US calls for Spyware law

US calls for Spyware law

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Events Calendar Third IFIP CONFERENCE ON E-COMMERCE, E-BUSINESS AND E-GOVERNMENT 30 September -1 October 2003

Location: Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil Website: Contact: [email protected]

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US calls for Spyware law US Congress member, Mary Bono, has introduced a law to make it compulsory for companies to inform end-users before spyware can be installed on business systems and to get an employee's permission before loading it. The new law also states that organizations that load spyware to a PC after a user visits their website will be forced to publish an agreement informing visitors of the presence of spyware and its function. The organization would not be permitted to load spyware on to any visitors' machine without their consent. "Companies that utilize spyware can sometimes view everything from passwords to credit card numbers of unknowing consumers. This legislation will help prevent such invasions of privacy.


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Through this bill, users will knowingly agree to the conditions under which spyware operates before it can be installed on their computers," Bono said.

Man steals passwords with keystroke logger A New Yorker has pleaded guilty to installing keystroke-logging software on computers at Kinko stores around the city to steal passwords from customers. 24- year old Juju Jiang, used the usernames and passwords collected through the secret software to access bank accounts belonging to Kinko customers and to open new bogus accounts for around two years, between early 2001 to December 2002. Jiang tried to get access to around 15 subscriber's accounts to GoToMyPC, a

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company that provides customers with remote access to their PC from the Internet. From his home PC, he used the passwords and usernames collected from GoToMyPC users to compromise their home computer to get confidential bank details. The crime was discovered after one of the GoToMyPC subscribers watched his PC being controlled remotely by Jiang. According to a filed Complaint the victim saw his computer switch on by itself, and watched as the cursor moved along the screen and opened the website for his American Express Corporate card. Jiang could get five years in prison at most and faces a $250 000 fine. The investigation was conducted by the US Secret Service's Electronic Crimes Task Force.