Yakka pump range expanded

Yakka pump range expanded

news product and services Cable free pump for crude oil transfer Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd (HHI) has developed a cable free type electrical sub...

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news product and services

Cable free pump for crude oil transfer Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd (HHI) has developed a cable free type electrical submersible pump for crude oil transfer for an underground crude oil stockpile base in collaboration with Korea National Oil Company (KNOC). The pump is designed to supply power with connected copper pipes, making it different from cable-type pumps. It features easy installation by stacking every pipe element and offers cooling and insulation through

the positive circulation of cooling oil and through fixing copper tubes with insulating engineering plastic elements.

Vacuum pump has increased uptime HullVac Pump Corp, a manufacturer of high vacuum pumps and pumping systems designed for industrial applications, has release a new generation of rotary piston high vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps offer increased pumping

Hullvac’s range of rotary piston high vacuum pumps.

This can reduce the construction cost and period of an oil storage base. “We are also planning to apply this technology to various types of seawater lift pumps for offshore oil facilities, such as offshore oil production units,” an HHI official said.

Hyundai’s installation of cable free submersible pumps

speed and a bearing design that can help increase operating life while reducing maintenance needs associated with harsh applications, the company says. The vacuum pump is designed with a space-saving small footprint, and features an design that keeps bearings outboard and away from process contamination. It incorporates Viton shaft seals riding on hardened sleeves that help keep process grit from damaging the bearings. Other design benefits include all-metal exhaust valves, a large oil sight port with visual oil flow indication, and caged hinge bars that extend operating life without the need for costly re-boring. According to Patrick Morris, VP of sales and marketing for HullVac Pump Corp, the HV635 vacuum pump is suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

The new cable free type electrical submersible pump has a regular voltage of 3,300 V, a flow rate of 4,250 m3/h and a total differential head of 130 m.

Yakka pump range expanded Australian pump manufacturer Sykes has expanded its Yakka pump range with the Yakka100 and Yakka80HH. Both pumps are enclosed in the same unit as the Yakka150, making them suitable for the rental, construction, municipal and mining industries. The Yakka100 offers pump flows to 67 l/sec with discharge heads to 37 m and solids handling to 45 mm, while the high head Yakka80HH offers flows to 28 l/sec, discharge heads to 72 m and solids handling to 25 mm.

The new MDG valve features a closed-centre parallel or series circuit that can also function as an open-centre circuit via unloading



inlet options. It has a modular, sectional design which makes it possible to create custom, multifunction circuits through the use of various inlet- and work-port options. Typical applications include on/off control for positioning/

The 720 Series peristaltic pump.

Watson-Marlow Bredel has launched the 720 Series peristaltic pump, which allows for increased capacity and tighter flow control and is designed for accurate metering and dosing of corrosive, abrasive and sensitive fluids. The company says that it is suitable for pumping harsh chemicals in the water and wastewater treatment industry, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulphite, aluminium, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries. The 720 offers a smaller footprint than other industrial pumps with similar flow rates, and provides low shear and noncontacting pumping with minimal downtime, Watson-Marlow says. The 720 Series includes single channel flows up to 8.8 GPM and 17.6 GPM through two individual tubes, as well as a choice of analogue or digital SCADA control.

E-marketplace makes buying seals easier The European Sealing Association (ESA) has launched a web-based service that makes it possible to locate and contact manufacturers of sealing products. The expanded Yakka range.

MDG mobile directional control valve Eaton Corp has introduced a mobile directional control valve based on its Vickers DG4V3 design.

Peristaltic pump has increased capacity

engaging of multiple auxiliary mobile functions. The MDG valve includes a rated inlet flow, 15.9 GPM on/off actuation, 5.3 GPM proportional actuation, rated pressure, an inlet of 350 bar (5,000 psi) and Tank210 bar (3,000 psi).

The seal ‘e-marketplace’ puts seal buyers in contact with vendors from among the association’s 40+ member companies, the ESA says. The service, based at ESA’s website at www.europeansealing. com, allows buyers to choose a product group (including expansion joints, gaskets, mechanical seals, packings and subgroup) and click to see a list of suppliers.