UCH textbook of psychiatry

UCH textbook of psychiatry

320 NURSE EDUCATION TODAY mathematical calculations swiftly and accurately. This little book, written by a mathematician, reviews the basic arithmet...

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mathematical calculations swiftly and accurately. This little book, written by a mathematician, reviews the basic arithmetic required. Examples, explanations and practice questions with answers are given. If problems are encountered in answering the questions correctly further explanations and exercises are given. This is an inexpensive and very useful book for those who are unsure of the reliability of their mathematical skills and I would be happy to recommend it. JANICE M M&ALL

RGN RCT Nursing Competence Betty Kershaw Ed Edward Arnold 1990 9Opp ISBN: O-340-518413


The newly qualified nurse. and post basic nurse education teachers will find this a thought provoking little volume which spells out a wide range of professional options for the future. Consisting of a series of essays, it addresses the needs of nurses who appreciate that to qualify is not to cease learning, but who may not know where they want to go next Chapters OII the code of conduct, the needs of Enrolled Nurses and opportunities within the Open University. Further and Higher Education, give a flavour of how wide ranging the book is. The chapter on a clinical career structure will be welcomed by many nurses, but with the final word on PREPP still awaited, it must be interpreted in rather general terms. Rathet more practical and to the point are the chapters aimed at those nurses contemplating management within or a career teaching nursing and health nursing, sciences, In summary this volume offers a lucid set of advice. often backed up with sources of further information and additional addresses of education institutes. It is difficult to see how it can long remain accurate, given the pace of education and professional change within nursing, although its purpose is most worthy. Accordingly, it may prove an excellent reference book in the library, but may be of less direct use to the nurse who delays her decision on future career development. BOB PRICE

SRN BA MSc CertEd UCH Textbook of Psychiatry H. Wolff et al. Eds Duckworth 1990 788pp illus ISBN: O-7156-2289-7

mainly ‘descriptive’ approach, and many ‘disorders’ are described as ‘illnesses’. Somewhat controversially, it lists homosexuality as a ‘psychiatric syndrome’ (Chp 29 p369). This chapter does provide a very quick guide to current legislation and medical attitudes to care. The section dealing with AIDS is surprisingly succinct given the likely impact of associated psychiatric disorder. Perhaps an improvement would have been the inclusion of more epidemiological information. Sadly for a book claiming a ‘unique integrated approach’, there was little contribution from nonmedical disciplines, particularly nursing! Nevertheless a welcome revision of a classic text. that will be useful for any student of psychiatry, and a good reference for those in clinical practice. BOB WONDRAK


Nursing a Problem Lesley Mackay Open University 1989 2OOpp ISBN: 0335



This excellent book gives a clear analysis of the problems that have and are occurring within nursing. Though not a nurse herself, the author rightly comes to the conclusion that the trouble with nursing is nursing itself. It remains to be seen what impact such an exposition will have upon the profession. It is clearly written, with accompanying appendices presenting useful research material. The book is well referenced, and whilst there is no index. the contents list is explicit enough. It is a little expensive for a paperback, but is a valuable resource for any nurse, whatever grade. It is ideally suited for students of the sociology of nursing. especially within Degree OI Diploma courses. Teachers preparing for Project 2000 courses would also be advised to have this book high on their list of personal reading and it should also be a library requirement. This is definitely a book which all nurses can relate to, offering valuable insight into the nursing profession and providing material for discussion and, more importantly, action. CAROLYN GIBBON


This revised textbook replaces the old. and by now well thumbed, UCH Handbook of Psychiatry, and appears with a new format, an ‘integrated approach’. By this the authors manage to give space to explanations of psychiatric conditions, other than a strictly medical model, such as psychodynamic, psychological and social viewpoints. However the book still retains a

Community Child Health and Australian Perspective G. Vimpani 8e T. Parry Eds Churchill Livingstone 1989 603pp illus ISBN: O-443-034761


This is an interesting and well presented book. It gives a comprehensive view of Community Child Health in