Wacker launches new products at in-cosmetics

Wacker launches new products at in-cosmetics

FOCUS fly-away without compromising on hair volume even in low-surfactant formulations, Solvay says. Original Source: Solvay, 2013. Found on SpecialCh...

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FOCUS fly-away without compromising on hair volume even in low-surfactant formulations, Solvay says. Original Source: Solvay, 2013. Found on SpecialChem Cosmetics and Personal Care Innovation and Solutions, 12 Apr 2013, (Website: http://www.specialchem4cosmetics.com)

Evonik launches copolymer to control rheology of surfactant systems Evonik introduces TEGO Carbomer 841 SER, a cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer (Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer) designed to control the rheology of surfactant systems, especially for very mild formulations based on sulfateand/ or PEG-free surfactants. The copolymer provides synergistic thickening in combination with electrolytes such as NaCl. It can be used for various personal cleansing systems and it provides clarity in shampoos or body washes. Even lowlevel surfactant systems can be formulated with the new product. It is compatible with cationics and creates stable viscosities over a wide pH range. The high density powder TEGO Carbomer is easy to handle and cold processable. Evonik also recently launched PEG-free W/O emulsifier ABIL EM 120, especially suitable for stabilizing pigmentcontaining emulsions. Original Source: Evonik, 2013. Found on SpecialChem Cosmetics and Personal Care Innovation and Solutions, 19 Apr & 13 May 2013, (Website: http://www.specialchem4cosmetics.com)

Wacker launches new products at in-cosmetics Munich-based Wacker Group introduced Belsil REG 1100 at incosmetics 2013. The new silicone resin elastomer gel combines the skin sensation produced by noncrosslinked silicone polymers with the film-forming properties of silicone resins. This combination of properties makes the gel a multifunctional active ingredient for skin-care applications and decorative cosmetic products. In addition to forming a pleasantly soft, water-repellent film that adheres well to the skin without becoming sticky, the gel also imparts a unique texture that leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily soft and silky. The new silicone resin elastomer gel produces long-lasting effects in cosmetic 4



products and leaves the skin feeling pleasant and silky soft. Another focus was new hair-conditioning agent Belsil ADM 6102 E. This new product is an aqueous macroemulsion of an aminofunctional silicone. The structure of the resulting silicone active agent has been optimized to deliver hair-conditioning properties, allowing the typical effects of silicone to unfold even at low concentrations. This product adheres well to the surface of the hair, does not crosslink and makes hair easy to comb while providing softness. Original Source: Wacker, 2013. Found on SpecialChem Cosmetics and Personal Care Innovation and Solutions, 17 Apr 2013, (Website: http://www.specialchem4cosmetics.com)

APPLICATIONS Personal care products Momentive introduces ready-to-use, multifunctional silicone formulations Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) introduced two ready-to-use, multifunctional silicone formulations at in-cosmetics 2013. The blend of ingredients in Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion and Velvesil Mul-T gel can allow formulators to eliminate the time and additional steps involved with working with a number of individual ingredients. Both new products can deliver ‘exceptional flexibility and convenience’ while helping provide highly desirable benefits for a large number of skincare applications. Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion can provide the extra ‘something’ at the end of the formulation process, from enhancing the feel to strengthening the claims that can take it to ‘new and improved’. It can help provide the consumer with an outstanding sensory experience, hydrating feel, and line-blurring and skinbrightening benefits. This blend of attributes is normally not assembled in one formulation. Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion is a patented, nonionic emulsion that easily incorporates into formulations. Easily dispersible in water, it can be post-added to many existing formulations. Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion may be

considered for use in skin care products such as moisturizers, antiaging, creams/lotions, masks and toners (O/W emulsions); sun care products; and colour cosmetics such as foundations and concealers. It can help provide the following key features and typical benefits: extremely easy to use; soft, smooth, moisturizing silky feel due to silicone content; light diffusion effects; and outstanding lubricity and spreadability. Velvesil Mul-T gel is a highly versatile material that combines the potent, translucent soft-focus ability of boron nitride with the powdery, velvety touch of patented Velvesil chemistry. It may be used in a range of multi-benefit personal care products including colour cosmetics, skin care products (W/O, O/W, W/Si emulsions), oil absorption products, sun care products, and anhydrous products. Both Velvesil Mul-T gel and Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion are parabenfree to help meet consumer and industry demand. Original Source: Momentive, website: http://www.momentive.com/ (15 Apr 2013) © Momentive Performance Materials 2013

Dow Corning unveils new highperformance water-in-oil silicone emulsifier Dow Corning introduced a new benefits-rich W/O silicone emulsifier at in-cosmetics 2013. Developed to give formulators greater flexibility and choice, Dow Corning ES-5300 Formulation Aid delivers aesthetics and performance for liquid and cream foundation and sunscreen while maintaining the high stability needed to avoid ingredient separation. It provides oil-phase flexibility that can enhance the formulation stability of emulsions, even when a variety of ingredients and different ratios of cosmetic oils are incorporated. This new low-odour material enables the development of highly stable emulsions while keeping viscosity low and provides a light feel with low tackiness for improved sensory performance. It also helps pigment dispersion for optimal foundation coverage. Dow Corning ES-5300 Formulation Aid can be used as a powder and pigment dispersing aid in foundations, helping to ensure even JULY 2013