VSD models boost compressor range

VSD models boost compressor range

8 Technology news Filtration+Separation September/October 2016 VSD models boost compressor range Atlas Copco has added to its large screw compresso...

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Technology news

Filtration+Separation September/October 2016

VSD models boost compressor range Atlas Copco has added to its large screw compressor range with new VSD models which offer improved flow and energy savings. There are three new models in its range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors which the company say will give larger industrial air users a 20% average improvement in free air delivery (FAD) and energy savings of up to 35%. The VSD additions comprise the GA200VSD, GA250VSD and an upgraded version of the GA315VSD, with three different pressure variants from 8.5 to 14 bar developed to match operators’ needs and they complement the existing fixed speed GA160+-315 range. Their specialist design has improved airflow and users can

select smaller compressors for the same applications, saving money and energy. Atlas Copco’s new generation asymmetric compression element, which is incorporated into these machines, has increased FAD by an average of 20% across the range. In addition, with the use of variable speed drive technology, energy savings of up to 35% are achievable by automatically adjusting the motor speed to match the air demand.

WPL has developed the SAF, which can cut energy use by 40% and be retrofitted into full-scale sewage works. By altering the specific gravity, using a higher surface area biomedia and undertaking a hydraulic redesign of the SAF, engineers have ensured that the media now moves slowly, removing the need for scouring. This also enables a reduction in process air as oxygen transfer is improved. This is one of the first steps of a three-year programme to reduce power consumption. The company has been looking at the way the media works inside the tank and the way this can be made more efficient. www.filtsep.com

Baldwin Filters has introduced its CA30102 Channel Flow EXO™ air filter. The company says it is the first aftermarket air filter and replaces the P611698 OE filter for Kenworth truck models T440, T470, T660 and T800. Baldwin Filters is part of the CLARCOR Engine Mobile Group (EMG), a leader in engine mobile filtration. Just a small amount of contaminant can destroy an engine so it is very important to have the right air filter.

duty engines under the most extreme working conditions. The new filter meets strict quality standards. Stefan Polywka, vice president of operations, CLARCOR Engine Mobile Group, explained that the company’s manufacturing processes exceeds 6 Sigma standards, guaranteeing every filter’s durability and performance. www.baldwinfilter.com

www.atlascopco.co.uk The CA30102 uses its Channel Flow EXO technology which takes the fluted media design of Channel Flow air filters and combines it with proprietary structural technology. As a result, the CA30102 is durable and efficient, protecting heavy-

Baldwin’s Channel Flow EXO.

Atlas Copco’s new VSD compressor range.

SAF configuration for wastewater treatment cuts energy use by 40% UK-based manufacturer and supplier of wastewater solutions, WPL has recently introduced a new submerged aerated filtration (SAF) configuration for wastewater treatment.

Air filter protects heavy-duty engines from contaminants

Due to the hydraulic redesign and alteration of the specific gravity of the media when coated with biomass, the media sinks to the bottom of the SAF tank, where the process air is introduced. The air cleans off the biomass enabling the media to rise again, carrying sloughed off sludge with it. Trials at Cranfield University suggest that application of the new media, combined with the hydraulic design of the SA, removes the need for regular scouring by preventing sludge build-up in the tank. www.wplinternational.com

The WPL redesign of the submerged aerater filter (SAF) removes the need for regular scouring.

Collaboration for testing of membrane bioreactor Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will collaborate with Sembcorp Industries Ltd in late-stage testing of its Ozone Backwashing EnergySaving Membrane Bioreactor (Eco-MBR), a new technology for low-energy wastewater treatment and water recycling. Securing sufficient water resources will be critical in efforts to improve living standards and industrial development worldwide. Building on the technological expertise of more than 1700 delivered ozone generators, Mitsubishi Electric has been developing its Eco-MBR as a solution for areas around the world that are experiencing increased demand for water. Tests so far have shown that the Eco-MBR is able to achieve a high-quantity flux, or quantity of permeated water per membrane surface area, that is more than twice the rate of conventional MBRs. The key is regularly

backwashing of the membranes with highly concentrated ozonated water to remove virtually all organic foulants and so increase membrane permeability. In addition, the Eco-MBR lowers energy consumption by using a reduced flow rate for air bubbles that are emitted from a blower to clean the membrane surfaces. The Eco-MBR also enables the use of fewer membranes, resulting in reduced plant and system footprints. www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp

Sembcorp signing deal with Mitsubishi Electric.