Visceriti e perivisceriti; digestive abdominali chroniche

Visceriti e perivisceriti; digestive abdominali chroniche


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BOOK REVIEWS AMEBIASIS AND AMEBIC DYSENTERY BY CharIes F. Craig, M.D. SpringheId, III. CharIes C. Thomas Co., 1934.

VISCERITI E PERIVISCERITI; DIGESTIVE ABDOMINALI CHRONICHE. By Francesco Zagarese, M.D. BoIogna, NicoIa ZanicheIIi, 1934. This monograph describes in detaiI the various theories of the formation of periviscera1 membranes, adhesions and bands, as we encounter them in operations upon intraabdomina1 pathoIogica1 conditions. The author Ieans more towards the inffammation theory, cIaiming that these membranes are caused by the periviscera1 reaction due to chronic visceritis, viz: chronic appendicitis, chronic cholecchronic gastroduodena1 uIcers and ystitis, chronic colitis. The chapter on the surgica1 pathoIogy of visceritis and perivisceritis is we11 worth reading and studying. The sections on symptoms, radioIogy, medica and surgica1 treatment are we11 written and scientifIcaIIy treated. This book sums up in one volume of 360 pages what has been said and written in the past and present on this important and interesting surgica1 topic. The author is to be commended for his thoroughness, cIarity and modesty. SYNOPSIS OF GENITOURINARY DISEASES. By Austin I. Dodson, M.D. St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Co., 1934. This book is just what its titIe imphes, a synopsis of the compIete subject of genitourinary diseases. It is accompanied by I I I weIIseIected iIIustrations. For a quick reference work, it wiI1 answer a certain purpose but for definite information it wiI1 be necessary to consuIt a larger book. CATARACT: ITS ETIOLOGY AND TREATMENT. By CIyde A. CIapp, M.D. PhiIa., Lea & Febiger, 1934. This book of 254 pages covers the subject of cataract very thoroughIy. It is up-to-date, authoritative and has a bibhography at the end of each chapter. There are 92 iIIustrations and those doing cataract operations wiI1 find this work indispensabIe.

The Iarrre number of current cases of amebic dysentery”render this book particuIarIy timely. Dr. Craig has been studying this subject for many years and his work is thoroughIy up-todate and authoritative. As so many cases have been cropping up in different parts of the country, it would be we11 if this book were avaiIabIe at a11 times for quick reference.

MOTHERS’ GUIDE WHEN SICKNESS COMES. By Roger H. Dennett, M.D., and Edward T. Wilkes, M.D. Garden City, N. Y., DoubIeday, Doran & Co., 1934. According to the authors, this book is intended as an “aid to the doctor in heIping in carrying out of his orders.” There is no question but that if mothers wiI1 reaIIy read and study this book it wiI1 be found of great service to both the doctors and themseIves. It expIains conditions in a way that shouId make for better cooperation between mothers and doctors rather than, as has been the tendency of these books in the past, attempting to repIace the doctor’s services. It is a book that may we11 be recommended to inteIIigent mothers. TUBERCULOSIS OF THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. By Richard H. MiIIer, M.D. N. Y., The MacmiIIan Co., 1934. This work on TubercuIosis of the Lymphatic System starts with an historica introduction and finishes with a general summary covering in Iess than 250 pages the high spots of this subject which are of the utmost importance to surgeons. It is a monograph of a type of which it is impossible to have too many in our medica Iiterature. The author expIains in his Preface that his experience has been “not in the Iaboratory, but at the bedside and in the Clinic.” His point of attack is, therefore, just that which the practicing surgeon needs.