is the prime contractor and General Electric's Electronics Laboratory, Syracuse, New York, is a subcontractor. T h e t w o - y e a r c o n t r a c t , o f f e r e d in a b r o a d area a n n o u n c e m e n t for foundry fabrication of MIMIC chips, was awarded through the Aeronautical Systems 1)ivision of W r i g h t - P a t t e r s o n Air Force Base. GIL's Electronics Laboratory will design the multi-chip MIMIC function while TriQumt will fabricate and test the devices. More t h a n 300 wafers will be fabricated and tested for this program. •

TriQuint to supply Motorola TriQuint has been selected as an approved supplier for M o t o r o l a G o v e r n m e n t Electronics G r o u p (GEG). The a n n o u n c e m e n t is the culmination of an extensive effort on the part of Motorola GEG to evaluate a large n u m b e r of ASIC vendors, including suppliers of digital, analog a n d m i c r o w a v e ASIC p r o d u c t s a n d s e r v i c e s . T h e a p p o i n t m e n t d e m o n s t r a t e s TriQuint's ability to meet Motorola's GEG Best In Class criteria. •

MIL-STD 883C Compliance T r i Q u i n t ' s Quality and Reliability Assurance p r o g r a m expects to achieve full compliance with MIL-STD-883C by February 1991, reports Richard Allen, director of the program. "Two years ago we adopted a formal Quality I m p r o v e m e n t p r o g r a m d e s i g n e d to p r o v i d e full compliance with MIL-STD-883C, particularly paragraph 1.2.1 for n o n - J o i n t Army Navy (]AN) p r o d u c t s , " says Allen. In 1990 T r i Q u i n t i n t r o d u c e d a Statistical Process Control program, an Operator Certification program and an Internal Audit program, critical elements in achieving compliance. They also established a Technology Review Board to oversee quality assessment and i m p r o v e m e n t programs. T h e c o m p a n y is also w o r k i n g w i t h R o m e Air Development Center and the Defence Electronics Supply Center personnel to modify the MIL-Specs to cover GaAs ICs. • For further i n f o r m a t i o n c o n t a c t T r i Q u i n t Semiconductor lnc, PO Box 500, Beaverton, Oregon, OR 97077 USA. Tel: (503) 644-3535. Fax: (503) 644-3198.

Tri-Quint software improves circuit design A new s o f t w a r e package, M M I C - k e y , n o w in use at T r i Q u i n t and available to all GaAs designers, enables d e s i g n e r s to a c c u r a t e l y c a l c u l a t e a n d m o d e l h i g h f r e q u e n c y parasitic effects w i t h o u t costly fabrication. D e v e l o p e d by MMIC-CAD Inc of Beaverton, Oregon, USA, the software can be used for monolithic microwave, high speed digital and analog integrated circuit design. It enables designers to estimate the effects of compacting a circuit b e f o r e c o m m i t t i n g to a mask. • For further information, contact M M I C - C A D Inc., PO Box 1568, Beaverton, Oregon 97075-1568 USA. "Eel(503t 626-7386.


photodiode production process In a cooperation between the Technical University, of Berlin and the Heinrichf l e r t z hrstitute, Berlin, a

group of scientists has realized the fabrication ot high speed photodiodes based o n ln(;aAs doped with Fe or l'i. Fhese metal/semiconductor/meta I (MSM) photodiodes are potential candidates' for integrated photo receivers. Doping with Fe is chosen to compensate residual shallow donor i ml)urities in InP and related compounds. Ti-doping of [nP is an alternative for the labrication ot semiinsulating material. Due to low Schottky barrier height C,H1 hh, i.52,(Ja0,47,,~tS, the MSM concept has been difficult to realize until now. Using the Low Pressure Metallorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (LP-MOVPE) technique, however, semiinsulating InP:Fe and In0.s ~Ga0.47As:l:e materials for high speed photodiodes has been fabricated. These diodes s h o w a specified frequency response of up to 46 GHz; high specific resistivity values of 2 x l() 7 o h m cm for lnP:Fe and 960 o h m cm in In..s3]ao.4;,As:Fe have been achieved. The growth of the materials has been performed with equipment and technologies provided by Mxtron ~ m b H of Aachen, (;ermany. Increasing attention is paid to the IJ'-M()VPE processes of these systems since higher unifomlities and more abrupt compositional changes at heteroiunctions can be achiexed. • For further infimnation cotltact: Aixtrvn GmbH, Kackertstra,~s{ 15-17, 1)51 O0 Aachen, ( ierman)'. Teh (12 41,./,~9 09-0: Fax: (12