Vacuum fluorescent range expanded

Vacuum fluorescent range expanded

Displays r uJs N e w Boeing has fewer instruments Vacuum fluorescent range expanded The cockpit of the new Boeing 747400 will have only 38% of the l...

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Displays r uJs N e w Boeing has fewer instruments

Vacuum fluorescent range expanded

The cockpit of the new Boeing 747400 will have only 38% of the lights, gauges and switches of the current 747 aircraft series. A fully integrated colour electronic display system, digital flight control system, and central maintenance computer, will all b e standard on the n e w aircraft. The systems are being designed and supplied b y the Collins Air Transport Division of Rockwell International. The avionics will give the aircraft a higher level of operational availabilitythan any existing commercial aircraft. The Collins int~grated display system for the 747400 will feature six eight-inch square colour cathode-ray tube displays. The electronic architecture will allow any of the six CRTs to present either electronic flight instrument system or engine indication and crew alerting system displays. The autopilot flight director system for the 747-400 will comprise three flight control computers (FCC), which can b e used with the Collins FCCs on all versions of the Boeing 767 and 757, and an improved mode control panel. The new fail-operational autopilot flight director system, when certified, will allow the 747-400 to operate to FAA Category IllB rrdni~ums. The central n~intenance computer (CIVIC) is a single rackmounted unit which will interface with all major avionics systems on the 747-400 aircraft. The CMC will provide increased on-aircraft fauit-detection capability over that currently available on commercial aircraft. The 747-400 is an advanced version of the 747, and can carry 400 tri-class passengers. It has an 8 000 mile range. Rockwell In~rna~onal, Collins Divi~'orm, 400 Collins Road IV'E, Cedar Rapids, IA 82498, USA.

Further expansion of Norbain Etectro-Optics' range of vacuum fluorescent displays has taken place with the introduction of segmented and alphanumeric displays from Itron and a range of alphanumeric subsystems from Babcock. The FG series segmented displays from Itron provides a wide range of numeric digits, with or without decimal points, a half comma, symbols and annunciators, all on a single substrate, while the Itron Alphanumeric range of 14/16 segment and dotmatrix displays is offered in chaxacter heights ranging from 4 mm


Uplighters available Indirect lighting which reduces glare on VDU screens is available from Facit Furniture. Facit Uplights offer architects and designers a flexible lighting system, which is easy to install, minimizes glare on VDUs, provides a choice of lamps to suit various activities, and achieves great e n e r g y efficiency. The lights are manufactured to Facit's specifications b y Thorn EMI. They are mounted on Facit's fully wire-managed office screens. Two types of light source are most widely used: SON d e luxe produces a warm glow that is both appropriate to the English climate, yet gives a v e r y good colour rendering, while MBIF produces a white light that gives a v e r y accurate colour rendering across the whole spectrum. Full specifications of the Uplight system are now available to architects and designers. Encsson Information Sy~ems Ltd, CifT House, 2' G z ~ a m Street, London EC2V 7BX, UK.

to 15 nun, with character lengths ranging from 6 to 240 characters. Enclosed in r u g g e d evacuated fiat-glass packages, both ranges feature high-reliability, long life and low-cost, good visibility in high ambient light with low voltage and medium p o w e r consumption. Standard units emit a bright blue-green radiance peaking at 8(]6nm. Multicolour, yellow, r e d and g r e e n device types are also available in the FG series. The Azure series vacuum fluorescent subsystems from Babcock are available in single or multiline configurations and employ easily readable 14-segment and 5 x 7 dot-matrix character formats. Featuring a built-in microprocessor controller, the Azure series offer extensive software editing features, including blinking characters, variable baud rates, dimruing, flashing underlines, katakana and European fonts, insertion, deletion, and various scrolling and character entry modes. With a viewing angle of 130°, character heights up to 15ram, and character fields from 10 to 240 characters, the devices emit a pleasant blue-green, filterable to blue, green, aqua or yellow and require a single + 5V DC p o w e r supply and TTL level 8 bit parallel data for operation. Norbain Electro-Op~cs Ltd, Norba/n House, Botdton Road, Reading, Berks R G 2 OLT, UE.

Uplighmrs from Facit minint~e V D U screen glare 143