Ultrafiltration system for drinking water treatment

Ultrafiltration system for drinking water treatment

12 Technology news Filtration+Separation May/June 2009 High-speed centrifuge offers solids recovery and centrate clarity Ultrafiltration system for...

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Technology news Filtration+Separation May/June 2009

High-speed centrifuge offers solids recovery and centrate clarity

Ultrafiltration system for drinking water treatment Seccua has launched a drinking water ultrafiltration installation, which has been particularly designed for use in households, small individual water supplies, restaurants and catering businesses. The Spot Pro installation operates at a peak flow rate of up to 36 litres/min (9.5 GPM) and filters turbidity and pathogens out of the water in a single step without the use of chemicals.

discharge sedimented materials from the bowl in a form that easily supports product transfer for downstream processing.

The new APD high-speed centrifuge from Celeros

Celeros Inc. has introduced the APD high-speed centrifuge that can achieve total solids recovery and superior centrate clarity. The company says that this precision solids-handling centrifuge uses a novel, automated piston to

According to the company, combining low shear flow-path features and rotational speeds from 0-20,000 × G, the multipurpose APD centrifuge is designed to address the needs of laboratory and production separation process applications up to 10,000 litres. APD separation systems offer CIP/SIP systems, thermal control, full-vacuum operation, and PLC controls for processing flexibility. Among numerous applications, the Celeros APD centrifuges are suitable for vaccine manufacturing, whole and lysed cell harvesting and debris removal, and blood plasma fractionation. www.celerosinc.com

Siemens introduces compact oil/water separator Siemens Water Technologies has launched a compact oil/ water separation unit for the offshore oil and gas industry. The company’s new Vorsep system includes several methods for removing oil from product and wastewater streams before they are discharged, reused or injected. The unit reduces inventoried water in the system and is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for offshore applications where footprint and weight are critical. As oily water feed enters the Vorsep unit, it flows through the company’s proprietary Brise pump installed in the inlet piping to the vessel. The pump initiates dissolved gas mixing in the oily water and the gas-filled feed

The X-Spot Pro can remove more than 99.99 percent of all pathogens, including viruses, legionella and E Coli, as well as turbidity. Following filtration, the water can be used for drinking, cooking and washing. The SeccuMem Pro membrane module offers particular protection: it contains a sturdy hollow fibre membrane made of highperformance material and has a pore size of only 15 nanometers, which enables it to reliably retain pathogens. Dissolved minerals easily pass through the membrane. To minimise the water consumption needed for self-cleaning, the X-Spot Pro automatically detects the degree of contamination of the filter by monitoring the pressure differential as a function of the flow rate, and only flushes the filters when it is actually necessary. The Seccua drinking water ultrafiltration installation


Filters for compressed air systems removal down to 5 microns or 3 microns in size, with oil removal at 0.5 micron or 0.01 micron levels. These elements provide filtration efficiencies from 99.99% to 99.99999% with a further grade being specific to oil/aerosol removal down to 0.003 mg/m utilising activated carbon technology. These figures are for operation at 7 bar pressure and 20°C, while all elements are validated and ensure compressed air to ISO 8573.1 standard.

is accelerated by angled pipes to generate a vortex-induced separation of the incoming liquid. The Vorsep system can reduce the residence time necessary for separation by 80 percent or more, relative to standard flotation systems. This separation efficiency results in reducing the inventoried water in the system by the same percentage as the residence time. This results in a system optimised for footprint and weight without reducing effectiveness. Footprint and weight are critical factors on offshore platforms where reduced space and lighter loads can mean a lower cost to operate the platform. www.siemens.com

Compressed air filter units from Hi-line Industries.

Hi-line Industries has developed a range of compressed air filter units for the removal of oil, water, particulates and gaseous aerosols from compressed air systems. The filtration elements use patented pleated filter media which are available in several grades to accommodate particle

The filter units incorporate diecast filter housings made from high-grade aluminium with both external and internal surfaces Alu-Chrome treated. The housings also have a tough epoxy baked-on paint finish, helping provide long-term protection, even when subject to the harshest operating conditions. www.hilineindustries.com